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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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street surveillance. they are experts be able to agree on the good god born with this technology to create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. in robot killers george aug 14th on t.w. . the u.s. and china are talking again but observers one don't expect too much of the straight negotiations in shanghai we get the latest from our correspondent in taipei. also coming up donald trump praises american wine saying it's better than french wine a matter of taste or simply business. welcome to the business life from bill and i want to get jones good to have you with us u.s. and chinese negotiators have resumed talks aimed at ending
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a costly tariff war over trade and technology this week's meeting is the 1st since president donald trump and china's premier sheeting ping agreed to resume negotiations that broke down back in may economists say the truce is fragile and quick breakthroughs are unlikely because the 2 sides still face the same disagreements with no indication as the government is ready to offer major concessions on tuesday president strong want to beijing against waiting out his 1st term to finalize any trade deal saying if he wins reelection in november 20 twentieth's the outcome will be worse for china. and for the latest on those trades talks let's bring in our asia correspondent in taipei harm good to have you with us through what do you hear where are those talks headed right now. well we've been watching it closely and is the 2nd day of the trade talks of course the meeting itself has been kept
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a secret of but from the remarks of china's top position making body we know it's different this time the politics your role of china had a meeting yesterday and said that china has a chance to turn a crisis into an opportunity it's a very different tone from the previous talks china is now confident and ready for a longer fight on the surface china will keep sending good wills to break the deadlock of the trade talks but deep in there my understand that china must rely on its almost a demand potential including vast countryside to manage the new risks and new challenges now if you say turning a crisis into opportunity how is beijing hoping to achieve that. interestingly minutes after the meeting of the politburo was published took it to twitter he said that china was supposed to start buying our agricultural
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products now knows they're doing so it's clear that farm products especially soybean is donald trump's weak point so even though the chinese media said china has bought 2000000 tonnes of soybean from the us but actually in fact those were all purchases and the number is far less so china can use it as a very a card that they have because it's a big problem for if you cannot have the american farmer support to win the 2020 and to buy or not to buy that. ok but of course at the same time this conflict is also weighing on chinese grows 2 different data out today just shows that factory output keeps sliding what kind of new measures is the chinese leadership going to propose to counter this economic slowdown. wall of the
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chinese leaders meeting didn't come up with anything but the recumbent patients. such as the like physical or monitoring but the chinese leaders believe that they can step allies many factory investment and the renovate old neighborhood and build up the livings that needed to buy the cities for example like car parks or refrigerated transport or view or like those warehouses that the future plan writes. reporting for us from taipei thank you so much for bringing us up to date on those trade talks and all eyes are on the u.s. federal reserve today the central bank is expected to lower interest rates by a quarter point it would be the 1st rate cut since 2008 that has been speculation about the probability of a rates count for weeks spurred on by federal reserve chairman general powell testimony before lawmakers in mid june in which he hinted that the cops could be on
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the way so his presence on the trump has been critical of the fed raising rates. now here is what donald trump told reporters at the white house only yesterday. for are you are we are here we. go out of it or we are. going to stop. here i would like. you are. like me we want. that you don't want that or you know very kind of thing i think was a big. day yesterday fighting the noise of the helicopter behind him and for more i'm joined by our financial market correspondent in frankfurt as he does trump wants a rate cut does he have a point will a rate cut today make him happy. and monica i think president trump is
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desperate to get cut this way or that way and the irony is that he may actually get one not because the fed reserve is going to be swayed by history to what he says but because of the trade was unleashed by him and as far as the rate cut that is concerned he may not get a big one as as big as he would like because the last time if i could put things in perspective when the fed reserve actually initiated and wanted monetary easing with a 50 basis point cut was very bad in during the time of recession back then the economy was in dire straits and things are much better right now all right so let's talk a little bit about the economy does the u.s. economy need a rate cut or would it harm it perhaps who will the jury is still out on that i mean those in support point to sluggish inflation which has been below
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fed target despite solid hiring despite a rise in wages and they also point to perhaps the need for an insurance policy what if they call me worsens with all the trade wars going around against it this is that big the u.s. economy is pretty solid at 2 point one percent growth rate and also consumer spending which is a critical part of the diet g.d.p. 70 percent is quite solid so clearly there is no foot. in place there but eventually i think the market is pricing for a 25 basis point cut today all right and of course we'll know more about that particularly the federal reserve's decision later today i'm sure to pandey reporting from frankfurt thank you so much for this. more overseas visitors travel to britain during the 1st 3 months of $29000.00 compared with a year ago according to the office for national statistics but their spending fell
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despite the weak pound. they are the winner of the cheap pound tourists from all over the world visiting britain although it's raining cats and dogs they appear quite happy with their travel destination because they are saving money the pound is falling to the lowest level in more than 2 years as an old bricks and deal looms . on the journey wouldn't have been possible because of the low salaries we have in mexico traveling to britain isn't something everyone can do but now it's been possible for me that it's if we don't go to more restaurants or we don't do more shopping because of that we just yeah. quite surprised but we don't take that much of vantage. and here are the losers in this game british tourists on the continent here in paris they feel the drawback of the falling poland and the strong euro. i think it's a fossil that found eating out is more exact and fair definitely yeah what bracks
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it has in store for them doesn't worry everyone after all people are on vacation. although he is only weak because to deliver in delhi to there we need to get on and get on it and start working for the belt again that's all we need to do so some british remain optimistic about brics it even while enjoying an expensive holiday in paris. and now to some of the other global business stories making news. the u.s. tech giant apple profits later 13 percent to $10000000000.00 at the end of the last quarter the i phone make its attempts to grow its services business are bearing fruit services revenue growth to a new record of nearly $12000000000.00. apple's results beat analyst expectations. the protests against the hong kong government are affecting the economy analysts say they are driven away or driving away tourists and hitting hong kong's
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reputation as a regional trade and finance hub and the ongoing trade dispute between china and the us is also hitting economic growth. samsung has posted a drop in a net profit of more than 50 percent for the 2nd quarter of the year to $4400000000.00 a south korean tech giant puts the slump down to global factors such as the us china trade will. is american wine better than french wine well president on a trump thinks so and he hopes that connoisseurs in his country switch to domestic vintages he's long teased about taxing french wine but now france's agricultural minister responded. no more come share the wine this friendship is over and as usual it ended with a tweet. france just put a digital tax on our great american technology companies wrote president trump
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threatening reciprocal actions and adding in typical trump fashion i've always said american wine is better than french wine. that might be a matter of taste for the french it's all about business the agricultural minister let off steam on a national t.v. show. sure it is absurd to say you tax google apple facebook and amazon now we tax your wines is completely morani we tax the technology companies because they reap enormous profits in our country millions of billions of euros and there's no reason for them not to pay taxes why in exports are a completely different thing. it is unclear how much the us tax on wind will actually cost the french economy if it ever came to that experts say it's mostly makers of cheaper wines that might feel the pinch as their fathers won't find buyers in the us as for the country's best vintages they should be fine. but
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usually j.t. she feels for the united states is the biggest export market for the french outside the e.u. but only in terms of value not volume that means the american strength french wine that is expensive and i'm sure an american who buys a bottle for $100.00 or $150.00 won't think twice before buying a bottle price at $180.00 or $200.00. for the others there's always a decent california fun dell to toast with. and that is your business update here on d w for me and the team and thanks for keeping this company.
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the next generation to change it. isn't channels available to people to take action and returning something to the next generation. is the environment series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and we will be looking at the future of music robots a i and hopefully the human touch as well also coming up an exclusive wine festival in switzerland only takes place 5 times every century. and a german island that has more coastline per square kilometer than any other. we
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start with music and a landmark ruling by the european union's top colt the case involving iconic german band craft back and hip hop producer moses palla who used to crawford sample on a 99 head of his european court of justice ruled that if the song but his recognizable music producers have to off the arses of mission a case that could affect the future of music. and the future of music is actually what we're going to concentrate all now crawl fact we're only pretending to be robots in the 19th seventy's today robots or some form of ai creating music composing it and i access to music has changed.


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