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tv   Arts.21  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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that's my job done i don't leave them in pain without a movement i think us about enough turn the way. i keep alive right along with the how you don't know for the what. the players have all they need for the jewel would just hold off it's very clear the market boy is an integral member of the glovebox team. i'm growing up with some say he's the bus driver others called him the kick manager. for me he's motivational coach mentor and more. and we get along really well. so he's as much a part of the changing room as off. he's so many sides to so many good qualities and really nice guy. in shorts he's something of a father figure to the play a relationship that naturally gives rise to its own little conflicts. i need with the canoeing the music they listen to wouldn't really be my thing but i know give it a government on its advantages my daughter is 19 and warmer in the car together sometimes
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when she has some time i've got the car and hits on my slave and. with the stadium chores done marcus heads back to the hotel to pick up the players in good time. this winter part of the new biggest worry is getting back here on time still makes me slightly nervous i don't want to be like and pretty much every team to be here around a quarter past. goldman signorelli doing their part for hours before kickoff norbit declare runs at the stadium you know the routine inside out but it's special every time. in a month when i start getting nervous that's when i'll stop doing it straightaway herself.
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ah. i think you should be a bit nervous when it's your job to communicate with 80000 people. he's been doing a bush adult men since 1992. 127 years good players focus on the south terrace the government doing it since 99 they've never seen anyone else there. and you can't separate an old footballer from his match day which was. the greatest of all the most time and we won so they're on g.g. again to. his kids are going to all i always have little energy. also obligatory the pre-match sausage with a few colleagues but this time someone is missing. him one now which is new coming today. but there's also a positioning issue with the brought the stand. there to dispense
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a should be on the other side. but there must at oracle brings good tidings. mustard yellow that's a goal for dortmund sort read the opposition and see any clear red it's more of a mix with a lot of yellow so. it's the place. now to do the pot she could put its best face 1st. and so to the main event preceded by a telling display of devotion on the south terrorists. that the father brought his summer long that's why the stadiums jam packed every time we really have to preserve this law of football experience i feel. that. kick off is fast approaching and nobody can get to know how much this game will demand of him. the.
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back of both good spirits are high the balls are doing well out on the pitch meticulously tended by peters i want another highly respected colleague you know. it's nice to talk to him he's a friend as well gavin fish but i say we enjoy alpha pulled out kids from plastic painter and the good job he does with his staff i want to say straight out that we've got the best page in the book mostly get it right and that it's one of the best in this league playground keepers services are required on a daily basis training. regime and no one will also need to pitch back there in about half an hour if you could move that one again you know because they're going to see them thank us. beaches work quite literally leaves the roots for the walls on the field success. but only fate and his team operate to the highest standard he
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was often said to the players it's the standard we should be aiming for there isn't just among going processes there isn't a power going to sleep it seems have a lot of other people backing them up and pulls in much of staple food if you did mention later and his colleagues apostles' us this morning and this is really talk for a work a master of his trade or make that masters one of golf's top tournament's is a job on the side for peter. cut off from a lot of words about i thought i'm sure you're just a masters in the stimulus but that course is always a mint condition for the trolls monotonously when they do something there they do it properly i love that it's just me but i. have passion for playing surface quality and here is the next acid test. match a box of rocks struggling from my state's rights here it's not going to sleep false but against an over high stakes dobby encounter for peter and his pitches. well.
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i was a little sick. but you know tossing a guy with balls but chasing europe and however battling the drop no blade of grass remains uncontested it takes its toll. i think next year it's like a lot of slides tackles and one on ones are never good news for the picks but we'll fill in the divots and smooth out the routes at half time and after that hopefully score not a goal by the bushies but. just before the break peter gives his own team. the same procedure as usual lads go over the cast and you'll have to clear away the paper back there and watch out i'll be richer in the whole pitch again how fast these big guys don't get offended. they have a quarter of an hour to get the pitch back into the best possible condition that means removing the confetti from the home and. catching up any on field damage and
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giving the grass another good watering halftime effort pays off as well spurs do school best 2nd goal. and then. 2 well work strikes on an equally well surface. yamin will be in what we want to pitch that's amenable to that kind of technical football right through to the finish in north america where the players can still pass the ball around smoothly. i think it was the 2nd minute when we made it 31 it's always nice for us to see a pitch still in decent condition after 90 minutes on. 3 points earned on a good pitch that's satisfactory day's work. and that's what we want to see that makes the following week easier everyone is in good form no one pulling a long face. with creators our in the pack the walls native is that big green.
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it's matchday in disposal with local rivals mention clapped up the visitors heading into the stadium if blecker feels the usual mix of emotions anticipation of the one made out moments when you look at a 54000 people in one huge rule by and tension. within you know sitting there enjoying the match your constant not waiting for something to happen and one of touch unfocused and she come at it slip your number comes out of. that just was all for you know despite the usual worry happily compounded by the players. here it's a running gag where marcus drives from back to just be sure to find the traffic jam it within itself and walk as boyer has got his charges the stadium included time. team doctor or is ready and waiting. on that slot back arriving that's their bus up
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front. the hosts appear soon after all to a personal greeting from the doctor. i interviewed some just shake your hand others like a hug oh word of encouragement that's a kind of a ritual. then it's down to business it's just. it's. just. one last chance for marcus boyer to lend a helping hand before he's reduced to the role of observer and today it's tough to watch. i trapped. by contrast in the dusseldorf dugout it's a doctor's delights. i said i . i i i i'm also not. it's fear it's spine tingling even an old hand like freedom fungal
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hasn't i mean he also if i was feeling it to. celebrations aside there's work to be done. for the medical staff but by you it's like out for something dr rice talked. to one kind of a sign and it could be a hip flexor strength says that completely inside your out for 6 to 8 weeks hopefully came off in time to avoid the worst it's been fired from those. types of cars just to see just. like that kind of hit from an elbow really needs proper stitching. egypt. to make sure. it's really brought us to stop the bleeding stitch the cuts will open and he's a bit bashed up but that makes he more interesting to valet these people some time off but. it's been a busy match day for the dog. to my mother by 5 relatives from i don't see any
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loving well that'll do me for the next 5 games our kids could go for but it was worth. the 3 points no serious injuries as good as it gets. marcus boy is left to digest blockbuster $31.00 loss to the riley labors but life goes on and there's always another longer term professional goal arising. i think it is time telling it's in retirement in 68 with chile in an accident frank kilometers on the clock that's the main thing the rests down to the phone it has. been signaling to the clock and his box right next to the south terrace not particular suffering with the rest of the crowd. the host simply confines the nets
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. picks up the run up take that step 6 to the cast. the internet radio audience gets a clean their eye to the mounting frustration that is the timing to follow him even fox with the finish fast approaching it still goalless. this process. if. he lets the most. popular. massive go. i
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think this is what brings us here no one wants to miss a. soundtrack for some of the why the models. let's take the 2nd shot pick up the tab. and i lose it emotion which nobody can also convey on instagram right up to the final whistle. ah ha ha ha. ha ha ha. ha ha my mind i'm going to. have to look up the cost of such a nerve wracking day at the office even now but tickle eventually runs out of steam . i said it's going to sit me for hymen. and john and you've seen how the day
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went since i'm not all i want now is to crash out on the couch with a nice glass of wine or a beer i'm just. going to close my a yamaha find out the hard day's work proper type the next time one whines before judy calls once again full contrast in characters in full contrast roles more or less behind the scenes all bound by the uncommon level of dedication to the club that employs them much of their work is done out of the public eye but they and many more like them are no less essential to the bundesliga success story the team behind the team.
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one surprise helmut kohl now is the world's most powerful woman chancellor merkel saying the refugee crisis her words we can move in. swansdown
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a history of immigration policy most compassionate but also controversy as. we look back at america's 14 years as german chancellor in honor of her 65th birthday. 52 minutes of g w. a forest area equivalent to 30 suckerfish is cleared every minute. hour consumerism is causing more radical depletion of forests. for 25. hasn't. spread. or has it. forests and money.
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tragic reality behind the exploitation starts july 24th double. planet earth the goodwill tourist guide function is booming capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis you know where you're a mac series event that benefits my likes or doesn't mean i love beethoven was sure it was a space in the fields west like me described as a 15 ish and 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best in terms of. looking out for lent every week on t.w. . the quiet melody resounds by the light of the movie. and it's a repeat. resonate with.
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the mind and the music. from 1st 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is the w.'s live from berlin 2 major airlines suspended flights to the egyptian capital cairo today site security concerns but give no further information on the details behind the decision and we'll go live to cairo also coming up.
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voters head to the polls in ukraine today in a snaffle lection comedian turned president bullet and here's a landscape needs his party to win a majority so he can make good on promises of reform. and it was one of the defining advance of the 20th century the world is marking 50 years since man 1st walked on the moon and millions who watched on television will never forget the historic landing. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us british airways and germany's flagship carrier lufthansa have suspended flies to the egyptian capital cairo the british airline announced it would not be flying to cairo for a week before the said it would resume flights today the airline. i'd say that the
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measure is a security precaution but have not given a further explanation this comes as the u.k. u.s. and other countries have issued travel warnings for egypt. well joining us now for more is ruth michelson she's a journalist who's based in cairo good morning to you ruth so the airlines have said they've suspended flights as a precaution what are they worried about. well as you mentioned we know that british airways have suspended flights for the next week lufthansa said yesterday that they canceled 2 flights. which results in the cancellation if you follow the flights today but then that normal service will resume and this came as something of a surprising move last night. and has said that they won't disclose the reason why they suspended these flights on grounds of security but we do know that this
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decision came off the british foreign office updated it suffice to travelers physics in egypt it still mocks the majority of egyptians see it as somewhere that people should seek their advice before traveling but we also don't know why the foreign office decided to update its travel advice including new mentions of increased threats to aviation well written 2015 terrorists bombed a russian airliner that had taken off from the resort of sharm el shaikh in egypt just how good is security at egypt in airports and what is the current risk of a terror attack. well the flight that you mentioned metro jet 7 k 96 a took off from airport in south sinai that airport has seen something of a security overhaul by the egyptian government and some british pop is
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since the terrorist attack took place the government also hired the british security firm control risks to assess security at all of its airports across the country. now it's been reported that the decision taken by british airways came following a routine security assessment of egyptian airports by british officials last week gyptian officials have since said that the security assessment was rated as excellent following this but this doesn't explain why flights were canceled. or if michael sam reporting for us from cairo we thank you very much. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world officials in iran say the seizure of british oil tanker stana imperil in the strait of hormuz is in response to britain seizure of an a rainy and tanker near gibraltar iran
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released this footage of its revolutionary guards boarding the stand and pair o. britain has said the seizure of the tanker is illegal. 3 people have been arrested in hong kong in connection with the discovery of a cache of weapons including explosives the tensions came ahead of today's antigovernment protests the latest in a series to gulf the province investigators are looking into whether there is any link with the demonstrations. ukrainians are heading to the polls today to elect a new parliament ukrainian president vladimir is a lengthy call the snap elections after he was sworn into office in may the former t.v. actor is hoping the vote will consolidate his power and give him a stronger mandate to carry out reforms selenski was elected on promises of tackling corruption and shaking up ukraine's political system so far progress has been slow. connelly is in kiev and
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he joins us now from or so nick president selenski actually himself brought forward the timing of these elections just how confident is he that voters will hand his party more power. good morning mary when it seems if the polls it's believed that this gamble is paying off the latest polls gave his newly founded party 7 of the people over 45 percent of popular support which if it turns out to be true would be more than any other you can present had picked up before him it looks like he'll be just short of an absolute majority which will allow his party to put through ukraine's parliament the rada on its own but it really seems like that strategy overly. working on he's driving home his advantage while the honeymoon vote is that's been going on for the last few months now still in place that really is paying off and he looks set to win big. well now
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own rise to power came of course off the back of him starring in a t.v. show and now apparently one of the candidates in this election is a musician a rock star is ukraine going for a new type of politician. i think my end of the difference is a very big desire hunger for new faces will be ones that people can trust and know . you're not totally people who have come out of obscurity so that's why this of show business base seems to be one that's working so effectively for not only present steve but also for sort of the rock musician you mentioned there we saw met him earlier in the week and he told me an interesting thing he said if ukraine had developed differently if you crane hadn't fallen behind its neighbors in the last 20 years he thought it would probably be better if politicians did politics and
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musicians stuck to music but given that they had failed really to bring this country forward he felt he had no other choice but to get involved and not only. express his preferences but also set up his own party we joined him on the campaign trail let's have a. everything's going to be all right it's a hit that became a campaign slogan for surplus love. after 25 years on the stage in 10 albums ukraine's most famous rock singer is venturing out into a new political stage as leader of the new party called paul's voice. in a crowded political scene look at you is starting from scratch promising to end the oligarchs stranglehold of ukraine's economy and stand up to russia. since his rivals are scared and playing. the old faces of ukrainian politics were not
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expecting us to be doing so well in the polls and now they're throwing all they've got into discrediting us and doing everything to stop us taking power away from them. like president selenski before him is profiting from the hunger for fresh faces and ukrainian politics will be faces but if i'm interested previous in the public eye their backgrounds and that bullet. i'm miles apart to decide to take the plunge into politics since you want to ukraine's biggest stars. the politics for 28 years we've been we've been waiting for politicians to do something to change this country never happened probably will be better for musicians to sing and for politicians to do politics it's our turn hope to do as many things as possible and i'll do my best and what i see that my mission is accomplished i'm coming back very happily to be just musician. days for this and to
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take it turned politician between place and ending up with no seats at the polls suggest anything good still happen selection day draws closer just one thing seems clear that many ukrainians are willing to vote for just about anyone but the politicians. all right nic so clearly a very popular musician but how likely is it that he will end up in government. while the latest poll puts him just over that 5 percent threshold with potentially the smallest part in ukraine's parliament and that potentially could be just enough in coalition with the selenski to give a majority in parliament so potentially a coalition on the cards between the comedian turned politician and the rock star turn politician for now being very cautious and very guarded. seems very open to starting a new coalition government with him so we could see that happen very soon all right
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and connelly in kiev we thank you for that. now archaeologists in israel have unearthed the remains of an ancient mosque dating back as far as the 7th century a.d. the site was uncovered during building work in a bedouin town in the negev desert. the desert again reveals one of its secrets a new neighborhood was supposed to be built here but then archaeologists made a sensational find the remains of a mosque. experts say it could be 1200 years old dating back to long before islam was a majority religion in this part of the world. alone and am in israel before any building can begin the antiquities authority has to inspect the ground and here we discovered an 8 century farm and unearthed a mosque that was pointing to mecca not far off this rectangular open topped mosque
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with a round prayer was most likely used by farmers mosques dating back to this time have so far only been found in largest cities dita the v.a. has been an archaeologist in the region for 25 years he's excited about the find but wants to wait for the samples. to so i think we need to assess the mosques age what we do know is we are dealing with an early structure located in a village it's that's the astounding thing comes. the vegas says we can expect many more such discoveries in the desert thanks to improved excavation techniques the mosque in a hut could be just the beginning. it's been 50 here so when the defining events of the 20th century in 1969 man a 1st set foot on the moon historic landing was watched on television by hundreds of millions of people around the.


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