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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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a british tanker near the strait of hormuz london accused tehran of state piracy on the high seas and it asked its european allies for assistance a week has passed and the british government and its call for help well they've both changed now london says it needs washington's help to which it will get but the u.s. wants germany on board as well tonight a formal request has gone out from washington to berlin so far the only response sign i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. or if you thought this is you. any threat in the straits of hormuz is to all international shipping is kind of target us there is no question that the e.u. operation must all safety in step with what the americans that doing in my condo
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behind you are caught up there you see this shouldn't be some some to create political e.u. that sees us. tussle but they're trying they're pretty very. funny like all good he says about international rule and the rules of the international legal system being held there are there. also coming up and today is a world day against human trafficking more and more people are being displaced and forced to migrate these are boom times for the criminals dealing in desperate soul . left unchecked transnational organized crime can undermine governments address disrupt market drain national assets inhibit the development of stable societies and endanger our citizens generally. on to our. viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a u.s. request to germany that may be falling on deaf ears today here in berlin the u.s. embassy confirmed that the u.s. has formally asked germany to join a european led force to protect shipping in the strait of hormuz just off the coast of iran now this request apparently was sent out days ago getting no reaction from the german government or making the request formal it will not make it any easier for germany to offer a reply germany is one of the european countries still committed to saving the iran nuclear deal now that deal has been put into question since the u.s. withdrew from it last year tensions between iran and the u.s. have increased ever since germany's foreign minister has repeatedly stated that deescalation and diplomacy must remain top priority some lawmakers here have said publicly that joining the mission in the strait of hormuz to protect shipping would
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mean suddenly siding with the americans in a war with iran. well iran has made it clear it is against any international force moving into waters off of it sure is saying the greater the military presence the greater the risk of a military confrontation iran makes constant efforts to ensure the sea of oman the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz remain safe passage ways for international shipping the presence of foreign forces wouldn't help the regional security and if anything he would actually be the main source of tension. all right we've got complete coverage of this story tonight with me here in the studio is nicole madrid from the german council on foreign relations and in washington is bradley bowman he is with the foundation for defense of democracies and he's a former national security advisor to members of the senate armed services and the foreign relations committees to both of you are welcome nicolle let me start with
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you the u.s. made this request to germany which we're hearing is that the request was made several days ago for them to join this force and they didn't get an answer and today the embassy here said ok we'll make it official the request has been made official is germany ignoring and i dare say is germany trying to blow off the truck administration at this juncture. actually a country to be a force to be off the trumpet ministration because the whole german industry is dependent on the safety of the travel of the of the routes and the escalation in this region will affect the german economic sector in a way that unprecedented so there has to be an onset but the problem is the coalition and as you already pointed out. that. part of the government so far has been pretty outspoken that it will not support the mission on
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u.s. leadership and if it's still discussing the option off it in your mission and i think the practicality of having 2 missions here might might not be what will come out at the end so i'm pretty convinced that it has to be something in the middle there were 2 missions in the last week we were talking about a european led mission and we've also had the u.s. trying to create a coalition an international coalition and it seems now with this new british government that maybe these projects are merging i mean who knows better let me ask you what do you think about the germans concerns that if they join this mission in the strait of hormuz that they will automatically have to side with the americans in the event of a war between the u.s. and iran is that i mean is that serious that concern. a legitimate one.
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i think respectfully that's the wrong question i think the right question is what are germany's interests and what are america's interests there and the foremost interest which we share is in defending the freedom of navigation and the unfettered flow of maritime commerce that's a u.s. interest and that's a german interest that such interests we share as nato allies so while good allies can disagree on how we arrived at this point. the iran deal on the u.s. decision to withdraw from it we should be able to agree that we have a vested interest national security interest and an economic interest in having commercial vessels transit the strait of hormuz and then go on an attacked unmolested by iranians that's something we should be able to agree on and in german officials politicians have said so so the question i have for them is how are you willing to help what do you make of the fact then broadly that we have not received a firm yes from berlin. well i think these things take time i
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understand these things have to be coordinated among the various components of the german government just like they would have to be in the u.s. so you know i can understand these things take time but i think if we focus on the centers that we have in common which are very serious economic and security interests the answer should be yes the question is how you know i understand there are limited military assets that germany can sound but there's different ways to support this it could be ships aircraft surveillance drones it could be monetary support you know i think we have to focus on the freedom of navigation of a free unfettered flow of commerce aspect of nested if the goal is the void war with iran and avoid escalation now what we should be doing is deterring additional iranian attacks on those things and you know i've spoken with many members of the german parliament of the german government and they agree with what bradley's saying was let's talk about our shared interests and then they immediately say to me nicole that shared interest was the j.c. p.o. way the iran nuclear deal which we negotiated together which the u.s.
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unilaterally then turned its back on so these share into i mean how and how salient are these shared interests when it comes to you know joining a coalition in the strait of hormuz now i mean the fact that the interests basically of the same is effect here and as you've said many many politicians in the coalition government agree but still the fact that the u.s. left their andujar somehow limited the option of negotiating with iran you know what what would be the next threat and here jevon government doesn't want to provoke the iranians even more by having a mission on the us leadership which might not help in the negotiation process with iran and. again there might be a another solution to it because the german capabilities are pretty limited you know karen. it is not in play when it comes to defense issues so if for example the
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americans and even the british are the french would be to rely on german military support i doubt that but there has to be something outside and more than just a guess chair there has to be a clear commitment to support the safety off this this very important area where you're talking about policies that bring predictability and that's the thing that's lacking in the trump administration that's what we hear time and time again from german lawmakers abroad they offer that to you what should these lawmakers do i mean they tell was time and time again that they are dealing with a u.s. president who was unpredictable who can change policies with a tweet and they don't want to commit to something as serious as a force in the strait of hormuz something that would agitate the iranians when that when they know that that could easily be you know turned over on its head by this
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president. what do they do that's a reasonable concern that has been heard before and as a concern that some here in the u.s. share but i don't think the question is are they willing to sign up to the trump ministrations or ron paul's they are they willing to sign up to the max pressure campaign that's really not the question on the table in berlin the question berlin is what is germany willing to do protect its core national security not canonic interests with respect to freedom of navigation an unfettered flow of maritime commers roughly one 5th of the world's all goes through the strait what is germany willing to do and the goal is to avoid war in the gulf which no one wants no one wants the best way to do that is to deter additional iranian attacks on international shipping. well we will see if if that is the conclusion of the german government hopefully you know when in the next day or so it covered with the german council on foreign relations and bradley bowman with the foundation for defense of
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democracies to both of you thank you very much. you're watching the day still to come brazil's president wants to fight crime by making it easier for everyone to own a gun we'll hear from brazilians he believes more guns equal more say you can if you can see the more guns we have the more secure williams on the front of the police can't be everywhere at once with at least now it's easier to buy weapons and make them you into. the united nations is using today to draw attention to human trafficking it's a worldwide problem with more than 40000000 people thought to be trapped in some form of slavery almost half of trafficking victims are women men account for about a 5th nearly a quarter are girls and and she sees 7 percent are boys and the trafficking process
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can take many forms one of them is child marriage where children are married and they simply disappear some are forced into working in brothels the in g.-o. justice in care says that girls are being raped sometimes as much as 20 times a day in brothels some girls end up as domestic slaves and then there is you know the topic of forced labor when people many of them children as young as 8 years old are forced to work hard physical labor for long hours for little or no reward and this could be happening right before different of our eyes in it was a lot of factories in agriculture and even at carwashes when children make up most of those forced to work as a result of human trafficking in africa and in the mekong region the one thing that all human trafficking victims have in common is their vulnerability.
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joining me now from london is christina ever lovitz. she's the director of european operations for the anti trafficking in geo justice and care it's good to have you on the program the numbers of human trafficking over the past 10 years that we received from the u.n. today i mean they do not paint a pretty picture why has the situation become worse. good evening thank you for inviting me on your show you me guys the question of the out a number of reasons the freedom of movement has increased weight with more conscious being able to travel and want to be able to travel across the globe and that the month for 7 states has also increased the wait and see simply requests cheap services cheap products and so days ace of the mongo have to be a supply but also greed money this is all about money some of the criminals
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carrying out his activities will have a bold move goal which is to make enough money to pursue their criminal business in a cruel modeled and we know that bringing these criminals these perpetrators to justice that's a daunting task many times it's really only the victim's word. that's the evidence because you know being in slavery can make it impossible to collect evidence for a court procedure what would you say what can be done to make it easier to prosecute. there are again a number of. things that we can do in terms of the law enforcement and victim support calls for the collaboration we we need to be able to talk to each other freely without any restrictions of time delays are when we got the evidence we have to take into consideration their the weakness itself or the traumas that have gone through and both bring adequate support in such
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a way that he strengthens. and they carriage and need to to pursue justice but themselves and for others but alternately it does fall down to how the countries operate and how the entrées communicate with one another so if we take your own for example we rely on europe or we rely on the euro just to support member states talking to each other but very rarely does investigations reach such a high level it is at the low level a local level the investigations are not carried out adequately that yourselves and investigators are not trained appropriately and quite often his resources are not available to just and actually investigate this kristie let me obsess too of course we've got it we've got about half a minute left here climate change is expected to force more and more people to leave their homes is going to be more like ration is this a perfect storm for the criminals who benefit from human trafficking. it's part of a perfect storm it's going to help to create the perfect storm absolutely and the
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poor conditions from the home countries await the society's needs and requests for full but the lives will will allow the traffic as the tiger vote will individuals one of our communities and will freely and more openly right christine the governor over with the anti trafficking in geo justice in care christine we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. thank you. for the u.s. financial services company capital one has revealed that the personal information of more than 100000000 people was still during a cyber attack at risk and names addresses and phone numbers of credit card applicants in canada and the u.s. including yours truly a suspect we understand was arrested on monday capital one says the hacker exploited a weakness in its systems that's how they describe it let's talk about that now here from our d.w. business stephen beard there stephen that's what they're saying one person has been
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arrested in connection with this right but this is as you correctly have said this is a case of walking in the door after the horse has left the stable right in this case this is something with a person who's rested the crime is the fact that this allegedly perpetrator broke in and took these files released them but obviously more crimes can happen with all this information that's out there and that's the biggest concern is that it's not over for people the fact is this is the new reality in a world where financial institutions have access to massive databases and we live in a world where of course there's no way to prevent a vulnerability from occurring it will always occur in this case it looks like there was a faulty fire wall that someone who had an incentive to try and get in manipulated so she got in because she wanted to but also because there was a mistake so what happens is there's such an onus that falls on consumers to be protective that's more of a burden for us we have to put fraud alerts we have to get credit checks things like this if so much falls on us what you have to hope is that companies will begin
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to be more vigilant as well just look at equifax right this was the biggest data leak data breach in the history of the u.s. 147000000 consumers affected from this credit ratings agency which was selling personal information but hackers gained access to a lot of that information and the the company itself in. not report it as soon as it should have didn't make people aware and they just settled for $700000000.00. and they will have to spend half the amount of that paying for people themselves who were affected by this so you hope through that they will learn sets of people protected what's capital one going to do to reassure its customers that you know they're not about to be the victims of identity theft and who knows what right so it's offering things like free credit monitoring 1st we should mention that they do say that no credit card account numbers themselves were released and that no logons were compromised and there is plenty of personal information that does get out there though and so e-mails for example so you'd want to do is be vigilant phishing
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e-mails for example someone trying to get your information further report that capital one they say but again go with fraud alerts things like that there is sort of a step by step procedure to protect yourself against these things and once as otherwise this was a mistake and they're running into let me ask you what we're talking about data privacy we hear today that the smartphone giant google way has posted double digit sales growth in the 1st half of the year and that's just by u.s. efforts basically to cut its global supply chains is who are we winning here we should point out when we talk about the black listing of huawei it is for bidding american companies from supplying them that actually hasn't been such an ironclad rule and that american companies microchip producers have actually been able to get around that they've been worked around so they are still selling to them at some level. that said we have to remember that huawei is not the most transparent company is not publicly listed and these numbers are selective and some people who are really good at this kind of stuff have done some snooping and looked at their last quarter sales which they did release and they said it looks like most of the
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growth in this 1st half year came in that 1st quarter and so it looks like the 2nd quarter actually stayed the same suggesting that there was perhaps a fall off overseas especially if the numbers went up in china also keep in mind that it's going to have a tough sale if it wants to increase chinese sales in the. going to a tough task because of the economy there yeah i mean i guess is it could be moving forward this could be the call before the storm right reason yeah i mean how absolutely i mean this. was going to happen while weighs in the middle of trade talks the middle those trade talks and at the end the day everything is uncertain including whether these sanctions this blacklist will really bite them or not they don't know i don't know stephen beardsley from the business as always david thank you it's very. well brazil's president was elected on the promise of curbing widespread violence in the country
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part of his plan included a bill making it easier for citizens to buy guns critics say relaxing gun laws will not solve the problem but in our next report you're going to meet some people from rio de janeiro who think very differently. what is the right way to kill a man that's what deno is learning today she's holding a gun in her hand for the 1st time but after she is finished with this one day course she plans to buy her own revolver. to me i'm afraid of violence when my husband's away on trips i'm left on alone with my daughter i mean. then things get serious for the 1st time the students are allowed to shoot the guns themselves. it's feast that wasn't easy is riley i'm going to learn to aim better. a little exercise helps raise the students hard. i'm about as are has also decided to buy a pistol now that the weapons law has been eased. that was pure adrenaline
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it's a great sport to. do but the bloke will never have to use this go this is also. nearby as a gas station where the witnessed a robbery and murder a few months ago. it was then he decided to get a gun to watch to see if you can see the more guns we have the more secure warriors the whistles of the police can't be everywhere at once was it always know it's easier to buy weapons from you and. the police are also taking a harder stance on violence ruthlessly fighting drug gangs recently they've even started using snipers. last january police snipers shot at residents of this favela who they say they thought were criminals the hardline stance was initiated by presidential airball so not all who promised strict law and order if elected a policeman should kill a criminal with 102030 shots and then get
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a medal for it. today is just that kind of officer her life abruptly changed one day as she was picking up her daughter from school. on that day a man pulled his gun at her sus that he didn't hesitate shooting the armed man with her police weapon. many brazilians point to episodes like this as proof that every citizen should be armed. said there is a criminal think that we citizens are on armed. that makes them more careless. we decent citizens must be able to defend ourselves this is. the incident may catch a minor celebrity some want their picture taken with her she has since entered state politics and was elected to parliament there she supports the right to bear arms and a hardline policy on crime just like president also not 0. someone's willing to for
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many years didn't invest in security and it neglected infrastructures. that influenced the elections these people put their trust in the police force in people like me and i just thought he has close ties details are dino and chime about is our hope their states will follow suit until then they've taken safety into their own hands. and finally pop star perry has just found out the hard way it is not easy to be original a jury in los angeles found that her 5th darkhorse copy parts of a christian rap song now this is perry's 2013 soft list. this is a joyful noise released 5 years earlier by the rapper marcus gray alias claim.
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you know what. your career is telling you the fairy denies ever having heard the song but the crown could end up paying millions in damages it's a remarkable takedown of one of the pop world's me a relative unknown this could herald a wave of similar lawsuits by other artists and it could be end up being music to the ears of a copyright board. it's a great chain though isn't it are the days almost gone the conversation continues online and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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in. the front. of. the. millennial is do some things a bit differently and other things very differently. the older generation on the labor markets. are focused enough confidence and optimistic and they want nothing less good to change the world. to check the pools of generation one the 1st made in germany next g.w. . prospects are more than easy many young people seek their
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fortunes elsewhere but not into book 2 marley's fable seizing from the desert sun 5 years up to the realms of the islamists. but confidence is slowly returning. to something of timbuktu's past glory may return. african law books. in 45 minutes long d.w. . trying to burn the interest guy fundraise capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where you're a max series banana got an advantage in sunlight or something neat i love you even want to show what a certain looks like
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a tough choice like me by. this is. the story. gets very personal tips on berlin's very best. t.w. . exactly in what area of technology more you permission to snap chat pen trist instagram fi and twitter you know the big ones i'm surprised you didn't say you play sport. that's the old people like.


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