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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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prospects are more than easy many young people seek their fortune elsewhere but not into books too much molly's fable says the desert song 5 years up to the realms of the islamists. a confidence is slowly returning. and something of timbuktu's class glory may return. now from the book. in 75 minutes on w. . i'm not laughing at the job well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and have an think deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country that i not. yet needed to take from this drama day out to me it's all that they know i'm a joke join me for me the german funded up the. post. robots are
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still in the development phase so some of what's going to happen when they grow much. will schumann's and machines being able to peacefully co-exist. for the farming on the verge of a remarkable its place if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then its 1st face it is probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence now spreading through our society cut is this the beginning of a good and digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. ai will experts be able to agree on tentacle guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous muslim systems the for.
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going to a place for robot collapse of sorts august 14th on t.w. the for. the for. the for. cut. the flame. this is t w is coming to you live from berlin china's military breaks at some. the
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hong kong protests had what's being called a thinly veiled warning the army releases propaganda video of a drill of armed troops quoting a protest in the territory could beijing be considering whether to send in the military for real but also coming up in germany takes flak from the u.s. after foreign minister heiko must refuses a request from washington to join a naval mission to bolster security in the whole persian gulf as tensions between iran and the west grow. u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls face salt in a 2nd debate front runner and former vice president joe biden comes under attack from old son. and the discover football festival is underway here in berlin with meet some of the inspiring women who are taking part as the tournament games to make it easier for women to get involved in the beautiful game.
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hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program the head of the chinese army in hong kong has spoken out in strong terms against months of street protests in the territory chen said unrest should not be tolerated stoking fears of intervention the army has also released a propaganda video to commemorate its 92nd anniversary it shows a military drill of armed troops quelling protests as recent demonstrations have seen violent clashes between protesters and police with tear gas and rubber bullets being fired protesters have been on the streets of hong kong for months now following the tabling of a controversial extradition bill. well for more now i'm joined by china policy analyst clifford kuhn in here in our studio. and our
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correspondent in beijing mathias bulling goes with us as well clifford with you what do you make of the call is by china's hong kong military commander well i think his comments are a clear warning nothing is ever said by accident everything you have to really interpret everything on i think this is a very clear message. and wants to show that the central government. is keen that hong kong situation doesn't get out of control and it sees itself very much as the force that is in a position to do it this $10000.00 troops there in the garrison in hong kong they are numerous occasions the last few days we've heard various officials saying that they have it within their readiness to intervene if there is a serious threat to central government rule to beijing rule in hong kong and so i think we have to take these very serious warnings so we've got that verbal warning saying the violence will not be tolerated we've also got the chinese military read
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leasing a video it's like a training drill showing army troops quelling a riot presumably in an urban place like hong kong yeah i mean the video is is it's pretty stark i over the years and i use in china i've i've seen the chinese army in action against tibetan buddhist monks and against weavers engine jiang and they're fairly formidable up to now in hong kong we've seen rubber bullets and sponge bullets and tear gas but if you look at these pictures in this image these this is heavy ordinance is a machine guns. this is a real military operation you know can see them they they have all these facilities for getting into buildings it's a real full on military operation so i think it's something that we definitely need to to be aware of and to see that there's a strong message here. but here is are we witnessing a change in china's approach to the you're under arrest in hong kong
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seems we've lost the line to mathias our correspondent he is building other but we do still have clifford with us in the studio of course maybe we can get back to the tears in a moment what do you see there in what in terms of policy from china's point of view is this a turning point well i think until now we've seen how the hong kong police have been have been very active in quoting the protests much to the dismay of many sectors of society in hong kong and feel they've been heavy handed. but from the central government point of view even though it looks to to many people hong kong looks heavy handed to the central government point of view from the central government's point of view in beijing they haven't been tough enough because the protests are still ongoing so i think that there could be a change in policy where they're starting to examine ways of how to bribe how to keep a lid on things we do have the 7 get on
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a verse 3 of the of the foundation of china of the people's republic of china this year and the government's going to be very keen to present a smooth and. powerful image that year and it won't run i think that's destabilising but at the same time it has to keep hong kong which is actually administered region of china it has to keep it very much within its ran as an under firm control you mentioned anniversary coming up well we'll just have an anniversary of the tenement square massacre there are concerns that we could see another kinnaman square situation in hong kong if this situation escalates with pro-democracy activists is that a plausible scenario in your opinion. it's always a fear of this new china has changed a lot in the 30 years it's still the commies party in control and there's a clear indication with these videos today. that the government wants to intervene in some way so who knows it is a possibility if
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a grim one i'm told we're back with our correspondent in beijing material. but here's how do you see it from your perspective be the statement by the military commander of china in hong kong who's the head of the garrison there the release of this video does this market change in china's approach to dealing with the unrest in hong kong. great off warnings that hot issued. moment. warnings that hot been issued earlier and it certainly needs to be taken seriously however this is a threat scenario that has been building up in the weeks before we have had military personnel in beijing issuing threats before i think i'm not sure beijing has a clear strategy or has
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a clear idea what to do at this moment we have also seen more soft and softening. comments the week before by the governing body that is responsible for hong kong the hong kong and macau affairs office. this i think they they're keeping them all the options open right now they're putting all the threats on the table and they will decide later what they are going to do interfering cliff it's not bad of course a big risk to them as well they've been shuttling back and forth between beijing and hong kong if you're still with me there mathias what impact do you think that these warnings from the chinese military likely to have on the protest movement in hong kong. feel afraid we have lost our line to beijing again but if you can still hear me mathias thank you very much and of course to clifford kuhn in our policy our china policy analyst here in our studio
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thank you to now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world in yemen dozens of people are dead after 2 separate bomb attacks struck the southern port city of aden one targeted of military parade while the other had a police station agent is where yemen's saudi backed government is based who the rebels late to read and have claimed responsibility for the attack on the parade. u.s. officials have told american media outlets that hums of bin laden the son of slain al qaeda leader osama bin laden was killed in a military airstrike so it was considered to be the successor to lead the terrorist group and had a $1000000.00 bounty on his head but the white house and the pentagon declined to confirm reports. that the united states has imposed sanctions on iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif the move comes amid escalating tensions between the 2 countries after attacks on oil tankers and version gulf sanctions will freeze any
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u.s. assets and limits the reach travel abilities iran's president hassan rouhani called the move childish and said the u.s. was scared of sorry. the u.s. ambassador to germany has criticised america's government for refusing to join a naval mission in the gulf the u.s. has its allies to help protect vessels as they pass through the strait of hormuz proposal the british government has agreed to but germany's foreign ministry has rejected that request saying that priority should be given through diplomatic efforts and to deescalating the situation. richard grinnell the u.s. ambassador said germany's economic strength brings with it responsibility to act here's how germany's foreign minister musts justified his position. with the german government will not participate in the si mission proposed and planned by the united states we are in close agreement with our french partners in this regard
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we think the strategy of maximum pressure is wrong if we do not want to military escalation we will continue to work with diplomacy to the sets. germany's foreign minister they're rejecting a u.s. proposal for a joint maritime security mission near iran meanwhile germany's new defense minister. has struck a different note saying no final decision has been made. we are considering this request in close consultation with the united kingdom and france. and we are doing this with particular consideration of our political and diplomatic goals and from this overall assessment a decision will be made. of more of i'm joined by security and international correspondent christiane. christiane we've got some sounds like differing views there the we've got the foreign minister saying no we're not going to help the u.s.
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in the gulf the defense minister saying maybe which is it it's been confusing and 1st of all it's a spotlight on how the drone coalition government works these days the junk foreign minister mr moss is a social democrat and his party the s.p.d. in general is very reluctant when it comes to sending the junk forces abroad military missions like that in visits now and pushed forward by the u.s. out of area missions highly unpopular in germany and now we have to step back a moment and take a look at german interior politics the s.p.d. is not doing very well in the polls the party is ailing so this has to be taken into account to understand why the f.d.a. is pushing forward here the ministry of defense is led by a high profile conservative politician the newly elected chad woman with combo and they say no we're still assessing all our options now you could chancellor market
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she's on her and you leave she's not in berlin but observance you take it for granted that mrs merkel is backing.


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