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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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intelligence is now spreading throughout our society we are looking to be able to agree on ethical guidelines for all of this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. in robot collapsed stores aug 14th on t.w. . and that's what it looks like when you paint on a living convert it will be finding out later just how much work goes into making a human work of art. and with that very warm welcome to your own max
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let's see what else we have in today's show. counting that we not squandered on the river in england and. europe max are far turned my kids through for visits allowed and likely festival in the face. but 1st we go to austria to the beautiful lake city every summer and host a very colorful event the world body painting festival here the works of art are worn by humans and treated on site the event attracts artists models and visitors from all over the world. these works of art are not on canvas but on bare skin artists from around 50 countries meet in clocking for austria for the world body painting festival. of.
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the concertina minova nova has already won 8 1st places in bodypainting in russia here she is competing in the category of special effects where decorations of latex or silicone are also allowed on the body. of a sham i like the fact that it goes quickly that i can bring my ideas to 9th and combine going to painting with crafts and all sorts of decorations. you have to keep your hands steady and think carefully so the lines are keen on the color on the whole composition. you have to be able to view it quick comments. body painting is an ephemeral art style rain is a nightmare water washes the colors away the finished artwork is photographed later . until that happens a lot of time can pass. synched of 7 alice 7 hours plus all the preparations at home before hand so that i think we have.
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the russian artist and her model have been working together for 6 years there's no place for shame in bodypainting. what's needed is stamina. for now my legs get to sleep and when the girls paint my next from both sides i have to stand for a long time and then i start to get fidgety sometimes they complain when i tell them wait a minute i just need to relax a bit. there are 6 different categories for world champion among them the working techniques of brush and sponge and airbrush. but the competition is only part of the festival. the bright colors and usual motifs and art installations a truck more than $30000.00 visitors each year. before the deal when i take pictures in the come is a fascinating and so is what the models do. the ideas they come up with a just great like that it drips from test. up to god my daughter's really into
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art and she does camus so i thought this would be very inspirational for her just received the talent that's broad throughout the world and how you can change your body we've just paid for this but prosthetic our instead of macy's like i can't believe it circles. the world's best body painters have been coming to the austrian festival since 1998. they cut or you know is here for the 5th time and has already competed in several categories. exist for 60 minutes this festival has the most candy craze which the only problem is getting usually in the field this time we had to come from moscow by com we usually fly but i can't carry as much as i want to on the plane it was fine with the props but sure if anyone could watch it with a quarter of a friend to see creature inspired by the mayan civilization. this puts her in
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5th place. a quick snap for eternity because in a couple of hours the colors will all be washed away. our next report is about a festival of a completely different kind where there's not only something for the eyes but above all something for the ears because we are about to visit a gas festival in italy's south tiro region musicians from all over the world are fond there not only in smoky task caps but also in parks lakes and castles and factory halls but the icing on the cake are the spectacular concerts in the mountains. the italian dhanam lights are a perfect natural concert stage. just so so all jazz festival is at
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home here at an altitude of 2000 meters the british band perhaps contraption performed several times it's a feast for the years and for the eyes. it's a special occasion for in some bill founder christos square. it's certainly the most. one of the most magical places we've played. yeah this beautiful environments and with this this backdrop yeah it's very very special concert for us we've never done anything like it shortly before the show the musicians from london find the plane at these heights it's a completely new experience. ready
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and the venue presents special acoustic conditions to. look at some really bad i think if in the whole a mound same size or just a little yeah i would get some downspout looking at the tinkle of the cowles or yeah background they're in the wrong key we're going to actually see how something like i will use the house. for the audience the free open air concert is a real experience on many or holiday makers who claim to go hiking or cycling in the governments the nearest major town is almost an hour's drive away. the atmosphere is also great i think i just find it 3009 vironment like this it's simply a work of. art the whole thing is indescribable you know every little communication is wonderful with a backup in the musicians a fantastic. fantastic scenery the whole environment southie role is beautiful.
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for. the british just musicians play in front of 3 different huts today. between the concert venues. every. month forgettable moments and punter rahman's are guaranteed. i can honestly say it's unlike any performance experience i've done with any band in my in my musical career so it's definitely something that's been kicked off the list but like i say i'd love to do it again sometime. i knew that was going to have been. an. experimental sounds otherwise only nature is here.
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high altitude concerts in northern italy an unforgettable experience. while the views the. passion from the audiences to follow us on this journey. the altitude sickness. with the playing. and just lots of laughter lots and lots of laughter. so it's all just festival out so i d.j. in the donna months is a musical journey with many highlights. what
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i learned more about european lifestyle and culture. when you come to like. the euro mikes. take the plus good strides. try out. and flavored cuisine join the race and destroy. your romance. subscribe so you don't miss something. anyone who has ever been to the south of england will have noticed the numerous ones on the river thames once a year there's a ceremony to find out just how many of them there are swan upping as a custom from the 12th century when the swans were still a popular delicacies surf to royalty the swans are no longer eat enough course and today the ceremony is directed towards conservation of these beautiful birds.
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these aren't just any songs they are royal swans they belong to queen elizabeth the 2nd but at least some of them do just how many belong to the queen is determined during swan upping a tradition that's much loved by many brits. we just love watching it live ceremony we live in windsor and it just we come out this way to see it happen today very strong some. times and i come down to auburn which is about 70 normals so. it's tough it's part of the station the law says it is but it wouldn't keep tabs on. the tradition of counting swans in the river thames dates back to the 12th century back then people used to serve them up on high days and holidays a delicacy that wasn't reserved for the royals everyone wanted to own swans majesty has the right to claim any swan swimming in open waters and mocked in the united
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kingdom the king or the queen gave royal charter to many many people and they used to borrow the moment beaks so you had this unique mark on the peak and that carried on for years and years and years david barber has been her majesty's official swan marker since 1903 they no longer feature on royal menus but every year they are counted unexpected the boats and uniforms date back a century. we lift them out of the water we put a toy around their legs and the adults around their wings we will take them ashore we will weigh them we would measure them and we check them for any injuries. nowadays the young swans are only marked for the gills of butlers and dyers. based on who the birds parents are the royal marker do. that barber decides that they
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belong to me and mark birds belong to the sovereign. these days the upholding of the tradition is about conservation. in recent years when herman has had to rescue a lot of swans. it ranges from fish an interest doctor to doctor toxins. and then the dogs attack swarms. we are shooting people shoot them deliberately we have so many interests people think it's not crazy but with busy we run. to raise awareness about the safety of the swans david barber and his team also speak to schoolchildren who are all ears but even get a chance to stroke the cygnets. if it goes the right way which with the right to conservation in education people the public like it and course is
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protecting the small population of the terms for the future if we work here we would have more difficulties we'd lose a lot more schools. david barber and his team are finished for today but next year they will be back again performing this centuries old tradition on behalf of this of. a completely different but also very british tradition to wear fancy hats and you don't even have to be a member of the royal family. fiona bennett comes from england but for many years she has lived and worked as a hat designer in the german capital berlin we met her for our series planet berlin where we introduce you to people from all around the world kathy stop studios and clubs and berlin you can find all the stories in our website so let's meet a woman who runs a star here but also makes hats for the rich and famous. fiona
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bennett never feels properly dressed without a hat she creates explicit headgear in her berlin studio. that lynn is always on the go and that fascinates me. in fact that's what keeps me here even though sometimes i dream about living someplace else. but if i've been gone a while and someone come back i realize so much has already happened here that i really do want to be part of it off to rule. she only has been designing ladies and men's hats for life's glamorous moments since the late 1980 s. her heart salon in the central tier gotten district is our studio and shop in what
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she displays her creations like works of art. i have visions in mind of how i can dress up and deck out and improve a person. and. met them want. to see someone out on the streets wearing a model of mine and feeling good maybe better than before that's the great enjoyment my what gives me. classical whimsical or extravagant but wearable that's fiona bennett's look. our current collection is inspired by victim commandoes. berliners are her only clients christina aguilera also wear a speedo to bet it's creations so does model nadia auerbach and hollywood star brad pitt. he discovered her caps when he visited berlin in 2008. it's hard to.
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i was lucky enough to have him pick out the malcolm campbell. i need didn't take it off again for yes. but ordered more of them in every shape and fabric. if you want to bet it was born in 1966 important england her 1st years in the elegant seaside resort have stayed with her even after she moved to berlin with her family i think it's 6. the english are very eccentric in the best sense of the word . they like to dress are her family i think it's 6. the english are very eccentric in the best sense of the word. they like to dress. themselves out and party as i remember. and i think as a little girl i took a lot of martin. but then i feel more like
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a bit because i've spent the greater part of my life here. and i think the 2 cultures mixed together inside me. it is it's my couture commish. as a child fiona already knew she wanted to be an artist she trained as a milliner in 1902 she started her own studio in downtown berlin and raised eyebrows with off the wall fashion performances. later she provided film productions with her hat creations and design the costumes for the rock group times very 1st tour. it's by i think i was a single mother my son was 2 years old when i opened my 1st shop and i didn't really have any of the chinese and i told myself ok i'm going to conquer the world from. the owner finds inspiration for hats and other projects among
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us tosser not far from her studio she likes the neighborhood feel both tough and smart at the same time. they're stylish apparel contemporary art and always something new to be discovered here. staying alert and curious is fundamental to the artist. my name's mark my motto is to remain flexible if you remain flexible nothing really bad can happen to you. and i think the city of bin laden can teach you to do that to be out so. some day maybe she'd like to return to her roots and live by the sea again but until that day comes fiona bennett will remain true to barely. a city tour on all forms. gonna be hardly even.
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a new hobby cuddling. easy happy grumbling fun a cat job leaseholder. together they're pasqual berlin this series with berlin or bite. on facebook dot com slash d w general max. some of europe's customs and traditions probably seem quite bizarre to outsiders but the locals are always there for the body and soul just like at the tomb of the barrack a festival there's a yearly celebration of the religious holiday corpus cristi the inhabitants of a small catalan town always organize a huge festival which lasts several days you're max reporter of micah true go threw herself into their turmoil. when giants danced on the town's well and dragons priest fire. it's
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time for love in baghdad. what have i got myself into. when the lights go out the crowd goes crazy and dean lives in which. baghdad is a town of a roland $16000.00 residents at the foot of the pier in ngs every year around corpus christi the town pulls out all the stops for a 5 day festival celebrated with with tickle and symbolic figures much as it has been since the middle ages. have you not only here behind shaking with those giants i'm here to try out everything in the car to devour even to get under his skirts if it's possible. and to carry him a bit but before we think we start with the small of things.
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seen on the side of the pier town square several 1000 people will be standing close together in their mid to day he they'll be celebrating. the 1st of 2 today where figures dance around in the midst of the crowd. small of assaults on hand like to join in so i meet. one of the apes cos humans for 25 you know how old is this pet. they mean or how old when it's from 853 so it's 176 years old it's agree that's why we have to treat these heads with respect. for disorderly very important that it was discovered that they actually do whereas a few live here and are integrated into the community or you're allowed to dance in the festival by loud laughter so i won't be allowed to dance at the moment so.
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let's me try on the hat it weights 12 kilos it's not easy to keep your balance inside it and dad's to. get out there in water and experience. the day. it takes off at noon outside the demons wife there was around showering spock's in the town hall the prepare for the appearance i throw myself into the mess of the face. by the way in 2005 unesco added in the bag or to its list of the intentional heritage of mankind. the sun sets on baghdad the day the 2nd part is about to begin i've decided i want to try out the world.
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for 10 years now even sanchez saw that i guess has been carrying that over for me. is it possible that i carry a little bit. really weird. ok how did it how much the giant weighs just 93 kilos and has faced only so far over 150 years now when i lift him i guess you really have to really struggle legs. our. brains. no. no i give up ok i wish you luck have fun visiting the site so this is my brightest yes. it's certainly going to be a hard night for even sunshine but the biggest the platoon's is repeated 4 times i look for spots to watch from a safe distance. where i'm just even more crowded
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than the people are waiting for so the kids and there will be. devils jumping around and spreading my so baked strays the other people here that i go on i guess i would. say. the locos and curious on lookers like me celebrate until half past 3 in the morning. when the fire demon start jumping the south the plans i'm really glad not to be in the thick of it all. and that's all we have time for today the death of get to follow us on social media and if you want to enter our draw to win an exclusive wristwatch then you can find all the details on our website glad you could join us and from the entire year max team here and berlin take care and hope to see you again soon.
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the bucket. list of. the books of. the book.
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the bigger. the book. the book is a very different line now behind the back
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. the. rise and. time to cast off look as good as taking it out. welcome to my hamburg summer tour always pretty close to the water and there's plenty of it in this city. 60 minutes on a. small scale in super big changes. people making it possible to be cold africa. fantastic right. as they set out to save the environment. and learn from one another. and work
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together for the church. in south. africa w. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. pride in this match up i work at the w.
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frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and trail. located in the heart of europe connected to the home well. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers triallists services. be allat guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. following iran's capture of a british oil tanker the u.k.'s foreign secretary jeremy hunt said london will respond in a robust way if the situation is not resolved quickly iranian officials confirm the ship was stopped for what they called noncompliance with international maritime laws and regulations. saudi arabia's king selman has approved hosting u.s.
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forces in the country to boost regional stability according to reports by.


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