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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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this the beginning. we'll be subjected to your state surveillance. beyond the experts be able to agree on the guidelines or will this technology create deadly you want thomas one of. the robot. stores august 14th on t w. hello there and welcome to the latest edition of eco africa also i mean from lagos nigeria now there's so much you can learn on this show if you haven't had any questions about the environment and what you can do on your part just stay tuned
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but for now let me introduce my colleague from the show from south africa high end see i hope you're fine and greetings to all you've us out there as and he said we have a lot in store for you on the program today here's a quick peek at what's coming up. how to charge your son by riding a bike. why recycle tiles are good for more than just artistic creations. and why the disappearance of wild dogs in zimbabwe is a threat to the environment. we stop the show in south sudan a country that banned the use of plastic bags following kenya's example the country's government says the plastic bag ban has already reduced pollution in the country's capital city by up to 50 percent. but there are still big challenges ahead many say more needs to be done and are continuing their campaign in the
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countries markets. in. south sudan imposed a ban on the important news of plastic bags some time ago but there are still plenty around that's why juba's former deputy mayor neil majak talks to the people directly about the hum plastic bags because while the number of bags used has health since the law was introduced this still a lack of awareness about the issue he say's my dream is to have every citizen in juba realize that a cleaner environment has greater dividends for all of us and that we will have a cleaner job or. reusable bags are intended to replace plastic ones but some of the market vendors here say the change is bad for business for the prize of one new usable bag they could purchase 20 single used bags for the time.
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when we used plastic bags we would give them to our customers for free. but now we charge them for the goods themselves and for the bags that they use to take the goods home in and that means everything is more expensive. but no so no increase your sea of fresh. and in fact many residents still use plastic bags something quite evident on the streets no fines have been handed out that's another reason that so many people have been searched and there are others i prefer using these black one because you saw my divider to me to go faster can feel i have my items inside here and you can help. prevent. them from making what is inside work well as this one cannot prevent that so this one i can keep in my mind as you can see i'm ordering
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a. small sum of money so even if i walk by the wendy's one remains ok south sudan became independent in 2011 and became its capital city over recent years that the collation has increased steadily more and more people are moving to the apple center in search of work that has led to congestion and increased sanitation and ways to disposal problems managing the refuse generated by the capital's 400000 people is one of the biggest challenges the city faces plastic bags form a sizeable portion of that waste to move the bun forward once the environmental awareness raising phase is over bill thirty's will start imposing fines on those found with the beds when it is when it is prohibited it is prohibited and the next thing is 0 tolerance policy that we are going to do is that. we are going
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to make citizens who are carrying the plastic bag or small goods in a plastic bag responsible for that crash juber city council also wants to stop any plastic bags from being imported into the country but that will require the involvement of several administrative channels that i cry over this place should be clear that we must not litter once this behavior become part and parcel of the citizens of juba that they would be turning themselves littering is a crime that is when i would go. south sudan has been in the grip of a crippling civil war for over 5 years now but a peace treaty was signed several months ago raising hopes of an end to the conflict as a result people who fled cities like juba are now returning to what should be increasingly clean and green places thanks to the country's plastic bag fun. searching to germany now many people here ride
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a bike to work even in the winter but the murder from what is now so popular that some people even push pedals for fun you heard right not only on the street but also in the library and they have a nice side effects say for yourself in this week's doing your bit for the environment. do you know the feeling. you're out in about and your phone battery is running low. or even worse you're at the library. and there's no way to charge your smartphone. a public library in berlin has come up with a solution. to his books of course but it also has an indoor bike.
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a built in air go meter generates electricity. enough current to charge a phone or other small devices. cycling also has a positive effect on concentration. so you can charge your brain and your phone at the same time. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet. during your piece. we share your story. in many places in africa apes are threatened that's because there's large 7 scale disbar station in many countries but also due to the spread of farming the animals
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have found one of the largest sanctuaries in uganda why is that n.t. well that's because there is an expression of a high density of primates and kibali national park 13 different species so now the park has become one of the country's most important tourist attractions we joined a tour and has this. you have to head deep into the forests here if you want to catch a glimpse of key bali national parks for the most inhabitants such as the red color versus monkey no where would you find a higher density of primates than here in western uganda it boasts 13 species in all not including humans. but where are the chimpanzees chimp trackin is one of the park's most popular attractions up rio we have a cure for this but nest the chimpanzees butte each night is the 1st sign of their presence so far and making the mists is really
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a very point done on befalling priss because these are one way of voiding their enemies. or predators and also can in this for human beings what will we continue in birds on our beds over night but you keep changing this after more than an hour of tracking the group discovers the chimpanzees or rather the chimps discover them. and they call out to notify the argos. was. was. for this group of having to eat animals it's not to 1st contact with tourists. coming up still they could be dangerous so visitors have to follow the rules like maintain a distance of at least 8 me says. ok. chimpanzees
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eat on sand termites but also fruits and even meet. yes. they are fairly safe in kigali because the local people benefit from their being protected. 20 percent of the pack entry and other fees goes to the local community. and residents get controlled access to the forest. grasses. provoke them for seedlings from the 4 specific trees species rick right through their management every given. and must be. given and given protection they're going to for this. to do once. this is end foods eat the leader of the chimpanzee troupe.
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your mother when you were young and was in both. i thought in the film in the higher ranking and they speak in depth and then it comes as a surprise to many cement that chimpanzees hunt and eat all the primates. he's one of them would be content when it comes to the chimps hunting their monkeys fighting for their greed to go bust monkey. block on the way to put a bust then. they hunted bubbling for their big. target 2 stories to grab the babies then beat you. with a $150.00 tracking feat tourist an important source of income for the national pack and when after their toll they understand the trade to species better the more likely to take a stand for their protection. it was that what experience this guy is up to that
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look at us they relax in the trees like we do at the beaches at home they help forward their living from it is it was a great experience to know i didn't know that and the other thing is i liked holiday party met they kept making funny noises to communicate to themselves. he values 1450 chimpanzees are uganda's not useful feel ation of this endangered species the closest living relative of humankind. so we go from the beautiful forest in uganda to recycling business in germany where cars bikes or tractors most stars have to be changed regularly long before the rubber starts to crumble and becomes news and to the owner but rubble is actually an extremely long lasting material and that's why recycling tires has great
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potential all the things that can be made from then you can see in our next photo. is this the end of the road for these tires that trade has worn down and they're no longer safe for driving but what others throw away is a valuable commodity for one company based in eastern germany. danny shelby is particularly interested in large truck tires take of it i have learned tires consist of rubber natural rubber and wire. and wire right here in the tread and along the rim and those are 2 components that can be separated easily then you remove the wire with a magnet leaving the rubber. in the time manufacturing process heat is used to compress the rubber making the tires firm and heavy. so special machines a needed to shred them. they use as much
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energy annually as 1200 households. danny gets the tires for nothing. but his recycling company near to speak o. does have to pick them up from carriages and tie dealers. and because the truck tires the so bulky only $100.00 actually fit into a container. i do have. to keep the driving in the transport costs down we try to source our tires locally but as we produce 20000 tons of rubber granular it from the truck tires alone we sometimes have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get enough of the fans it was. but in base design a catch of an owner doesn't have quite as far to go she gets her old material for free from bicycle shops in her neighborhood. a lot of her products are made from in achieves. as.
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right i look for inner tubes with specific wits because i need them for various products off. of and i tend to focus on what i call prized pieces which might be impost or patched up or have a manufacturer's branding. i pick out the most interesting ones 1st. year. as well as expensive handbags and other one off creations such a vendor also makes wallets and key fobs that sell a prices similar to those of commercial products. in comparison to other materials the designers says that rubber has many advantages. as a child i mean much you had someone writing about this material is the supply is endless there's more than you could ever need it's also waterproof it's durable it's completely begun and for many it's
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a good alternative to leather you know but the tire recycling company is no longer any sign of the original form. the shredded rubber is molded into everything from small mats to large sheets weighing 80 kilos. is emitted into the compressed with a force of a 1000 tons they're pretty tough. we didn't driven over them with tanks we've developed a new process that allows us to use the maximum amount of recycled rubber some products integrate natural couch work or other substances. but we don't we only use old timers. customers like the recycled rubber when used as flooring the sheets don't have to be glued down and they can stand up to the elements. that build in fell's castle they're being used to protect the granite slabs in the courtyard. once the restoration work is finished the mats can be cleaned and used elsewhere.
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this robust material last for years. the idea behind. the energy in the sun to power our homes is gaining ground in africa and indeed in nigeria when it is all being used how do we maintain this resources how do we manage their homes that are part by solar and all of that well a certain idea and decided he wanted to do something about it so he set out what he calls a solar academy is teaching young people how to manage solar plates installations and all of that is also taking young men and women off the streets by this let's go to this academy. how to properly installed. repat and maintain solar panels that's part of the basic curriculum at the a steven renewable energy academy 40 kilometers north of lagos the educational institute opened in october 27th and so far around
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$145.00 students have received instruction songwriters from the south bronx residents out when you get to pick your own school just so let's get to a novel i've done here now sort of connect that's all. down. to positive and negative the training is broken down into units it begins with a classroom session where the students are taught the basic principles and applications of solar energy that is followed by hands on experience outside the classroom here the students learn more about the competence of a solar energy system battery charge controller and solar converter and most importantly how to successfully markets to solar power kit i've been able to understand i know how to talk to a plank on how to. properly it's almost. so loud. because some time. on the size of the capacity of the
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system where you plan kyra the identical he's a recent graduate of the renewable energy academy he recently installed a solar energy system for the shop now more and more people are turning to solar palm. i thought i moved. it was during that training and now go to know that a lot of things. we have been doing won't be for boats and now i'll never go back on. a steven academy only sonny a poor boy and his team for the summer training free of charge but the company also sells pay as you go packages to people in the rural areas it is a win win situation. for all to be able to create more jobs for africans where we.
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saw many of these students graduate has to be taught how do i design. one how do i install it and how do i maintain need for soft inability a stephen renewable energy academy wants to expand its educational program the team is planning to build another academy in the niger and capital. did you know that african wild dogs extremely successful hunters they are kill rate put chains is around 80 percent and that's far more than loans and that's just one example the pack animals are key to calling have evolved populations what's healthy to keep the ecosystem balanced but there is a problem for the show while they're under threat believe it or not wild dogs used to be a common sights on africa's savannah's in the mid 20th century they were around hoff a 1000000 of them but their range has grown more and more limited and their numbers
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have been decimated and this week's show we had to southeastern zimbabwe to visit conservationists working to give these unique animals a future. as the day cools down life in the bush in southeast zimbabwe begins to reawaken. leaving the african wild dogs spend the hottest part of the day sleeping in the shade. now in the late afternoon the pack comes together ready to go out hunting. it's the perfect time for jessica water maya to check up on them she heads a conservation project for wild dogs in a survey valley conservancy. it's a protected area covering 3000 square kilometers. but they are incredibly social pack animals so just the way that they interact with each other the way they take care of each other where they take care of the puppies or pack members pull
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together to look after each other and very different from other social convoys for example line when wild dogs are to kill the adults when at the pepsi 1st they will look after the into they will take me back to the injured wild dogs are among the most endangered carnivores in africa with population numbers of around $7000.00 at most the southern valley conservancy provides a large area for them to roam freely which is exactly what they need to survive. they prey on gamers such as in parlors. the survey valley conservancy was originally formed from an amalgamation of large private ranches that finances itself through tourism and controlled sustainable hunting. outside the conservancy little of the original bush remains the local population has grown on more and more land has gone over to farming leading to increased contact between wildlife and humans. were picked
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a cure by of the african wildlife conservation fund is responsible for the school based education program. that to the education was by a teacher's to children about the food chain and explains what happens when one species dies out the idea is to help the children learn the importance of conservation was no photos example i think it's great to learn about protecting the animals know when to undergo i don't know i know that if poachers come i need to report it to the police or my teachers will never wanted them you can't really see that even if you see this link if. they would tell you that. doesn't lead to these things they see ready music movies think it's good to leave it was it easy for the it was it still. doesn't do this school we've never kid you
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are is that for pussy but african wild dogs are still exposed to danger even inside the park as we discovered the next day 2 dogs got caught in a snare trap jessica water my is at the scene when the ranger arrives. so we rest just soon as possible within 20 minutes of the report but unfortunately gotcha the dogs had already strangled themselves and suffocated. it's a senseless killing the dogs won't even the poachers target. the traps were set to catch antelopes. the dogs had tried to free themselves by biting through the wire but the copper was too tough still it's the alpha male that's been killed along with another adult dog the best hunters of the pack. why a snare traps are almost invisible in the dense bush and the area is vast but the rangers have still managed to find or around 50 of them. as conservationist working
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in africa we have a duty to to protect them to make sure they stay for future generations and they are completely distinct species and once they've gone they're gone the rest of the pack will stick together until the juveniles are fully grown fortunately the alpha female wasn't lost otherwise the pack would have broken up but with her mate now gone hopes of gaining a new litter of puppies this year looks slim. and that's how we come to the end of this week's edition of. thank you so much for being a part of the show i'm doing and show you join us again same time extreme. form of foster parking lagos nigeria so you same time next week and it's also time for me it's a farewell from joburg in south africa but remember you can always check in with us on our social media platforms or our eco africa website so long for now but by. da
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da. da i mean but the is out there by you it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about. because we can't stay on as well. i'm not i don't know what
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that. closely global is that matters d.w. made for mines hijacking the noon. where i go from the news being hijacked journalism itself has become a script is a reality show it's not just good 1st is evil us versus them white and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me on the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the beer and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. funny as for golf and i were you know.
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if. all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria. so
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millions can live. this is deja vu news live from berlin tensions rise again in the gulf as iran seizes a british oil tanker iran's revolutionary guard says the stand out in peril has been taken into iranian ports a british government emergency committee has gone into session the u.s. government accuses iran of escuela tory violence also coming up germany's chancellor delivers her verdict on donald trump's racist remarks. i reject trump's
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comments and stand in solidarity with the congresswoman he attacked.


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