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that. i'm married to evanston a welcome 75 years to the day since the most famous plot to kill at all feel for germany is paying tribute to the conspirators were executed for their resistance commemorations are underway in berlin where chancer uncle americal attended a swearing in ceremony for hundreds of troops before the memorial service for the next hour we'll be bringing you live an interrupted coverage of the event. and joining me here in the studio is political correspondent peter craver will be walking us through the commemoration ceremony peter it's going to get underway in just a moment but before it begins tell us why this occasion is so important it's so very important because it was such a large scale of terms to take the life of the nazi dictator of the old hitler and
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it came so close to succeeding and it could have changed the course of the war it could have changed the course of history so not something to dwell on the historical importance but also the importance today of these people because they. are going to his coconspirators are an inspiration to people here in germany especially as we see here the german military. now there were numerous actors involved in this and on hitler's life the most famous of them perhaps is klaus french doll from burke now he's known as the main orchestrator of the assassination attempt there was even this film starring a hollywood actor tom cruise which portrayed him as a hero but his legacy is complex isn't it's interesting that you used the word famous because for quite some time he was actually viewed as an infamous kurds or in germany the immediate post-war period the conspirators in the functional from
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the airport were viewed as traitors to the country there was actually a poll in 151 which suggested that 2 thirds of people in germany viewed them negatively viewed them as traitors to germany. ok and then today's ceremony the 1st person we're going to hear speaking is professor robert steinback the chairman of the 20th of july 1944. bob and it's kind of like the madam chancellor. of the. president read to her son's good presidents on the constitutional court house your next congress which is on the other and i would like to give a very rocky welcome to our former president you ask him a coward and i don't you know the fans minister there however the minister spawn the deputy and when you speak german parliament out of money on the premier government no no you don't and the president. of the world with the representatives
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of the federal the regional state a group exactly i guess that's why i want to debate you want to vary all over from here on this commemorative ceremony of the german government values i'm already foundation dr 20 s. 1944 which is a date that still moves it's 70 years ago as we see it by of that many people 700000 it is presented for generations in your family so you take that to have life on the up of all of whom this one how much man sitting there with this red marker parasol umbrella type i would like to welcome you she is the wife of france how last time. it's a bar of i'm going to go in there was primarily. instigation of the you why it's the murdered resistance fighters that this ceremony has been incept it in 1052 and we are very happy that a few days ago the german parliament passed a motion which expressly. recognizes and gives
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that not. only to the resistance of things why it's. been done not so my own once once just and you can. into the 21st to do 19 for top 4 for headline a famous of speech on the radio codes the people involved me and me i tend to the small creek of reactionary offices these are mine and we don't hold your fire you live on the nazi phraseology which kept being repeated but not to cover the canvas sadly was deeply embedded in the national consciousness of germans and you could still get them back to the hotel they identified because an ingrate and a story are relatively important work about the network on the 20th of july where she had provided evidence not in actual fact it was about 200 people who were involved and then you can hear it she went to the school attended and they represented all sorts of different spartan society from officers that were also many civilians and a lot about us and it's hard to view that and that was
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a very different from what people say even today in the front that are going on as i don't it was not a military coup like the berlin government there is in art that when you're starting out on the foundation stone of the bomb started you know. actually said that all the resistance fighters where to be on that the american that exactly is what you do you wish to do as well we want to commemorate of all the resistance that included include the shuttlecock siblings the cries of crying come pele the communist network around. the labor movement resistance fighters as much as they did christian or the military resistance or groups like aim your on. the european union the edelweiss pirates in cologne to name a few and here in this memorial center all of them rightly receive their orders and it is about a great pleasure going to ask my view that madam chancellor one addresses to janet
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so i wasn't any a 21 team or the best hopes of you on the set the question as you know why you are today younger p. . paul should look into this resistance and i paradise one of the aunts actually it is imperative for young people to learn just what is suffering and use that's called germany call those 6 to the embassy downloads how it came about that they don't know how to reveal is really missing here that they find ways and means for themselves how to withstand extremists adoptions and seduces since it's a view that is what you said and there is nothing to be out here to not empty have not liked all of us present a welcome all the ignition here the school of course students from our partner schools and all the young people who are with us today. he also knows it's open the doors on the strengths and julie darkness hard to fight about how to interpret what of the 20th of july is still going on today and 954 for the
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1st time that presently generated fine words it is commemorate his resistance fighters but if you general society in the west or a lot longer if your relatives who are different you can choose the road rule into the role of the guardian the legacy of the resistance and that is why we the family man was not people who are wedded to understand past and of course it is part of historic were true to also see the gray areas the not the segovia parts of the resistance worked as they were human beings with strong points and weaknesses if you want a pure hero as a role model then you have to trust in your were taken to area and regimes are trained yes if you go to glorify and exaggerate the resistance that was something which went up and if you let this found out that it was actually also be aware of the historical context of a society which we've got to resist about such
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a long time and you mr gao can help to say and to engage in an open mindedly debate which we are intending to do because not as important you could what is the legacy what is the role of the resist. the critics will say the 20th july be taught as one of the democrats that they didn't try each of not because of the nazi crimes but because they knew that the war was lost and you can't find stuff and that is the pivot of this debate even this year he was in office that was the norm and risked his own life to attempt to free our country from a regime of super and criminal and to also and did criminal one see right acknowledge what was really the truth in order to make this coup attempt all civil he wanted a little alliance comprising conservatives liberals union is social democrats it was he's agreements that also made it possible to explore your possible work or
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cooperation with the communists and well it worked and he was going on and managed to overcome his own convictions he wanted to be a patry out and to act consistently everybody involved in the twenty's did i was completely aware that particularly in a situation which was almost characterized by futility their opportunity to try and restore the idea of human beings that was what they wanted to restore in the hearts and minds of people that's what anne-marie james of on marcus said in a way which can never be forgotten that is an idea which is still a role model it's an inspiration for us all we need to use the room we have the opportunity to try and restore the idea of human beings that was what they wanted to restore in the hearts and minds of people that's what anne-marie james of on marcus said in a way which can never be forgotten that is an idea which is still a role model it's an inspiration for us all we need to use the room we have for
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maneuver be we civilians all out with members of the armed forces and here i would like to once again welcome you minister karbala and here. inspector general i eat. she her starve the german forces with missteps on the front door to day apart from the swearing of allegiance and the oath taking so much ceremony that we are very much aware of the importance of resistance to us or the former defense minister mrs fonda line. is going to take something with her in her new job so important for europe and what she will take is what message down told us namely there is a utopian view dimension to resistance because it is a european identity which is very much based on the elementary the fundamental human rights thank you. for your brand of lock out your own ideas. as in many parts of my legacy posters so the german art of freedom flourishes
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quoting parts of the manifesto the resistance fighters and one of the your. if you government declarations from july 24th the resistance was in order to ensure dignity like we need to properly treat every human being and they also say you are somewhere in this manifesto the persecution of youth of jews which culminated in deeply embarrassing impossible to repair the consequences is something which we must stop immediately. much of what they want to it was controversial much of what they said was dependent on the situation they were in and the time they live in but one thing they will agreed on in the rule of dictators terrorists that was what was to be ended the rule of law the majesty of law as their declaration states this is what they wanted to restore and here we see a link to another important anniversary we celebrated this year namely 70 years of
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the german constitution the basic law in 2002 graphic on and off. pointed out remembering. the 20th of july that the rule of law and democracy aren't always the same but if you have a state based on the rule of law it is easier to find your way towards democracy because of this legacy of the importance of the rule of law it's very important that we only accept those to use the 20th of july who really want the rule of law totalitarian type of right wing populists are not among us. therefore just because we don't have to use up what would you be doing this week the president. talked about resistance in all its facets as an important part of
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the german history of liberation that is why it's important to fight for our country for the not good not democratic country based on the rule of law mr donny once said the states based on the rule of law one always be linked to. the country will be the bone marrow michaud. they get of love in marriage is lamest of an ominous minister's if that in your excellency's and that isn't gentleman in the members of the german parliament to get out a regional parliament speaker fest. and shine i could have just men play nice and
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jump amending the a get and in particular i would like to welcome you both to and from the religious and family members of the fighters of the 20th of july a very warm welcome not do you want to hear exactly 2 years 75 years ago on the 20th of july 944 at 1242 work in the. field h.q. the bomb exploded so that was intended to kill hitler and to end national socialist tear any body of them they attempt failed or that survived in the coup attempt you can failed within just one day you need me newton up with and a few minutes after midnight here in this courtyard on the. leading characters off operation vulcan really were shot dead in the glaring headlights on the trucks. with close shrink the neat stuff in back of head a man of an afternoon pretty well behaved get on with the mets when when i'm back with the colonel from back who had tried to commit suicide himself they died by.
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but loyal soldiers to hitler who fired their bullets that may commit even revenge of the regime was dreadful more than a 150 people lost their lives many of whom had been abused before one of the massively humiliated in show trials and the so called people to call what those who weren't killed immediately lived in fear for their children and family members that they had to fear and hate as vengeance until the very end shot here i would also like to express lee. you would recognize the strong women of the 20th of july many shared their husbands motivations they supported them and they had to protect their families and their innocent defeat out of condition one leg isn't uncommon and they are rising like the 20 i did you and i 944 it leaves us with anything but an easy in the legacy public commemoration a switch from 952 had been started by the then government of berlin and stride
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and the fact that we created a beginning of the ceremonial place like this here these were all matters that happen in a war and they give social environment in the post-war period the resistance fighters were underestimated overlooked denigrated even defame me to try to as i now go forward to commemorate the unique achievement of the 20th of july plot and see gainst hit land was hard fought for what he wished and like current debate about them in the invasion of can't function often back shows it is still a bit on it we see that right wing extremists not at all on the 20th of july and portray themselves as resistance fighters like them against what they allege is an unfree state of even nothing could be further from the truth today when in the country where the rights the freedoms of every single individual comprehensively
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protected we live in the country where i am. anyone i can openly express his own opinions where nobody. is opposed to katie because of that faith origin or sexual orientation would be your own thought that so even to commemorate that trying to july 944 brings home class in the most impressive way that what we have now is anything but a given look we need to keep joining forces and defend our freedom our democracy and equally we also have no repeat commemorating this event and protected from being taken over by populist and white we need to strain rights but it is hard for an answer to that would imagine today what it is like to be reliant on your conscience and nothing else while living in a totalitarian state and to use this to gain the strength to go for something
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like a coup attempt whatever the dangers inherent in that for the officers of the trenches july and the other conspirators and government a very torturous way of freeing themselves from deep seated loyalties which were often linked to a military sense of b.d. and this liberation as before that was followed. on the recognition of the deeply criminal nature of the regime and that made it urgent to find a way of toppling the base regime he. can look into the eyes of the wise and children of those people if i didn't do anything to prevent this useless human sacrifice that is much plans one should all from baghdad himself because it is never. clear that the courageous act in office. and his coconspirators lacked any political or moral motivation and some people are now it's a. bit of a political attitude to the men and women of the 20th of july may well differ.
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widely from us and their ideas of a post on. the system may not have much to do with our liberal western democracy there is one point where we are very close to the conspiracy against hitler it is their humanity at their deeply humane motivation to end a criminal war and the european. sponsors to you would be a genocide against me the jews have to be a tenet of the 20th of july been successful millions of people could have been saved today we know that the last few months of the 2nd world war among those where the largest number of victims and we know that is simply untrue money wasn't the new german society as a whole it was individuals it was group who resisted national socialist terror and apart from the brave conspirators of our 20th of july they were social democrats whatever communists their resistance mind is like the european union and the cries
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on cycle and committed christians and. people who protected only people from being persecuted it we're speaking you know it was silence here it was as in the don't groan and on race citizen of berlin months what did the people who did great things what i'm being aware of it and let us not forget either the resistance fighters around the injector slovak republic and from france or. tart our resistance monitors who refused to collaborate with the german fair market for which they often have paid for their lives here and we also commemorate these people when we commemorate the resistance against hitler but i dissented from the fact that we know so much about national socialist crimes about it's big and the people who resisted it was all due to historians so i can fall from some good people who can witness the times resurgence at the door and various institutions which were set up to commemorate
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a time like this one and often it's committed centrism it's an awful lot who find traces of dick. national socialist herron in their neighborhood and they help to create authentic places to remember and you can sometimes they don't ask who lived in their heart in the nazi period and then they put down guyon stumbling with stones to commemorate these people who are lennon and elsewhere and this is helped bring forth living in a culture of remembrance in recent decades and that helps us to preserve the very freedom which it is based so if you do any great music our culture of remembrance or consider it petty you actually directly attack our freedom that's why it's so very important that time and again be there and we remember the brave resistance fighters against hitler with their lives and their brains are doing it with lives and death and this is so clearly tonight with how much was at stake in this war
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against national socialist barbarism and their internal struggles their fight with their conscience which culminated in a decision to try to assess an 8 and topple the state these are some essential questions for our sent what they have done we should be an encouragement as well as a warning to us today so that every day we should all become at it against intense dizzy violence dictatorship in favor of a life in democracy in peace and freedom but we hope that in our heads. the gratitude to the brave and all primed people men and women of the resistance. there will be a short musical passage and then we shall hear from chancellor and america delivering the commemorative address.
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excellence in your exit. at that mr president and ideas and gentleman representing us on the level of the state in particular every woman i can tell you miss 109 i welcome you or me out of all of a family members and relations of their wives and men of the resistance ladies and gentlemen in this very cool challenge 75 years ago frederick bridge to klaus shank graphophone shot off and back abridged writter maps one can hire and a fun have to. execute it that coconspirator who picked up died earlier in the.
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back of the s.s. nation attempt against hitler had failed as hard as he attempted and this failure that was a disaster for our country for europe and the world even if you would wouldn't in many millions of people. actually lost their lives until the end of the war 945 in that brief period they became a victim so that both the war and the show up and stop national socialism defamed they keep us accountable shouting back and his coconspirators as criminally traitors under the small likelihood of wishes it be able and the family members lost husbands partners father sons brothers they themselves have to suffer humanity and violence many were arrested some were interred in your concentration camp several children following in the 20th of july 1984 were taken from their parents
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and taken to but a few and you talk about the little home for children the youngest of the mary a few weeks old the oldest 15 in her. i would you can learn more in this home of the trojan would give a new name that's going on the photographs of the parents were taken away so that all memory of their origin could be extinguished but is fail on one of these children christopher. 12 years old who in 1946 wrote in her yes and i quote whether we're never be allowed to say our name is. where we always have to be ashamed of our it no i could never do that but then one has to be proud of a father and all the other end of quote the ones you are going up to 75 years after the failed coup on the minute we commemorate the men and women of the 20th of july
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944 with the greatest of respect they acted took my mother's was i know they follow their conscience they took responsibility for their and our country when others looked away when they face started to an inhumane system you know about the other what they were very aware of what consequences their actions might have for themselves and their families they were willing. to make the greatest sacrifice is their lives they point to a sense of humanity above their own life. and looking at the resistance fighters on the 20th of july is something which has changed over decades in the thankfully one should say because even the end of the war you didn't give their families the recognition they deserve far too frequent either was due denigrated to. wrap up their image was put in the wrong way they were put in the wrong way they were
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exaggerated the underestimate their image was distorted there was not enough knowledge about them to day will have any morial and the name already in place where the german resists. just opposite the defense ministry quarters and well in setting up this memorial place was actually due to her recommendation made by family men yes this is when they found a place to leave their personal more may have but place is small it is also a venue for the. general remembrance of remembering the men and women of the resistance part of the german. of the country which is also borne out by the fact that the swearing of allegiance the oath taking ceremony over new recruits to the german armed forces happened here. on staff and that became a symbol of resistance but is not the only resistance narrative nor was the 20th of
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july the only act of resistance from the very beginning there were. a few who stood up against the national socialist regime and even though there weren't enough of them resistance was multi-faceted i think and today we commemorate all of them of all who stood up against this interview in dictatorship or you remember the white rose cries also thinking that if you don't rate to a hot head and we think of resistance groups like. a group of intellectuals who spent years trying to support. forced laborers from other countries we're thinking about how to make us group who. provided leaflets to the neighborhoods in hamburg we're thinking of honorable people like karl friedrich. when we commemorate the communist resistance 5 years ago you remember the
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protestant church the catholic church resistance fighters priests like. cardinal von gong you know we also commemorate the resistance of the hopeless witness. the city and rome was online and asked but very much more at least we remember the jewish resistance the uprising and they will also get you an idea of who don't agree with thinking of those who rose up in the examination council for the so we were and. i would also like to commemorate those people who hid jews in their lands or helped them to survive in other ways many some upward and whose names we do not know the sign of tears as they're called showed in manifest in different ways that they oppose the national socialist group of tower in the evening talking on the air in a very few days on the 1st of august the poles will commemorate they were also our prizing in the ghettos of the 5 years ago which was the largest uprising against the national socialist occupation. the bloody way in which that was put down many
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many victims especially civilians and i remember them in the sense of humility even if you don't get to day we commemorate resistance against a tyranny an awesome show as well as a respected individual personal ideological or religious convictions the others have been men but how can an individual make you can react to such a system which is almost overwhelming inhumane how come your stand against it how can you light the light of humanity in this deep dark when as a provider light one of us the one thing that unified all those who stood up against the work was that conscience the conviction of the ideas they follow that made it imperative for them to act they was certain that they could not justify more not acting they couldn't justify that to themselves or to others i can put that in a very concise way he said i have to be in it and you know in what appears you can
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see that when we talk about our european history when we. rely on european value is that i'm just sort of wonder. the examples we have in front of our eternal eye these brave people risking their lives risking death in the sense of freedom and liberty and to paid. what us their example maine for us today. and the one today is a time which is so different once we got to i have to tell us now the men and women of resilience to follow their conscience they stand for all those who fight for and then humanity for a moment of freedom and. to honor as a by their side his memory is something which is far more than i tell people about something which happened in history they allowed us to draw lessons from the past. and helped us to shape the basis of our work. then i
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actually have moved was an inspiration to the founding fathers and mothers of the german basic owes the constitution which was then passed on the 23rd of may 19th or tonight just to 5 years later he wrote an article. the indignity of man is inviolable to respect and protect it is an obligation that of my state the heart and they also an article for talk that the freedom of conscience of faith and of religious. ideals. that mean so this basic law became the foundation of the way in which we lived in this free democracy based on value of law the institutions of our country both in body and protect the fundamental rights in the constitution. and this means that today the situation is fundamentally different from the rule of terra national socialism of
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view and yet of even the institutions of our state based on the rule of law live by going on who got one even when the said doesn't do we are does. today the men and women of the resistance are role models however different your circumstances may now. if we define only that humanity or democracy in do we do that or do we take these things as a given. think somebody else willing to take care about and that we show tomorrow courage when we went there is it racism and semitism. hatred or do we just look aside because it might be uncomfortable for us. citizens living in a democracy have an obligation if you don't. there's something again ssion is that politician volunteers anybody who has a public responsibility should not be afraid that you would for their lives and
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limbs in what they're doing at one of our obligations is that in germany and where they keep whenever they like and it also means that we do not allow people inciting violence against others just because they look different. or have a different opinion it is part of the game that we use the know in false middleford unity is that the rule of law gives us and we do so consistently when people are threatened or even killed us and it is also our responsibility that we do not let knowledge of our history fade away like this you know in the lessons from this knowledge is something which each and every generation has to work to achieve and learn that is why in schools in museums and various places a commemoration we have to make sure that this happens even in the new the 28th of july having control from that the white rose to his labor there also uprising all these are names and events that future generations should always know not just live
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up to this obligation that any other small and large scale that is commemorate all the resistance fighters and to commemorate them also by our sounds be. strongly and i think not all of them place or way of living together let us on the other hand by showing moral condemnation. and by defending the values that are common to us all instead of going to looking away and being silent let this be committed instead of just looking to our vantage not just be strong letters defend. our democracy based on a normal and that is also true when we have to defend the international system of order which was brought about as a lesson from the 2nd world war or national socialism europe was able to overcome even centuries of conflict a system of peace emerged which is based on what we have in common instead of what would seem to be the irrational strength we europeans. i know i got it
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but even today we need to defend the future of the european union leaders you know italy against nationalists the populist we need to do so more than ever this actually applies to be only europe and we need to add martino not unilaterally globally not nationally. globally not nationally open minded not isolationist jointly that's the not. these are the dogs of our time whether we're talking about peace about combating climate change and the problem of a species dying of the problems of starvation on what else is happening and then we have to follow star described by dietrich bonhoeffer when he talked about his responsibility he said maybe. the last day of the world start tomorrow
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and then we were up early put aside our work for a better future but not a day before all of. you know if you don't ladies and gentleman if those people who dared to resist. have to greet and believed in a better future for germany that's what they worked for that's what they risked all for. in this responsibility this strength of character is even see them in the life of a really big deal it's as well as in lismore deans of course if you were not always succeed there will be failures but in action where not when the future and that is true for us today as well the many different motivation it's. because able to contribute to the common good in whichever way anybody helps to make our country worth living in it's always the best way. of remembering with honor the.
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and women after resistance thank you. very much counselor i'm going to. the no follows another musical interlude and oftentimes there will be a commemorative address a remembrance of the dead from meant chairman of the board of trustees of the 20th of july 1944 foundation.
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you could dig new orleans over toward we remember on day. 4 to 4 for wanted to hear our 75 years again today if that love for 5 german officers died at le bent leg a building up on the hood for attempting along with others to flee or germany of hitler that's an understandable socialist reign of terror. these are not one they were the 1st to die. on the night of july 20th 1944 because they know that a bank or credit all behaved in counseling or can't function often that i break out of the right amounts from a korean hand. than
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a loan have to. give an arm and even the money on others and then use it engraved on the plaque here in the ceremonial court shot and it often backs trance and then names and for all the who took part in the temperature over the you know the nazi regime on july 20th 1984 these are. getting to be are all i love mention that is our enemy also remember oil that was it. was the regime from 1933 on i had to suffer it often to find them and be discouraged given the white spread support to be for national socialism it was of them for among the people you would even board well beyond germany's borders. you've got i. often like to concede they resisted the regime both openly and in civil rights or so i try they came here by
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from all political parties are the final republic or the middle that one of our members are trained in labor unions they were business owners and what was that with under civil servants as we saw it or shouldn't professes. it's the soldiers from all parts of the military and of all ranks and there were men and women of the church and this is the can my orders goldens to for their resistance was mainstream and for them based on strong convictions and a sense of ethical responsibility with you i am following their incarceration ordered for you and they germination ordered you know before they go people to go to all the nonsense special courts many of them order were executives like well some even chose to take their own lives before and in order to for not true betray
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their friends while being tortured many the knowledge of what killed her because she was in the concentration camps of the nazis you forget the many do not even get there was city of going up the carriage for the who to repel was it less senseless he does it and destructive war mongering you can be the one to have to pay for that opposition with their lines you think and the you will remember that i was a child who distributed leaflets by 1st of all tried in other ways to work with 2 old women people zines up to god with her this too to the crying most of the new nazi regime or the warden that they too were told of condemned to death. yes you know we remember those. who are to have compassion for the man with respect to human dignity under than for for providing shelter and they are to jones other
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victims of persecution former prisoners of war or few who were killed for that. you think you know you mentioned we remember that i did not want dad to atlanta new world order for germany after the war would have for good or also want our eyes abroad or die and were killed for that reason i have my own things pavia. you can be resisted or to an ideology in the terrenate history of our national socialist regime. you will be for it and so today and once you do you will be on this trend in the july 29 t. for treatment. getting more standing for all those who have the courage to resist i read out the following your names different yet speak to me and said yes and.
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to alfred delp. hello james ford word count. bucks have a max happened. once for the nonce wonder nanny. he or she is gaelic alsa. wit the pretty sure word count one the show number hero of the fund alexander hanson how about. that for a carrot top and shank count stuff and. save the boardwalk since i have on horseback riding with a show off and rainbow calendar lend out not really got many craft. oh big view we all know that you all remember the millions of john rose murder in the death camp under the bridge and all the other they do it and this is all of the
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nazi tara racist ideology despotic ruler and humane welfare. getting annoyed and today we remember 12 years or 12 terrible suffering and death by the rules. even on an unprecedented scale of 42 yet even today 40 here but every sponsible leader is weak because right now world we are who voluntarily and or against people nations who did bendigo like going to the model we were taught so are dead remind us the living on the side to oppose violence and injustice without hesitation like down here on the floor. and it's there are very important for us to stand out to fight for the freedom of conscience and and for the rights of those who think differently and to treat them
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with respect. to do when. they remind us to are held to go with the dignity of our fellow humans. i don't mind the old they remind us germans of all. others europeans and the rest of the world. we think we remember that horton are dead in done with grandchildren and in silence.
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you know. if. you're. up. at all we're now seeing is the beginning of a wreath laying ceremony that will last several minutes involving prominent representatives of state government.
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and. it is going. it. was.
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here and i.
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and with that wreath laying ceremony the ceremony of today's. the defense ministry in the center of. trolls slowly to a close. really moving ceremony indeed. it was sunshine in the heart of the german capital.
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that of course was the german national anthem. if you're just joining us you've been watching the w. special live coverage of commemorations marking 75 years since the failed plot to kill at all hitler. and with me in the studio is peter craven to political correspondent we've been following the commemoration ceremony from the studio peter was a very somber event. and what struck me there were a number of parallels in the various remarks that we heard from chancellor angela merkel and the head of the memorial foundation of the july 20th 1944 they pointed
1:59 pm
out that the conspirators in the july 20th plot to assassinate at all hitler were not considered heroes as they are often referred to today in fact in the initial years after the war they were denounced as traitors and yet in the fifty's that changed and these commemorations began what happened it took quite a long time i mean neither will you say that it changed in the fifty's but. i mentioned earlier a poll that came out in 1951 which suggested that as many as 2 thirds of germans viewed the conspirators in the. circle as very dubious since that infamous old post. by 956 there was an attempt to open a school be given the name of. the local people military to consult and actually voted against it in the plan was scrum sort to a course of on time to things to change the title holders the sort of german president spoke would on behalf of hunched over. the pulse of us and said we have
2:00 pm
to begin seriously to change our perceptions i think germany began to change as well in the sixty's and seventy's become a much more sort of discursive discuss of place where people who were talking about history and not succumbing to this try to think in the. media post war german period of german history there were still lots of former nazis in very info influential places in germany that's all began to change and we now have a much more differentiated view about what the from the other parties were all of baird's a lot of controversy but yes we do view them as heroes because they followed their consciences and they risked and for thing also that was mentioned that this commemoration is not just about those specific individuals who attempted to assassinate hitler it's about all the other groups who attempted to resist against the nazi regime who were those groups it was interesting what angle america that was a very sort of her central point that she was making today and there were thought
2:01 pm
she was also i mean i said germany has become a more discussed of society she's trying to broaden the debate she's saying look this was a multifaceted faceted resistance front almost you could say in germany and she was talking about christians she was to them or trade unionists she was talking about community she was talking about all sorts of layers of society and that isn't as a say a broadening of the debate. not to suggest however that if you will the main fact about what happened in nazi germany was that too many people didn't follow their consciences and too many people looked the other way indeed as we've as we've heard there were only a very small number of people who participated in it very minute especially in the military i mean there are millions and millions active members of the german military just a few 100 participated in these resistance attempts you know and there's then also the debate when you talk about the military these were very influential people in these were very these were to a certain extent
2:02 pm
a low that needs to be that has to be differentiated debate to continue there but these were very many of the people around from stauffenberg aristocrats that has been criticized sometimes that has been a subject of controversy but also many questions raised about why it took until 944 to. intervene as it were why didn't it happen in 1939 or $942.00 much was known about the wars of aggression much was known about the systematic and industrial killing of jews in eastern europe why didn't they are that's another big question well it was mentioned that many of these were in fact supporters of not the policies of the nazi regime there were perhaps other factors that moved them to try and kill hitler this did happen at once it was clear that germany was in fact losing the war but nevertheless it's clear that the events of july 20th 1044 perhaps some stuff broke himself have a very important symbolic value perhaps. what can you tell us about that symbolic
2:03 pm
value in 2 words i think. he was a man of conscience ultimately when it really came down to it he was a man who followed his conscience i'm going to have the most situations we make in recent days and weeks as the dentist reflects we know in the words of 2 of the fundamental insults of the german army is over a civilian in uniform the soldiers are supposed to see themselves the civilians in uniform inspired by former bergen all those they are people who do not really do not respond to orders blindly brute use their consciences use their moral parades whose passion and concern for human beings when other point that america was making is that germans have a duty to stand up to right wing extremism just as this resistance attempted to face down adult hitler she's trying to link the lessons of the past to circumstances today can the people who were involved in
2:04 pm
a plot against out of help for such a long time ago be used as some sort of role models for people nowadays to stand up to right wing extremists about standing up and being counted as among call votes or look good many of our audience will have heard of him he was killed just a couple of weeks ago think of the 2nd of. urge you to just outside the door in his garden effectively buying a mirror not seen from nuts because far as we can tell and uncle americal like many of us were shocked by the nature of the crime a man in public office being killed for being in public office and expressing his views compassionate views about refugees and migrants and he paid for this with his life until americans as we must do much more to ensure that people in public office our public representatives are protected. our political correspondent peter craven always great to hear your insights. you have been watching the special live coverage of commemorations marking 75 years since the
2:05 pm
july 20th plot to kill at all 50 and we now like to bring you up to date on today's other top stories. germany and france are calling on iran to immediately release a british oil tanker that it seized on friday for lynas calling the capture of the senate imperio quote a dangerous further aggravation of an already tense situation iran says its troops boarded the ship after it collided with a fishing boat as the latest in a series of incidents threatening shipping in the strait of hormuz which is the export route for the bulk of oil from the gulf region. the stana imperio seen here before it's captured by iranian naval forces is now a pawn in a game of high stakes. the seizure comes after no rain in old tunker is being held in custody for a further 30 days in gibraltar on suspicion of heading for syria in breach of
2:06 pm
sanctions. british foreign secretary jeremy hunt said the tit for tots would not spiral out of control. we're not looking at military options we are looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation. but we are very clear that it must be resolved freedom of navigation in the gulf is absolutely essential if that freedom of navigation is restricted iran is the biggest loser but navigating the waterway crucial for global oil supply has become a risky business just days ago iran sees the united arab emirates oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. iran is also blamed by the u.s. for attacks on 6 time kurds in and around the strait tehran has resorted to disrupting shipping through the choke point in response to crippling u.s. sanctions u.s.
2:07 pm
president donald trump wants to pressure to iran into more concessions over its nuclear program he says his strategy is working around there showing their colors going to work out very nicely iran is in big trouble right now their economy is crashing it's coming to a crash it's trying to bring soldiers back home because they can't pay a lot of bad things happening to them and it's very easy to straighten out or it's very easy for us to make it a lot worse but with one 5th of the world's oil exports routed through the strait of hormuz the standoff could also spell trouble for the global economy. at an end to have by is a middle east analyst based in germany and he joins us now for more so it really does appear that iran is provoking the united states and also its allies is there a real danger that the u.s. will retaliate military it militarily and that we're going to see a full fledged war. 1st of all both the united states and the
2:08 pm
united kingdom will be aware of iran responding to what is the u.s. maximum pressure complaining to what is the deprivation of iranian tankers freedom of navigation through the seizure of the tanker integral tire so this is a response to all of that i don't see the military escalation around the corner but obviously you these incidents or the tit for tat are thrown secretary jeremy hunt who was alluding to is certainly dangerous and don't need to be efforts me to stop this by trying to to up the diplomatic game. well we've been saying this is not the 1st time that iran has seized an oil tanker in the strait of hormuz what kind of an impact is this going to have on global oil supplies. and to ignorant of these of these leaks that what would actually be the impact
2:09 pm
movie immediately but obviously if you consider that freedom of navigation and does such an important route is now disrupted due to this to the to the rising tension tensions this is certainly creating costs and costs for everyone and i think this is generally iran's message that if you put us as iran under pressure we will not allow others to get away with it and we will create costs for that beat in terms of . lack of security in the strait of hormuz in that important road but also with regards to the global oil market so i think this is runs calculation here well it's known of chorus that iran has numerous proxies in the region just what else could the government in tehran do to increase pressure on the u.s. and allies do you see other players getting involved. i think you have the whole range of ambiguous. situation you have this is the fact that different
2:10 pm
groups aligned with states or acting on their own can in fact operate by attacking you as military bases by attacking the united arab emirates saudi oil fields we've we've seen that before we see that the reach that iran can have to harm the interests of the u.s. and its allies in the region and i have to say i think we're just at the beginning of it there is obviously much more that can be done but i think the incidents that we are seeing basically the increase of numbers of these incidents happening is the escalation that we can see i don't see a full fledge war coming up but again there needs to be a diplomatic efforts to try to to avoid. it. we thank you very much effort sharing your insights with us pleasure and that is some of the other stories making news
2:11 pm
around the world saudi arabia's king solomon has approved hosting u.s. forces in his country that's according to reports by saudi state media the u.s. defense department confirmed the move as well saying it would deploy troops there as a deterrent against unnamed threats. benjamin ateneo who today becomes israel's longest serving prime minister he spent over 13 years in office but now he faces fresh elections and he's under threat of possible corruption charges netanyahu his record surpasses that of israel's founding leader david ben-gurion. the supreme court of the netherlands has found the dutch state partially liable for the deaths of $350.00 bosnian muslims in the strip and it's a massacre in 1905 the muslims were killed by bosnian serb forces after being expelled from a un safe haven that was being guarded by dutch troops during the bosnian war the murders were
2:12 pm
a part of an organized massacre that left about $8000.00 muslim men and boys dead. it's the final decision from the netherlands supreme court. and for the mothers of srebrenica it's a disappointment. paul and jenny hall as the dutch defense ministry and the dutch government are responsible for the start of the genocide in srebrenica if it's one percent 10 percent or 100 percent they are responsible it is their cynicism primitivism and their own incapacity that they can only recognise it for 10 percent . reasons that was. why 10 percent according to the court dutch peacekeeping forces should have been aware that the $350.00 men hiding in that compound would be mistreated and even killed but the court also said even if they remained in the compound there was only a 10 percent chance that they would have survived. in 1905 thousands of muslims
2:13 pm
were fleeing serb forces they headed to muslim majority strip in it's a in both near where dutch un peacekeepers were stationed the court's decision is specifically about the 350 men who were hiding inside the dutch peacekeepers compound. on don't do it the dutch battalion known as dutch but deprive these men refugee to the chance of staying out of the hands of the bosnian serbs. if you think the verdict is fair if people make mistakes and made a mistake. so be it that's fine i mean i'm human i can make mistakes so but to. say that you made a mistake but it's like 10 percent. but that's not fair whatever the percentage for the mothers of servants or the netherlands remains responsible. for it's news now and algeria won the africa cup of nations on friday night after
2:14 pm
a one nil victory against senegal in the final in cairo with their heroes crowned champions of africa algerians who were at the game in egypt as well as those who are watching from afar celebrated late into the night. the final whistle signaled the start of the party thousands of fans in cairo spilled out of the stadium and into the streets to celebrate their stars. thanks to our players they won the african cup thanks to the algerian people for coming here to support them and we thank god we won the walk through but as you know the scene was a similar one back in algiers there was ecstasy in the air as supporters sorel jewry a crowned champions of africa for the 2nd time. diaspora algerians also made themselves hood supporters in paris came out in droves to enjoy
2:15 pm
a moment of pride for the local algerian community. but it doesn't matter if we are in france or in algeria tonight we're all proud. down and last say things were similar. in leone. algeria are the kings of one continent but their victory was a global affair. and that's the latest from. stay tuned for our documentary series doc films american haven't seen from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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