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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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is this the beginning of a digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. ai will experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous muslim systems. the 1st robot collapse starts aug 14th on t w. hello and welcome to a new edition of eco africa my name is the culture of but my friends call me z. and i'm coming to you from johannesburg and south africa if you want to find out what's a national park into for the people who live in it stay tuned and of course to meet
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my lovely colleague in nigeria hi there z. yes i'm now tigray here in lagos nigeria are you ready for new episodes here's what's coming up on the show. starts upping book enough so that combining our culture we'd better go for me. a woman from south africa who is fighting against food waste and how solar energy is changing rival farmers in the mountains of morocco. now rwanda is of the most densely populated countries in africa and that can trigger conflicts over resources when entire areas are declared to be national parks in many ways and worry about their livelihoods the solution is to involve them more in wildlife protection one example the endangered mountain gorillas in the wonders volcanoes national park the tourism they generate can benefit the local communities as well as the environment.
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that you think every damn placid includes in zack takes tourists around the volcanoes national park it covers 160 square kilometers and it's the oldest conservation area in africa. it's home to invest range of species including some that are considered to be in danger of extinction such as they call the monkey. there's more any other place you find these monkeys apart from southwest of wonder where you find a different species of monkeys but here in of o'connell's or only you find all accordion monkeys so that's why the hobbit went to the monkeys many people don't know that you can have it with them these monkeys are not shy and don't seem to mind being stared at each group of visitors is allowed to spend one hour of serving
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them they live in the past tense forests and like to eat bumble leaves and shoots the trouble is people illegally come into the park and cut down trees cut hailing the monkeys habitat and the main source of food. so that's why we have a planted some outside a park for the local community we have those a bumper project also not only being being used for one across but also for protection of the sawyer of erosion control in general that was one way to avoid those people who are targeting the trees in the park. run there is the most densely populated country in mainland africa and population growth remains high. every inch of arable land is snapped up for farming including mountainsides fields
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and grazing land stretching right up to the age of the pack the mountain forest snow of education zone has already been stripped. the farmers of narrow seas are just a few 100 meters from the conservation area. most people who live near the pack use the wood for vs towards the authorities have established a protection zone around the park in which the residents are allowed to obtain a limited amount of wood for the past and use but only from certain species of tree there is also a feedback process whereby residents share with the authorities their needs and wishes each district all sectors all these local people who are near the park the seat and city priorities. like water like schools like a different infrastructure like public clinics so they say their priorities and we
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give them money in order to make sure that today. 10 percent of the money the pac makes goes towards community projects last year that amounted to more than $660000.00 which is a lot of money in rwanda many farmers and extra money as porters for tourists. this is one of the new clubs for villages where they can meet and make handicrafts to sell to tourists involving local people in caring for the national park appears to be paying off the idea is that if it also benefits them they are more likely to help conserve it it is already the case that fewer trees are being cut down so things are looking up for the golden monkeys as well. chicken fish
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and salad 3 interesting species all growing and breeding in perfect harmony in a small space that's the innovation our young entrepreneur has brought to book in our fossil karen do on baku. device pyramid after months of testing on troubles he's finally been able to turn his ideas into a system that works like others out there is doing his bit for the environment. the agri pyramid is a hydroponic device that combines plant reproduction with aquaculture and poultry farming. the circular system was designed by kevin to invoke enough fossils capital walker to call. his prototype is designed for up to 600 plants 200 fish and 200 birds poultry production is located on the top level.
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the fish eat waste from the birds it falls directly into the tanks at the bottom of the pyramid the water the fish swim in also nourishes plants like tomatoes or lettuce. the device runs on solar energy no chemicals have to be added to the system. and preparing it doesn't require large amounts of fresh water since its design limits evaporation dramatically. the system doesn't depend on the climate over quality of the local soil. electorate hydroponic agriculture is one way for us to adapt to the phenomenon of climate change because we can no longer rely on brain another problem is that much of the soil in burkina faso is depleted. the ag prepare him it can be easily installed in courtyards because it takes up little space. kevin hopes to set up at
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least $200.00 more of the devices in book enough gas so. you know like that. if you're doing your job you tell us about. visit our website or send us a tweet. cash to do your bit we share your story. many farmers in africa still employ methods of cultivation one frequent problem is a habit that on forcing changes in the weather come on the harvest can anything be done about it. that's a good question auntie but if you are instance you could dry the grain you've grown directly on the fields sometimes a harvest could be saved that might otherwise be a total loss one company in germany is providing the rights to use and techniques
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to do it. it's a very simple piece of equipment that's got free morongo and cod. appreciate just how useful it can be for a small holder pharmacist. but there are no greens judging me or the greens and you can also see that we don't have brick edges because it is pretty old for the love to come in from we produce it especially for the african market where cereals are still often fresh the way they were in germany 50 or 60 years ago which means a lot is wasted if you use this you waste far less. for those 2 or more fruit enough to garnish from a. coherent grew up on a farm and has spent much of his working life making machinery for post-harvest processing of crops these days he spends a lot of time in africa being there reminds him of his childhood. probably
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paid for my 1st bike with money i earned on the farm after working on the fields we had a wonderful meal i've never forgotten it because we would be full of the end which wasn't always the case there for a good reason if. godfrey morongo is from zimbabwe he wants to help secure harvests in his home country and elsewhere in africa with the help of modern technology. mobile dryers like this one can prevent cereal crops from spoiling. morongo is setting up a network of technicians able to service the equipment across africa. he's a technology enthusiastic himself and that helps. i've done this project with. the service goes from tanzania we came here so we had our drawings into our parts and we were put together within 3 weeks. also makes
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a smaller dryer it can be used directly in a field to prepare a crop for storage a farmer could buy one or a service provider could go from farm to farm with it. just get tired if you don't prepare and drive the grain properly it goes moldy and eating food that's moldy and spoiled makes you sick you can get diarrhea and many other illnesses and the because. it's estimated that up to 20 percent of cereals and 40 percent of fruits and vegetables in sub-saharan africa including here in ghana a lost to spoilage smallholders rarely have the technical means to drive what they crow they leave their nays to dry slowly in the fields as it does so it's a sceptical to pest some fungus what's more the fields are occupied and the next sowing of seeds has to wait canopus only sold a few dry is in africa so far but wants to sell more the equipment can also be
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bought as a kit with detailed assembly instructions provided the components are screwed together no soldiering is required which makes it much easier if need be service technicians are available to help. the customer can put the machine together with his own staff in the process they all learn how it works so it's useful training. each try it comes with key spare parts to reduce the likelihood that if it breaks it remains out of service for a. length of time you waiting for replacement components means costly down time listing time. so that would be one meaning you should have backup become in service guys because. karl-heinz business started small and has grown and grown he says many farmers could aim to do the same. he now
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owns 4 facilities in germany and eastern europe. but he hopes to open the next one in africa. hopefully that initiative will be helpful for african farmers to make the most of what they grow but in other parts of the world farmers have the opposite problem they produce more than they can sell or eat estimates say a 3rd of all food worldwide and are being dumped on the list of food waste as our north america australia and new zealand with europe are not far behind generally in sub-saharan africa very little food is wasted but there is one big exception south africa. tachyon a front borman piece regular visits to the garbage dumps around cape town. she studied the wasteful life style of many south africans and says changes are urgently needed. every year the landfill alone receives thousands of tons of food
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waste it comes from restaurants factories and local farms. 3 years to make that a surge of food is dumped in south africa every year this has significant ecological impacts because all that food has compounded water and energy and from a climate change perspective in the landfill it emits harmful greenhouse gases both we think. russia has spent years looking at ways of reducing food waste here in the western cape he works for the regional department of agriculture from bollman has come to visit one of his projects which he believes could provide a model for the rest of the country. has managed to persuade farmers to donate
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their food surplus instead of plowing it back into the ground lizette clubbers farm is the collection point 7 local farmers bring their excess produce here. you should see the quality it is not thrown away food it is export quality that they just deliver. i see these seeing me anything even if they sit at the mall on the spot do something though that's not good enough they want to deliver the beast so yes they want to give sometimes several tons of food arrive here in a single day government sponsored vehicles then transported to soup kitchens in nearby townships like a.v.m. park which is home 220000 people. poverty is rife here as are gang violence and drug crime and it's often the children who suffer most. most people in
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the township live from state benefits the soup kitchens may be a lifesaver for some but they're still not the ideal solution long term. handouts are not going to put us on a sustainable trajectory we need to look at the whole system and we need to look for that leave us for a change to tip the system into a positive states for looking at the issue of farming both on a commercial level how bit of farming practices can be implemented but also for small hold the farmers so that they are both environmentally and economically sustainable. another example an avian part shows just what smallholder farming can do a few years ago some of the residents teamed up with the department of agriculture to begin growing their own food the township now has 45 food gardens where members plant fresh vegetables for the local community those in need can come and collect for free the garden project has been running since 2015 and instead of getting paid the members get a share of the harvest. culture
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to create food gardens for community groups to purposely live. community to food produce to the bulls but we soon realized that it will not be enough to address the food security problem. major food retailers are now joining the initiative to instead of disposing of food that is past its sell by date the retail chain woolworths donate it to charitable organizations that work with the poor all the food is still within the use by date and to ensure dreamings refrigerated at all times will worse issues it directly from the shops cold storage room. it has given me great hope for the future that we will no longer have the absurd situation of wasting a 3rd of all the environmental and time it impacts that go along with that and
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actually work together through the value chain to ensure that all edible food is an idea he reaches those who need it the most. today the unsold food is going to a homeless shelter in cape town it's a practice that could work for the whole of south africa in a country where 12000000 people regularly go hungry at least a part of the surplus food could be put to good use. from the south of the continent we had back up to the north and next report council morocco wayne initiative is bringing light to remote villages in the atlas mountains a single bottle and places like that can change the lives of entire families and in this project it's been done in a sustainable way that's why they initiated this setting up simple solar pa systems but the country wants to set an example in the region and he's also trying to implement solar energy on a wider scale to do it morrocco has build one of the biggest solar power plants
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that uses and the rate of $7500.00 mirrors and the clean energy comes from there the reliable source the sun would shine zionist $3000.00 r.'s 0 year in morocco. the drive into the atlas mountains takes us hours for technician joe di the journeys like this one into far flung villages are part of the job and yet there's still something special because the work he does in installing solar panels changes people's lives. so close to what he thought wonderful to see how thrilled a family is when they get electric like for the 1st time. it's just really nice. the mountain village of todd has no running water no electricity and no telephones mohammed ben saeed al gore's family can hardly wait for his colleague to arrive and
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install a solar panel on their rooftop. they look on eagerly as the work gets underway. and the solar panel will cost the family a few $100.00 euros that's a lot of money here it's a pretty quick job the technology is relatively simple but maintenance and the batteries longevity are still problematic the system has to be wired up in a somewhat unorthodox way but nevertheless it works joad connects the module to the battery and it starts charging. it doesn't take long to install our technology the time consuming part is getting to these villages if i see. the farmer's entire livelihood lies in these fields he suffer on. just one gram of the red spice can earn him up to a euro burnside's family has financed their solar powered system with a crop. solar power is expensive and we don't have
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much money. but we hope this panel will improve our lives. the moment of truth has almost come joe load runs the battery cables into the house and screws in the light bulb well for long. it's an exciting moment for the entire family for the 1st time ever the house has artificial lighting. this is great i could never see at night sometimes cockroaches crept into the cooking pot with so happy now. you can't imagine what a great feeling it is to see how pleased people are evil and i imagine it. this evening in ted to rot the lights are on for the 1st time for the ben so huge family it's a dream come true. the next morning joe wood and his colleague make their way home
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they're heading to the city of was in the south of morocco. it's strategically placed on the edge of the sahara and is known as the doorway to the desert. this is where joad small business is based morocco gets some 3000 hours of sunshine every year 28 year old joad has 4 employees and he says business is booming and that's partly because morocco his government has been investing in sustainable energy for years and was sat is now home to one of the world's largest solar power plants. you know what does out is the world capital of solar energy because of this new large power plant. nor does it. even from far away you can see the plant's main tower it's been names nor which in arabic means light until recently morocco relied on imported fuel for almost all of
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its energy needs now the country is changing that by developing projects like this one there is some 7 and a half 1000 mirrors surrounding the towers in a vast field the mirrors reflect the sunlight focusing it on to the top of the tower which heats up to more than 1000 degrees celcius. the moroccan manager of the project. is meeting with mark was fresh enough from the german development bank k f w germany has lent more than 800000000 euros to the project the biggest single contributor morocco couldn't have financed the project alone. but then it just was . morocco has no fossil fuels. at the same time our energy needs are increasing. that's the reason our government is backing renewables with. love and. in just
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a few years more than 40 percent of morocco's electricity will be generated from the sun and wind there are plans to build 5 large plants like this one meaning the country could soon be a global leader for solar power. from the high tech energy projects back to the mountains a donkey is being loaded up and his team are heading off to the next tom. although morocco has expanded its select tricity gretta mentally in recent years some villages are simply too remote to reach them which is why these solar technicians are sorely needed. last night bella and his wife speak of the hardships they experienced last december that's one reason why they to finally want electrocutions. again they can we used to just use candles but when it's stormy outside make it blown out right away. we don't have anything here lives
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a very difficult. tells us that moments like these are the reason he does what he does he says the long tracks out of town are worth it every time. morocco is often referred to as the place where the sun sets but the sun is certainly rising on the energy revolution taking place here. time to wrap things up on today's show and to say goodbye from here in johannesburg south africa but would love to see you again next week thank you zee also sign of for now from here but don't forget that you can always cheer went into our show by checking out the content on our website on our social media platforms from the hole in co africa team thanks for joining us goodbye from lagos.
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. give up. more. this is g.w. news from berlin tonight sounding the alarm over the spread of ebola in the democratic republic of congo there was confusion at the border with rwanda today as authorities trying to stop crossings after a 3rd death from the boat was confirmed in the congolese city of goma with a population of 2000000 fears of.


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