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they can call bells mall tomato did you know it cost $0.50 to feed long hungry child for one full day. $50.00 to $51.00 days. to. eat a big old criminal numbers that are all with the shared a meal you could share your most children eat with just 50 cells and a tap on your smartphone together we can end global hunger please tell mobius. to get a book. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes kenya's fight against corruption the country's finance minister has been arrested and charged with graft so does the smog a turning point for the notoriously corrupt country or is this politics at play. and the european union's mission in africa the block is increasingly focusing its
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attention on countries in this to help as it seeks to curb migration. then on the road in madagascar where a new pope will be ill built by the country's only comment that should be ready for pope francis's visit. hello i'm kristie want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you chink in kenya's finance minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges and we've made his 1st court appearance since he's a wrist on monday spent the night in a police cell but he's now been freed on bail he and other senior officials are accused of conspiring to defraud the public over award over the award of a contract to build 2 dams to an italian company he is the 1st sitting kenyan minister to be arrested on corruption charges. kenya is also requesting the
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extradition off the italian head off the construction company which was contracted to build the dams he is the head of the public prosecution service in kenya. you or the international image of the crowds we realize that we cannot fight corruption or structure the crimes. the office of the director of public prosecutions has prioritized personal proceeds of crime benefits of instruments of crime us of course discussion and forfeiture this position has been made professionally independently devoid of any external influence political discourse of duration or any other students and for more on this story i'm joined by the executive director of transparency international can yes emil kim a transparency international is an international n.g.o.s working to combat corruption welcome to africa mr kim a do you think fear of rest of the finance minister henry riteish marks
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a turning point for kenya. well thank you for having me on the show in a. book in your view is that this is an important step forward. in time we intrinsically seem because i rested just a foster not the prosecution process and ultimately what you want to see a boundary conditions and people being here responsible for their crimes right exactly and just feel points about you know one thing to see convictions there's been many voices in quarters in kenya talking about the fact that we shouldn't be celebrating a race so to say because very few convictions have followed but what's particularly different about this case we hear of corruption at state level in cape kenya all the time we now have this minister being arrested why him in particular when there's seemingly many others who should be in his position. well i think this is the minister of finance think that is really the core government so so far he's the
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senior most government official who has the arrested for corruption. and that is the country because he is the man who runs government police around you know economic country has everything in connection deposition and determined but just and so on and so forth so he's really had to call god right i just want to bring to you some of the words from the public prosecutor he says he had that the decision to prosecute mr roach was made quote professionally independently and without political consideration do you accept that statement unconditionally. well. i would give him the benefit of doubt so i accept that statement. because they know that. you know a country where corruption is rampant you book you start somewhere and suddenly you know we do things in kenya you for any one of these is arrested this is
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a community that is aggrieved and would definitely say they're being targeted so in this case i think i would have to go into the public prosecutor's statement critics argue that all they've said mr mayor that this is an attempt by the president to misuse the anticorruption fight in action in the sense of he actually wants to weaken a political component i wanted all opponents i wonder what your view of that is. in this particular case you are talking over significant number of suspects from a particular region and that is surely in my view because one of the the government agencies thought the very development agency is in the us particular place and obviously you have more people from that police working for the privilege but maybe it raises another question how to use our national entity who have so
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many people from one place and the argument would be that if you don't have people in places where teams who are you cannot go to china in for anything so ultimately you are in office i want to be responsible for german happens in both of them. all right executive director of transparency international kenya samuel kim a thank you as europe seeks to tackle the issue of migration it is increasingly focusing its attention on the countries of pisa hell region these include mauritania look in the fossil mali and chad they call themselves the g 5 so while they face immense challenges of poverty and wrist the european union is pumping financial support into the chief 5 so hell with money going into security and education. even though he doesn't think mathematics is boring he's happy that his school is still holding classes the
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pupils here at the ecology by now feel lucky that it is important for. more and more schools are closing in work enough hours or for fear of unrest according to visiting experts from the european union. we are on location with it used chief diplomat. feed a recount of the rimi her job is to travel to crisis zones and get a clear picture of the situation on the ground. the children strong may be cheerful but marina knows that her show is being put on just for head visits the school is receiving funding for the chief diplomat it's not about feel good politics instead it's a strategic position in the fight against terrorism to prevent the radicalization of young children. it's for the security of europe because if children out of school and out in the streets they are well educated they are aware of the risks of
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getting involved in activities that are not proper for their lives and for the communities. leading book enough we fly to mali. this is just one of the e.u. foreign affairs she used countless trips to africa representing europe and africa is a round the clock job there is no time to rest with constant briefings on the current security situation mali is one of her most difficult missions. the conflicts in northern mali are among west africa bloodiest through ethnic feuds and territorial fights the country is in a state of on wrist a joint intervention troops from the g 5 so have states is supposed to quell the terror in mali the e.u. is helping with training but implementation is difficult. the problem with terrorism is when a state gives up entire regions as long as terrorists are far away from the
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population then it's just a problem for the. terrorists operate in a region that's completely neglected by the state then it becomes a long term security problem. mali suffers from a lack of basic infrastructure schools and hospitals are often hard to reach many people here believe they have only 2 choices either join a terror organization or flee to the e.u. wants to prevent both and is interested in stabilizing the situation within the country that begins by connecting with citizens and this is why we've come to the center of the country far away from the capital to talk with the authorities here in the civil society the community leaders to understand exactly on the ground which are the main problems and which are the most acute needs in this moment that we can support in a specific manner the government in bamako remains skeptical has been slow to
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materialize the relationship with the e.u. is frosty also because european politicians speak about rights the e.u. wants to reassure people but the law and order has to be applied across the board even to those at the top we will invest more is a support of the justice system there is a need for the population to feel confidence and trust the authorities that they are sure that there is no impunity and that any behavior of the police or security or defense forces is also investigating the e.u. believes better education will result in less terrorism and less migration europe is placing its hopes in the younger generation it wants to win the trust of those africans who are young today and empower. cheap and certainly cheerful the only car made in madagascar currently cars became
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famous 30 years ago when the firm designed a special pople bill for john paul the seconds a visit to madagascar now as the country prepares to welcome quote francis in september career ready to go down that road again. this distinctive car is hard to miss practical and homegrown many drivers in madagascar a proud to be behind the wheel of a currency car. some of us in this car is made in mother gaskill by mother gushy people we buy products to support my gushy businesses whose car is easy to maintain because it has a persian or engine which means it's not difficult to find parts because we can buy them in many shops for the. although the engines are imported the shop fees and electronics are all made here in madagascar costing
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around $15000.00 euros the car is specially tailored to local driving conditions. it's very light easy to push. very straight so the driver doesn't get too hard on the high windows office security all of it has been conceived to be functional at the stock nobody had a very evil suppliers thought it was crazy they said making cars in africa were people who had no qualifications it was completely impossible. some 60 people work at the currency factory making around 3 cars a month. as one of 6 women working here being a mechanic it's a dream come true. for me i'm proud. as a woman to do the same work as a man i love my job especially when i see the. proud but i'm the one who made it. i'm happy when i see my work on the streets of america.
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30 years ago a currency popemobile was created especially for john paul the seconds visit to madagascar the company is ready to do the same when pope francis visits this september. and that is it but out of the debate is africa as always. on our website and facebook page waitresses you know what you think about the stories we cover stories we should be covering. for. the primates camisole on the world. you got as far as national park is hidden deep in the jungle. ranges ensure the survival and other creature. concept for success as a. tourism. on
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g.w. bush. economies can't function properly even in times of demand without skilled workers. with inadequate housing. with food shortages. scarcity is increasingly making things difficult for companies and entire economies what's causing this and what can be done to combat the problem . made in germany in 60 minutes on d w. burnley the global tourist guide. capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our during max series it. seemed like to turn something
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new i love to you don't want to show what same system looks like a swiss like me despite the 50 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best feature. on it earlier every week on t.w. . dot. com. hello there and welcome to the latest edition of eco africa now it's i me from lagos nigeria now based so much you can learn on this show if you have a hiding questions about the environment and what you can do all.


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