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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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post. news live from berlin germany and france demand iran release a captured british oil tanker immediately. as the seizure of this. dangerous escalation in the gulf region iran's revolutionary guard says has been taken to a 4th on its territory. german chancellor angela merkel leads tributes to the conspirators who tried to assassinate adolf hitler and overthrow the nazi government 75 years ago today. and tens of
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thousands take to the streets of london demanding direction be cancel. a michael thanks for joining us germany and france are calling on iran to release immediately a british oil tanker it seized on friday berlin is calling the capture of the stain imperio quote a dangerous further aggravation of an already tense situation iran says its troops boarded the ship after collided with a fishing boat it's the latest in a series of incidents threatening shipping in the strait of hormuz the export route for the bulk of the oil from the gulf region. imperio seen here before its capture by iranian naval forces is now a pawn in a game of high stakes. the seizure comes after now. raney an old tanker is being
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held in custody for a further 30 days in gibraltar on suspicion of heading for syria in breach of sanctions. british foreign secretary jeremy hunt said the tit for tat would not spiral out of control. we're not looking at military options we're looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation. but we are very clear that it must be resolved freedom of navigation in the gulf is absolutely essential if that freedom of navigation is restricted iran is the biggest loser but navigating the waterway crucial for global oil supply has become a risky business just days ago iran sees the united arab emirates oil tanker in the strait of hormuz iran is also blamed by the u.s. for attacks on 6 tigers in and around the strait tehran has resorted to disrupting shipping through the choke point in response to crippling u.s. sanctions. u.s.
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president donald trump wants to pressure to iran into more concessions over its nuclear program he says his strategy is working around there showing their colors going to work out very nicely iran is in big trouble right now their economy is crashing it's coming to a crèche it trying to bring soldiers back home because they can't pay a lot of bad things happening to them and it's very easy to straighten out or it's very easy for us to make it a lot worse but with one 5th of the world's oil exports routed through the strait of hormuz the standoff could also spell trouble for the global economy. for some analysis let's bring in simon maven a middle east analyst based in the u.k. simon iran's actions will no doubt be seen as provoking the u.s. and its allies is your real danger that the u.s. or others will retaliate thereby prompting a major escalation of some kind i think that's certainly
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a concern that amidst all of these growing tensions that some point that will be a retaliation and that retaliation will kick this crisis on to the next level but what we've seen so far from from the united states and u.k. calls for a responsible. way of addressing this crisis and i guess that's the big concern that the stakes are so high right now that the seizure of my all time crew folks people in washington and london going to take some kind of military action and that would be the real cutlass when things to get incredibly worse and go. well you know as well as i do this isn't the 1st time that iran has seized an oil tanker in the strait of hormuz what kind of impact with these repeated seizures have on global oil supplies. well i think there's a political dimension to it and this is just mentioned the political dimension
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concerns this growing pressure that is rising in the gulf that iran iran is facing a range of different economic and political pressures from united states on all of us and thus your package demonstrated to us having a real sizeable impact on the iranian economy state affecting millions of people and that means that iran is having to respond in different ways internationally to try and reassert itself on the world stage and remind people that it still has a role to play in this game now that will have serious not on implications for the global economy for global oil supplies we know that the world's oil goes through the straits of hormuz on a daily basis so this is going to cause a great deal of concern up potentially a great deal of disruption of talk because we're going to be targets that could quite easily push of oil prices which will have a potentially incredibly serious response an impact on the world economy. thank you so much for that simon maven thank you saudi arabia's king salmon has
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agreed to host u.s. forces the pentagon has confirmed the move saying it would deploy troops in saudi arabia as a deterrent against unspecified threats according to media reports $500.00 american troops will be stationed at a military airbase south of the capital riyadh saudi defense ministry says the aim is to improve security and stability in the region. germany has been marking the 75th anniversary of the famous briefcase plot to kill adolf hitler the army colonel who planted the bomb was executed along with his fellow conspirators in a moment we'll report on the commemorations 1st this reminder of what happened 3 quarters of a century ago. it was the morning of the 20th of july 944 ad of hitler entered the wolf's lair headquarters there he met with generals for a strategy briefing colonel klaus shank car fun stuff and bag was also present and
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in his bank he was carrying an explosive device at 12 42 pm the bomb exploded killing several people but hitler the target of the attack was only slightly injured the coup had failed. philip fi have fun there is a largo was one of the conspirators it was he who obtained the explosives for the attack in 2005 fund those allow giteau d w about his decision as an officer of the van marked to act against his commander in chief hitler. should one be part of this or can one get out of it it is one's judgment of hitler correct or wrong those were pressing questions back then it was clear to me that hitler would lead germany into one of this and that he was a criminal one but murder is murder that and you can only come to such a decision and the police often thought it would withstand scrutiny in the eyes of
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god or for the failed puts against hitler has gone down in history in germany the 20th of july is an important anniversary frenched often berg was executed that very night in the wake of the failed coup the nazis killed some 200 coconspirators but then memory lives on today. german chancellor angela merkel led the commemorations here in berlin for those who were executed after the nazis rounded up the conspirators in operation valley the plot to kill hitler the ceremony was held at the defense ministry where the best known conspirator close off and. it was a sudden they asked germany commemorated the 75th anniversary of the plot to give. it broad to get it. historians and family members of those executed after desination attempt failed. german chancellor angela merkel led to tributes to do
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those who resisted the nazi regime praising the conviction that pushed them to act . how can you light the light of humanity in this deep darkness and provide a light for all of us the one thing that unified all those who stood up against the war against the conscience the convictions the ideas they follow that made it imperative for them to act they was certain that they could not justify not acting . and one message was heard again and again the memory of the july 20 plotters is more relevant than ever and not just for germany. should be means on this there is a european dimension to resistance european identity is very much based on fundamental human rights. but with the far right making gains across the continent did german chancellor go oh so warned that populism threatened european unity. we europeans.
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but even today we need to defend the future of the european union easy to play against nationalist and populist we need to do so more than ever this actually tries to be on the money to martino try not even globally not national. chairman even members doe's who resisted a nazi regime to country hopes that their legacy will be one of peace for you and b. are. now to some of the other stories making news around the world several 1000 people have attended a demonstration against the far right in castle in the german state if it follows the killing last month the local politician walter lupo a conservative who was known for his pro immigrant stance a far right sympathizer charged with his murder has retracted his really
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a confession. at least 12 people have been killed in a gas plant explosion in central china authorities say more than a dozen others were seriously injured in the city of uma in him in the province the blast shattered windows of buildings in 3 kilometer radius. the death toll in monsoon flooding in south asia has climbed above 160 at least 90 have died in nepal and 62 in northeastern india authorities in india's state say nearly 5000000 people are still affected by the floods many have taken shelter in state run can see. 50 pilot whales have been discovered dead on a beach in remote western iceland it's not known what caused the mammals to become stranded local biologists. a large group of the social animals regularly washed up on land there and died but now seems to be happening much more often.
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turns of thousands are marching through london in one of the biggest pro europe rallies the country has seen the march for change is calling for britain to scrap it and remain a member of the european union the rally comes days before a new prime minister is due to be sworn in on wednesday the front runner borscht johnson has said britain will leave the e.u. as planned on october 31st with or without a deal. correspondent is following this story for us in london and sent us this assessment the main message of the protesters here today is no to paris johnston yes to the european union the timing of this monstrous crucial in just 4 days boris johnson will most likely move and to downing street number 10 and he has promised to take britain out of the european union come what may this is what worries many protests to see a possible no deal on october 31st many protesters want their politicians to revoke
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article 50 and just forget about bracks it altogether this is one of several pro european motss that have been held over the past 3 years since the referendum so far they haven't changed anything and chances that the protests this time around a slim to none. algeria won the africa cup of nations on friday night after a one nil victory against senegal in the final in cairo with their heroes crowned champions of africa algerians who were at the game in egypt as well as those who are watching from afar celebrated late into the night. the final resole signaled the start of the party thousands of fans in cairo spilled out of the stadium and into the streets to celebrate their stars. thanks to our players they won the african car. up thanks to the algerian people for coming here to support them and we thank god we one want do threat and you know the scene was
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a similar one back in algeria's there was ecstasy in the air as supporters soil jewry a crowned champions of africa for the 2nd time diaspora algerians also made themselves heard supporters in paris came out in droves to enjoy a moment of pride for the local algerian community. it doesn't matter if we are in france or in algeria tonight we're proud. down in last say things were similar. eyes to in leone. our area are the kings of one continent but their victory was a global affair. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel has letters. to commemorate the plotters who tried to kill adolf hitler and
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overthrow the nazi government 75 years ago today. that's your news bulletin up next world stores that we can report. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news it's. a forester equivalent to 30 suckerfish is cleared every. consumerism is causing a radical depletion the forests. for 20 cause.


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