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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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but 3000 talked to a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the wild. life like. the world really getting better. the global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th on. britain gets a new prime minister but as boris johnson heads to downing street his promise of. business across europe board and the chief lobbyist of german industry fossil. deal threats boomerang football or its. second quarter losses or 3000000000 euros a massive job cuts on top of a failed merger. also the show all those products really all.
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sustainable to take eco products michael institution goes for. this interview business welcome to the program german business leaders warning britain's incoming prime minister to avoid disorderly breaks it was johnson take selfies post later today having promised to get the u.k. out of the e.u. by the end of october quote. the german association of chambers of commerce commerce and industry points to figures showing imports from britain fell by 6 percent between january and may it says uncertainty over the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. is behind that draw. so let's talk about the new prime minister and toward his appointment mains for businesses in the european union with.
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the managing director of the federation of german industry a very powerful lobby group said that threats from london would come back on britain like a boomerang what does that mean. good morning that means that threats will not help to comfort the situation we have all understood that the united kingdom wants to leave the european union although this is from an economic point of view not a very good idea one has to accept that but the way that it should happen from both sides of the channel economies want that to be a smooth process and this cannot be on no deal scenario so there is a agreement of us dollar agreement that's negotiated and it must not be renegotiated we all prepared for the situation and we better talk about transition period and how to comfort the situation so that the businesses can be successful also in a case of
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a bracks it but just an exit. do you get the impression that boris johnson really still kaz and really even considers smooth regs it. well the numbers just show what the impact so far as already you just mentioned the numbers in the german british relationship and there are also other numbers who show that it's on the down side the united kingdom used to be the number 5 trade partner of germany and last year this fall down to number 6 and this year also 2 to number 7 so there is not directed at all and we can already see the negative impacts to you you say companies in germany in the e.u. must prepare for a disorderly brags but what can companies actually do to prepare. they already have analyzed the value chain and they have prepared they have built up
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stocks in the united kingdom. to support their local entities but we see this is also also connected with cost and we spend a lot of money on the issue of bracks it in stead we should prepare to strengthen europe we see that we are walking towards a bilateral world in which they night the states of america and china predominant and we should all unite to to build a strong europe. it's a waste of money it's a waste of time instead we should combine all forces. in line with these the managing director of the federation of german industry thank you. budget has announced a loss of $3100000000.00 euros for the 2nd quarter of this year it's being attributed to the cost of a major restructuring plan announced earlier this month germany's biggest lender is drastically causing back its investment banking operations with a loss of 800000 jobs c.e.o.
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christiane zeevi says that has already taken significant steps as part of implementing that strategy which was down 5.5 percent on the news. let's check in with chelsea delaney in frankfurt josie i'm quite used to bad news from bunch of bank at a loss of 3000000000 euros that. is that's still within normal levels of losses that companies off the sauce can stomach it's a large number there's no doubt about that it's not the largest loss that bridge because of a reported back in 2015 or reported a loss around 6000000000 euros. but i think what's really surprising here for investors is that just a few weeks ago to which a bank a mountainside we're going to we're going to going to report a loss of 2800000000 euros suddenly 2 weeks later it's 400000000 euros more so there's a question of what happened over the past few weeks to make that happen but also if
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you look at some of the details of this report if you look at some of the revenue sources that deutsche bank is really are acquiring but really counting on in this restructuring there's also they're basically stagnant in this quarter so i think that's being reflected and the share price the stock was down a 6 percent earlier and so on and busters are really questioning the future of this company so its ability thank you very much. and there's another big loss reported by a german company this time it's dime luggage lost 1200000000 euros it comes to weeks after the maker of miss a these cars warned that business was a lot worse than expected new c.e.o. all are colonias claims costs related to the diesel recall $2.00 faulty have bags there is also struggling with a weak global comma colonias said the step up cost cutting programs to put a dime a back on the road to success. the u.s.
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department of justice has announced an anti trust investigation into leaving internet firms believed to include google facebook amazon and twitter we're looking into whether the online platforms have been abusing their market dominance and hindering competition white house has accused social media platforms of story censoring conservative viewpoints on. privacy trade wars and tariffs that take a toll on world trade and its latest forecast of the global economy the international monetary fund has slightly revised growth expectations downwards for most regions in the world. the number of shipping containers on their way to china could decrease soon the punitive tariffs imposed by the usa and china on each other are a particular burden on world trade and with the development of the global economy the international monetary fund also sees a risk in u.s. sanctions which could interrupt global supply chains in the technology sector
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apparently a reference to the u.s. government's conflict with chinese telecoms equipment maker huawei. after global growth of 3.6 percent last year the i.m.f. expects only 3.2 percent this year by 2020 it's expected to be 3 and a half percent for both this year and next the i.m.f. has lowered its earlier forecast spice 0 point one percentage point. the i.m.f. also said another reason for the lower expectations is the uncertainty concerning brags that perhaps ironically the outlook for the u.s. the country that started the trade wars behind the global uncertainty is significantly better than the rest of the world. prolonged pottage that began on monday was more in a series that have been as a country has the world's largest proven oil reserves mismanagement nationalization of key industries by the socialist government the country an economic basket case
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rampant inflation and food shortages have led to an exodus of 4000000. caracas has largely been spared from the worst of the power outages but a widespread blackout was a grim reminder that not even venezuela's capital is amusing to the country's mounting hardship the blackout so starting to take their emotional toll on venezuelans think there's you a part emotionally. what little fresh food people have is no spoiling as are the on refrigerated medicines in alfredo coves veterinarian practice he and his wife are unable to keep the family business afloat. that is what we can't afford to maintain the building our income our salary is not enough to cover the expenses we spend everything on food and survival after a nearly 9 hour outage nights finally came back on in parts of the capital the venezuelan government playing the blackout on an electromagnetic attack against the
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power grid government opponents say years of mismanagement and corruption were to blame. ecological organic sustainable those are the buzz words you need today to sell a product to an increasingly environmentally aware market so many companies claim their products all sustainable natural for consumers though it's to gauge whether the claims actually true now one of the oldest atomico institutions in the world is opening the door a treat to test those claims and hold by the factories to account. gardens in london home to one of the most vibrant botanical collections in the world and now i've decided to fill up our tree set up to find out which companies are faking it legions to the natural world the aim is to capitalize on hughes knowledge of plants to authenticate or d. bunk the claims made on packaging. has it been prepared in the correct way is
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there enough material to justify any form of claim those are the types of things the challenges that the jitter much supplementary companies are facing when you basically have these speak our boys that are supplying with that we can take a common shampoo ingredient like coconut for example big companies tend to bulk buy it in a processed form they often don't have the expertise or desire to conduct their own chemical tests not so to hear the ingredients are tested using a machine called a mass spectrometer it's similar to the kind used to test out fleets for doping. so far the scientists to the valuated food drink diaries fragrances and so-called traditional medicines. the results have not yet been revealed but the hope is that they'll plant a seed for better regulation in the future. china as ali baba is now allow
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us companies to sell on its e-commerce platform the company's opening offer its piece of the marketplace to u.s. manufacturers distributors and wholesalers spite of its loves if it's found international market share i bob wants to take on dozens b. to be placed on the business in the process nearly one 3rd of all of us buyers were already based in the u.s. . and that's it from me on the business team here for more business news background check out our website to call. business thanks for watching.
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with exclusive. must see concerning culture. to be curious. do it yourself networkers. subscribers don't miss out. either and a warm welcome to arts and culture hi i'm karen helms said 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall the work of east german artists is being reevaluated we'll have more on that in just a moment and here's what else is lined up. danish icelandic artists all up for in the u.s. on returns to the take modern with what's been deemed an unmistakable exhibition on the highlights his delight in visitor participation and concern for the environment
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. and in our series underground europe we visit an eerie stop to rainy and lake in southern switzerland. even or the turning point that's the term that germans used to refer to the fall of the berlin wall in 1909 an event that meant the end of east germany and cleared the way for the country's reunification well for artists who had found a way to co-exist with the communist system and opened a vast new world of possibilities at the same time however it up ended everything about their creative motivation and their lives for 30 years on an exhibition in like 6 looks at the art that was produced during this turbulent period. doesn't see herself as someone who can see into the future but what the light was painted just a year before the fall of the wall did come to pass people peacefully demonstrating with candy.


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