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animist weapons systems. collapse aug 14th on g.w. . this is news live from berlin tensions rising again in the gulf as iran seizes a british oil tanker iran's revolutionary guard says these stand out in peril has been taken to an iranian port for just government versions the committee has now gone into session the u.s. government accuses iran of tory violence. also coming up the dutch supreme court
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finds a state partly to blame for these massacre the dutch court rules that troops failed in their duty to protect 315 votes from victims from bosnian serb forces 8000 men and boys were murdered in the massacre quarter of a century ago. i must say because a lot of this is still developing what we know as you said stan impair oh this is a ship that was heading to saudi arabia is a massive oil tanker about 50000 tons it was being directed north towards iran the company the swedish own company owns the ship has acknowledged that that it was redirected that it actually is the word attacked it mentions several small craft boats and also a helicopter. we know that. the revolutionary guards have actually released
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a statement the iranian revolutionary guard saying that the ship failed to follow maritime rules and did not respond to repeated warnings that was going the wrong way in a shipping lane but of course we know that this comes in the context of other escalations . there's also apparently reports that are being confirmed now that there is a 2nd tanker that's also been redirected liberian flag tanker being redirected north as well so there are 2 tankers what about u.k. authorities how are they reacting right now as you say they're holding an emergency session we know also the president has said that he is in conversation with british leadership there the u.s. national security council released a statement saying that it will continue to work with allies do everything it can to defend our security interests against what it called malign behavior we also see that the british merchant shipping leadership or association has said that it would like to see more protection of its ships they're going through a very sensitive area there called the straits of hormuz sort of a bottleneck for one 5th of all the oil exported in the world. what we can imagine
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then is basically a call for more sort of military basically protection is what that would sort of seem to imply so you can see this sort of escalating further so does this now apply imply i mean basically rising tensions now even a new level of escalation in some ways this is a rise. rise because we know that an iranian tanker was seized. earlier this month and actually earlier today a british court injured brought her extended that attention for another 30 days so is it a coincidence that suddenly there's a british tanker that's been seized on the same day is that we also know that this is not a change in tactics for iran they've said that they will respond to for tat everything that's directed against them they've done it for decades and that this is basically them sort of fulfilling that promise you know you take our tanker we'll take yours we don't know the full picture yet but it would seem to suggest very strongly that this is a response to the seizure of an iranian tanker reporter stephen beardsley getting
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us up to date there thanks so much. meanwhile u.s. president donald trump a said there's no doubt that a u.s. warship brought down an iranian drone on thursday even though iran denies that it's lost any of its unmanned aircraft trump says the u.s.s. boxer patrolling the strait of hormuz brought down the drone because it had flown too close to the warship shot down or not shot down the timestamp on this footage iran says the us has stuck to its guns u.s. president ronald trump today addressed the issue during an event in the oval office when questioned by reporters as to the veracity of the story. we. trump said a drone had come within a 1000 yards of the assault ship the u.s.s. boxer pictured here and ignored calls to stand down. iran has responded with derision the deputy foreign minister suggested that perhaps the
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u.s. shot down its own drone by mistake this is just the latest incident in the strait of hormuz just days ago the iranian military seized a foreign tanker in the strategic strait saying it was smuggling oil they released this footage allegedly showing the incident the united nations has urged restraint on all sides. for more let's bring in our washington correspondent helen humphrey helena it seems we have 2 sides saying 2 different things on the one hand president trump says he has no doubt that the u.s. down to a drone iran still claims its drone returned home safely so is there any proof on either side of what actually happened. well the latest came from iran the iranian revolutionary guard releasing that video on its website which it says is footage captured by that drone is it hovered over the u s s boxer with a timestamp which it said was off to the the moment that the united states claims
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to have downed that drone but that video has not been independently verified we should say from the u.s. and on that side we've heard from the marines saying that the downing of that drone would not have been visible to the naked eye anyway so there's contradictory statements that war of words continues and it can we don't threaten to spill over into something far more serious this is the latest flare up in the region between these 2 countries not to mention the seizing of a u.k. oil tanker can you put this all into context for. right call will these tensions of course have been ratcheting up for the past 3 months now between iran and the west but they've been coming with shortening intervals from those provocations on both sides but now for example we're seeing the targeting of civilian mariners out there on the crucial strait of hormuz we're hearing that u.s. military aircraft are accompanying a u.s.
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cargo ship who are in that area which is certainly an escalation and we've also had more moves from the u.s. administration secretary of state mike pompei or today saying there were more sanctions on individuals and companies which had been associated with iran's nuclear program as well as the deployment of 500 u.s. troops to saudi arabia as a preparedness mattia now we're also hearing that the iranian foreign minister has proposed fresh talks how likely is that he can get the 2 sides to the table. well that was yesterday speaking at the united nations in new york as we see things means very quickly and zarif invitation came with conditions namely that the united states removed those economic sanctions which are crippling the iranian economy that looks highly unlikely and then he said that iran would come back in line with a 2050 nuclear deal and of course this current administration
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a walked out of that deal anyway they didn't think it went far enough so i think it looks highly unlikely we have just heard from the president he says quote that iran is nothing but trouble right now but that he is confident that things will work out with tech run quote very nicely we do not know whether that is with international diplomacy is currently being advocated by the international community including germany or whether that is through further military maneuvers previously the united states has said that it does not want to engage in a conflict with iran our very own when humphrey in washington for us thank you very much well the supreme court of the netherlands has found the dutch state partially liable for the deaths of 350 bosnian muslims in the massacre the muslims were killed by bosnian serb forces after being expelled from a un safe haven being guarded by dutch troops during the bosnian war in 1905 the murders were part of an organized massacre that left about $8000.00 muslim men and
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boys dead. it's the final decision from the netherlands supreme court. and for the mothers of srebrenica it's a disappointment. on jenny hollow the dutch defense ministry and the dutch government are responsible for the start of the genocide in 70 it's a if it's one percent 10 percent or 100 percent they are responsible it is their cynicism primitivism and their own incapacity that they can only recognize it for 10 percent process reasons that was. why 10 percent according to the court dutch peacekeeping forces should have been aware that the $350.00 men hiding in their compound would be mistreated and even killed but the court also said even if they remained in the compound there was only a 10 percent chance that they would have survived. in 1905 thousands of muslims were fleeing serb forces they headed to muslim majority strip in it's in bosnia
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where dutch un peacekeepers were stationed the court's decision is specifically about the $350.00 men who are hiding inside the dutch peacekeepers compound. the dutch battalion known as dutch but deprive these men are refugees of the chance of staying out of the hands of the bosnian serbs. if you think the verdict is fair if people make mistakes and made a mistake. so be it that's fine i mean i'm human i can make mistakes so. to. say. you made a mistake but it's like 10 percent. but that's not fair whatever the percentage for the mothers of supreme benevolence remains responsible. now to japan which on thursday suffered its worst mass killing in 18 years in arson attack on an
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animation studio in kyoto police are investigating a suspect in his forty's after a man broke into the building doused it with fuel and reportedly shouted you die as he set it alight the subsequent blaze killed 33 people and injured dozens more are still in critical condition. devastating details are emerging of the arson attack that shocked japan witnesses say the fire at the cato animation studio spread so quickly that people jumped from windows to escape the flames. others up the stairs in a desperate and futile attempt to save their lives many of the bodies were found in a staircase leading to the roof. police believe it was this man who was responsible for the deadly inferno he wasn't employed by the firm and questions over his motive remain local media are reporting that the suspect had planned the attack because he believed the studio had plagiarized his work. a woman who wanted to remain
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anonymous says she interacted with the suspect at the scene. i asked the man whether he was ok then he yelled at me saying don't talk to me don't mess with me he seemed strange and he was so burned that i couldn't see his facial expression. as investigators sort on says residents pay tribute to the victims still in disbelief over what happened in the neighborhood. i don't know about the. money she owed to animation studio really cares about its anime fans. i don't understand why workers of the studio had to go through this. video this is unforgivable. this could have been a mountain to die if these young people were the same age as my grandchildren if my grandchildren had died in these conditions i wouldn't want to live anymore. the
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japanese anime community is also in shock and fans from around the world are rallying around the stricken studio. crowd funding campaign to help the company rebuild raced past its original target within hours. all right sports now in algeria have won the africa cup of nations after defeating senegal one nail in tonight's final in cairo and that triggered wild celebrations back home in algeria as well as in france thousands of fans there turned out to watch the final and public viewing of events like this one in marsay algeria socan early lead through baghdad born of a job and senegal were on able to find an answer that means algeria were crowned africa cup of nations champions for the 2nd time in their history. i all right you're watching news live from berlin coming up
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next in business news boeing faces billions of dollars in additional costs due to the grounding of its $73078.00 the plane maker has to compensate airlines for disruptions and delivery delays and it's unclear when the max 8 will take to the skies again. stephen beardsley will have that story and more coming up next stay tuned for that i'm always have more news coming for you at the top of the hour as well thanks for watching. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on. don't
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expect happy ending. the church of. st it's. earth home to millions of species. worth saving.


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