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systems. robot collapse start or goes through t. on d w. d w news live from berlin tragedy strikes in the mediterranean once again more than 100 migrants are feared to have drowned off the coast of libya officials are calling it the deadliest shipwreck this year and a lack of political will is stymieing efforts to save lives also coming up more anti-government demonstrations in hong kong this time protesters occupy the arrival
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hall at hong kong airport calling for more democracy in the chinese territory to get an update from the scene of the protests. plus a blistering heat wave in europe and record high temperatures france experiences of all time highs for a 2nd straight day and germany belgium and the netherlands sweltering as well. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us we start with what's believed to be the worst shipwreck to take place in the mediterranean this year nearly $150.00 refugees are feared to have drowned after their boat capsized off the libyan coast on thursday scores of other refugees were lucky to escape the accident with their lives but instead of finding a safe harbor in europe they have been sent back to libya where they're facing uncertainty and desperation. these exhausted migrants have been sent back to libya
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from where they had set off for europe right next to deserve 5 years are those who did not make it. this woman says she lost her 7 year old son in the boat accident. she's grief stricken but also angry she says no one helped her and her family in libya oh my god they tell me how did anyone they sent me away and they told me and my children that we had to find our own way. i just want to go back to my home country of sudan to die but it's still no more people that live in it under my words. after what is probably the worst boat accident in the mediterranean this year the demands of u.n. organizations have become more insistent. urgent need now 1st of all to secure the release of people from inside the detention centers in libya but also to boost the search and rescue capacity we need more rescue boats on the mediterranean to prevent lives from being lost. at the moment there are no private rescue ships
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patrolling off the coast of libya it only wants to breach really prohibit their work by imposing heavy fines and they are still disagreement in the e.u. over how rescued migrants should be distributed among member states. for more on the story we have phil and best with us he is general director of medicine germany doctors without borders he joins us in our studio floyd thank you for being with us we heard the u.n. say this is the worst tragedy in the mediterranean so far this year and your organization doctors without borders is supporting search and rescue operations that are currently taking place what is your organization witnessed so far and where are those being rescued being taken so we had colleagues at the harbor where the survivors off this horrific incidents were received in libya and they looked after roughly $100.00 for a few survivors obviously all of them shocked and really traumatized by this near drowning incident and also told us that they had seen the bodies of the dead who
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told us about people who are missing suffering from hypothermia and other problems the problems right now we don't know where these people will be taken next be extremely concerned that they will be. taken back to prisons to places of detention where they were held previously and my conditions are totally unacceptable your organization is not mincing its words today saying these deaths and suffering are preventable you're blaming the e.u. for what you call a 2 year campaign to stop all humanitarian action at sea give us an idea of how your work has been affected by this well i think 1st of all the thanks of it to see we've already seen something like 500 people have drowned in the 1st few months of 29000 in the mediterranean alone what we're not seeing is europe with all its infrastructure or its means its boots and everything being out there to actually rescue these people from drowning instead unfortunately we've seen in number of countries which are actively prevented non-governmental organizations and others
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from actually coming to the rescue of these people ourselves last year we had a rescue ship together with another organization as us militarily and at the end of the day we had to give up because thanks to pressure by european states our flag was withdrawn on a couple of occasions and could no longer continue the european union might have interest fracture and resources to help in this case but what if there is no political will on the house governments to take migrants but you see this is not a question of political will it's a bit like an emergency doctor on the agency a hospital ward helping somebody who is at the risk of dying you don't screw these people off before you take that decision to help and this is a profoundly humanitarian or big ation under every bit of international legislation and i would also say really coherent with the sort of idea of what europe says it stands for. given the inability so far to find a political consensus on where migrants should be taken and where they should be
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hosted what do you think is the way forward should this of be the purview of private rescue organizations or should this really be the european union saving people the mediterranean you know i mean the fact that private organization. then now is laudable but it's clearly not the solution and the only reasons we and other n.g.o.s are trying to rescue people in the mediterranean is because the governments are no longer doing it they used to do it they used to save thousands of people but they refused to do it now at the end of the day to save people's lives and this is what this is fundamentally about we do need european governments to come to the fore we need them to intervene in libya where up to 4000 people right now i immediately threatened by ongoing conflict in combat in tripoli the capital in the area and are detained as refugees they need to help these people to get out safely all right florian best well general director of doctors without borders here in germany thank you very much for joining us thank you to hong kong now where
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protesters have taken their fight for a democratic freedom so one of the world's busiest airports thousands of demonstrators have descended on the arrival hall a tongue airport to raise the alarm about a potential erosion of the territories independence their action as part of a mass protest movement sparked by a controversial extradition bill which they feared would allow china to tighten its grip on hong kong. huge crowds of protesters greeted passages into arrival home wanting to win their sympathies for their cause for almost 2 months now they've been holding demonstrations demanding greater democracy. the trigger was a now suspended extradition bill which would have allowed hong kong to transfer suspects to the in transparent justice system of mainland china. and want to the one that we would want to let the people know that of course not what
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used to be and we don't want to shut the symbol to have a hopeful. path of trace unmasks a common gun not just as protection against pollution or airborne bacteria but also against facial recognition technology whatever trust demonstrators may have had in the territories or thora ts was shattered last weekend when despite prior warnings police failed to stop suspected organized crime groups from brutally attacking protesters and bystanders 45 people were hospitalized as a country of 98 we just want to fight for the rights and core values of hong kong was i can't understand why the government and the police would treat protesters who are protesting peacefully that way. something else might sway to the passengers seemed unfazed many supported the protest i feel i feel that i think that i feel it's good if people are signing up for what they believe in freedom.
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and i would i would support protest in terms of that freedom of speech and their rights and i believe that it's to do with extradition so yes i would absolutely support them i would i think i you know people want to make their voice heard you know if. it's to continue in their windows of. hong kong is bracing itself for a further weekend of protests the government is under increasing pressure from the demonstrators and also from communist party leaders in beijing who fear the unrest could spread to the mainland. and our correspondent my chest filling a has been right there in the fake of the protests he sent us his assessment. the protesters have occupied the arrival hall of the airport to tell people who arrive wants happening in their city and rage by last week's attacks by criminal gangs on
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protesters commuters in the cities metro system and tomorrow there's another protest planned at the site where these attacks have happened we are probably going to see a lot of conflicts tomorrow the police has not approved this march tomorrow protesters have vowed to go any way some of the gangs have also said that they would be there so tomorrow is going to be a critical day in this protest movement and we're going to see what happens. spilling our reporting there now to some other stories making news around the world palestinian president mahmoud abbas has said he will stop implementing agreements with israel it is the 1st time that abbas has announced such a clear break in cooperation and it's a sign of worsening relations between the 2 sides earlier this week israel demolished 12 palestinian apartment buildings kind of security reasons call the move a crime against humanity. police in a keeper in southern peru have fired tear gas and residents protesting
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a copper mine project demonstrators say the mine will destroy the local environment but the government says it will benefit the region's economy a number of police officers were injured in the standoff. the german chemicals company by a has been told a $2000000000.00 compensation payout awarded over its week killer round up will be slashed tires subsidiary monsanto will now have to pay just under 87000000 dollars to a californian couple who claimed that the product gave them cancer fire still plans to appeal against the original decision. and russia's emergency ministry says more than 100 wildfires are raging across the some very invasions. and present yes more than 23000 square kilometers or help. ordered to be a fact that towns and villages in the region are under threat of heavy smoke pollution all roads have been close and flights canceled. millions of people here in europe have been sweltering in the summer 2nd wave and
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the soaring mercury is causing travel chaos here all star has advised against travel to or from paris today after a damaged power line it got to know on its cause severe delays a train tracks risk buckling in the a 10 seat and roads are also affected in the netherlands one town has resorted to spreading salt on the roads in a bid to prevent them from melting. well we should say in some parts of the world these temperatures are normal but in a lot of parts of europe we're just not equipped for this kind of weather and rebecca ritter is been looking into this for us rebecca how are people coping with the heat well i was traded so from one of them has the world that is often get high have to hate so you're definitely not going to him a complaining about it but it's true that you know europe's not really equipped for temperature is such as we've been experiencing in the last few weeks some of our view is as you mentioned probably come from much hotter climes i might be wondering what's the big deal 35 degrees and you know that's not such a big deal but you know the infrastructure here is not equipped so take for example
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conditioning in many places there's hardly any places really i mean we're lucky here in the studios nicely air conditioned our office but you know many offices across northern europe really houses public transport in particular are not air conditioned so people really struggle that prompted one guy by the name of jesse pena to develop a website where it's for here in berlin but perhaps it'll it'll spread methane out all the places across the city that have air conditioning so people who are out and about and you know struggling to cope can sort of find some way on the map and help into some way that can help them cool down i just was recently in bangkok and i did just that so i can tell you it definitely helps and as we her. you know there's also been instances where train tracks for instance across northern europe have been buckling under this haze because they're really made to withstand the extreme cold rather than the extreme hate so that's prompted some austrian.
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cities sorry to the train tracks why do they tend to try and keep them cool and now we don't have any daughter as to whether or not this is working but it is definitely a sort of innovative idea and keep things cool so it looks like there are a few creative solutions out there to withstand this heat absolutely and that goes for people as well i mean obviously no air conditioning is really hope people are taking some very creative solutions as you said so we've got to come home a couple of things from tweeted this gentleman. to the story in under a fire hydrant this guy thing the u.k. has brought the beach right into the city to escape the cool and this is a cafe in amsterdam trying to give its clients a little bit of a cool down while they sleep on their ice lattes the lighter side of the heat there for us ok reporter rebecca ritter thank you very much. francis careening from one heat record to the next stage 19 of the tour de france had to be interrupted early after heavy hail caused dangerous conditions on the final downhill stretch rider
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times were instead taken from the summit of the zone 40 kilometers before the planned finish line a gun but neither was the biggest benefactor a colombian claimed the yellow jersey the previous overall leader. look frustrated his title chances are fading banal is now the favorite to stand atop the podium in paris on sunday. coming up on business africa where mithun says and their growing role fueling a condom is in africa that's coming right up with monika. earth the home for saving googling tito's tells stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to be involved in the series of global 3000 on and on mine.


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