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this is you know we news live from berlin a russian opposition leader alexina vali is discharged from the hospital but what made him sick why his doctors says he was poisoned with a toxic agent of all these now back in prison after suffering an allergic reaction also coming up an 8 year old boy is pushed on to railway tracks struck and killed by a train at frankfurt's main station a suspect has been questioned by police and china condemns the antigovernment protests in hong kong after another weekend of clashes between demonstrators and
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police. thank you so much for your company everyone russia's most prominent opposition leader alexina vali is back in prison he was hospitalized after contracting an undiagnosed illness and attention one of all these doctor objected to his discharge because she suspects that he may have been poisoned on a volley was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after his face welled up in his skin turned red his doctor had this to say after he was sent back to prison when you will all he was poisoned by some sort of unknown chemical substance so it's unclear whether what he has is contact dermatitis or not but he was in a life threatening condition and now they are sending him back to the same. a place
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where that same toxic chemical substance might be again and the 2nd exposure to whatever it was could have serious consequences for his health but that is why i am categorically against what is happening the patient should be under medical observation at a hospital this was a chemical substance even the doctors here have admitted that. it did you get you that it is not you know of all these physician there but what makes alexina volley such a for medical photo the kremlin well back in 2011 the man challenging vladimir putin's rule lead a wave of protests against the president and his party of all he has spent numerous periods in jail for allegedly disturbing public order and leading unsanctioned protests. after taking to the streets demanding free local elections and an open democracy protesters in moscow now face the threat of prison sentences the same goes for their leader alexei navalny he had been arrested before
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the protests even began and is now charged as he has been many times before with organizing an illegal protest. my biggest i had gone out for a jog and to buy my wife flowers for her birthday happy birthday by the entrance there was a small bus of russian special forces in there arrested me now i look like an idiot in shorts in the police station but that's how it is sorry jules is new. so years russia's government has known the impact of only could have as a fierce outspoken critic of the kremlin. novelle he refers to himself as a nationalist democrat in recent years however fighting corruption and nepotism in russia has become his priority. this video from 2016 shows several properties which allegedly belong to vladimir putin the value far exceeds the official income of the russian president the kremlin really reacts to these
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accusations but nevertheless he has repeatedly called in the crosshairs of the russian justice department time and again his efforts to organize against the kremlin have seen and up behind bars in total he has spent 5 months of his life in russia's prisons so. much all right let's bring in our correspondent only sure and now she joins us from the russian capital of moscow emily what do we know about alexina bellamy's condition well a we've had contradicting accounts of. these health all day we just heard from alex they now find these doctor who said that he had been poisoned and that he really shouldn't be sent back to detention on the other hand the doctors at the hospital where he was being treated diagnosed him with what they said was contact dermatitis which is basically a rash that you get when your skin reacts allergic to something that you touched they say that his condition has improved that's why they said that's why they sent
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him back and when one of the doctors today was asked by journalists about an alleged poison she said that that had not been proven so it's really hard to know what his condition at the moment really is and how serious it is now this all happening of course in the backdrop almost unprecedented wave of public on restaurant that has erupted in moscow how concerned are authorities by these recent events. well that's right there have been several weeks actually of protests ongoing protests over these upcoming moscow parliamentary elections and i think authours these seem to be very concerned ahead of the on authorized protests that we saw on saturday there were very strong warning signals to the opposition several candidates offices and how apartments were searched there were arrests made including of alec saying now via me there were warnings from the mayor and from the police to protesters not to come out as the protests on saturday could be dangerous
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as they said then they sent out very clear signal with all those arrests over a 1000 on saturday but the opposition is still saying that they want to come out next week and rally again and we may be seeing today now the beginnings of a new crackdown several of the candidates who were arrested on saturday were released and they're now being arrested and that includes prominent figures such as . a prominent opposition figure here conveniently if those people are behind bars that means for the next 10 or 77 or 10 days as is as is the case it seems that means that some of the protest leaders could be off the streets this coming saturday which could be convenient for the author already they don't want this to happen again what happened on saturday especially because the world is watching german officials government officials have voiced their concern over the arrests that happened on saturday and of calls for people behind bars to be released. from
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reporting from moscow thank you. and here are some of the other stories we're tracking for you this hour. brazilian authorities say more than 50 people have died in a prison riot in the north of the country officials said brutal fighting erupted between rival criminal groups at the also near a prison in paris state the death toll may still rise. sudanese citizens have taken to the streets of the capital hard to after 4 high school students were shot dead there are protests the country's main opposition group has called for more demonstrations against a military government all this comes just weeks after the opposition and the military agreed to an outline of a power sharing agreement. in bangladesh over 1000 people have been diagnosed with potentially deadly day fever the country is suffering its worst ever outbreak of the disease with 8 people dead so far and over 13000 cases reported local media say
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the number of victims may be much higher. now to a tragic story here in germany an 8 year old boy died when he was pushed onto railway tracks and struck by an incoming train at frankfurt's main station the boy and his mother were both pushed from the platform by a man who fled the scene but bystanders caught the suspect who's being questioned by police. the attack met with widespread horror across germany. while the 40 year old mother was able to get off the track her son was fatally hit by an incoming high speed train. to food security to the main suspect a 40 year old man fled the scene some eyewitnesses are part of this to us able to track him down with the help of civilians and he was detainee of the station he's currently being questions about the incident and his motives at the moment i can't
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say why you might have done it it's a bit about sewall not a script on how to relate a kind i can't say for while a clear motive has not been established police and prosecution are working on an early theory beginning right now we believe the 2 parties did not know each other that there was no relationship between the victims and the perpetrator so as to lunch about a possible motive. people in frankfurt are appalled. at all i'm so sorry for the woman the child the bystanders and of course the driver of the train have they not i i have 3 children myself and the 1st thing i thought was how my daughter is the same age my feeling is indescribable i just can't understand how somebody could do something like this at the same time besides questioning the suspect police are working with eyewitnesses together more information the mother is being treated in a hospital. let's get more on this tragic story you know i want to take you to our
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correspondent who is tracking the very latest kate of what more have you learned well so far we know that the suspect is still being questioned and all thor it is a trying to get to the bottom of his motive for pushing that 40 year old woman and her 8 year old son onto the tracks as well as a 3rd person who has managed who managed actually to move out of the way before they were also pushed on to the tracks and what we now also know that the german interior minister. actually has announced that he's going to be cutting short his vacation to speak with some of germany's top security chiefs about what the interior ministry described as several serious crimes that have taken place recently and we're expecting to then hear a statement from him tomorrow so this is being taken very seriously here in germany . what more do we know about the suspect who is currently being questioned. what we know so far is that it's a 40 year old man from eritrea which is
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a fact as well that some far right commentators and politicians of already jumped on a specially on social media using that fact to bolster their argument in germany's ongoing migration debate which of course is something that the german interior ministry will also be keen to make sure that that debate doesn't boil over once again to what we do also know from the police that the suspect was known to the victim and to that to his mother that 40 year old woman who too was pushed on to those tracks such a tragic tragic story your kid brady year will porting think you. are. we're going to turn our attention now to china the government there has held a rare news conference to condemn the ongoing unrest in hong kong it comes after another weekend of clashes between police and anti-government protesters china
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called the turbulence horrendous incidents that have seriously damaged the rule of law beijing also reaffirmed its backing of embattled hong kong chief executive kerry lamb. scenes of street protests like this are becoming more and more frequent after an 8 consecutive weekend of demonstrations in hong kong beijing responded with a rare statement. hyung don't get used to that e.u. and yet the recent developments in hong kong especially the acts of violence by a small number of radical activists have seriously undermined the territories prosperity and stability and challenge the rule of law and public order yet the lives and property of hong kong residents are under threat. beijing adds that the protests violate the principle of one country 2 systems the
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marches began over a proposed bill that would allow suspects from hong kong to be extradited to mainland china for trial the bill was shelved but protesters have not backed down their calling for the resignation of hong kong leader kerry and for greater autonomy. the comments from beijing do not appear to have eased the tension. we wish beijing the facials will truly try to understand what hong kong people really want what happened in beijing today and this afternoon would actually help fan the fall of what's already been a tsunami of protest and hong kong. once again as peaceful demonstrations have turned increasingly violent. with more protests planned and beijing standing firm behind hong kong's leader a resolution seems a long way off. and shift gears now and turn to go for
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