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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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when i was a cop. is the world really getting better. at global $3000.00 special reports. starts aug 19th on digital. asian shares held up as u.s. china trade negotiations resumed the chinese scientists optimistic but what can we really expect from the talks in shanghai will speak to an expert. also coming up new worries and to buy as it warns new lawsuits are on the way over its weeks killa . and some 10 years after the global financial crisis and collapse of spain's real estate market madrid hopes for hundreds of thousands of jobs from a massive redevelopment project that will take
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a generation to build. but come to do that the business want to give jones good to have you with us and a new round of trade negotiations between the u.s. and china is getting underway in shanghai it's the 1st face to face discussions since the kosi asians collapsed back in ne washington and beijing has so far hit each other with punitive tariffs covering more than $360000000000.00 in 2 way trade the u.s. accuses china of unfair business practices including faith of intellectual property a few days ago trump threatened to pull rick recognition of china's developing nation status of the world trade organization prompting and irritable reply from beijing about the quote arrogance and selfishness of the united states. well for more on this fresh round of u.s. trying to trade negotiations i'm joined by richard mcgregor senior fellow at the
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now institute in sydney good to have you with us and i understand that you know the political scene in china very well you've written a book about chinese premier pain and the tone between the 2 sides is not exactly friendly these days what's at stake for she and his leadership well i think she and the rest of the chinese leadership have come to a conclusion that it's not really worth they go see i think they're earnestly with donald trump because they realize it didn't make any concessions they make a deal it will be back to something or a couple of weeks later so i think they've got a much sterner approach a much stricter approach for months tougher approach to negotiations now but got a bottom line which they're very clear about they're not going to give any concessions to the u.s. unless the u.s. removes all tariffs so i think all in all see jim ping is realize that he can't give too much away that donald trump because it would hurt him but. so what exactly
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is china's negotiating tragic strategy because a prolonged trade war certainly can't be in either side's interest well it's not but i think china realizes that's what it's going to get and so i think they're settling in now for a long trade war they're not nearly as exposed to the u.s. as the market as they once were they're not nearly as reliant on export exports as they once were about i think china is hurting it's chinese private companies which the exporters are hurting most china sort of the premier technology company way is also under a lot of pressure but i don't think china thinks it will get much by giving way a way to the u.s. so they're really settling in for a long term battle now is there any significance to the fact that trade negotiations this time take place in shanghai and not in beijing. look i just think it's a little bit of b.s.
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or a sideshow if you like. you know perhaps there's a recognition that we won a big deal because there would be a big deal some time that would be in beijing perhaps it's also recognition maps trying as that goes here in spain is changing as well previously it was vice premier you know who was in charge now we have a vice minister of commerce who's considered to be a much harder line negotiator sitting aside alongside lists of the oh so i think it's it doesn't tell you much you know the fact that we don't have such low expectations in these negotiations is what sort of makes people think that shanghai is interesting all right so obviously low expectations means we can't get disappointed there richard mcgregor senior fellow at the institute in sydney thank you so much for your time and your insights. and other news by is this unlikely to achieve its profit goal for this year because of thousands of lawsuits
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in the united states the german chemical and pharmaceutical company says it is now facing $18400.00 u.s. legal cases over the life of state the chemical is a key ingredient in need to care less that plaintiffs accused of forcing cancer. research show it is safe burnings have also been hit by trade disputes and flooding in the u.s. . a lot on zaha seen profits drop by a quarter over the past year the german airline has published its financial results for the 3 months to june they show it made to just over 754000000 euros the company still a 4 percent rise in sales during the quarter but it continues to suffer as a result of rising fuel prices and the price war among europe's and eyes. and bach lease j.p. morgan the royal bank of scotland u.b.s. and citigroup are all being sued by investors over allegations they rigged the global foreign exchange market invest as a taking those 5 banks in a u.s.
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style class action to ports in britain the claim estimated to be worth around $1100000000.00 euros was filed at the competition appeal tribunals on monday the banks declined to comment some of world's biggest investment banks have already paid around 10000000000 euros combined in fines to settle u.s. british and european regulatory allegations that trade has wreaked the currency markets lots of interesting stuff there for my financial market correspondent as it has pun day in a frankfurt azure toys disappointing earnings reports there and a us style class action against 5 big banks which news moves the market most. both really but for now it's by and the new fans that would be taking a beating they're expected to open in the red by of course 18400 years is not really staring at a penalty in excess of
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a trillion dollars if you apply the penalties that have already been imposed on the company so clearly by a would be not looking at setting these cases and it has already hired a lawyer who is an expert at settlements as far as lost tons is concerned it's again the same story that we heard from ryan air yesterday price was an overcapacity in europe and interestingly yesterday. tons of for selling seats at below cost of price and today tons of that says it's run it and rand there hasn't actually made any secret of its strategy of keeping prices low to price out we go. and that we have reduced overcapacity in europe all right so a little bit of a blame game going on there let's just go back to this this kind of us style class action against 5 big banks because for europe this is still fairly new are we going to see more of that kind of class action now but certainly i mean that it looks like this century gives an avenue to all these small investors who cannot
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individually take on the might of the big banks late names you just mentioned so you're going to see more of these and of course and there is already a 14000000000 class action suit against a mosque in britain and that's where it is supposed to pay $14000000000.00 for illegal alleged illegal credit card fees so i mean he was pressed for more such cases in the future you know i should just monday in frankfurt thank you so much. spanish capital is set to start working on its largest ever expansion madrid. celebrated as the biggest construction project in all of europe and it's said to bring hundreds of thousands of jobs along docked by political bickering and opposition by residence the multi-billion euro project is finally underway. a quick and smooth vote ended a political deadlock lasting a quarter of
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a century modify it under several city administrations the current council has approved. a project that will dominate madrid for a generation. i. know of an order is a 7000000000 euro mega project involving 3000000 square meters of land over 10500 new housing units are planned post office and business base and a park covering the old train station which will be moved underground planners seen over north as a reboot to the city. to closing an urban gap in the north of the city it's a great opportunity to rethink the city and to plan for the city's future. a bright future according to some the city is talking about an economic impact of nearly 18300000000 euros in the region and says that almost a quarter of a 1000000 new jobs will be created. organic farming has become ever
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more popular business to enter but for some new organic farmers in new york state this business has become as much about acceptance and belonging as profit margin and bottom line. crops of potatoes squash and we set our range to neat rows tractors work the fields cultivation the soil preparing for harvest free range chickens package grain. well hill farm looks just like dozens of other farms in long island but this is an organic farm with a difference. the farm is run by women and gender non-binary people. key workers in the $50000000000.00 organic agriculture industry in the united states. director gunter it's imperative all her practices feel equal. everyone gets the same opportunities to learn skills like how to drive
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a truck to. the community feeling is crucial it's such a healing profession we're trying to present to be able to be out and working the land and to to to feel really empowered and really present in their bodies and their work and i think that especially for people. it's really really difficult to find work that is like really self-sustaining and really. yes in a very basic sense. organic farms can be more gender diverse because they're usually smaller and need less upfront investment just makes them more accessible to new farmers the average organic farm is about $140.00 hectares compared to $180.00 hectors for a conventional farm many here grew up on farms but could never show their true identities. so being able to show up with that intimacy with the land but
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also with my clearness in the space really allows me to show up and so in a lot of ways i feel like doing work with this is that it allows you to that true enter play with their selves and it. in a lot of ways doing work in this way it teaches you a lot about yourself. what a good age of the number of organic farms in the united states is growing fast on crops at the markets that's when the produce of acceptance and belonging are harvested. and that's a business update here on the w. for me that's in member len thanks for keeping us company.
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what secrets lie behind the small. find out 1st of experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage site it's. w world heritage for 60 get. the squad. as it seeks. to understand the why.
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we need to take a closer to. experience knowledge. welcome to the news from the world of ops and culture i'm robin merrill we're going to be looking at aqua tech that saw good techs who specialize in houses on the water also coming up in our continuing series 100 german must reads a wannabe writer spirals into drug addiction. and seeing the world through the unique perspective a british photographer caught in. this.
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world now many people dream of living on the water here in europe that tends to mean a come out something similar but how about a real house with almost kongs and and up stairs and down stairs of course the experts at living on the water the dots we've been to a housing complex in amsterdam that float on the homes are environmentally friendly as well. living on water in the city center one day more than 100 people will live on the site canal in amsterdam. need and his wife yvonne from sark are among the 1st residents. to the slaves confused it's a different way of life here the more this way. the water's sparkless and really.


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