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systems ok. first of all robot collapse stores aug 14th on d w. o. o. this is d w news live from berlin hong kong police crackdown on democracy protesters you're looking at live pictures now as police move in to clear out the crowds in those protesters were marching against the organized gangs who attacked earlier demonstrations will go to war correspondent in long gone and there's similar scenes in moscow as thousands of
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russians attempt to rally demanding free and fair elections more than $200.00 people now i've been arrested including opposition politicians will go to moscow with the latest. oh. i'm calling aspen welcome to the program we start in hong kong where police are cracking down on protesters they've been marching to demand action against gang attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations police have fired tear gas and are clearing crowns in the district of yen long where protests took place despite a ban by authorities this area was the site of violence last week as men in white t. shirts attacked over democracy protesters and bystanders demonstrators are angry about the slow police response to those attacks on kong is seen months of protests triggered by a car. traversal extradition. right and we are joined now by our
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correspondent emma ts he is in hong kong for us mathias you've been at that protest since this morning now that knife has fallen how have you seen the situation there change. well in the late afternoon maybe between 5 and 6 when you started to suddenly be moving into the crowds and with tear gas and dispersing them what was triggered this is not really clear to me there are some police have said that there were some worrisome situations at one of the villages now this is rather every off. of some suburbs and some villages and these people attacked different distances last time they are said to be linked to these villages so the police decided to disperse
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all of them this is your official version. we do not know nobody expected today to stay peaceful there were fears that these gangs would attack you again police have been warning. intolerant of demonstrations are just pushing them out go where you would buy lives lost lives and they used to do so what we're seeing today is probably an escalation that everybody expected to. police came under heavy criticism last week for failing to stop those those armed attacks on demonstrators now thousands of people in the streets despite this being banned by police how angry are these protestors there at the police. their reputation on calm for least that used to be quite respected in hong kong these 8 weeks of protests have been a disaster people have been angry are we. spirituality what they perceive as be
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excessive police brutality and violence from very much the beginning but of course the last weeks have seen this pesky late hour these attacks happened here we're here you just place where i'm standing right now the police came in to police when they had to move they came in after the 1st wave of attacks then they left and then there was a 2nd we often talks cons people a lot of protesters are seeing this as a deliberate i actually to allow these attacks whether this is true or not this is the mood with the protesters and to have a new name for the police they're calling the police of black with these which translates as police cars. and demonstrations of course began weeks ago against a controversial extradition bill now though they seem to be about a lot more than that you spoke with hong kong hours on the streets today let's just listen to what some of them had to say no this is illegal demonstration in hong
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kong. really would like to tell the government the hong kong people and the citizens would like to tell the government what we are asking for so that's why we're here to paul to alice 18 so we are here and all together. i still think that's a must come out and then. i taught my opinion to a polish man because our opium and our choice is important to change hong kong all the people in whole call. do not. do not like the. pilots. they will try to protest. you know and also hall. so mathias as we heard there i mean no one mentioning actually that extradition bill and said talking about about safety and. talk about violence.
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yes because this is where the mood has shifted now the extradition bill is still on the table and you can't will find people who tell you that they are because of these extradition bill because people do not trust the government the government has shelter could not draw on the people to not trust that they are really not planning to bring it back but it has become only one issue of many and police brutality is definitely one of the most important issues people demand an independent investigation into the police action over these few weeks something that the government has refused and at the bottom of this is of course the feeling that hong kong is not governed by hong kong people but by a government that has been designed designated by beijing and that people do not have a say in their cities governance this is of course the feeling that underlies all these protests. last week we all watched as we saw the shocking scenes of
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protesters being attacked by essentially armed gangs this movement 7 weeks ago it started off very peacefully now though are we seeing it becoming more violence on both sides what how would you rate that as a good coming more violence. i think the. both sides are very tense now and that leads to a very quick reactions the police for some time have tried to let things go that they have tried to not to provoke protesters. now they are in at the 1st sign of something happening the protesters also too are aware of this new police tactic they're also getting will act reports have been radicalized so we are seeing the tensions growing within this city and. those signs are extremely suspicious of
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each other on these shows every week it was mentioned the tension is there in that city this is not an area of hong kong that has been seeing many protests in fact we saw perhaps demonstrators against these pro-democracy protesters starting there what was the reception like for today's protests in terms of people who live in this area of hong kong. oh some of the people to take part some of the people also some people you just spoke to in these things through just . a few days a week from from the place i think it's very hard to say some people would go after would you want to see something live through 3 g. the area has a bit of a reputation for the wild west some people call it but i don't think you can say.
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gee. thanks maybe 10 but not only you know. now we see protesters defying that bans today you see thousands of them in the street as we look at live pictures of protests yesterday at the hong kong airport do we know what might come next. we know that the protests are planned for today tomorrow or rate and then the week the next week and on the weekend after there are some protests scheduled the protests have started to. show up in different parts of the city in the beginning it was all in central from where you have legislative council the government the political and the economy the economic center of kong now they're spreading to the neighborhoods and i think we are going to see a lot more of these neighborhood protests in the next few weeks but yes in hong kong for us and yang long where those protests taking place again. gang attacks
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last week thank you very much for that report. let's check in now on some of the other stories making news around the world indian navy helicopters and emergency service boats have rescued some 700 people from a train that was stranded in flood waters near mumbai tarantula monsoon rains left the tracks submerged and the train partially under water as well officials said a relief train would take passengers to their destination. tunisians gathered outside the presidential palace in carthage for the funeral of their late president . as the country's 1st head of state to be elected in nationwide polls died thursday at the age of 92 his death has sparked fears of political unrest in tunisia. the united states supreme court has ruled the trump administration can use military funds to build a wall on the border with mexico the decision frees up billions of dollars and
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pentagon funding to upgrade parts of the border barrier trump hailed the decision as a major victory several strong earthquakes have struck islands in the far northern philippines killing at least 8 people and leaving dunned dozens of others injured locals flood their damaged homes and took shelter in town squares as aftershocks shook the region public buildings including a 19th century church were severely damaged and. hundreds of people have been arrested as they attempted to rally on the streets of moscow demanding free and fair local elections that comes after a raft of opposition and independent candidates were barred from running in the city's upcoming city election the protest was declared illegal and police began to detain people gathering for the demonstration before it even began. our correspondent emily sure one joins us now from moscow where those arrests occurred now emily you were there as police made those arrests of some 10200 people
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tell me about how tight security was rally. will security here at the rally has been very tight in fact that's why i'm standing where i am with kind of moved off one of the main streets are and are in a courtyard some of the protesters have stilled off of the street as well and police have even come into this small courtyard off a main street in moscow ahead of the protest police were lining one of the main streets here to the sky where the protest was set to take place and they really began simply arresting people left and right kind of grabbing people in the crowd and putting them into police buses that had been set up here in advance of the protest but that hasn't already people here despite official warnings people obviously knew that there was going to be a crack crackdown and they have still come out onto the streets and are walking
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around the city in groups so protesters they knew the risks they knew there might be arrested a why did they come out what were they hoping to achieve with this rally. well what's been really notable about this protest and in fact the last few protests that i've been to here in moscow is that really there's a mix of protesters here old and young and people here are showing their defiance they've been kind of shouting for the neighbor of moscow city said beyond to resign they've been shouting this is our city and they've been shouting for the independent candidates here in the city to be registered that's what this protest here is about none of the independent candidates who wanted to register for the moscow parliament elections were actually registered for them and people here say this is much bigger than moscow the whole country is looking to us and that's what some of the protesters here have told me and they say this is about our democracy we want our right to vote for the people that we want to vote for. major kremlin
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critic alexina vali he was the one that they call those protests he was arrested several days ago can you give us a sense of how popular is another opposition figures as well with the russian people. well i think it's it's pretty hard to say how popular they are across the country but what i can tell you is that support for the ruling party for united has been going down recent surveys in july showed that their support for united russia is actually at an all time low at just over 32 percent and. the even the party itself seems to know that because in these upcoming moscow elections all the candidates running for united russia has actually have actually decided to run as independents so they aren't branding themselves with that potentially damaging label of united russia and i think there's a real sense here in the country with protests as well in the north of the country
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against a planned garbage dump with protests against the the pension reform which was very unpopular last year that people are dissatisfied with the government at the moment so much that much is clear and we shown in moscow thank you very much. i'm promise when you're watching news up next how the moon has inspired pop music our documentary explores and i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour next on. the money which of course a. video or. any time anywhere.


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