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w. it would appear that. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin china condemns the anti-government protests in hong kong the move comes after another weekend of clashes between demonstrators and police in the territory beijing calls on hong kong to oppose the bible and also coming up with a program for a dr of her russian opposition leader alexa he says he may have been poisoned romney was crushed from jail to hospital yesterday after suffering what was initially called an allergic reaction. and 22 year old cyclist
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a gun but now has caused a sensation by becoming the 1st colombian to win the tour de france we'll have more from the town he grew up in. the low i'm terry martin thanks for joining us china has held a rare news conference to address the unrest in hong kong this comes after another weekend of clashes between police and anti-government protesters the chinese central government blames the turbulence in hong kong on what it calls irresponsible forces in the west attempting to stop china's development the protests originally started in opposition to a bill that could see hong kong urse defendants hong kong defendants extradited to mainland china for trial here's what beijing's spokesman had to say. you leave.
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as quite a few hong kong residents know little about the situation on the mainland and its legal and judicial systems they may have doubts about the proposed amendments so some individuals and media organizations with syria motives have been scam mongering based on these doubts to struggle public panic and obstruct the adoption of the bill. so that's a taste of what a chinese government spokesman said just a short while ago about the situation in hong kong g.w. is not ts bellinger is in the territory materials what more was said in that news conference. well there was basically nothing new sad new the. affair at the hong kong affairs office supports the current government it supports the police in cracking down on these protests but there was a little bit of
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a toning down in the rhetoric of this body that has spoken for the 1st time today before we have heard the foreign ministry attacking western countries much harsher and saying that they were orchestrated these protests protests now the rhetoric was a bit more moderate saying that they were fueling them by irresponsible remarks so this sign is obviously that beijing at the moment wants not to be seen as making plans to interfere in hong kong it says this is something the hong kong government should resolve they've also can acknowledge that there are some social issues beneath these protests lie underlying these protests. so we don't really we can't really make anything out of it that we can that we can't draw any message out of it that's the changes in rhetoric were not that strong but for the moment i think there is an attempt to keep beijing out of hong kong's affairs and
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he did the things have gone very pretty bad these few days i think we can have a look 1st and then talk later. helmets and gas masks on flights sides of the barricades a weekend of clashes between police and protesters in hong kong so violent confrontations protests over the past 2 months against proposed extradition to courts in china have training creasing the fractious. sunday's peaceful gathering given to a march clogging up major. as police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds some of whom were carrying arms braless the symbol of resistance to the government. a few adopted makeshift techniques to deal with tear gas and dismantled street signs for their protection others used hockey sticks for weapons.
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but the police didn't hold back from using stronger measures including firing rubber bullets into the crowd. that had. protesters took refuge in the shade on bond metro station but the strength of the protest suggests it's far from being driven underground. so much here is fierce clashes there over the weekend between protesters and police where things stand in hong kong now after that. seem to have lost our line to mathias our correspondent in hong kong but here in the studio we have our china expert clifford coonan with us to give us some
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analysis clifford china's office of hong kong affairs has held a very rare news conference call maning on the situation in the territory what's been the reaction to that well i think there was nothing in news conference that's going to give the democracy protesters any polls i don't think they're going to be saying they're going to change their view on this through action the moment is that they're they're just digesting it presumably but as i say joshua walling these people there was nothing there that that's answered their questions about the extradition law a bad general situation regarding their calls for greater autonomy for example. and there's been such support for the police that came came out of it and also then the way it sort of went after mentioned external elements again so i think there's nothing there that's going to have significantly changed their view coming into this what do you make of the fact that the chinese government felt compelled at
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this point in the standoff between the protesters and police to come out and make a statement of this kind i think i think it is significant it's one of those things as we have we haven't seen anything like this since 97 since the handover when when it reverted from british rule i think it was the last press conference on hong kong specifically in the meantime we've had direct statements from people like she just being the chinese president who said there's a red line across which the pro-democracy movement. and this is china's territory but we haven't seen one thing like a press conference i think it is it is significant it was kind of a limited press conference in many ways but i think that combined with the moderate language. that we discussed that we heard earlier in the program i think all of those together show that there the government is not softening its approach it's definitely taking a wait and see approach over thank you so much here inside. china expert clifford
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kearney. a 2nd look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today an attack blamed on boko haram militants has left 65 people dead in nigeria it's actor place in a village in borno state in the northeast of the country the victims were attending a funeral when they were gunned down by a gang of militants riding motorbikes and in vans. at least 3 people are dead and 15 injured after a gunman opened fire on a festival in northern california social media captured the scene of panic as attendees scattered after shots rang out at the kilroy garlic festival police have shot an alleged gunman and are looking for a possible accomplice. at least 20 people died after a suicide attack in the afghan capital kabul on sunday 50 others were wounded when the bomber and several gunmen attacked the office of 2 government officials so far no group has claimed responsibility sunday was the 1st day of campaigning for the
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country's presidential elections scheduled for september. and a sweltering heat wave is gripping toronto and many other areas of eastern canada temperatures in major cities there reached between 44 and 52 degrees celsius on sunday afternoon environmental groups warned people with health risks to stay indoors. the personal doctor of jailed russian opposition leader lex in the body says he may have been exposed to a talks and he was hospitalized after suffering what was called a severe allergic reaction but his doctors said she can't rule out the use of an unknown chemical substance that bonnie is currently serving a jail sentence after calling for rallies to protest the disqualification of opposition candidates from upcoming local elections some 1400 people were arrested while attempting to take part in an authorized rallies in moscow at the weekend.
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let's bring in our correspondent emily sure win in moscow emily what do we know about alexina bonnie's condition now. well i mean was moved from detention to the hospital with as you say a severe allergic reaction doctors there have diagnosed him what they say with what they say is contact dermatitis which is basically an itchy rash that you get when you come into contact your skin comes into contact with something that you're allergic to but press secretary raised doubts about that yesterday already she said and he doesn't have any allergies and now his own doctors have then tried to get into the hospital to see him and they said that the doctors there have been acting rather strangely they say that they weren't allowed into the room where it is being held to diagnose him that they were only allowed to really look at him through
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a half open door and they've made their diagnosis from there now they say that they 6 expect suspect that he could have been exposed to some sort of an unknown chemical so the suggestion there is that it could be some kind of poisoning apparently has swollen eyelids and abscesses on his body but we don't as yet actually know what that is and go there it's true that it could be a toxin. is a well known figure in russia of course how important is he for the political opposition there. well it seemed i mean is certainly the well most well known opposite russian opposition politician internationally he isn't the only person on the scene here in russia but he is rather well known because he pushed to run for president in 2018 he wasn't allowed to run for president but what that means is that he has campaign offices offices around the country and that has
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meant that he has been able to mobilize protests as well around the country not just in moscow including against when they were around there were corruption allegations against politicians here including against the media of the prime minister here that allowed him to mobilize people get people on to the streets so in some ways he has become one of the main faces of the opposition here in russia but he certainly isn't its leader the russian opposition is very divided here and in fact these moscow duma elections have been one of the only issues recently that has managed to unite them and really what can you tell us about the anything about the timing of this rapid deterioration in these films briefly if you could. well it is of course rather suspicious viney is behind bars because he called for
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an authorized rally which took place on saturday and of course this is now in the run up to these now very contested moscow duma elections which are are slated to take place in september he isn't one of the candidates that wasn't registered but 2 of his very close allies were hoping to run for those elections so there is a clear connection to what's happening on the streets as well of ali thank you so much really sure when in moscow. in cycling a gun but no has made history becoming the 1st rider from colombia to win the tour de force his success has made him an instant hero in a state of colombia back in his hometown fans have been celebrating the historic victory. 42 kilometers from the capital bogota is where you got bernard grew up at an altitude of nearly 3000 meters it was the ideal training ground for the mountain
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specialist 1st coach didn't expect the youngster would win the tour de france this soon. is and it's a big surprise what a gun by now has given colombian cycling. we have so many champions here in colombia it was a little money now we have a kid like an angel. he's only 22 years old. colombia has been gripped by cycling fever during this year's tour the entire nation has followed progress none more closely than his family. you might imagine how i'm feeling cheerful happy. full of joy pure happiness it's very hard to win the tour. the people here and across colombia are extremely proud of their new hero and
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a guy on edge is 22 years old has become a new motivation for colombians who are looking forward to many successful years in the sport. you're watching d.w. news up next our documentary film fashion photographer a positive 5 chasing beauty for me terry martin and all of us here in berlin thanks for being with us. first in school in the jungle. for 1st climbing less of a minute or as grand as arrives. joining a reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orangutan returns home on the w. don't come to tang's.


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