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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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biala gassed trends. managed by from port. to. business d w news live from berlin hong kong police crackdown on pro-democracy protesters tear gas filling the streets as police moved in to clear the crowds the protesters have been marching against the organized gangs that attacked earlier demonstrations we'll go live to our correspondent in hong kong. and similar scenes and moscow as russians attempt to rally demanding free and fair local elections
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hundreds of people have been arrested including opposition politicians banned from running for office spoke ross over to moscow for the latest. and 2 big wins for president trump and his battle over the border the u.s. supreme court says it can use military funding for his border wall and guatemala agrees to stop u.s. bound migrants after trump threatens terrorists. on the coastal ish welcome to the show we start in hong kong where police are cracking down on protesters they've been marching to demand action against gang attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations police are clearing crowds using tear gas and the district of u.n. long war. protests took place despite
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a ban by authorities this area was the site of violence last week as men in a white t. shirts attacked pro-democracy protesters and bystanders demonstrators are angry about the slow police response to those attacks hong kong has seen months of protests triggered by a controversial extradition bill joining me now from hong kong is our correspondent might he has bellinger but he has been at this protest since this morning now night has fallen how has the situation changed. so what we're seeing now is maybe the last remnants of this protest that have been clashes throughout the district at several locations. some of them at the same time during the day just a few dozens or maybe hundreds of protesters police are driving them closer to the m.t.r. station so that they can leave i think pretty much that this this this site has
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been cleared now this protest here in this district has not been had not been allowed by the police it was a protest against these white clad men who had attacked commuters and protesters last weekend on their return from the city center. and the police have to think that it would be too dangerous too to allow for a protest here people came anyway they came with a lot of excuses some said they were going on a shopping spree others said that they had some kind of a religious assembly. for one or 2 hours they gathered here but police decided or own 5 or 6 o'clock decided to go in fire tear gas and drive them out of the streets of you know. police were criticized last week for failing to stop those armed attacks against demonstrators now thousands are in the streets despite that police ban that you just talked about how angry are the protesters at the police.
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one thing you hear often these demonstrations is the words gang which means black police thuggish police protesters and a part of the hong kong population has have really lost faith in the police during these actions it's all started in the very beginning when police used an unprecedented amount of tear gas plus rubber bullets which has not been happened in the last 20 years against protesters who blocked the legislative council that was trying to lecture a bill that would allow for extraditions to china since then and in an independent investigation of police actions is one of the main things protesters have been demanding and with each week and with each clashes that we see of course the tensions are rising demonstrations began raikes ago against that controversial
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extradition bill but now they seem to be about much more he spoke with hung congress in the streets today let's listen to what they had to say. no this is illegal demonstration in hong kong. ri would like to tell the government the hong kong people and the citizens would like to tell the government won't be asking for so that's why we're here after you call to our city so we are here and all together . i still think that i must come out. and. told out my opinion to a polish man because our opener and our forces important to change hong kong all the people in hong kong. do not. do not like the. filings. they have you try to protest. you know and also hong kong. but here as we are there no one is mentioning that extradition bill
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anymore and stand there talking about safety and violence has the focus of these protests shifted. well some people still do mention the extradition bill from time to time but it's true you do not see these these slogans against the extradition bill that much anymore people are still angry that the government has shelved this bill but not with drawn but now they're focusing more on what has happened in the last few weeks because many people see this police brutality what they perceive as excessive police brutality as a symbol of how hong kong is governed and how their voices are heard so this is about the relationship between the hong kong government that is a government at the will of beijing and the hong kong people and the police is in the middle of that the police have become a symbol of the violence that people perceive their government the violent attitude
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it has to them this movement started out peaceful we are talking a lot about police violence has the movement itself turned more violent to your part of the movement have radicalized of course there was the storming of the legislature where people went into the legislative chamber and vandalized it so this is something unprecedented in hong kong as well. but i think it's from both sides because the police are reacting much earlier to protests they are going in more massively and at the beginning and at the beginning at the beginning they were very much confrontational and driving away the protesters then we have seen a phase where they have let the protest is more or less do what they want and they were not seen at all or they were seen in very small numbers
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a de ask elative strategy but now they're back on the streets it's very hard to say now who has become more violent but the tensions between the 2 the mistrust and the aggression of both camps against each other has been on the rise. and the protesters are very defiant of authority the band today they still came out and protest yesterday there were demonstrations at hong kong airport do we know what might come next we are going to see more demonstrations some have already been unknowns tomorrow there's probably going to be one next week and the weekend after as well people here have the feeling that this might be the end game about hong kong and this distrust against the government amongst these protesters a big part of the population is so big that people have the feeling that retreating no which is to leave the ground for beijing to do what it wants and that's why we
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are seeing this defines although i don't think many of them have the hope that they can change things for better it's just resistance against a perceived deterioration of the governance of the city. in hong kong thank you very much to moscow now were hundreds of people have been arrested as they attempted to rally outside the mayor's office demanding free and fair local elections this comes after a raft of opposition and independent candidates were barred from running in the city's upcoming council election a protest was declared illegal and police began to detain people gathering for the demonstration before it even began our correspondent emily sure when joins me now on the line from moscow where those arrests occurred emily welcome to the show you were there as the police made those
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arrests tell me about the security at the rally how tight is it. well yes i saw a lot of arrests and in fact those arrests haven't actually stopped yet 60 curity here at the rally has been extremely tight from the beginning even as we arrived at the cover of the protests there were rows and rows of police kind of lining the street along where the protest was supposed to take place there's a huge police presence that continues here now. kind of buses that were at the ready from the beginning to put those arrested protesters in those buses and cart them off to prison and at the moment we're seeing scenes across the city of groups of protesters who are gathering and who are shouting out. against the government here against the mayor's office people have even been shouting we have
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no money so the dissatisfaction here really pouring out on the streets and the police are kind of pushing them back wherever they can lighting up pushing them and trying to do some kind of crowd control it seems one justification of the authorities given for barring opposition candidates in these local elections. well independent candidates who want to register for these. elections for the elections to the mosque out parliament they have to actually collect a certain amount of signatures to be able to be registered and already isn't this that. that they didn't collect enough signatures and that many of the signatures were actually invalid now the opposition candidates themselves who were collecting those signatures say we have proof that those signatures are valid and they cite examples of kind of the also already putting fake names in the database names that are clearly clearly wrong and of and of them doing that consciously and consciously
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blocking there can be the candidates from running in the elections protesters are saying that this is about much more than just the local elections what are they hoping to and seen by rallies such as this one. well the protestors today in moscow really what i found interesting is that it's really a pick some people don't and older might have come out onto the streets and they've been shouting that this is our city they've also been shouting against the police police as those arrests were made shouting and the mayor shouting for the candidate to be registered but what people here have told me that he clearly the people i can to say this is about much more than moscow the whole country is looking to us now and we need to show them that we are ready to come out even when there's an on authorized protest even when it could be dangerous we want the sorties to see how many of us there are and we want to defend our democratic right to vote for who we
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want to vote for them so people here have been telling me. thank you and we sure were in moscow. the united states supreme court has ruled that the trumpet ministration can use military funds to build a wall on the border with mexico the decision frames of billions of dollars and pentagon funding to upgrade parts of the border barrier if the 2nd recent victory for trump in his quest to keep migrants out he has also used the threat of tariffs to push guatemala into agreeing to stop central americans trying to reach the u.s. trump says he's done what others couldn't the deal to halt would be migrants in their tracks and keep them out of the u.s. until they've been approved to come legally never mind that guatemala as highest court says the deal is illegal trump calls it a success before one of the things as they say about what a ball is we've never had
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a better relationship right now they've agreed to do something that's very good for the united states. we're going to work with them also we're going to bring it's going to be a partnership. but central americans the group that make up most of the migrants coming to the u.s. seem unfazed many say they won't stop trying to cross the border for a better life in the states. in the u.s. but all i worked out was every day. the bottom have to sustain me and my wife it was very easy very smooth. but here you combs the insecurity but it's the price is a consuming those. issues that it's getting harder for people to enter but it doesn't seem to affect people they want to go and try their luck. nevertheless the optics look good for trump as he moves forward with his plans to curb immigration to the states. let's now take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world indian navy helicopters and emergency service boats have rescued some 700 people from a train stranded in flood waters near mumbai torrential monsoon rains left the tracks submerged and the train partially under water officials said a relief train would take passengers saying to a set c. it was the country's 1st head of state to be elected in nationwide polls die thursday at the age of 92 his death has sparked fears of political unrest in tunisia. several strong earthquakes have struck islands in the far northern philippines killing at least 8 people and leaving dozens of others injured locals fled their damaged homes and took shelter in town squares this after shocks shocked the region public buildings including and 19.


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