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robot alert. aug 14th on w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin hong kong protesters are calling it their summer of discontent as they continue to march for democracy looking at live pictures after police fired tear gas to disperse crowds from barricaded themselves into the city center defying an official fire earlier from our correspondent as well as one of the key protesters also coming up to warrant than a 1000 are arrested in moscow in the biggest anti-government crackdown in years
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russians were attempting to rally in support of opposition politicians banned from running in local elections now a leading activist has been struck by a severe allergic reaction and while injured and. the world have otitis to be asked why more than 300000000 people are still affected by a disease that's treatable and fermentable. thanks for joining us hong kong police are cracking down on pro-democracy demonstrators who had to find an official ban to blockade the city center protests were taking place near the chinese government office in downtown hong kong when police unleashed a volley of tear gas canisters as the 2nd consecutive day of such clashes last night dozens were arrested and many injured the marchers are part of the weeks long
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campaign for greater democracy in hong kong and autonomy from mainland china. following the situation as it unfolds as our correspondent monti has bellinger as it's been is yet another day of clashes what's the situation there now. well police are now chasing the protesters with tear gas through the lanes of western on kong island this is an area near the office the liaison office off the central government which is off course a symbol that protesters like to attack they have defaced the national symbol above the door last week and this time police were prepared they had cordoned off the place and when protesters arrived they did not hesitate for a long time to disperse them with tear gas this protest today is basically a protest against police violence but the police had not committed people to
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march in the streets they were admitted to got that one place but a march was it was not approved so people then went out and they occupied several major crossroads in the city to block traffic there. now here this area and western hong kong island is has a high speed scene severe clashes protesters has have set up fires some of them i've seen some of them go in towards the police lines with. sticks metal sticks so we are we are in i think for another few hours of protests here and of violent clashes at the beginning these demonstrations were mostly tolerated by police now after 7 straight weeks we're seeing an increasing amount of force why has that changed you think. well i think there is
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a dynamic see here i mean it's not entirely true that the protests have been tolerated at the beginning some were tolerated those that were approved by the police but in the very beginning police have dispersed one protest on 12th of june with massive amounts of tear gas and rubber bullets and this is when anger. the population started to build up before that it was just about this law that people wanted to prevent from being passed in parliament but the more this has been going on the more angry people have become police have tried several tactics police have after this 1st. massive. violence to disperse the protesters believe has pulled have pulled back and for some weeks they were really really deescalating they were not seen but people's anger has gone nowhere so now they are back and now they are increasingly intolerant of any protests that
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they don't want to happen they are going in very soon now with massive amounts of tear gas leading to more angry protesters so we are really in a spiral of escalation now in hong kong it would need somebody now to moderate between the 2 camps but this is obviously not possible because the hong kong government has disappeared we have not heard of them or almost heard nothing of them since the protests have started and even talking to activists today what have they been saying about the way authorities are responding to these protests. activists seeing the situation is deteriorating they of course blame the or thirty's for what has happening they are expressing people's anger i have talked today to joshua long that is one of the activists was a leader of the protests in 20145 years ago this protest movement that we are seeing now is lead to less but still he is
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a very prominent figure and he voices out protesters. concerns and. views towards the international press and let's hear what he had to say though at a protest get him from police or not polish deal would use pepper spray and rubber bullets and tear gas fire on activists that's why protest get approval from police force or not is not meant to end in more protests might continue. do you expect protests all clashes to be more frequent. protests like continue on everywhere and now is not only related to urging the government to terminate a bit the bill now it's the summer off this content to beijing and hong kong government last week we experienced poll beijing gangs and most ordinary citizen yesterday we experienced riot police beaten on peaceful protest or inside
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railway station know where the probation gangs of all is for serving the interest of beijing they are just. hoping to silence the voices of hong kong people what do you think can be the outcome of this protest movement calls for democracy will never stop we will continue our fight lead of hall should not be appointed by beijing need of hong kong should be elected by home people josh along are saying calls for democracy will never stop to say hong kong authorities and ultimately beijing getting into protesters demands. well protesters are not demanding at the moment democracy this is of course the ultimate goal and this is the underlying cause that people feel that they have a government that is responsible to beijing but not to themselves but the immediate demands of the protesters much less going less far they are demanding 1st of all
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that this extradition bill that has been shelved but not withdrawn ultimately scrapped and they are demanding an investigation into the police operations of the past 8 weeks an independent investigation they are demanding that people who have been arrested be freed the. universal suffrage that was the issue in 2014 is of course something people wish for but it's not even a demand that they are making at the moment and it's even less likely that beijing or the hong kong the hong kong government is not in a position to do this it's really beijing that beijing will give in to this demand beijing wants to keep things under control they are not successful with this i don't know what they're going to make out of this but they're not going to allow universal suffrage i don't think so that is playing out in hong kong thank you very much. russian opposition leader alison i've always been hospitalized after having a severe allergic reaction while in jail along
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a spokeswoman said he was suffering from red skin and facial swelling the activist is serving a 30 day jail term for calling for mass protests after authorities blocked opposition candidates from taking part in local elections yesterday well over a 1000 demonstrators were arrested trying to rally outside the mayor's office. a show of force from moscow police facing off against an unauthorized demonstration as people took to the streets to demand free minutes of elections one protester after another is arrested. for the people taking part here a sign of origin for. to me or putin's russia fear their dissent could spread. but you know you cannot be indifferent if we don't start with these local moscow elections when will it ever begin russia is a big country and i hope people will see what we're doing here modest but sure. and with scenes like these that's what authorities seem determined to prevent as the
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protests began police stormed the offices of opposition leader alexina valmy who had been streaming the demonstration live on the internet they arrested his studio head they also raided internet t.v. station. and ordered its editor in chief to undergo questioning. for now the strategy appears to be keep the protestors and their anger against the ruling party contained. today's world hepatitis day and although the liar is as preventable and treatable and still one of the most deadly infectious diseases worldwide have otitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver and without a healthy liver toxins build up in the body causing serious illness and even death appetite is mostly caused by viruses but it can be triggered by poisons or alcohol consumption appetite is b. and c. are the most severe mariah the world health organization says they kill 1400000
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people every year that's more than 80 to work yellow scenes or malaria scientists estimate more than 300000000 people worldwide are affected by have otitis but the majority of them are unaware that's why the world health organization has started a campaign to raise awareness about hepatitis their goal is to eliminate the disease as a public health threat by 2030 many forms of hepatitis can be prevented treated and even cured unfortunately and many countries there are still not enough testing and treatment services. for more let's bring in john a professor from molecular writer all in she at the university of nottingham thanks for joining you have a kind of preventable it's treatable and still shocking numbers of people suffer from it and then don't survive an infection what's holding us back why can't we get it under control. there are several saxes coming to play in the
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w.h.o. and elimination strategy of identified 5 ways that they hope to prevent future problems and the future caused by scientists discipula early as you rightly said hepatitis b. and hepatitis c. have scientists we have an effective vaccine so one of the biggest challenges for the w.h.o. is to. ensure that they assassinate particularly young babies preferably hoping to ensure that 90 percent of babies are facts they said to get science as they are not will prevent a lot of infections similarly one of the big problems with the antecedents is is that these are viruses and they can be transmitted through own plane and start needles often in many parts of the needles of really used for medical practice is a big challenge is to ensure sterile needles are always used and also intravenous
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drug abuse people who inject strips again put themselves at risk of another thread of the elements as they do something is to ensure that drug abusers have access to clean needles find doing this they hope to prevent a significant number of new infections through this virus 9 out of 10 people affected by happy times aren't aware that how can that be. so that's the 2nd important parts of this huge number of people who aren't aware that they're infected with hepatitis and this is mainly because of poor access to diagnosis diagnostics so in the western germany in the u.k. for example we have good access to tests many of the people who were in sites it on t.v. or whether they may have been exposed securely to since i have time to see this as a big challenge is to and show the increase in the small people to get tested
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because again one of the main arteries in the strategy to eliminate viruses is to roll out treatments have a time to see if we have incredibly good treatments that can chill well 90 percent of people who are in sites it and then the case of have scientists be we know that people who carry the virus we can bring the virus under control and that by present the development of these areas of the disease as farces coaster osis liver cancer caused the significant significant number of tests done professor at the university of nottingham thank you very much ira for we go a quick reminder at the top story we're following for you hong kong police have fired tear gas to disperse crowds blocking the city center pro-democracy protesters have been marching in defiance of an official ban on messages back to a while until the 2nd day of clashes between crowds and police and the latest on
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what's being called pro con summer. wanting to bring in as live from orlando next that shift living in the digital back for news at the top of the hour remember.


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