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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2019 8:45pm-9:00pm CEST

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and in our series on island hopping we visit jersey just off the coast of france. the srabon gotten is here in germany a small plots of garden colonies that city dwellers love to have to grow vegetables flowers or just to sit in and relish the simple joys of nature at the weekend this is typically german as is the fact that these hobby gardeners are this year celebrating the 100th anniversary of the rules and regulations of such gardens really rachel stood is an expert on all things quintessentially german. well piece of your slice of calm in the city. well. all over germany on the outskirts of towns of the long lines you'll find god in colonies plots of land divvied up and rented out to green. about garden. there
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are several names for the allotment in germany because they've got enough for $370.00 square metres of manicured lawns neat flower beds and decoration is welcomed including of course the king of german kitsch the garden gnome. in the 19th century city populations blue and green spaces dwindled many versions of allotments gave poor families some outdoor space and the opportunity to grow their own food this self-sufficiency proved bicycle during the 2 world wars in communist east germany leaders originally viewed these individual god noises with suspicion but they soon softened to the concept once they realize that this could help make up the shortfall in a fresh. today it's not about the sensitive and more about lifestyle. said. compu dozens of flights. for 2000 where they got.
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there are about a 1000000 allotment gardens in germany the capital but then boasts the most but if in fact it's nothing one up you'll have to join the queue behind the 12000 other nature lovers on the local waiting lists and in many cities the need for more housing is putting a lot more gardens under threat of course in germany gardening rights come with governing responsibilities ladies and gentleman the rule book ok that's a bit of an exaggeration but the federal law on allotments is impressively detailed and on top of each client got an association has its own set of rules for example. which kinds of. the. for me. the term mentality literally a lot mentality is used to describe the attitude of someone who has meticulously for their own metaphorical god and is quick to pass judgment on someone. in fact
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seems a lot like god knows i've got a bit of a reputation. you know i'm going to. start from. ok this is coming up this is kind of a mixture between square very particular in our mind and basically if you don't want to be. that's for sure. but. if you've been going to begin to transfer even though i know you can spot the stereotypes things are changing many associations are loosening the rules to attract younger members and the somewhat cooler sounding urban gardening trend has come along to boost gardening street cred when gardening. type so much for lunch isn't a bombshell i want to. get on the. open gardening want to. come on i've also. understood my love for fish and gotten on mr hood this morning
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and shared responsibility fit better into a modern works at will and it costs a lot less to take. this more relaxed approach to gardening is proving popular with all sorts of non-typical a lot regardless and it's helping to carry on jamie's tradition. that was me the germans not trying to beat the europeans because we sent 2 young colleagues here did you d.w. on the trip of a lifetime judea south delhi and the ease of phone records and took an interest trip around europe by train from here they went public in greece will be to italy from the netherlands and documented it all on instagram facebook is. $22.00 days from countries and one taking we're taking you on a train trip through europe i'm and i'm julia and together will be that year of pop
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summer destinations but it will also discover it's time. that was 3 weeks ago and now they're back here with me in the studio they've survived. 3 weeks so judy what was the most challenging thing about it well one thing that worried me was trying to get along with luisa for 3 weeks but i think it's pretty well and that's one thing that we found quite difficult was arriving in paris and it being 42 degrees celsius so it was the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city and we had to find creative ways to try to survive the heat so we basically and it up staying in the hotel until it got cooler and then visited the sites in the evening now louise i've beings most countries in europe i've been to a city behind never be diverted so i don't know you went to bed it's so how was venice but that's of the fickle question of course it's a wonderful city there's so so much to see so much history but we were also quite
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surprised of how many tourists we actually encountered we found out that actually informing yourself well before going there and also going by nights when most of the tourists have gone as good to oh ok so it was very busy now you talked before about you said about hidden gems and i believe slovenia was a hit jim why was that yeah it was it was surprising to us how beautiful the country is and we had also. the trip so that we visited a lot of cities but slovenia was an opportunity to get into nature so we went hiking on the mountains near moneyball and that was a great way to come away for fresh then having experienced gorgeous european nature and you go away from the crime yes. now unfortunately you had to work was this posting on instagram and facebook and into the interacting with followers on your trip what was that like well we didn't expect actually that it would be such a positive experience we thought we would have critiques but actually most of it
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was really positive we had people wishing us good journey saying hello every morning commenting on the photos and even someone at the end said that she had tears in her eyes when she learned that we were at the end of our trip and is that is it still going on this process or have you finished everything we're still responding to a few messages that we get but from tomorrow we are off on new adventures yet really. what was prague like probably was great i had already been dweezil had already been but it was a great way to experience the city and we took a free walking tour which is something we would really recommend to discover new cities or maybe learn new things about somewhere you've already been and the last part of your trip i saw a picture of it i'm still fishing for plastic yet it was about all so what else did i stood. for this is new for everyone but i got married to an answer them
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right for one day for that's part of the initiative that's called on tourist amsterdam and the principle is you meet locals and you spend the day together doing things that are good for the city and so we went plastic fishing for honeymoon yeah . now you're divorced i'm divorced over time but then every divorce now one of the great things about traveling is you meet local people. what was the impression of your fellow europeans so we met a lot of young europeans and what we found was a lot of people enthusiastic about europe open to people from other parts of the continent and really happy to be able to share common values common interests and just get to know each other better and that's lovely so yeah finally introduced me very popular in my day it's also popular slow travel would you do it again yes or not yes absolutely yeah yeah well it's been great having you here thanks for
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popping in and have a rest now and. if you want to see more of the whole the videos are on facebook at d w culture now we continue our journey around europe in our series on island hoping not so easy to get to by train this one jersey is just off the coast of france but much to the shagger of the french part of the british isles also its microclimate special which makes the flora and fauna quite unique. on the largest of the channel islands the pace of life is allegedly overlooking the harbor of gori is mont or guy castle a jersey landmark. another historic spot is vincent obama's state summer a mano it boasts one of the most diverse heard gardens in europe. some parts of the manor house are open to the public. along with the estate vincent
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nobody inherited the title of stand your a few diluted the island is officially ruled by elizabeth the 2nd pasadena's queen of the united kingdom but as head of the duchy of normandy jersey is actually independent of a complicated situation historically this and year enjoyed some unusual hereditary privileges. i used to have the right to shoot rabbits. regions. my wife if she. had a child had the right to be taken to church for a churching ceremony. or a horse to be provided by the priest all these things are very obscure but the rights and privileges that were attached to them. the island is lush and green thanks to frequent rain but the climate is mild an ideal combination for passionate
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gardeners like judith get a. good night's chaos is how she describes her garden which is open to visitors. are trying to make the garden very natural and so that we're very much thinking about the environment that we live in and how it fits into the valley and also trying to case are ready for the lots of be on the different. on the different. the garden is not very good it contains 2500 different plants including numerous rare species. cafés garden is indeed an award winning attraction it's a popular place for many of them even take a few gardening tips back home with them. i have to say if you've never been there jersey is
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a very special place everything slows down as it is for you no moral no websites that. slash cultural role on the go into rail journey as well as i said old have videos are on facebook culture that's it for now thanks for watching thanks to the crew here in berlin and thank you for joining us and join us again if you can at the same time some more are. going to.
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enter the conflict. lies in populism. rising in venezuela hong kong protests rocks a flock of. the world is in crisis mode. this week's weevils track of the key interviews of the season the point is typical wants to change the implied goal. you know me on jay leno best selling would you. like sophia. robots because they're still in the development phase of sorts what's going to happen when they grow up it will shamans and machines and spirit will to pass me
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co-exist or are we on the verge of a rugged lips if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then splits face it is probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society is this the beginning of a golden digital age one movie subjected to continuous state surveillance. of me on what experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. going to. school robot collapse starts aug 14th on t w.
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this is. tonight germany tells the united states it's a no foreign minister who says germany will not join a u.s. led mission to protect shipping in the waters off the coast of iran prefers diplomacy to deescalate tensions with the countries also coming up tonight.


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