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intelligence is spreading through our society is to begin. to join. the world will be subjected to continuous stream surveillance. and our experts be able to agree on the guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. the robot collapses towards aug 14th on t.w. . this is p.w. news asia coming up this standoff in hong kong weekend protests turned into street battles between pro-democracy demonstrators and police we look at beijing's response to the continued unrest plus move to the region if we want an end to the bloodshed in the country and god willing the bloodshed will end hours after the afghan president gives this campaign speech deadly assailants
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a target his running mate. and a mounting disaster there's a garbage dump in india's capital that could soon be higher in the taj mahal you look at the deadly risk to those who live nearby. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us hong kong is in crisis its summer of discontent has seen protesters hit the streets every weekend since early june police and marchers have clashed with increasing violence with police firing tear gas and some activists vandalizing government buildings both sides are exhausted this time thousands of people turned up in different parts of the city including outside china's main representative office hong kong is a part of china. but is in theory it ministered independently over the past 8 weeks
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protesters anger has grown from dissatisfaction over an unpopular extradition bill that would mean handing over people in hong kong to china to become a general rebellion against beijing on monday china's office for handling hong kong affairs held a rare press conference and had harsh words for the activists leading to fears that the t.l.a. china's military might intervene. young uns insist that the recent developments in hong kong especially the acts of violence by a small number of radical activists have seriously undermined hong kong's prosperity and stability seriously challenge the rule of law and the public order of hong kong and seriously threaten the life and property security of hong kong residents they've also touched the bottom line of the principle of one country 2 systems and can't be tolerated. joining us now is the w's william yang out over
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east asia bureau willing we heard that excerpt just now. what does beijing mean by those comments. so. experts believe it is clear that beijing's central government is trying to avoid providing a very definite answer regarding whether the p.o.'s a well been deployed or not but under hong kong article basic law the hong kong government is able to request the way to intervene under social unrest or natural disasters and experts think that the reason why the central government is refusing to openly acknowledge whether the pill way will be deployed or not is because they still lack a clear policy direction to address the ongoing crisis in hong kong. and of course this is coming right after another intense weekend of protests let's have a quick recap of what happened helmets and gas masks on both sides of the
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barricades a weekend of clashes between police and protesters in hong kong so violent confrontations protests over the past 2 months against proposed extradition to ports in china have grown increasingly fractious. sunday's peaceful gathering grew into a march clogging up major thoroughfares police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds some of whom were carrying arms brothers the symbol of resistance to the government . a few adopted makeshift techniques to deal with tear gas and dismantled street signs for their protection others used talkie sticks for weapons. but the police didn't hold back from using stronger measures including firing rubber bullets into the crowds.
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of protesters took refuge in the show young bar metro station but the strength of the protest suggests. it's far from being driven underground. and we go to willingly yang again by the way we originally had slated to speak with us hong kong activist johnson young ching but he was arrested during this weekend's protests you can see him pictured here we're glad to have willing with us to talk more about this so our guest who was arrested tell us what are the police saying about the people that they have arrested what crimes have they committed so so far at least $49.00 demonstrators have been arrested under charges like participating in on lawful public assembly and also of possessing offensive weapons
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and in the past hong kong police would typically issue letters of no objection to allow public demonstrations to last until around midnight but this weekend they decide not to issue such a letter and experts believe that this is a move for them to legitimize the arrest of demonstrators under multiple different charges while also using weapons to disperse the crowd you know i can't help but think of this as a bit of a rorschach test when i look at the situation. you can see the protesters and find them an inspiration that they are exercising their freedom of assembly and freedom of speech but from beijing's point of view this confirms everything they fear about civil liberties and democracy so what is the communist party saying to people in china about what's happening in hong kong. so 3 as we can see probably on multiple social media platforms china's official maybe have
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been portraying the ongoing protests in hong kong as illegal and violent assemblies initiated by radical rioters and during today's press conference it is also clear that the central government support the hong kong police to use weapons like rubber bullets or tear gas against protesters y.-o. making arrests it is also very clear that the central government do not want to allow this movement to really contradict the principles of the one country 2 systems policy in hong kong and then they have emphasized the top priority now is to restore social stability william yang thank you we head to the afghan capital of kabul next where an attack on the office of a high profile politician killed at least 20 people on sunday the 1st day of campaigning in the country's upcoming presidential elections the apparent intended
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target was sally a former intelligence chief and the afghan president's running mate she escaped with light injuries in an otherwise deadly bombing the government said around 50 people wounded in the suicide attack and subsequent firefight between security forces and gunman who hold themselves up in the building the battle lasted 6 hours and ended with all assailants dead. we have journalist alula t.v. in kabul to tell us more ali authorities say all of the attackers were killed do we know who they are by now and has anyone claimed responsibility. at this point this attack remains one of those rare exceptions where it's been almost 24 hours and nothing will sponsor bolton but one thing we have to remember is that on the last only as one of those people he's very vocal and he makes a lot of statements that make a lot of people angry and 30 years he's been a very very strong critic of both
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a pop song stablish made and it's all obama there are a lot of the tension suspects and who and you but it just won't there's nobody that's come out right and so we did i ask you this question last week same question has this is this going to impact the peace process you know at this point the peace process is going on this isn't the 1st attack this won't be the last unfortunately and we don't know who's actually carrying it out there have been some developments the government is saying that within the next 2 weeks they're supposed to meet all of on face to face which the taleban in the lead u.s. negotiator both sort of rephrased inside it's a possibility after everything else is sorted out and that you know government representatives to be part of a larger body to meet with them ali latif thank you turning now to india's capital delhi and the city's problem with trash the u.n. has called it the world's most polluted capital it hosts for example the country's
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biggest trash mountain the guide support landfill is located in the far east of the city more than a stinking dump it's a public health risk studies show its operation puts locals at risk of respiratory and stomach illnesses and even cancer and last year a landslide there killed 2 people the mount has grown about 10 meters a year over the past 30 years and officials don't seem to be able to do anything about it. over 15 stories high and new rising delis trash mountain is on course to grow taller than the taj mahal by next year india's supreme court has ordered red warning lights to alert aircraft to the giant pile below. the dump reached capacity 17 years ago but the trucks still keep coming. unloading 2000 tons of garbage
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every day. and this pile of waste belches out a host of deadly dangers like leach 8 a toxic black liquid that seeps into nearby canals and frequent fires sparked by methane gas. smoke from a nearby recycling plant adds to the misery researchers say the health of people living within a 5 kilometer radius is at risk. at this local clinic the doctor sees 70 people a day with breathing and stomach ailment which she blames on the dump. it again was late getting into. these boys and this guess this then began have been said in the long term. health scares that are driving people from their homes. i'm leaving this neighborhood for the sake of my children i have 2 children one is
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8 and the other is 4 and both frequently get ill because of the pollution. efforts to shut down delis trash mountain haven't worked because authorities couldn't find an alternative dump site. but environmental experts warn the waste crisis will only get worse as india's growing economy pumps consumerism into overdrive. that's it for now check out our other stories on dot com for slash asia or on facebook or twitter we'll leave you with more pictures from protests in hong kong the 8th weekend people have taken to the streets there thanks for watching see you next time and goodbye.
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take. us with. the game so special. for all true for. more than football. i'm. going to an official estimates more than
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1200000 venezuelans live in colombia. over the wide return to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. a big check boost for southeast asia's largest economy in asia eagerly await billions of dollars in investment in green mobility and digital infrastructure where's the money coming from. the e.u. says some nations are becoming too lax with credit ratings agencies and essentially limit the country's access to the financial. and protecting itinerant laborers from
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exploitation as they move across the e.u. in search of work. i mean for let's do business the right having apple is grabbing itself an even bigger chunk of the southeast asian market the region's most successful startup now has its sights set on indonesia it wants to create a next generation transport network with electric vehicles and a cleaner grid is valued at $14000000000.00 as a new powerful backa. for commuters trying to negotiate their way through southeast asia infamous traffic gridlock to grab is becoming the route of choice the singapore based startup has displaced in the region and now it wants to grow further one market it wants to expand is indonesia and soft bank the world's biggest investor and high tech is backing grabs ambitions .


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