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one of us weapons systems. collapse stuart hall just 14 on d. w. . this is deja news live from berlin and dozens have been killed by suspected boko haram militants in nigeria villages were attacked as they left a funeral in the northeast of the country over the course of the last decade the on going insurgencies only has displaced almost $2000000.00 people and left thousands we want to end also coming up police in hong kong fired tear gas to disperse crowds
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of demonstrators who have barricaded themselves into the city center defying an official ban the protesters are calling this the summer of discontent. and later in its faults we visit the home town of aden but now in colombia a freshly crowned to what a front when it is called cycling favor in his native country. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program at least 65 people have been killed in nigeria in an attack by suspected islamists according to local officials the attack took place in a village in borno state in the northeast of the country the victims were attending a funeral when they were gunned down by a gang of militants riding on motorbikes and in vans no group has claimed responsibility but both iran operates in the region. and to tell us more i'm on the
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line joins me selah an echo in la goss is on the phone sellout what else can you tell us about this latest attack. yes well as you mentioned the attack took place at a funeral in not far away from my degree that the capital of former state and one of the not very much about the particulars of the attack but according to local because on. several people were killed after pinner one activated and i got a sidewalk facing down the attack. but i was there or preparing for people to pack up or i'm up to our human 3 week and only dark week aid workers from there and you know action can get a good laugh and a refugee camp which attacked last week in borno is the epicenter of boko haram insurgency the ongoing violence has forced huge numbers of people to flee from their homes so i want to come back to the let's have a look at this report is giving a bit more information on refugees. around 12000 displaced people live in this
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makeshift camp that opened just 4 months ago in marjah gori in the northeast of nigeria. since the start of the year more than 100000 people have been forced from their homes fleeing the violence of boko haram. fatima fled 5 years ago with a husband and 2 children. to find it now i'm in god's hands if peace is restored one day and i'm told i can go back home and go back to i think it's immediately the time goes by and the situation isn't changing so there's no way i can go home. over the past 10 years boko haram has attacks of displaced nearly 2000000 people despite international aid supplies are scarce and shelter is precarious. the government is encouraging people to return home as soon as the security allows abraham tried to go home last year after 3 months there he had to come back to my
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degree. i just told the magazine ricks and my children. because no quality education local strategy no no no no no no it's too much so you have to. while he continues to wait for the situation to improve he's living in a friends room. is where we live so with the world my wife and 40 great i'm just like i'm living in a cage. yeah because you are. from when you're 6 israelis. around my degree the boko haram attacks continue 10 years of violence has left 27000 people dead. as we saw in that report many people have been displaced from this insurgency how realistic is it that these people will be able to return home any time soon. well at the moment it appears
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very unlikely. certainty that would suck about 10 years ago when they launched everything that they were. launching a war on the government they basically would reject any kind of weapon into any detail and those have been the targets which believe that the civilian population has really really the target of many to be the tax and both the government and the person who hari and the form of government also weren't able to bring the parties under control and we all trace the problem of the kidnapping of other 220 goals in 2014 from chibok which caused the national outcry and when you see about half of these girls have each been released yet so happy to be here trying to get to that family so there's a lot of uncertainty. in the north east of nigeria them what about neighboring countries or how much regional support is paying off and. have.
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quite among the amount of regional support for cameroon chad needs and and. and nigeria have to be working together and the multi joint top force which is about 10000 people talking about that also have been able to talk that back to cameroon and and talk have them solve or been affected by 30 days and so i'm taking quite a number of refugees and so the fact is that the deputies something that they are working on but so far it seems that that's important to put the military have been able to continue their hunger. still and i nodded thanks very much now. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world iran has condemned the u.k.'s plans for a europe led naval mission in the persian gulf calling it a hostile message tensions between the 2 countries have been high since british forces captured an iranian ship suspected of smuggling oil to syria the royal navy
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has since deployed a warship to the gulf to ensure the safe passage of british vessels. at least 2 people have been killed in an attack coinciding with the 1st day of election campaigning in afghanistan gunman stormed the offices of incumbent president ashraf ghani his running mate after he the detonation of a large large a car bomb it's unclear who is behind the attack. russia is facing international criticism after police arrested nearly 1400 people protesting against the disqualification of opposition candidates from local elections the european union called on moscow to respect both its own constitution and international rules after the crackdown alexei navalny a jailed opposition leader who had called for the protest has been taken to hospital clinic doctors say he's suffering from a severe allergic reaction in the valleys personal doctor who hasn't been allowed to examine him said she couldn't rule out poisoning. well hong kong
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has same some more violence as police crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators who defied an official band to blockade the city center police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as the protesters near the chinese government's office in downtown don't count saturday night thousands were arrested and many more injured the march as a part of a weeks long campaign demanding greater democracy in hong kong and autonomy from mainland china. after saturday's clashes protesters took to the streets of hong kong again this time to demonstrate against the police's use of tear gas. the thing we need to have. so that we are strongly against these kinds of without it you know we need them to risk respond to our. response to all the moms leading democracy activists just go along told d.w. the protests have now gone beyond opposition to the controversial extradition bill that sparked them now it's the summer off this call in hand to beijing and hong
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kong government last week we experienced pro beijing gangs and mobs attacked ordinary citizen yesterday we experienced riot police beaten on he's fro protester in sight railway station now with the probation gangs of polish for suffering the interest of beijing they are just. hoping to silence the voice of hong kong before. the demonstrations began peacefully with anger against the police only adding to the litany of complaints against hong kong government. people. are really on the happy with what has been happening in the last week they are unhappy with with the police's response they are they want an investigation where you know i can say no to go. with or thorough he's unwilling to show restraint protesters now fear that hong kong's freedoms are at stake as beijing
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exerts ever more influence over the territory but protestors are unpowered. calls for democracy will never stop we will continue our fight a fight that looks set to go on with neither side willing to back down. for more on this i'm joined now by data we reported cherry chan we've been seeing an increasing degree of violence up from both sides in these protests both from the police and also more radicalization from protest is what do you see this going yes we can see at the tension between the police and the protesters history to rise saying now the protests us almost into police as the enemy so you can see that the police is using way more false and for example. and rubber bullets is like unarmed like now in every demonstration in hong kong and but on the protests aside you also see they're hearing out they've become more defensive and sometimes they would even
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throw things at the police just the things that they pick up on the ground and sometimes they would even pick up kick ass as fired by the police and throw them back at the police so you can when they see that the commentator and this is getting ready a press in here ramping up quite a bit so one of the key figures joshua wong one of the protest key figures told me today that the calls for them. prosy will never stop what exactly is the movement's end game here so we can see that now the protests is way more than just of the extradition now they have the protesters have way more demands for example they want the resignation of the chief executive kerry they also want an independent inquiry into the use of force by the police and ultimately like what joshua once said they really asked for food democracy universal suffrage then what about beijing i mean i'm sure beijing is not liking this at all how long do you think it's going to be until the chinese government comes in and says we're going to take
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a more active role in this actually today beijing's top body in hong kong they just said they will need the press tomorrow to respond to all these protests in the past 2 months it is expected that beijing will take a really tough stance against these protesters they were framed as very violent and unlawful demonstrations but then. a lot of people in hong kong also hear rumors that if the protesters do don't stop in the coming future it's very likely that the beijing would even send me to hong kong to stop these. people from all segments of the society are joining in these protests right yeah actually just today we hear that. government workers they would launch a rally next week to voice their opinion through their government basically their force and so we can't even hear a very strong voice from inside the government so this is really significant thanks so much for coming in 2nd that for us. some sport now in
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a cycling am banal has made history becoming the 1st runner from colombia to win the tour de france and now cross the finish line on the same paris in the final and largely ceremonial stage at 22 years of age but now is the youngest winner of the 2 in 110 years karen thomas was 2nd and stephen christ. and now is a new hero in his native colombia is hometown as if akira fans have been celebrating his historic victory. 42 kilometers from the capital bogota is where you've got bernard grew up at an altitude of nearly 3000 meters it was the ideal training ground for the mountain specialist 1st coach didn't expect the youngster would win the tour de france this soon. is a no it's a big surprise what a gun by now has given colombian cycling. we have so many champions here in colombia. now we have
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a kid like an angel. he's only 22 years old. colombia has been gripped by cycling fever during this year's tour the entire nation has followed bernard's progress none more closely than his family. you might imagine how i'm feeling cheerful happy. full of joy pure happiness it's very hard to win the tour. the people here and across colombia are extremely proud of their new hero a guy just 22 years old has become a new motivation for colombians who are looking forward to many successful years in this sport. in the formula one dutchman max foster has won a chaotic german grand prey fish trap and secured his 2nd win of the ses and after
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mistakes from race laid out lewis hamilton and wet conditions germany's sebastian vettel produced a stunning display coming from last to finish 2nd. you're watching data we news live from berlin next up it's world stories the week in reports don't forget you can get all the latest news and headlines on our website that's the danger with the dot com i'm rebecca raters here in berlin from may and the entire team thanks watching data. is going. to. the banks. and so watch the language of. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. .


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