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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin protests turned violent on the streets of hong kong police fired tear gas as tens of thousands of anti-government protesters march for a 7th successive weekend they're angry about their rights and freedom also on the program. britain threatens sanctions on iran after the seizure of a british flag oil tanker on friday as tensions escalate in the gulf tehran's foreign minister calls for prudence and foresight. can you crane's president cast
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his vote in the country's snap election. selenski needs his party to win a majority so he can make good on promises of reform. thanks for joining us we begin in hong kong where clashes have erupted between police and anti-government protesters tens of thousands of people took to the streets on sunday for 7th weekend in a row the march continued after nightfall police demonstrators who had defied orders to disperse and fire tear gas rallies were initially sparked by a controversial extradition bill though the bill has now been suspended the protestors are worried about an erosion of freedom chinese rule and want free elections our correspondent phebe call. is monitoring the situation and joins us
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now from hong kong phoebe hong kong is under high alert tens of thousands are back on the streets this 7th street week of protests what can you tell us about what's happening right now. yes you know. beyond. just the way. that. you
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look at. some of them. and. obviously they gathered. there. and. you know no sign for weeks now we had the protests as you know word initially sparked by a now suspended extradition bill but protesters are clearly still dissatisfied why .
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thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a suicide bomber then killed.
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claimed responsibility for. the airline had stopped flights for a day due to safety concerns british airways flights. suspended the british carrier says it's reviewing its security arrangements. that humanitarian group. s.o.s. mediterranean a says it will resume migrant rescues off the coast of libya the norwegian flag ship ocean viking is expected to arrive in the mediterranean at the end of the month the new mission comes amid confrontations between other migrant rescue ships and italy's populace government. britain is considering imposing fresh sanctions on iran following the seizure of a u.k. flagged oil tanker in the strait of hormuz on friday the warning comes as audio emerged of
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a tense exchange between british and iranian navy officers recorded moments before iran raided the vessel. for weeks lead threatened to retaliate then late friday a rainy and revolutionary guard commandos hauled bring over the stand and peril made their move raiding the british flagged oil tanker in international waters and forcing it to seal to iran. britain has demanded the release of the vessel and condemned what it called a hostile act. safety security british and international shipping in one of the most important seaways in the world. that is why we are calling on iran to reverse this illegal act we are looking for ways to deescalate the situation but we are also very clear that we will do what it takes to ensure the safety and security of british and international. stana in peril now docked in
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the iranian for to. its $23.00 crew said to be in good health but audio exchanges between a british warship and the iranian special forces moments before the capture reveal the tension in the region. obstruct. suits me and the sterner in. its own. words. i write him a bird. actually a preferred security or even over. the 108 international. attention to the end of the senate iran's foreign minister on a visit to venezuela is reported to view the seizure as for top following the impounding of an iranian vessel in gibraltar allard this month the grace one was seized by british forces suspected of breaching sanctions on syria for its part the
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u.k. insists it's upholding enter national law. to ukraine now where millions of people are casting ballots today to elect a new parliament ukrainian president volodymyr selenski called the snap elections after being sworn into office in may he's hoping this folk will consolidate his power in give him a stronger mandate to carry out before. the former t.v. actor was elected on promises of tackling corruption and shaking up ukraine's political system but so far progress has been slow. to connelly is in kiev at selenski election headquarters nick thanks for joining us again or party members there optimistic that selenski popular as he is will win enough votes to secure the majority. while michael
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outright majority i think that something that people here quite ready to hope for at least openly so but it does look like the end the polls showing that selenski is going to be putting up at least 4045 percent of the vote that is more than any ukrainian president had in parliament before him that will make him unique key powerful but he will need it is likely at least if things go. that i think this is all the more it should if you look back just 6 months or so ago new year's eve selenski was still entertaining and that was when he announced on news the that he would be running for the presidency to have one of the 3 quarters majority in the presidential election now being heading such a strong performance in the parliamentary election that really shows you quite how ukrainian politics has been thrown on its head in the last 6 months or so and he's not the only showbiz transport to politics there's also. the country's most famous musician rock singer who is also heading to parliament with his new party called voice. so the question is then why are voters turning away from traditional
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politicians. i think it's a question of disappointment people here really feel that ukraine has failed up to live up to its huge potential that living standards and social standards really are keeping with ukraine's neighbors and they just frustration with decades of corruption and broken promises so there's a real desire for fresh faces albeit ones that people know and trust from their t.v. screens and from from their radios so that's why both buckets you can see musician and selenski as a comedian have had such a great head start into this race let's have a look what order of voters had to say about these 2 candidates and the entertain is now going to graduate. i hope we'll see changes in this country when young people take over we need to change the parliament from the bottom up line that it is that we need to keep politics and show business up or an entertainer should stick to what they're good at what because he was proud of that whatever happens the country needs change
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whether or not that change is long lasting the kind of change we need we'll just have to wait and see what. we need professionals not newbies in government i'm a local issue putting out the welcome to cut those events we don't have a car jochen selenski and my both of them deserve a top job so i just hope they don't forget about ordinary people where you can but as you are dangerous of course things in china groovy. nick could ukraine see a coalition government led by a former actor and a musician. well michael it does seem like the electoral arithmetic is pointing that way if you put the voice of a party and the people's alecky spots together you get to closer to a majority together so that definitely seems like a very credible option especially for selenski his talk of and bring a new generation to power and getting rid of the old faces basically for him back at you because the only person who would allow him to really make good on that
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promise. let's say selenski gets that majority either through that form or some other how will he use the power will we see a more prone to european strategy that could stand up to moscow. like that's the 1000000 dollar question i think we're definitely to see the most powerful you cripple ukrainian president in a long time given that support he's likely to get in parliament that was a problem his criticism faced having called say to fight with in stable majorities in parliament on top of that we're going to see a generational change these are people who most of whom have never been in politics before this is really a new cohort of people are replacing the old guard as it were in terms of moscow well through the election campaign we were expecting he kind of hinted he would be more conciliatory a more willing to compromise with moscow to solve the conflict in the east now in office he's had to find that actually the ukraine site isn't really willing to allow him to make those concessions and he's really having a bit of a rough time in quite a testy time with the kremlin so it's all anyone's guess how this is going to pan
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out this is definitely going to be a very powerful president who really has a chance to really remold ukraine in his image and one who's bringing people of a totally new generation into the corridors of power nick connelly in kiev for us thank you so much. in cycling a british writer simon yates is one stage 15 of the toward the falls and in. tense mountain stage in the pyrenees that he won after solo sprint french riders will be on often leap dropped further seconds after struggling on the final of the stages for climbs but retains the yellow jersey defending champion hotel now is still in 2nd. algeria's footballers have returned home to a hero's welcome after their africa cup of nations triumph the team was greeted by enormous crowds on the streets of the capital algiers on saturday following their one nil victory over senegal in friday's final after the open topped parade the
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squad with was received at the people's palace by acting president. awarded the players with medals of the national order of merit this year success is the 2nd time that algeria has been crowned champions of africa. a rapturous welcome was also afforded to the senegalese team on their return home despite their defeat fans in the capital the car lined the streets along the 16 kilometer route from the airport to the presidential palace where the squad was received in the evening president macky sall said the team could not be criticised and should use the defeat as a learning experience to help them win the next africa africa cup of nations in 2 years' time. you are now up to date on the news coming up next eco africa and a look at south sudan's fight against the plastics plague don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's d w dot
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com thanks for watching and you are on. sex make. raring to free. if there is any erotic prejudice remember you have to find it between the lines. literature hundreds the streets. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. has been challenging those in power asking tough .


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