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we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. or robot collapse starts walking the 14th on d w. i i was born shortly after the 2nd world war and my brother was already there and we led a sheltered childhood in the 1950 s. . then at some point i realised our family was different from the others my parents
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had a lot of friends and i often heard words like resistance and red orchestra. at school some people started or spring when my father's name was mentioned and i got things like espionage and treason. where my parents spies traitors. and later i realized that i was not alone in having such thoughts. good food from them from i felt from the very beginning that i was somehow i'm outside but i could not figure out why the other children was so hostile towards me that was several times when children jumped on me and wanted to beat me up. or didn't do that and then finally my teacher said to my mother it's this now it's clear to me what accent is so bad at school as the son of a traitor as i cannot expect anything else. went bitties a deep in this calm when my mother came. home after that. i never actually seen her
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cry before but i remember that i saw something terrible and realize that she had tears in her eyes weren't. about those things you never forget when you're a child or 2 or deceit your dignity month it's couldn't this for gifts. in germany at the end of the 19th thirty's the polish facade of a dictatorship the nazis were pumping a lot of money into rearmament the economy was booming and the number of unemployed had fallen below the 1000000 mark. the people were excited about germany's new car but also hitler was about to lead germany into
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a war that would cost tens of millions of people their lives and destroy half of europe. if you people resisted. but a group of officers saw that hitler's policies were pushing germany into the abyss . caesar from hope aka a cousin of close shrink could of french dolphin bag the army officer who tried to assassinate hitler joined in the plans for a coup he had moved his wife and 5 children to upper bavaria his son alfred remembers him the biota and by and uncut as soon as he arrived in bavaria the 1st thing he would do was take off his uniform and pull on his leather shorts up and i have very happy memories of my father he was laughing for the 100 that was of course because it was the holiday season he was at home and could devote himself to our family and was able to laugh heartily that's an image that has stayed in my memory one for which i am very grateful to have been shut up for. lieutenant
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colonel going to spent was only 30 when he was appointed to the german army's general staff pushed off and barrack managed to recruit him to the ranks of the plotters. was born in may 1904 pushed on the ear of course although they were married for 6 years from 938 to 944 my mother once told me that he had only seen each other for a total of $44.00 days. see although he wrote more than 2000 letters from the front. that was the way things were back then dom it's. my father gunter visor born and my mother joy married in berlin in 1941. lady held the reception that evening in his studio. my father was a successful playwright and he had a lot of friends in the berlin art scene. and his best friend
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carl schultz a voice and turned up in uniform. in a large circle overhead the fascist friends had formed around him and his wife labor taught us. to stop assuming that circle the red orchestra and. it was like dancing on a volcano some of the wedding guests would be executed a year later labor toss and haro to. ante nazi resistance had begun earlier hello schultz of boys and work in the air ministries intelligence section he knew about hitler's secret plans for war against the soviet union in 1941 before hitler came to power shoots of boys and was a staunch opponent of the nazis in 1933 he was severely mistreated by the s.s. and they beat a jewish friend of his to death in front of his eyes. afi tanakh and his american wife mildred were friends of fruits of boys. are not worked as a senior civil servant in the ministry of economy and to make contact with the
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american and soviet embassies and passed on news about hitler's war preparations. the soviet embassy gave hanukah radio transmitter and said his friend huns copy was to use it to send messages to moscow. copy came from the communist youth movement he was just 17 when the nazis put him behind bars for almost 2 years in 1901 he married his fiance hilda. as the nazis volunteers anti nazis they were not just willing to discuss resistance or make jokes about the nazis but also to help people or hand out leaflets with. dozens of before they were ready to run these risks because they thought who will do it if we don't have any. but members of the so-called red orchestra came from all walks of life
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aristocrats communists christians artists and workers all circles where not everyone knew each other personally. a lot of women were involved office worker erica from block door was brought in by your husband kai a sculptor her daughter saskia was born in 1937 or 2 beaten homes even they were not easily intimidated by authority and were never taken in by the nazis hollow rhetoric. because this is. what everyone in the group shared was the desire to get rid of the hitler regime to end the war and to stop the persecution of the jews they didn't look the other way like the majority of germans did they helped the persecuted hid them and got them out of the country dentist dr hellmuth hippel treated jews in their hiding places and his girlfriend helped them with food packages
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a young pianist helm order all of sometimes played music with the couple went on had him. one day hempel took my father aside and asked him if he wanted to work with him. my father didn't understand what he meant because he was a pianist and hempel was a dentist and he didn't know at that point why or how they should collaborate. but then him what i say now puts my life in your hands. then it immediately became clear what he meant when my father applied then we can work together that was a huge relief. all of a sudden and this and this extremely narrow and fascist world he had found some like minded people and. most members of the group came from the youth movement. sailing camping hiking and making music into the countryside and into the blue. they loved life.
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their celebrations were legendary the love the romance and the freedom it was all part of their lives the lives they risked every day and their resistance to hitler and the war any of their clandestine activities were punishable by death. in the red orchestra wanted to use information to counter the nazis propaganda. in february 9427 months after the invasion of the soviet union they wrote victory by nazi germany is no longer possible we will lose this war. the 2nd conflict in 1902 reported the mass murder of jews and soviet civilians in the east.
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shoots of boysen was working in the cultural film center which was collecting secret information and picture material about german war crimes on the eastern front the mass murder of the jews pushed many officers into the resistance. my father divine feuds my father was transferred to the general staff in 1043. and then he saw probably for the 1st time all the terrible things that were happening because then he started to take part in the briefings and then of course he also saw how much injustice there was in germany because he had to. come to this meant was adjutant to army chief of staff of court syslog french tough and backgrounds came to win over title for the coup. for what he tried but failed to cite let's hope my father as far as i'm concerned this conversation never took place and bush was. on july 20th 1944
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a bomb went off in hitler's eastern headquarters. the would be assassin colonel cross functional from bag had launched a coup his cousin says often all fucka who was one of more than $200.00 officers and civilians involved in the coup was in paris where detained the local gestapo and s.s. leaders. for a front hall foka remembers that radiant summer day all too well. and every night i think it was around 7 o'clock am we used to listen to the damage and didn't is on them that night there was a special announcement and these were the words he used a criminal group of german officers has tried to murder him. we all froze the next thing i remember my mother silently rose from the dinner table which was
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quite unusual i looked out the window because i wanted to know what she was doing and i saw her hurriedly lighting a fire in the garden of a few guns has taken for your garden and turned it for an old fuckers mother was burning letters from his father sees a friend who was arrested 5 days after the failed assassination when i'm out of food and my mother found out about my father's 1st interrogation when i got stopped the officer asked him to stop with whatever way you thinking of half and hope that all members you have a wife and 5 children on fatah madonna behind it to talk on photos which my father responded with a quote from highness slightly modified what do i care for my wife and child this is about my country if i had to make a great effort to understand that and i'm sure my mother had problems with it too he knew that the prospects of success with minimal he told my mother the chances were 98 to 2 so they all knew they were going to do something and not survive and he mom at 1st and then does mr william.
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the family was separated the mother and older siblings were sent to a concentration camp guarded by 2 for hers was put on a train to bad success in the hearts mountains where the nazis interned the children of the conspirators the banditry arrived totally exhausted of course but i still remember what the warden told us if anyone asks you for who you are then you only answer with your 1st name for the nazis wanted to wipe out the families of opponents of the regime and put their children up for adoption and i was once laughed at we were housed in a large dormitory and had already turned out the light and the kindergarten teacher had gone to bed when calf's 15 said i will now say our last name so we can get to know each other i heard. and then my name. i then a spell from a cousin mentioned a great aunt of mine and i said hey you that's my great aunt. it was quite strange
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within a few minutes we found we belong together but we still didn't know why we were there even on a mission for one of your daughter samantha. cesar from her father was subjected to particularly harsh interrogation because they could stop or wanted to squeeze the names of the coconspirators out of him. he was able to smuggle packages out of prison through a guard. there was even a package with a tattered blood stained shirt where we wondered what my father wanted to achieve with that not that the shirt was mended and watched but he wanted to give a visible saw into the outside world of it. in the spring of 1902 the discovery of red orchestra agents in belgium had led to the arrest and interrogation of members of the group in germany. my father always kept a diary. but the entries stopped abruptly in september 1042. biggest
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aapl came to the studio at 5 am on the 26th. my parents were arrested they'd already arrested their friends haro shields of boysen and arvid hardock the gestapo to track them down by decipher a radio message from moscow to brussels giving their names and addresses they had been watched. gradually the gestapo found out how large the group was over 120 people were arrested in germany alone the oldest was 86 the youngest 17 when the gestapo found a suitcase with a broken radio at the home of the pianist helmut rauf he and his friends were interrogated as these include the crucial point was that these friends had covered for him with and he knew it would use or and they knew about him in return as they all knew about each other to such an extent that they could rely on each other. helmut all of pretended to be an innocent musician that saved his life.
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but because it's a boy's and some of the others were military officers they faced a court martial the nazis wanted to keep the extent of the group from the public and ambitious investigating judge months later godor was put in charge of the prosecution he was to ensure that all the defendants received the death sentence the dimwitted out of the void my mother really had a small private fight with the rig he was so autocratically deluded but she didn't let him humiliate her and then also loft that he couldn't take that gun. in my hand military chief justice and this woman loft wouldn't the lefties of all. hitler personally insisted that the prison sentence handed down to erica from blocked off was converted into a death sentence for a 5 year old's uska it was
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a huge shock when her mother suddenly disappeared from her life. copy was pregnant when she was arrested and her son hunts was born in the women's prison. his father was executed less than a month later. because i was in my room with gov off him and my mother was always a particular reference point for the pain i suffered. that's why i know it was the it was an unconscious thing because i couldn't really remember that but it left me with a feeling that never diminished with all the up and in fact it's recently become even stronger. and i can't bottle it up. and as the income of the shelf lift. 50000.


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