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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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exports to avoid a war of tariffs between the e.u. and us. grab duties on key u.s. industrial exports to avoid a war of tariffs between the e.u. and the us. a welcome to do business asia want to jones berlin good to have you with us now then trading on china's new nasdaq style stock exchange got off to a spectacular start today share prices soaring one company angy microelectronics technology jumped by more than 400 percent the so-called stock market is part of china's attempt to assert itself as a global tech leader $25.00 companies from i.t. and other sectors and missed it on the new tech board which is operated by the shanghai stock exchange china has the world's 2nd biggest equity market behind the u.s. but it's been criticized for high levels of speculative activity and a lack of governance. lots to talk about and i'm happy to have
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a reporter cliff it couldn't here with me in the studio who knows china and who is take a closer look at this new take a market and mazing launch to the stock market what explains such success on day one well it's only 2015 that we there were billions lost and investors really took a pasting back in china so what we're seeing now is a very significant event in that way and it's only it's basically grossest in on the ground right now so people are looking for places to put their money and i think that when you think that since donald trump came to power 90 percent of direct investment from china into the u.s. has gone so this money is looking for a home and i think that the stock market is very much the home it's going looking for well today a lot of money found a home that is how sustainable is this is just going on for 4 months to come or was this like a one day off i think we've had
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a couple of these things before but this seems to be the most significant of them paying the president himself has backed as he was the one who ordered that it could be brought about that's very significant also the quality of the companies are never in there aren't there not may not be so well known outside of outside of china but they are the big the big chinese firms supplying to companies many of the big companies during my career that tronics artificial intelligence all these different areas well let's let's talk about the stock market itself i mean is also cold a new nasty shock style take market as opposed to old in the past is this is this beijing in times of a us trying to trade while trying to to build an anti poach to the almighty wall street i think you can never get away from the truck trade war right now which in u.s. and china i think definitely is meant to be some kind of a counterbalance the chinese version and we've seen a lot of. developments recently we just had the fortune $500.00 for example that will be coming out and out of the showing that the chinese. companies have taken on
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they're taking on their counterparts now there's $129.00 chinese companies when you include mainland chinese and taiwan and 3 of the top 5 are chinese so it's it's going to be wal-mart is still in there and u.s. isn't going anywhere yet but we're definitely seeing a new sort of counterbalance coming with this new market all right so chinese companies are going strong certainly. but who is behind it you said that a lot of money was pulled out a lot of chinese investment was pulled out of the united states as soon as trump came in and said lee when this trade war started to brew so we're just talking about chinese investors or are they international investors european americans as well involved for the moment it's just chinese investors and they're specifically chosen that they have a capital of about 65000 euros and there's there's a about 4000000 of them involved today i would use a small percentage of the 100000000 investors in the stock market in china but they
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want this to be a sustainable model and so they're looking very much at sort of key investors and further down the road it's possible that foreign companies might for as a foreign investors might be interested in getting into china through investment vehicles or pension funds. that might happen but for the moment it's very much a chinese game i mean china also has a close the the famous hong kong stock exchange is the stock market going to be in addition to it to a we're looking at a kind of substitute now whistle all the turmoil going on there this is a big question i think with what's going on in hong kong at the moment very cautious chinese investors be very happy about this new market in shanghai and there's a lot of rivalry between shanghai and hong kong anyway so the turmoil in hong kong won't be helping at the same time hong kong still has a lot to offer for international investors and you know there are fears of capital flight it still has transparency it still has international connectivity which you don't necessarily get with shanghai all right cliff it can and they are china
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expert reporter thank you so much for your insights. u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly threatened to head to europe where it hurts by introducing a 25 percent levy on its exports to the u.s. germany's economy minister peter my has suggested the e.u. could be willing to take extraordinary action to prevent that from happening he says the european union is open to the idea of scrapping the terrorists on american cars entering the continent altogether. the us president says europe's carmakers have been living the high life for too long with their products able to as he puts it freely pour into the u.s. while american motors face big tariffs is he right. well it's true that a small european car will be charged a 2.5 percent levy on entering the u.s. but the other way around the tariff is much higher 10 percent however it gets
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a bit more complicated with bigger vehicles s.u.v.s and pickup trucks from the you get charged a 25 percent tariff when they reach the u.s. whereas america's famous fords and cadillacs benefit from a lower charge of just 10 percent. now a german economy minister pater altmire seen here on a recent trip to silicon valley says the you could be willing to do away with it tariffs on american cars completely the aim would be to put all claims the current arrangement is unfair to bet and if the president trumps threatens 25 percent tariffs on its cars something the europe's biggest car exporter germany is particularly keen to avoid. and for more i'm joined by our brussels correspondent band of eager good to have you with us there and so germany's economy minister wants to scrap tariffs on the u.s. exports what's the rest of the you have to say that that. european union is actually fine with that because this is a rather proposal already a year ago this is the amount of sort of the you commissioner for trade made this
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proposal and it's kind of part of a men date that she has to negotiate on behalf of all 28 e.u. members with the u.s. so this is nothing you hear on brussels and although i also said he's speaking in good terms with the u.n. on behalf of the you but the question is of course will the u.s. accept that because it's not in the interest of the united states so far but it's interesting because reducing terrorists you know isn't that what donald trump always wanted and now europe just hands it to him but i don't think donald trump actually runs 0 terrorist because for him terror of his only and most effective politico and also economic tool he loves tariffs he says over and over again and he wants his tariffs to achieve other aim so no interest here to actually scrap this tears he's not following and he can on the economic logic so what signal
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would you say. just only that the kind of strategy that the e.u. is following here sent to the world especially to beijing right now. because the message to china would be be vigilant because this tariff dispute is likely not only to affect german and european comic as it's very important for china because many of the car parts may ca's sitting in china delivering to european and american car makers and if there's a tear of dispute on cars between the u.s. and europe it would effect the world and also china and the whole supply chain so it's very dangerous everything's intertwined we can only hope that there will be a solution for everybody all right and we get there reporting for us from brussels thank you so much. now they're finally safe stop for that to greek island vacation you might want to safe
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a little bit more at least if you're going to mykonos the popular island seeing a surge in prices to match a search and tourists. along could greed soon keep holiday makers away. making notes is known for its turquoise blue waters glittering beaches and blitz white buildings but lately tersely prices here are out of control. the price gouging stems from the government leasing of beaches to businesses who then set their own prices in fact 80 percent of the beaches on mika notes are privately run at one beach the cheapest bottle of wine will cost you 170 year olds and a bottle of water will set you back 10 euro. i think that would be too bad. then. we've got her. photos of job dropping restaurant bills have spread across social media one man posted a check for $591.00 euro's for 6 pieces of callum ari authorities on the island
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have closed several restaurants as a reaction to similar posts we call we go all over the mayor goals they can see. police sometimes to let tourists know where to go and not go if somebody is not good with tourists the greek travel and tourism sector grew almost 7 percent last year authorities are hoping to keep that industry growing by keeping tourists and businesses happy. have you ever wished that you could work from home well for workers in the japanese capital that wish has become a reality in preparation for the upcoming olympics the government of tokyo aims to ease overcrowding before the 2020 games. stay home that is the message from tokyo authorities to local workers the city is introducing a number of measures ahead of the 2020 summer olympic games in a bid to reduce urban congestion in addition we are also promoting libya's
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campaign for the games these are a series of measures aimed at establishing new working styles including telework staggered working hours and just transportation the management to reduce and distribute to affix. japan's workers on average spend more hours in the office than any other country in the world a plus for productivity but a major problem for vehicle and pedestrian traffic corporate convention has already followed suit a number of tokyo based companies have begun to implement their own teleworking schemes requiring some of their employees to spend certain days out of the office. and this is business asia here and he w. for be in the team and thanks for keeping us company.
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one of the world's sponsors sinking city. jakarta into the capital top spot as much as 25 centimeters she. added on top of that climate change is causing increased flooding so what measures is the megacity taking to avoid winding up under water. 3000. w. the tempo of technology. the rhythm of the market.
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the momentum of the working world. has made in germany. your business magazine d w. this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. as teacher is beating a boy for talking by compliance. by the rest of the class watches. on here and toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking up lots. of child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bowling. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children
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doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible of us might violence against children disappear. news coming to you live from burning another weekend of anti-government protests in hong kong ends in violence police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse thousands of demonstrators and asked protest to seek refuge in
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a train station to attack by times to be gang members or to coming up. what they ought. to thank the delegates that he is off the.


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