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maybe you see. this is the only news life in berlin sounding the alarm of the spread of ebola in the democratic republic of congo rwandan authorities close then reopen the border with the dear see as the 3rd death is confirmed in the congolese city of goma with a population of 2000000 fears of an epidemic are growing also coming up could beijing be planning to use force in hong kong that's what some people are reading into the army's release of a video that includes an exercise in riot control. plus paying tribute to poland's
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freedom fighters in world war 2 in the polish capital the presidents and the people have been honoring those who died in the warsaw uprising 75 years ago hundreds of thousands were killed in the ultimately few tile battle to drive the nazis out of focus. on well i think you so much for your company everyone in the democratic republic of congo a 3rd person has died of ebola and goma near the rwandan border the latest victim is a one year old girl whose father the 2nd confirmed case in the city died yesterday about 2000000 people live in go mom so there are fears now that just a few cases of the deadly virus could easily become hundreds even thousands on has been a year since the original outbreak. of ebola in another part of the d r c and that
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al brake is still claiming lives. after another death from a bullet in the congolese border city of goma rwanda closed throughout the trust attempt to limit the diseases spread but one that threaten the livelihood of those who commute between the countries but just hours later it was open again with the un seeing border closure actually makes it harder to contain the disease he will find another way there is there are more remote areas for he can do across the name the border you can find a different way when you when that starts to happen the ability to get to see people are symptomatic or not because that is actually ducky and one of the issues of either country protesters further north and congo demanded more hot action picketing u.n. headquarters another death to add to the more than $1800.00 lost to this outbreak no surprise that there is panic and confusion on both sides of the border. are and
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we can talk now to margaret harris of the world health organization she is in the congolese town of bani north of goma and you saw her in our report there a very good seo how big is the risk of ebola spreading from goma. we've always been concerned about polar arriving in mind so in fact there's been 6 months of really this work going on he got them out with being vaccinating all the front line health care workers we've been training people to improve infection prevention and control practices and we've been teaching people how to decontaminate so it's never been a thing we want to happen but it was something we did expect to happen and we had been prepared for it but indeed it is it puts it into large city and as you mentioned instigate way to another country with very busy land border is at the moment. that needs to be done is being done so there is no reason to panic but
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still one year on the fight against the bowl is far from over can you outline for us what makes it so challenging for congolese health authorities to contain this deadly epidemic. i was it one with a lack of trust and lack of trust by the people themselves in the health care workers in the people who are these are the authorities and people who come from outside which is us so we've come to help but we're not seeing that as the good guys we're seeing is people imposing something that people don't want sometimes in some communities even by the bit we've brought you bola and that we've brought people are because for some reason we want to be working in this just hit with this to difficult and terrible to disease but you can understand they have never seen it before and it is a frightening thing to have to run now it's terrifying i can only imagine now what
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one of the things that is being done there's been a strong drive to vaccinate people how is that effort going. so that is going actually very well and it's extraordinary 95 percent over 95 percent of people who are offered the facts seen and want the facts say whenever we have had it confirmed cases we have people lining up and immediately our backs need to get on the ground as soon as we know that a case is a net tax a nation team goes the next day 6 out accidents all the people who have been in contact with that person with a sick person and also the contacts of those contacts and even further contacts of context a former ring of immunization around the person who is sick but the problem is we don't always find all the people who are in contact with that see person because a sip of full is still this real problem with trust and some people being in
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contact with a sick person fear being identified and fear being taken to the opponent treatment which is tragic because if you are going to be a good treatment center within the 1st couple days of your deceit you have a really really good chance of survival we're seeing you know overnight visits are viable but if you go in late within $78.00 days of the symptoms start taking you highly likely to die and you're also likely to visit many other people including the people most d. you such a good point that you make there margaret harris said that it can be treated if it's detected early enough thank you for joining us margaret harris from the world health organization in. and there will be much more about the bowl i'll break on our africa news program in about 20 minutes so make sure to stay tuned for that but for now i want to bring you up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. british authorities have ordered the town of over 6000
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people to evacuate amid fears that a nearby dam could collapse at any time situated above the town of whaley bridge it was damaged by heavy rains and police call it a fast moving emergency situation. in yemen dozens of soldiers were killed when who think rebels targeted a military base in the port city of aden a drone and missile attack took place during a military parade adan is where yemen's saudi backed government is based who thieves who are supported by iran say the police it was being used to prepare an attack against. the mayor of the somali capital mogadishu from an armada us man has died from injuries and sustained during his when his office rather was bombed one week ago 6 others lost their lives in the attack claimed by militant group al shabaab which targeted a u.n. envoy. the russian army has been called in to help fight wildfires that are tearing
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through siberia and other eastern regions military transport planes and helicopters are being deployed to drop water the fire is being spread by strong winds and golfing nearly 30000 square kilometers of land. u.s. officials have told american media outlets that homes of bin laden the son of slain al qaeda leader osama bin laden was killed in a military airstrike on hamza was considered to be the successor to leave the terrorist group the u.s. had offered a 1000000 u.s. dollars for information leading to his capture the white house and the pentagon declined to confirm reports of the airstrike. in hong kong the chinese army has for the 1st time condemned the ongoing pro-democracy protests military leaders and. the unrest should not be tolerated or marked that has left many wondering whether beijing will intervene with force and was also seen as
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a warning the army released a propaganda video of an exercise in which armed troops quell demonstrations. you'll feel the show of force by the chinese troops stationed in hong kong but in this video released by the people's liberation army is not just about regular military training. also shows soldiers facing down demonstrators. the video will be seen by many as a thinly veiled threat of intervention by the chinese military in hong kong's internal affairs especially when a company by this. message from the commander of chinese forces in the territory major general chandelle shun spoke of extremely violent incidents happening in hong kong and warned that these should not be tolerated. shunk was referring to the mass protests that have been taking place in the city for weeks often resulting in
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clashes between demonstrators and police they jane has become increasingly vocal and its condemnation of the pro-democracy protests. on thursday the chinese foreign ministry raised the prospect of military intervention. we believe the hong kong arts and of the piano will continue to be a stabilizing pillar of hong kong's long term prosperity and stability. also in the propaganda video hong kong nurse expressing their admiration for the p.l. a and their love for mainland china this vision of a model hong kong citizen differs sharply from that of the defiant protesters who continue to throng the streets of the city. and you don't use much he is willing or has been following the story from beijing and he says this latest development represents a represents a significant escalation of the chinese government's rhetoric toward hong kong the
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people's liberation army has made it clear before that they would go into the city if the hong kong government asked them to do so however sending troops to hong kong would come at a huge cost for beijing it would lead to an international backlash their position in the trade war with america would be weakened the hope of bringing taiwan into the people's republic of china would be destroyed on a very long time so i am sure beijing is still hesitating to take this last step but as a last resort they will be ready to do it right is building our reporting from beijing now poland's capital city has come to a standstill to mark the 75th anniversary of the warsaw uprising thousands gathered in the city center as sirens rang out to honor those who lost their lives fighting the german occupation during world war 2 the polish president and prime minister attended a ceremony of the cemetery in the presence of veterans of the insurgency or saw
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uprising began in 1040 furnace considered the largest military resistance operation against nazi occupation the effort unfortunately was ultimately crushed by the occupying forces here's a closer look at that significant historical event. the germans were retreating the red army was approaching the poles finally saw their chance on august 1st 1904 units from the polish home army and underground resistance launched their armed struggle to liberate warsaw from nazi occupation it was one of the largest such efforts of the war polish forces may have outnumbered germans around the capital but the germans had the poles outgunned the uprising strategy gambled on soviet support for the most part and never came they were also expecting soviet forces to free the city within days but they didn't historians still debate whether stalin intentionally delayed the red army's advance because the polish home army was
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anti-communist fighting lasted 63 days a bloody stalemate took hold but the germans made progress by early october polish forces negotiated their surrender. the toll on life and property was extreme tens of thousands of combatants and both sides were killed as well as hundreds of thousands of civilians many massacred by german forces during house to house combat . warsaw lay in ruins some of it destroyed in the fighting much of the rest as retribution after it ended the nazi leadership wanted to race the city. the warsaw uprising was a tactical failure but it succeeded in showing poland's resilience to the nazi occupiers and to soviet dominance yet to come. and you have your correspondent live you have a has been following the commemorative events in the polish capital we asked her what the memory of the warsaw uprising means to polish society today.
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well indeed the warsaw uprising especially is beginning is one of the most important and most emotional of days for poles now adays historical dates. even though the political left on the right already bating what the point was especially regarding the high costs on this day today they all agreed to honor the fighters who were brave enough to fight against the nazi occupation and especially now i know it's a lot to talk about it communism during the socialist times people could not talk about it and for the young people especially it's the been never as hot as today young people research shows are getting more look at reality they are getting more carefully conservative so i can see here in the streets many many young people under the age of 30 who wears t. shirts with national those patriotic and limbs. and that was that every correspondent of your court us are reporting for us from warsaw where moments ago
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