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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2019 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin iran rejects calls to release a british oil tanker it's seized in the gulf tehran puts a dramatic footage of its revolutionary guards dropping from a helicopter to take control of the ball carrier stay in peril germany is calling the capture a dangerous escalation in the middle east. german chancellor leeds tributes to the conspirators who tried to assassinate hitler and overthrow the nazi government 75 years ago today. and it's exactly 50 years since man 1st walked on the moon
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a decade sauna millions actually believe the moon landings were faked we'll look at the conspiracy theories doing the rounds on social media. i'm next by sir thanks for joining us iran is defying growing international pressure to release a british oil tanker it detained in the strait of hormuz the vital waterway carrying a 3rd of the world seaborne oil supplies to iran says the vessel was seized after it collided with a fishing boat the british government has called it a dangerous move and germany says it's an aggravation of an already tense situation . iran's revolutionary guard sport this. to team did in the streets of poor me after and every day an oil tanker was held in. britain say it's
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a dangerous move but london is determined not to let the tit for tat spiral out of control. priority continues to be to find a way to deescalate the situation that's why i reached out to the iranian foreign minister that's why due process interpol to continue says we need to see the legal seizing of a push like that so robust we need to show released we continue to be very concerned the safety of well the treasury 3 crew members. the u.k.'s allies are also stepping up pressure on iran u.s. president donald trump wants to run to accept more concessions over its nuclear program and he says his strategy is working. iran they're showing their colors going to work out very nicely iran is in big trouble right now a lot of bad things happening to them and it's very easy to straighten out or it's
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very easy for us to make it a lot worse however trump's familiar bluster isn't going to wail on the streets of tehran but. i think trump start mixing his comments at his own citizens that's the only reason for it is that his popularity has decreased and he wants to raise it with these comments that one thing i think our navy is reaction was legal there's no problem with what they did and we support is another that has a similar type of. person has described the seizure as utterly unacceptable as diplomatic efforts continue in an effort to cool tensions. for more on this i'm joined. by a middle east analyst based in germany and those are pretty dramatic pictures we just saw of the raid on the british vessel is there a real danger that we could see a military escalation or even a war here. we have to be clear this is in fact already we are seeing the
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start of an escalation cycle with incidents like this and we have to to bear in mind or recall all the time that this is absolutely unnecessary there was a nuclear agreement that has been working and there you go the united states decided to withdraw from but it remained and since then we are seeing escalation and that's certainly worrisome. they were talking about the americans pulling out of the nuclear deal tehran is asking european allies for health and dealing with washington but is europe life going to help when iran has just sees a british tanker yeah obviously that that will not make life easier for the diplomats in europe to find the right approach you ron says it is responding to a iranian tanker being seized in gibraltar so again this is something that runs would like to separate from the discussion about the nuclear agreement or to separate from the nuclear agreement and the discussions about it but obviously
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that's not so easy for diplomats to do so i guess it will further complicate the whole situation yeah and back to washington the u.s. has issued an alert for vessels navigating the strait of hormuz there are around a 1000 going through a day could this conflict cause a spike in the price of oil and even hurt the global economy. it ultimately can of course i mean to you in your report up to 2 hour conversation you were saying that one 3rd of the oil. of the world is actually transplanting through this through this routes off course there is a danger that the global economy will suffer under the situation and it maybe even would go as far as that the iranians are banking on that the iranians are banking on the threat it poses if the situation in the strait of hormuz in the in the waters of the persian gulf if the situation worse is and this is worsens and this is a nobody's interests ok i don't have a tie by thanks so much for that short.
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saudi arabia's king solomon has agreed to host u.s. forces the pentagon has confirmed the move saying it would deploy troops in saudi arabia as a deterrent against unspecified threats according to media reports $500.00 american troops will be stationed at a military base south of the capital riyadh saudi defense ministry says the aim is to improve security and stability in the reach. today marks the 75th anniversary of the famous briefcase plot to kill hitler on july 20th 944 army colonel close shank. planted a bomb in the nazi headquarters where hitler was meeting his generals the device went off and killed several of those present hitler himself was only slightly injured so often burke and several of his fellow conspirators were executed one
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seen as traitors today they are celebrated as heroes who gave their lives in an attempt to end hitler's regime here in berlin an official commemoration has been held at the place where they were shot the defense ministry. it was a sudden they asked germany commemorated his 75th anniversary of the plot to kill hitler it brought together put it to historians and family members of those executed after desination attempt failed. german chancellor and in america led to 2 periods to do is who is it to denounce the machine praising the conviction that pushed them to act even by the above was they were very aware of the consequences their actions could have for them and their families they were willing to make the greatest sacrifice their lives they put humanity above their own lives. and one message was heard again and again to memory up to tonight 20 plotters is more relevant than ever and not just for germany. there
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was a european dimension to resistance european identity is very much based on fundamental human rights. but with the far right making gains across the continent to german chancellor also warned that populism threatened european unity. about hurt them and today we need to resolutely defend the future of the european union against nationalists some populists we need to do this more than ever and our supplies beyond europe we need to act multilaterally not unilaterally globally nost nationally. the chairman even members doe's who resisted a nazi regime the country hopes that their legacy will be one of peace for europe and beyond if. time to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. several 1000
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people have attended a demonstration against the far right in castle in the german state of hess it follows the killing last month of a local politician of. a conservative who is known for his pro immigrant stance a far right sympathizer charged with his murder has retracted his earlier confession. the death toll in monsoon flooding in south asia has climbed above 160 at least 90 have died in nepal and 62 in northeastern india authorities in india's assam state say nearly 5000000 people are still affected by the floods many have taken shelter in state run camps. more than $10000.00 people have rallied in moscow to demand free and fair elections after around 30 mostly opposition candidates were banned from running for the city assembly election officials say the candidates failed to gather enough genuine signatures opposition leader alexei joined the demonstrators. several
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1000 people have attended a funeral service in northwest in the northwestern bosnian town of door for 86 muslims killed by serbs in 1992 victims were among some 200 bosnian muslims and croats shot on the edge of a cliff on mt last which the remains were found in a mass grave in 2017. 50 years ago today the american astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin became the 1st humans in history to set foot on the moon it's an defining event being commemorated across the world today the space race is back on and global powers are again competing for supremacy over nasa says it intends to send a 2nd mission to the moon in 2024 leaving behind an orbiting research station but the real race is now over satellite security space weapons and sending a human mission to mars. now to many it may seem like sheer
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lunacy but if you've been on social media today there's a good chance you've seen at least one person claiming the moon landings were fake for more on why so many people online are claiming that we never went to the moon joined by children our social media reporter why is this rumor continued to stick well i mean if you look at it it's kind of a sexy idea i mean if you really think about it the whole idea that maybe you could learn a secret out there that the whole world doesn't know it has kind of a way of resonating with a lot of people so it's kind of understandable but unfortunately comes the claims that the moon landing were fake when we just know that's not true historical evidence doesn't back it up i mean 400000 people were involved in bringing us to the moon developing the technology and they would all have to be lying in order for it to be true but what we're seeing with conspiracy theories like this is that they really kind of resonate in social media because it kind of speaking to us in a way that really takes advantage of some of the weaknesses that we have or guarding our use of social media in general theories have been around for
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a while how much of an accelerator have the social media well you're right i mean these rumors have been cropping up since the seventy's i mean people been saying that stanley cooper of the famous american director was actually involved in faking the moon landings of course you know that's not the case but really we're seeing them spread more and more in social media because social media is giving a voice to the general masses i mean that's one of the great things about social media it's been giving it gives every voice basically equal weight but that's also given a platform to some of the more fringe elements of society that's part of the reason we're seeing things like you know like the entry of x. movement crop up and become so strong and also with the flat earth society people believe that the world is actually flat i mean their voice is given just as much weight as people who actually have ph d.'s scientific backgrounds are actually doing real experiments i mean that's that's the one side and so you know it's kind of bringing all of this out to the foreground another aspect is at the end of the day social media isn't necessarily there to connect us all social media is to get butts in chairs clicking mouses staring at screens you know we talk
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a lot about the f. . chamber that's out of all the social media these algorithms that support the systems that suggests the next video that suggests the next bit of information they have a way of once you should a little bit of interest in something like a moon conspiracy it gets you locked in and make sure that you just keep connected with it you keep looking at the next video you keep looking at that next clip and it kind of increases huge echo chamber that's really kind of gives you the opinion quite quickly that the whole world believes it well how do you stop the echo well that is the question and i guess it comes down to media competence at the end of the day we have to be critical more so now than ever before we really need to think critically about the media or consuming and that also goes for you know t.v. programs like the one we're watching right now in the one right now so really we need to be critical and think critically about the media we're consuming ok there until thing with some insight on to the moon landing conspiracies thanks for watching thank you it turned out to cycling frenchmen has won that stage 14 of the tour de france
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a grueling trek from the town of talbot to the top of the legendary 2000 meter high . in the pyrenees his fellow countryman julian and a few deep finished 6 seconds behind and remains the yellow jersey holder defending champion gay rent thomas dropped a valuable time but is still 2nd in the overall standings and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. iran is defying international pressure to release a british oil tanker it's seized in the gulf tehran says the vessel collided with a fishing boat britain is calling the seizure a dangerous move. german chancellor angela merkel has led a ceremony in berlin to commemorate the plotters who tried to kill its earth and overthrow the nazi government 75 years ago today. and that's your news bulletin up next a documentary film the legacy of courage sons and daughters of the resists spies
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are there's more news at the top of the hour and you can also go to dot com and our trudel have. news for around the clock. for 1st economy most of. them in grand moments arrives. jointly ringin turn on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. frankenstein returns home.


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