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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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we're just learning this is a new feel. this is did every news live from berlin germany chancellor delivers her verdict on donald trump's racist remarks. comments. with a congresswoman he attacked it was a backwards most forthright comment on your summer news conference in which she also credited young activists focus. on climate change also on the program
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iran releases a video that it says proves that stroke was still flying after president trump claimed a u.s. warship brought it down mr trump insists he has no doubt the drone was downed in the strait of hormuz. and in football the new champion of africa is about to be crowned excitement is building across the continent head of the africa cup of nations final between. algeria showdown kicks off in cairo and just a few hours. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. i do america has rejected u.s. president donald trump's racist statements against 4 nonwhite u.s. congresswoman speaking as i knew all summer news conference the german chancellor said she stood in solidarity with them under questions on a wide range of topics the chancellor also credited young people on the fridays for
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future movement with spurring her on her and viral mental policy. the german chancellor arrived at head of schedule to answer the many questions of the international press. after a turbulent year within her coalition and concerns over her health there was much to talk about. she began by addressing the election of a lion as new president of the european commission and welcome to vote of the european parliament. this is the author of she's the 1st woman to head the commission and i'm very glad it was possible to avoid conflict between the institutions because europe must be able to act. on a personal level. and to void a topic that was on everyone's mind her health after 3 bouts of shaking at public ceremonies sparked concerns about her ability to govern she stated that everything was fine. i
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can fulfill this function and secondly as a human being i'm also personally very interested in my health in the woods. and after all as already mentioned in 2021 my political work will be finished may not lead to certain. but i hope life will then go on. and i would like to live it in good health. isn't. talking about her climate policies merkel expressed support for greater turnberry the young swedish climate change activist who was speaking at the friday for a futures rally in berlin today the german chancellor said her government was committed to the paris climate agreement and also wanted to put a price on c o $2.00 emissions. concerning the 2030 goals we don't know the exact details yet but the experts say and i agree with them that the most efficient path to achieving these goals is to put
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a price on carbon dioxide emissions. but we must also take into account the social impact. of ms merkel answered a range of questions at the annual press conference when asked whether she distance to. from trump's racist comments to us congresswoman she was very clear. i reject trump's comments and stand in solidarity with the women he attacked a strong signal that the chancellor often hailed as the leader of the free world hasn't given up her job just yet. the w.'s chief political editor was about to press conference welcome what was the chancellor's strongest message well foreign policy wise he also talks about iran but by far that statement about this congresswoman that she would display their self so in solidarity with them was a stronger statement she was also that was actually the final question of this
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press conference but early as she was asked about whether there still is the same value base between the united states and germany and this is what she had to say on . if you got 30 so let me say clearly that in my view america's strength lies precisely in the fact that it's a country where people have very different nationalities have contributed to the strength of america as a whole. so these are let me say comments that very much run counter to the firm impression i have i have to say that he does my little for me or did it go. just. so once again once again we see her differentiating that quite clearly between the president and his administration and america as a country i think is this is one of the clearest instances so far where were she seen we've seen her try quite clear to distance herself from certain what donald trump are saying and what are the chances have been concerns because of these bouts
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of shaking what was your impression well she seemed very stable today i mean we saw her throughout this week where she turned 65 where she also saw quite a few political triumphs also in seeing all that are funded on her former defense minister becoming the new e.u. commission chief throughout all the ceremonies that went along with that we saw her sit down and use a tear which was her very kind of pragmatic way of solving that issue she clearly was having and probably still is having but she also is remaining rather cagey about what the exact source of this is at the same time making quite clear that she's saying you know me in the sense of if i couldn't do this i wouldn't be doing this. interesting the german public here also largely sees this as a very private message matter we've seen quite a bit of polling on that but we saw a lot more wild speculation internationally on this particular issue of her health . she says she's going to go until 2021 do you think she will last that long
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well actually leaving aside the health issue for a moment even when you look at the political press or governing coalition with the social democrats on the right now it looks more likely that she won't actually serve the full course until 2021 the social democrats of have one political nervous breakdown after another the epitome of this is actually those 16 delegates members of the european parliament who are in government the social democrats right now in germany not voting for the 1st german. and the 1st woman to lead the commission in decades so a lot of internal political pressure here which in all actions coming out that could actually become a breaking point i daresay actually i wouldn't put my money on it for now that's for sure i wasn't aware of any of us who put our money these troubled times from our. g.w. chief political editor thank you. but let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world kosovo's prime minister ramos horta deny has resigned he stepped down after being called for questioning by a court in the hague investigating crimes against ethnic serbs are in the country's 998299 war with mr how do you know i said he had agreed to be interviewed at the court next week and didn't want to do it as prime minister. the top court in the navajos house apparelled wrote in that found the state party liable for the deaths of 350 bosnian muslims in the 1995 srebrenica massacre member executed by bosnian serb forces after being expelled from a un base dutch troops had been guarding the base. of 22 year old w.h.o. says there is no sign of that to spread from the democratic republic of congo to neighboring rwanda because of a congolese woman who died from the virus that previously sparked fears that the outbreak could spread after it was thought she crossed the border the original now
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says she was not in. a strong earthquake has hit nor has hit greece just north of the capital athens the 5 point one magnitude tremor sent people running into the streets and disabled phone wireless connections the 2nd trip was felt 40 minutes later. germany's foreign minister masses presided over the return of a looted painting to the world famous who feeds the gallery in florence italy the still life vase of flowers by dutch master young wagner high so was stolen in 1944 by retreating not. he sold it as a gift for his wife. the u.s. president donald trump has said there is no doubt that the u.s. warship brought down on the radio drone on thursday even though iran denies that it is lost any of its on monday craft mr trump says the u.s.s. boxer patrolled in the strait of hormuz are brought down the trove of the drone because it had flowed too close to the warship. a view from the drone that the u.s.
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claims it shot down of the ship the u.s.s. shot it down iranian say this footage credibly disproves the american claim that one of their drones moved too close to u.s. navy ship the u.s. has stuck to its guns u.s. president tunnel shot today addressed the issue in an event at the oval office when questioned by reporters as to the veracity of the story. we. trump said a drone can't come within a 1000 yards of the assault ship the u.s.s. boxer pictured here and ignored calls to stand down iran has responded with derision the foreign minister suggested that perhaps the u.s. shut down its own drone by mistake. this is the latest scrape between the 2 countries over who is provoking whom in the strait of hormuz on june 20th iran shot down a u.s. drone it said had violated its airspace just days ago the iranian military seized
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a foreign tanker in the strategic strait saying the ship was smuggling oil they released this footage illegibly showing the incident. the united nations has urged restraint on all sides to avoid an open conflict. and some breaking news just reaching out iran's revolutionary guard said it has confiscated a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz britain says it is urgently seeking information about at the top of the hour that would support the not survival of the africa cup of nations presenting sunday go with a chance to win its 1st ever football title the lions of toronto are slight favorites against algeria but the argyria team has already defeated saddam go in the green group stages and will bring an army of 5 mr carro. algeria fans have filled chartered planes to see their side in action in egypt and they are convinced they all claim a 2nd title after the triumph of $990.00 some even believe it's fate.
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of musicals i can do to support our geo of course we've been waiting 29 years for this i'm 28 years old it's the perfect time so i'm going to represent everyone. it was a late winner from superstar that fired algeria into the final after the final whistle on sunday morez was full of the supporters optimism. we had already did this game years give us more confidence to play the final it will be a. tough game. we are capable to do we need but they are confident to be jubilant senegalese supporters back home who watched their side triumph over tunisia in the semi it's only deception time ever that they've reached a final it's total joy it's national pride we're all happy we've been waiting for this since 2002 such your mani and co have ended a long senegalese wait for
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a 2nd shot at the title and they're delighted to have come so far. we're proud because it's been 17 years since we last reached this stage since the generation of 2002. and it's thanks to surveillance and hard work. but the hardest part is still to come and only one set of supporters will be celebrating come friday night. when they can defend dilip has held his 1st press conference with his new club city are champions you venters children highly sought after 19 year old signed a 5 year deal worth reported 75000000 euros the dutchman captained through to the champions league semifinals things with many of europe's top clubs this summer and he said he made his final decision after discussing it with christiana rinaldo. and one of the greatest events in the question world is on the way in germany it's
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known as c h i owe and features i one day national competition for showjumpers germany won the nations cup for the 1st 3 years but sweden have now added that streak i would ng that 1st title and rick writing mary lou had a flawless run helping his team edge out the germans but only one point because every part of germany's takes his 999 had a tough day for missing 4 arrows in i'm came a 2nd on funky free. this is the deadly news life from brother coming next in business africa boeing faces billions of dollars in additional costs by $2.00 to the grounding of its 737 maps 8 planes that have many factories compensating airlines for disruptions and delivery delays to the still clear weather maps and will take to the skies again. very physical and we'll have that story on top more off by
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a day's business updates in just a moment carl not spent a lot more world news of the top of the hour but in the meantime of course there's always the web site that's t w dot com have a good. time for you dot com have a good. hour consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forests. for 25.
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years it. forests and money. is a tragic reality behind the exploit. starts july 24th on the job.


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