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it's not like this are. just. the streets. glad. the be. the bad. this is state of the news live from berlin a doctor for a russian opposition leader election of ali says he may have been poisoned his body was rushed from jail to the hospital yesterday after suffering what was initially called an allergic reaction but is foul play to blame. also coming up china condemns the anti-government protest in hong kong that comes after another weekend
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of clashes between demonstrators and police in the territory taking calls on hong kong worst to oppose the car. and it is a staggering figure the number of tigers has dropped from more than 100000 at the start of the last century to fewer than 4000 today on international day of the tiger we look at some of the reasons for the decline but also why their fortunes are changing in some countries. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the personal doctor of jailed russian opposition leader alexina vollies says he might have been exposed to a toxin while in prison the volley was rushed to a hospital from a detention facility where he was serving a 30 day sentence hospital officials said in a bali had suffered a severe allergic reaction but his doctor says he might have been poisoned by a chemical substance the mali was detained last week ahead of planned protests
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against a ban on opposition candidates and upcoming local elections some 1400 people were arrested. all attempting to take part in the rallies in moscow over the weekend. and let's bring in our correspondent emily sure when for more on this story she's standing by in moscow hi amalie what can you tell us about the lesson of all these conditions well reports about his health of been rather contradictory as you say he was moved from detention to a hospital yesterday initially it was feared he had had an extreme allergic reaction doctors there diagnosed him with what they say is contact dermatitis essentially a rash that you get when you come into contact when your skin comes into contact with something you're allergic to but his press secretary almost immediately said that he has no allergies and his doctors have raised doubts about that diagnosis as well they say that they were not initially permitted to see him and to make
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a diagnosis there is now news on facebook from them they say that they are being allowed now to go and see me but their initial diagnosis so far which they say they had to make through a kind of house open door so we don't know how accurate it really is but they say that the symptoms that they saw indicate that he could have come in contact with some sort of unknown chemical substance they say that he has abscess is on his body and that he has swollen eyelids so we'll have to wait and see whether we find out more when they go and see him and in the course of the day and we would about the timing of this deterioration in his health. they where we saw mass arrests he himself is not actually running for the mosque the upcoming moscow duma elections which were the reason for the protest that we saw over the
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weekend but 2 of his very close allies are running you both so bold and also evolved on the and his supporters were out over the streets on the weekend on the streets on the weekend we don't of course know whether his current condition has anything to do with his politics or with his detention it could be an allergy or or a reaction but it wouldn't be the 1st time that he that opponents kind of hit him with some kind of a chemical substance in 2017 he was splashed with a green disinfectant and actually got a chemical burn to his eye and we said he's not running in these elections but how important is election him only for the russian opposition. well he's an important figure here in russia in the opposition of course internationally one of the most well known opposition figures he pushed to run in the 2018 presidential elections he was not allowed to run after all but but what
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that does mean is that he has campaign offices across the country and that has meant that he's been able to mobilize people across the country not just in moscow and st petersburg the 2 biggest cities to come out for kind of mass protests he's not the only authorization figure on the scene here in russia and in fact. but he is in some ways the face of the opposition and we've seen that that this duma election has been one of the rare cases where the opposition including me have been able to kind of unite around these upcoming elections and the protests that we've seen recently as well our correspondent and we sure when reporting there for a strum moscow thank you emily. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world an attack blamed on boko haram militants has left 65 people dead in nigeria the attack took place in
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a village in borno state in the northeast of the country the victims were attending a funeral when they were gunned down by a gang of militants in their hands and riding motorbikes. at least 3 people are dead and 15 injured after a gunman opened fire on a food festival in northern california social media captured scenes of panic as attendees scattered when the shots rang out at the garlic festival police have shot an alleged gunman and they are looking for a possible 2nd. and at least 20 people died after a suicide attack in the afghan capital kabul on sunday 50 others on the bomber and several gunmen attacked the office of 2 government officials so far no group has claimed responsibility sunday was the 1st day of campaigning for the country's presidential election scheduled for september. china has held a rare news conference to address the un rest in hong kong it comes after another weekend of clashes between police and anti-government protesters the chinese
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central government blames the turbulence in hong kong on what it calls irresponsible forces in the west attempting to stop china's development now the protests originally started in opposition to a bill that could see hong kong defendants extradited to mainland china for trial now here's what beijing spokesman had to say. as quite a few hong kong residents know little about the situation on the mainland and its legal and judicial systems they may have doubts about the proposed amendments so some individuals and media organizations with motives have been scam mongering based on these doubts to stoke public panic and obstruct the adoption of the bill. all right let's get more on the story now with day to be as much yes bill you know he is standing by for us in hong kong hi let us know what more was said at that news conference. well basically this hong
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kong and macau affairs office. repeated many of the things that beijing has been saying before it was the 1st time the hong kong and macau affairs office has ever held a press conference in hong kong usually they act in. the back to be a behind the scenes so this is quite noticeable noticeable is also that what we've just heard although it might seem kind of confrontational towards the west is rather moderate for beijing's standards scaremongering if foreigners scaremongering is something much less than what others for example the foreign ministry has sounded before they have said that poorness have orchestrated these protests at some instances so we are obviously seeing some attempt to to tone down the office has nothing has promised nothing it has given
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nothing to the protesters it has backed the police it has backed kerry lam's government so there's nothing new here and we might also be seeing some kind of dealing in inside the communist party on who is in charge there was a an editorial today in the party newspaper that was much harsher than what was said at this press conference asking the hong kong government to brush away psychological worries that might hinder them to crack down hard on. these these comments are meant for for an internal audience whereas this office is also addressing the world ordinance that explains these differences but i think what we can see here is that beijing has no plans at the moment to come down with a new strategy or it has no new strategy it could come down with at this moment. we have a look at what happened over the weekend let's take a look. helmets and gas masks on both sides of the barricades
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a weekend of clashes between police and protesters in hong kong saw violent confrontations protests over the past 2 months against proposed extradition to ports in china have grown increasingly fractious. sunday's peaceful gathering grew into a march clogging up major thoroughfares police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds some of whom were carrying arms brothers the symbol of resistance to the government . a few adopted makeshift techniques to deal with tear gas and dismantled street signs for their protection others used to talk you stick for weapons. but the police didn't hold back from using stronger measures including firing rubber bullets into the crowd of had.
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protesters took refuge in the shade on bond metro station but the strength of the protest suggests it's far from being driven underground. ok mathias so again more dramatic pictures from the weekend so where good things stand in hong kong now after those clashes. well today is a calm day in hong kong the remnants of the yesterday's clashes have been quickly cleared you can see maybe it's obstructed now by this car over there but at some places they are rebuilding the pavement because protesters have taken out bricks but that's pretty much the only damage that we see after these protests these were really brought clashes between people between the police and the protesters we have seen enormous amounts of tear gas fired there were clouds around all these places
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the place where i'm standing now is one of the one of the centers where all these clashes have happened the metro station that we just saw in these pictures is just over there on the corner so. this was an escalation that was an escalation from the side of the police who were earlier and and it bigger amounts using tear gas rubber bullets than before and we've also seen an escalation from the side of the protesters who are now more willing to use. metal rods and other hot objects to attack the police and this speaks of course of something underlying the divide in society the discontent with this government by big parts of society and especially by the more radical protesters is growing we're going to see this continue right to get these materials spending a reporting for us in hong kong thank you for that insight. so let's get some more
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context to this story davies china expert clifford coonan is here with us in studio hi cliff we saw earlier that china is office on hunkering affairs held a very rare press conference earlier today to comment on this what has been the reaction to that well i think the reaction so far after the initial surprise that it was going to be a press conference because i think this is the 1st one since 1907 that the central government is held i think the initial reaction has been one of disappointment i think there were people were looking for something that they can work with they were looking for some maybe a way that they could weigh in to dealing with the central government on hong kong but they got nothing i think one of the early reactions that it was a waste of time for them there were no changes and for as far as kerry was concerned and her position on the extradition law so for most of the democracy protesters there's been nothing they can work with yet what do you make of the fact that china felt compelled to speak out about what's been going on in hong kong well
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it's quite surprising i mean we've had 8 weekends now demonstrations on unrest on its on this is on sovereign territory and the chinese government does not descend when she jumping went there 2 years ago to hong kong he said it was a red line which no one demonstrator should never cross they've they've crossed weekends in a row now and so the moderate response and even the moderate response to foreign influence for example has been quite surprising so i guess we have to wait and see what way they will eventually have to do something because they can't keep going on like this so we have to wait and see what direction are going to tell that's precisely my question how long will or can beijing really allow protesters across that red line well i think the last time with the umbrella protests we had they they waited it out and i think this time that's the question whether they will they will couldn't wait it out again but this time it seems different the protests are
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much more targeted they're not interfering. the day to day life of hong kong and hong kong's business in the same way that the umbrella protests which occupied the whole city were doing so it's a much tougher problem in a way for beijing to deal with without introducing say the people's liberation army which has a garrison and hong kong so it's a question of how tough they're prepared to be with hong kong demonstrators all right are trying to export clifford couldn't with us thank you very much for your analysis here watching v.w. news still to come on our show colombia goes crazy for its new hero cyclist a gun but now became the 1st colombian to ever win the tour de france we'll bring you all the reaction from his hometown including from a very proud grandpa. but 1st after nearly 2 decades of conflict the people of afghanistan are still struggling to find stability even school children who were not yet born when the
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international military intervention began but one school in the bombing and region is succeeding despite the odds charbonneau and her classmates have been walking for an hour and a half already their route to school involves negotiating rough and steep mountain a spats but it's the only school in the area doesn't that i have to walk a long way every morning but i know how lucky we are in the country there are a lot of children who have no chance of going to school. it's the end of the school year and they're taking their exams the poison girls are outside so no one can copy from anyone else the classrooms are far too small so how many are going to pass the exams so. i'm sure that they are all going to pass their exams. the pass rates are high here although the standards are no lower than elsewhere and they've been achieved in a school
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a long way from any large cities and surrounded by mountains. it's a place where getting an education leading to a good job might seem a distant dream the younger students can stay inside to escape the heat there's no electricity here no heating in winter no photocopier and they can only dream of computers so how to 90 percent of students here make it to college. because everyone sticks together here once we had heavy rain the roof was leaking the parents donated money although they hardly had any themselves after that we could repair the roof. home a small farm with a little land and a cow. mother and father are proud of her they never had the chance to learn basic literacy skills and they could use help on the farm.
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i can't read or write. i never saw a school from the inside i want my children to have it better than my wife did. education is only one of many problems afghans face in this remote part of the country only 5 percent of parents here can read and write and shahar school boys and girls learn together the director says it makes no difference. they are equally intelligent. the school day comes to an end the children face another 2 hour walk home over difficult terrain at least there's one less threat here the taliban have avoided balmier on the open mindedness of both the headmaster and the parents isn't taken for granted but being seen as a model the rest of afghanistan could follow. today is international day of the tiger but the situation facing tigers worldwide is grim
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populations have come of it in the last 100 years leaving tigers on the brink of extinction now more than 100000 big cats actually roamed the earth in 1900 and today fewer than 4000 remain in the reasons are not surprising tiger is used to live in these areas a marked in green here on this map but human populations grew so did people's need for space and we now have wiped out some 95 percent of tiger habitat leaving only the areas you'll see here marked in red on the map climate change hasn't helped either as rising sea levels destroyed habitat in india and bangladesh but experts say it is poaching that poses the most immediate threat every tiger apart from the whisker to the tail is still being traded in a legal markets now there is some good news a number of countries have started to take aggressive measures to fight poaching and protect the big cats and it's having a fact russia for example has managed to steadily increase its siberian tiger
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population introducing a tougher punishments for illegal hunting and trafficking other success stories including a poll in india the country announced today it has significantly increased its tiger population in the past year. for more on the story we have cut quinn's arms on with us she's a tiger expert with the world wide fund for nature w w f here in germany cup and thanks for being with us thanks for the invitation so we just mentioned that there are some country. these bigger countries like india seeing success when it comes to tiger population what are these countries doing right i think one let's say or 3 main points to those countries like russia doing right is that they have a very strong political will and a strong commitment to the tiger recovery this means not only that they say ok we need to allocate habits or connect to protect the areas this is also that they really strongly commit to fight wildlife crime and poaching and and work on the
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reduction of demand in countries like china we have now so what can smaller countries learn from india and they possibly have political will yeah i think it's a strong commitment to say ok we pledge also financial least some let's say supported to invest into law enforcement to also solve human wildlife conflicts to let's say improve the life we hooked into people for the situation for the local people that need to live with tigers and leopards and the big cats. and also to to really increase the transponder equilibration like we see in the pollen didn't ya how government are really jointly fighting climate combating wildlife problem you mention the people living alongside tigers and leopards let's talk about the other side of the picture we might welcome the fact that tiger populations are growing in countries like india and they paul but it why is it important to sustain their population when people living outside the might say they pose
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a danger to our lives a tiger it's not only about tigers right tiger is a flex of specious that's what we call it like if we protect tigers we make sure that also big forest habitats are still whittle and have some kind of biodiversity which is also helping to fight climate change and help people to live from the forest or to live from the that say other species that live in the forest so it's only when we when we want to safe tigers that we see our. ok when we say floods we save a whole ecosystem of very weak told by a diverse ecosystem that is also very important and for high benefit for the people that are living from and with it so it's an important symbol of biodiversity beyond poaching what needs to be done to make sure that tigers stay safe that their population rebounds. it's it's also dead to we we need as i said we need to make sure that the people who are living with tigers to day that they have some benefits from tiger strike we have some well it just where people live out of nowhere and
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1st like elephants spoke through their fields then next day maybe some tigers feed on their cattle so we need to have innovative measures like i don't buy a gas installation and improvement of crude could tourism and some some benefits that we can bring to the people in crime and another point is also that we need to work on the reduction of demand for type parts into products which is very high in jain and we have and it is also still gaining high prices on the plate market like when we look into a tiger type of products that have some medical medical value for some people that believe in it very interesting stuff there cottons on from w w f here in germany thank you so much for joining us thanks. now in cycling a gun but not has made history becoming the 1st rider from colombia to win the tour de france his success has made him an instant hero in his native colombia back in his hometown fans have been celebrating
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a historic victory. 42 kilometers from the capital bogota is where you got bernard grew up at an altitude of nearly 3000 meters it was the ideal training ground for the mountain specialist 1st coach didn't expect the youngster would win the tour de france this soon. is another big surprise what a gun by now has given colombian cycling. we have so many champions here in colombia. but now we have a kid angel. he's only 22 years old. colombia has been gripped by cycling fever during this year's tour the entire nation has followed progress none more closely than his family. you might imagine how i'm feeling cheerful poppin.
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full of joy pure happiness it's very hard to win the tour. the people here and across colombia are extremely proud of their new hero and a guy on edge is 22 years old has become a new motivation for colombians who are looking forward to many successful years in this sport. motor sports now an extra stop and want a chaotic german grand prix on sunday securing a 2nd victory of the season rain was a huge factor causing a number of crashes ferrari sébastien fettle made the most of the difficult conditions but it was a day disastrous day for the mercedes team. off to a perfect start it looked like it was going to be another dominant performance from miss id's drivers lewis hamilton terry protests but the rain soaked truck caused huge problems with cause sliding off course the safety car was called out 4 times and the teams struggled to find the right tires for the changing conditions.
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championship leader lewis hamilton also spawn off and then drove right across the track and the grass into the pits where he caught his team off guard and spent nearly a minute on the stop. he was then handed a 5 2nd penalty for the way he entered the pits hamilton's teammate crashed out towards the end of the race sealing a miserable day for miss a days to muster that's what was 4th at this stage and had his sights set firmly on the podium he tossed 2 drivers in style to secure his brother ups. red bulls max 1st up and cruised to victory but fettle was the star of the show at his home grand prix coming from last all the way up into 2nd it was a long ride i mean at some stage like a man live it was a lot of fun it's very tough but the conditions very tough to read was that the
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smartest move but. i'm just happy for the 1st time this season a podium without any these drivers. all right coming up next our documentary takes you to the heart of the balkans and serbia's famous traffic festival thank you for that.
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coq an earthquake serbia's future trumpet festival boasts 3 days and nights of nonstop music. revelers want to party hard and the bands pull out all the stops hoping to leave 1st promise.
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of child. this one coming. instead. because. sad that because of this cut i can't go to school. around 2000000 turkeys children today from work to help support their families. what kentucky. child. 3016. w. . the world is getting worse and. more school kids just abuse a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the world is not always the critics but it's much much better than it was. just the world really getting better.
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a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th on the deeds of the. old. the future trumpet festival for 3 days and 3 nights the small village in serbia gives itself over to madness trumpets blair out around the clock in the streets the campsites and the restaurants beer in the local schnapps braccia the flow generously. prasanna us from all over serbia come here to take part in the competition.


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