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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin china prepares to give a rare news conference addressing the unrest in hong kong move comes after another weekend of violent clashes between protesters and police in the territory also coming up in the program suspected bokova rum militants killed at least $65.00 people and injured many more in a village in northern nigeria it's the worst attack on civilians this year what can the government do to rein in the islamists and 22 year old cyclist
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a gun but now has called a sensation by becoming the 1st colombian to win the tour de france we'll have more on the town he grew up with. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us china is set to hold a news conference to address the unrest in hong kong this comes after another weekend of clashes between police and anti-government protesters the territory's chief executive is under growing pressure to contain the crisis the american chamber of commerce is also calling on lem to address the protesters grievances. helmets and gas masks on both sides of the barricades a weekend of clashes between police and protesters on the streets of hong kong saw violent confrontations protests over the past 2 months spearheaded by
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anti-government activists against a proposed bill allowing people to be extradited to courts in mainland china have grown increasingly fractious sunday's peaceful gathering in a park grew into a march talking up major thoroughfares police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds some of whom were carrying on brothers the symbol of resistance to the government. a few adopted makeshift techniques for dealing with tear gas and dismantled street signs for their protection others used hockey sticks for weapons. but the police did not seem to hold back from using stronger measures including firing rubber bullets into the crowds. protesters hemmed in by police took refuge in the shaving wang metro station but the strength of the protest suggests that this movement is far from being driven underground was. it ever has been tears berlinger is covering the story and joins
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us from hong kong with tears where do things stand now after these intense clashes we saw between police and protesters over the weekend. if you arrive today in hong kong you would probably not suspect that anything happened yesterday behind me there you can see. workers are replacing the pavement that has been taken off by protesters but this is one of the very rare signs of revelry red damages left from yesterday the streets have been cleaned up very quickly no property no windows have been smashed or anything so on the surface everything is calm right now but of course anger. isn't that have has not gone away the rift in society the divide is deepening these days of clashes like yesterday make that day before yesterday and 2 weekends before they have really infuriated man in hong kong
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as a big part of society is still has the sympathy towards the protesters although they have been radical as well we've seen it in the these pictures that some of them were carrying sticks i've seen metal rods also being carried to the front line but the police brutality the police action is perceived as more excessive as more brutal by many hong kong as police are now going in and dispersing protests much earlier than they used to and using much more severe measures much more big amounts of cheer guys here where i'm standing right now this area was clouded in teargas yesterday and police were chasing people through these through these narrow alleys with with clouds of tear gas despite people living around and if you look at the buildings the windows do not look like that they can be shut down completely so there is. an intensive confrontation scene in the city and that
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makes this spiral. of of anger and off islands go on to drive up. remind us again exactly what these protests are about i mean our report mention the extradition bill the very controversial extradition bill that has now been shelved at least for a while what are these protesters protesters demanding in it any chance that their demands will be fulfilled. while they're demanding this bill to be withdrawn strangely enough the. chief executive has declared the bill was dead put refuses to withdraw it does of course fuels mistrust but at this stage the. protests are much more about the police in particular the protesters demanded an independent investigation into police operations of the last few weeks and of course underlying
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is a deep mistrust in the city's governing system this is really what is coming to be the main issue that people feel that this governance is the governing system that is that is. relying relying on beijing is not working for them and therefore they see the police action as a symbol of a new government city 20 years thank you very much for now because mathias bellinger there in hong kong. well our china expert clifford coonan is with us now in the studio to talk a little more in-depth about what's happening there in hong kong good to see it clifford china's top policy body is supposed to hold a rare press briefing i'm told today could be happening now on hong kong what can we expect from that and why is this being considered so significant well i think it's very significant it's the 1st sign that the central government in beijing has
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really addressed in a press briefing the the issue of hong kong since i think over 9097 so in that level it's very significant it appears the government to step back a little bit i think the agencies and allowed coverage there they're trying to keep a lid on them all more information actually comes out of it but looking at shin wa the official news agency in the build up to this at this in a lot of messages have beijing is is condemning what's happening in hong kong it's very keen to reassert its authority there on what it considers very much its territory and under the terms of the agreement in $97.00 it is the special of ministers of ministers of region of hong kong so i think it's significant because they very much want to reassert their authority now now the protests we saw over the weekend they're also significant they were not authorized the police did use tear gas and rubber bullets apparently to put them down those protesters don't seem to be going anywhere how long will beijing tolerate this well it's
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a big question i'm in the protests furious back the government waited it out. eventually they broke down at this time the organization levels are much higher in a way and it's been very targeted. last week we saw an attack on the joint liaison office which is the central government's beijing government's office in hong kong that was viewed very negatively in beijing because the attack on the beijing symbolic power in hong kong and so i think. the organization levels are worrying for beijing it's authority is being undermined it's accusing the u.s. of orchestrating the events so things are really reaching a crescendo now and i think the fact that they're directing it address addressing it directly if we look back to a couple years ago where she jinping said there's a red line beyond which hong kong protests cannot cross i think that red line has been crossed now so i think the reaction could be very very severe now what we have
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with hong kong is a stance a bilious situation where china says it's part of its territory one country but 2 systems are supposed to be a different system at least temporarily operating in hong kong how is that sustainable under these conditions well i think if you look at it it's supposed to be 50 years no change but we've passed the 25 year mark so. so basically now i think what you're seeing is. that things are going to start moving again the other direction that you know that hong kong as the government sees is now beijing's turn to start imposing its its reading on the basic law if you want and so i think there is sort of seeing that. that they're going to start imposing beijing's rule in hong kong so the 2nd half of this 50 year period we could see an assertion of mainland china's authority in hong kong clippard conan thank you so much.
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let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today at least 3 people are dead and 15 injured after a gunman opened fire on a food festival in northern california social media captured the scene of confusion and panic as attendees scattered after shots rang out at the gilroy garlic festival police of shot an alleged shooter and are looking for a possible 2nd. the personal doctor of jailed russian opposition leader alexina vonnie says he may have been exposed to a toxin he was hospitalized after suffering what was called a severe allergic reaction his doctor is visited him in hospital and says she can't rule out the use of an unknown chemical substance. at least 20 people are dead in kabul following a suicide blast and an attack by several gunmen on the office of 2 government
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officials 50 others have been wounded no one has claimed responsibility yet but both taliban insurgents and the so-called islamic state are active in the afghan capital sunday was the 1st official day of the country's presidential campaign the vote is scheduled for september. groovy and president. has proposed ending his term in 2020 a year earlier than scheduled skara has faced opposition to his anti corruption measure he has also called for new parliamentary elections to bring an end to what he calls an institutional crisis the proposal must be approved in a referendum. and attacked by boko haram militants has left 65 people dead in nigeria the attack took place in a village in borno state in the north east of the country the victims were attending a funeral when they were gunned down by a gang of militants in vans and riding motorcycles. or earlier we spoke with
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our correspondent in lagos nicko we asked her for an update on the latest on that attack people were attacked at a funeral on saturday in the village and that my degree that's the capital of borno state and we don't know very much about the attack at the moment but what we heard from local vigilante groups who were speaking to news agencies is that several people were attacked at the funeral itself and others were were attacked while chasing down the militants who had attacked the funeral but in the last few months and weeks especially we've had a couple of attacks by they've been on a regular basis and last just last week there were 6 aid workers from action against hunger kidnapped by a splinter group of boko haram they released a video last week pleading for pleading for their for the help of the government and the aid organizations and there was also an attack on an id camp
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a refugee camp in my degree where 2 people were killed. nigeria's borno state is the epicenter of the. list insurgency the nigerian government has had only limited success dealing with it want to ask you a bit more about solar in a moment but 1st let's have a look at this report. around 12000 displaced people live in this makeshift camp it opened just 4 months ago in my degree in the northeast of nigeria since the start of the year more than 100000 people have been forced from their homes fleeing the violence. fatima fled 5 years ago with a husband and 2 children. but i do like it now i'm in god's hands if peace is restored one day and i'm told i can go back home i'll go back to i think each immediately the time goes by and the situation isn't changing so there's no way i can go home. over the past 10 years boko haram has attacks have displaced nearly
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2000000 people despite international aid supplies are scarce and shelter is precarious. the government is encouraging people to return home as soon as the security allows abraham tried to go home last year after 3 months there he had to come back to my degree. i just told that my lab uses rick's and my children. because no quality education local tribe is you know no no no no no it's too much so you have to go on but. while he continues to wait for the situation to improve he's living in a friends room. is where we live so while i'm on my way i planned for 2 great i'm just like i'm living in the cage. yeah because you are sharing your home from when you're 6 is really easy. around my diggory the boko haram attacks continue 10
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years of violence has left 27000 people dead. so as we've just seen this conflict is taking a heavy toll on nigeria why is the government why has the government failed so far in its effort to defeat. well as you said the conflict has been going on for about 10 years 10 years exactly actually in july 2009 when. war on the nigerian government and they've especially been targeting. civilian populations because they declared war on any western values schools for example and we remember that there was in 2014 for example. there was the kidnapping of the chibok girls over 270 girls who were kidnapped by militants from their school and have been returned so the government has both difficulties in keeping. the insurgency so the talks under control but also in
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negotiating with the militants that so that they can they can actually return people have been kidnapped and who have been affected by the crisis and both the current government under president and under goodluck jonathan have not managed to make much of a change. and yes that's so that. and local populations have blamed the government. the government says that they have that things are improving things under control. there was need to be correspondent solo and they go there reporting from lagos iran has condemned the u.k. proposal for a european led force to escort takers in a busy shipping lane in the persian gulf u.k. suggested the move after iran's seized one of its tankers in the strait of hormuz the proposals also proving controversial here in germany. it may have been one
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step too far on july 19th the arabian revolutionary guard seized a british tanker in the strait of hormuz the united kingdom is now calling for a common european defense mission to secure that important trade route. german chairman of the munich security conference 4th king ischinger has thrown his weight behind the proposal writing germany cannot watch from the sidelines if any new maritime defense mission in the gulf is now being discussed how did it get to this point in 2018 u.s. president donald trump announced his country's withdrawal from the nuclear accord with iran the consequence new u.s. sanctions since may of this year a number of tankers have suffered attacks in the persian gulf attacks washington blames on tehran in june the us came close to bombing iran after iran shot down an unarmed american drone. it was only at the last minute a trump called off the retaliatory attack then in early july after brother
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the british seized in a rainy and tanker some see the recent seizure of a british ship in the persian gulf as an act of retaliation the viability of a security coalition is being tested in berlin germany social democrats are against engaging militarily but the center right christian democratic union has offered a mixed response this 50 feet there's a danger of miscalculation and miscommunication and we don't want europe to be dragged into a war against iran on the side of the u.s. it's all mail that's is and this is a maritime corridor with considerable economic importance and it's crucial for a well being we have to defend our interests as well as the law and our allies. the german left party says intervention isn't justified. and securing access to resources by force no that's not a reason to deploy the german military. as the standoff in the gulf becomes more tense the remaining signatories of the nuclear accord meet with iran and vienna e.u. partners are still hoping to save the deal with the goal of denuclearization. but
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if tensions continue to mount at sea a solution could drift out of reach. our political correspondent emmanuel shows has been following this story and joins us now in the studio good to see you in money well so the u.k. wants to confront iran with a european military mission to the gulf how why clee is that germany would join such a mission. saving mixed signals from the german government at the moment foreign minister say that he hasn't excluded participation off germany and that he would welcome a mission to secure. which kind of mission are we talking about we don't know yet would it be an observation mission would it be providing information to friends and grab britain for example or would it be about escorting a ship still a great britain is currently doing so he said we only decide when we would have clarity on the design no such a mission he has so say that he would come to
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a mission to have or any sort of involvement to have a european phase but he also warned that he didn't want germany to participate to to what he says is the u.s. strategy of maximum pressure now this notion of a of a european led military mission to the gulf was that discussed at that meeting this this past weekend in vienna whether you and then spokes person in vienna said there were constructive talks in vienna regarding the iran nuclear deal and remaining participants to it now he made clear that everyone wants to save to do that he also links the current situation to a deal even a nuclear deal do you and say that the presence of foreign forces interested over halmos would be hostile watts. germany has supported efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the current standoff between iran and the united states
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what exactly is being done diplomatically to avoid further escalation. well further talks germany wants to avoid any escalation they want to keep the channels of communication open ended dialogue on come on. take place open as well and for germany's new defense minister on a guy. this days it is all about diplomacy it is about continuing. taking a decision on a possible intervention into region when our thanks so much. for inside syria more than 2000 firefighters are tackling arctic wildfires of unprecedented dimensions heavy smoke has reached the region's biggest city and can even be seen from space people as far as 600 kilometers away are reporting breathing difficulties and in many areas residents have been advised not to go outside. this is the view from
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a russian emergency services aircraft fires are burning across a huge area in some cases it's not worth committing resources to fighting the flames the cost of the operation would be bigger than the damages caused firefighters are concentrating on protecting roads and settlements the region's if you presently are in a quarter or worst affected 6 mo covers towns and villages and it's also affecting neighboring regions. because it's drawing there's barely any wind. medical personnel have been put in a state of alert there's been a sharp increase in patients with breathing difficulties. the smoke is horrible you almost suffocate and feel dizzy because the smell is just so strong. the heavy smoke has also reached superiors because city. around 600 kilometers away in crescent residents have been asked not to go outside unless it's absolutely necessary 2300 firefighters are on the ground. russia suffers from extensive
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wildfires every summer it's believed most are caused by lightning strikes. now since ford sent in cycling a gun by now has made history becoming the 1st rider from colombia to win the tour de france and all across the finish line on the show actually say in paris in the final and largely ceremonial stage at 22 years of age but now is the youngest winner of the tour in 110 years britain's garrett thomas came in 2nd dutchman steven cross big finish 3rd. is a new hero in his native colombia in his hometown kira fans have been celebrating his historic victory. 42 kilometers from the capital bogota is where you got bernard grew up at an altitude of nearly 3000 meters it was the ideal training ground for the mountain specialist 1st coach didn't expect the youngster
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would win the tour de france this soon. is another big surprise when a gun by now has given colombian cycling. we have so many champions here in colombia. many now we have a kid angel. he's only 22 years old. colombia has been gripped by cycling fever during this year's tour the entire nation has followed progress none more closely than his family. you might imagine how i'm feeling cheerful happy. full of joy pure happiness very hard so when that's on. the people here and across colombia are extremely proud of their new hero and a guy and just 22 years old has become
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a new motivation for colombians who are looking forward to many successful years in this sport. in formula one dutch van max fresh stop has won a chaotic german grand prix on sunday securing his 2nd victory of the season rain was a huge factor with numerous crashes ferrari sebastian vettel made the most of the difficult conditions but it was a disastrous day for the mercedes team. off to a perfect start it looked like it was going to be another dominant performance from besides drivers lewis hamilton and us but the rain soaked truck cools huge problems with cause sliding off course the safety car was called out 4 times and it seems struggled to find the right tires for the changing conditions. championship leader lewis hamilton also spawn off they drove right of course the track and the
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grass into the pits way he caught his team off guard and spent nearly a minute on the stop. he was then handed a 5 2nd penalty for the way he into the pits hamilton's teammate crashed out towards the end of the race sealing a miserable day for miss a days to muster that's what was 4th at this stage and had his sights set firmly on the podium he tossed 2 drivers in style to secure his runner up spot. stop and cruised to victory but fatso was the star of the show at his home grand prix coming from last all the way up to 2nd it was a long ride i mean at some stage like a man name it was a lot of fun it's very tough the conditions very tough to read once that this is not a small but. yeah i'm just happy for the 1st time this season a podium without any missing these drivers. just reminder the top story we're
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following for you here today on the news after another weekend of clashes between protesters and on kong and police in hong kong china is preparing to give a rare news conference address to the unrest. news for now up next. day thanks for watching.
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after. the plastic list is it harmful to humans. more and more micro particles in the ocean are entering our food chain. not only is it hurting the environment but is it also bad for our. german scientists warn the alarmists of the live. tomorrow today next on d.w.i. .
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word and looking good nico is in germany touch. why not permit him. to suffer in simple mind on your mobile and free. t.w. zealand in course because week german maybe see. the world is getting more soon. moore's contrast of views a month from. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to. a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good place but it's much like arizona was how. is the world really getting better
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. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th sunday to. welcome tomorrow today the science show on d w coming up are micro plastics harmful to our health scientists are studying fish to find out more. clicks shares and likes what makes social media so addictive. and.


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