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oh drug use and search. it's time for dublin. coming up ahead. take personally you went with a little gender to. make the game show special. for all true for. more than for. more on. this is steve every news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes when you know off to the 1st case of the bowl it was reported the outbreak is intensifying more cases have been confirmed in the densely populated. prompting one death to close its border with the d.r. seen. and the south african team a just taking on gun violence will tune in today radio show where people who've
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been affected by crime are finding their voice. hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're cheated in a year off to a bowl of 1st broke in congo the spread of the disease of his unchecked almost 2000 people have died making this the 2nd worst outbreak on record run by closed its frontier with the democratic republic of congo off to a 3rd case of the deadly virus was to takes it in the border city of gold in north keevil that province has borne the brunt of the outbreak together with neighboring it but 15 people also in quarantine in south keevil which was previously unaffected. the 3rd confirmed case is the baby daughter off a minor who traveled from the north of the d.r. sea to goma this is the 1st instance off direct transmission off ebola inside the
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city of more than 2000000 people one year since the government of the democratic republic of the congo declared an outbreak of ebola in north kivu province and yesterday in goma a martyr working in the province of each word became the city's 2nd case of a bowl of surveillance at all points of entry and points of control in the area are being stepped up this latest case in such a dense population center underscores the very real risk of a spike in disease transmission perhaps beyond the country's border and the very urgent need for strength in global response an increased donor investment i'm joined now by dr the maximum and epidemiology just doctors without borders and the sherry tay hospital here in berlin welcome to the africans so we've heard the u.n. spokesperson calling for more controls the government briefly shut the border was that the right move. yeah thank you christine for having me on this dramatic
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question and dramatic development that we see and those 2 days no actually. the new 30 minutes ago that maybe the glow in the board is not closed but whatever the reality let me say 22 things here i clearly understand the concerns in rwanda with having this frankly demick now in this large urban setting directly on the border between congo and rwanda but. and i know this crossing point from his it's true last year with 40000 people crossing the border every day this is a situation that really but from my experience as an m.s.f. doctor and in west africa. we know that clues in regular. board approved always have the risk of forcing people into the non-money toilet pathway i see i see and having said that that would also have
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a more infection has been detected how great is the risk that you know this goes outside of the affected regions because you can connect to other parts of the continent through from goma. excellent question i think. this border close to the border situation shows very much how important it is to 1st of all to build up trust with the population to not take steps that make. the population even more boring to make them hide away this is exactly what it bono ones ok to go to once to kill and spread in the darkness we have to do this that and we have to build a truck has been lost in the last. epidemic in west africa affected 6 countries about 10000 people died what's different this time. this time we have much more support in the area that's true we have a vaccine which is. which is effective but they see that despite all of this
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possibilities the epidemic is going on and on and on that new spots. in those 312 months now we see that the population is not having this trust me. we read earlier this year that about a 3rd of the population is not really believing that i have much more important issues apparently for them. and we have to build this trust up so that they present to the health bills all right that is max 1000000 get not if you do not it just from doctors without borders and the charity hospital thank you. the city of goma is a major transport habit and health with cars they are racing to find the people who had contacts with the latest on the patients but the urban setting density off of population anonymity and high mobility make it fodder to isolate patients and trace contacts compared to rural areas the w.h.o.
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ses the risk of regional spray it is quote very high. my next guest is in the city off. and joins me on the line welcome to the africa salim what is the situation in goma especially now more than that more cases have been confirmed what we have definitely seen a change in the behavior of the population when their 1st case was confirmed a couple of weeks ago and you were always declared the emergency you know there was a little change in the behavior of the population people were seeing it as a case that was isolated and not linked to a major a b m e however in the past couple of days when the 2nd case was confirmed people are more aware of these and more health host who have been studies to be among them during all over the city with the growing water for washing their hands for this impacting also health workers taking the temperature of them over citizens and yesterday 7 boats that connects goma and this if you look of across the lake
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you were stopped at the ports. because there was a one suspected case of up asian in one of the of the boats so this was the 1st time that the population so like a very evident way you know emergency could have picked their lives here asylum when the 1st case was confirmed health officials in goma said that they were preparing for the event that more cases would be contemned what have you seen to that effect. well clearly the health posts have been there multiplying especially in border posts and at the ports of course but basically everywhere in restaurants or government buildings hold those on the street the middle of the street if we were there also 2 main ebola treatment centers being set up by visited one of this central hospital in goma but there is another one being set up on the road that connects goma and this is your bottom but one of the centers of the epidemic so far selim the border with russia has now been closed give us
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a sense of how that's going to affect people perhaps how it is already affecting people well there has been an update regarding that the border west closed that this morning however just a couple of hours ago it was where you opened aid had they were has being we have been receiving very contradictory information but we know that there was an official communication in the prison notification from that one government to close the border and this was a decision that the congolese government rejected because they always had that bias not to close borders and not to you know to reduce. travel travel restrictions you know to introduce travel restrictions among the you do countries these have very very busy border posts where thousands of people daily cross there as peacekeepers as migrants as traders that work in both bull work and live also in both sides of the border so to close the border if you actually have been to see the next few days was definitely a pick the economy of the population here in gone. by in the congolese city of goma
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thank you now to one young man who's doing something for young people personally affected by the crisis in the city of binny in the d.r. see joke of when is helping children to escape the trauma off day to day life living with the disease through really painting. sliding jumping and peers their minds the skaters practice in the streets of sydney twice a week people here have been at the forefront of the fight against. the disease has taken the lives of many of the skaters spam the friends roller blading helps them to escape. i'm stating i still know a bowler exists but i can forget it i just focus if i think about the disease it distracts me and i might crash 21 year old girl who started the roller blading team he mentors the children hoping to transform their lives without a cause you hear when i say i saw the deaths happened they know each other in
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detail and everywhere all the young people gone except parents are dead so i tell myself that's why i'm fighting so hard now was the team is 42 members strong and joel wants to make a difference in the long term. blues on fall victim who will often cry able to tell you they're getting rice and flour but will that carry on forever no it will not help and people need to know the suffering these children are going through your son this is a jewel hopes he's team will soon compete in races and win trophies but for now it's just about speed and not disease. now south africa is famed for many reasons and it's infamous for its violent crime above all gun violence but despite being beset with gangs joblessness and the lack of basic services teens in the. alexandra are determined to stem that violence by hosting the weekly bigger than life
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community radio show. i'm talking about in the end zone of privacy and how you can influence time jennifer in the brain is not just another radio announcer. she produces and co-hosts a radio show and alex if am with teenagers they talk about gun violence and its effects on their lives and xander township which borders so that africa's richest square mile sandton is one of the roughest and most violent suburbs of johannesburg with gun violence and something that people in alexandria have have tend to normalize which is not a good thing so i us talking about gun violence actually helps make people realize and makes them gain conscious that it's not ok. for someone to be killed with a gun. according to gun free said africa between 18 and 21 people are killed by firearms every day in the country. marianne an activist for the organization trains
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these young journalists she teaches them how to target gun violence through their reporting and down the line change alexandra. alexander has a history of violence and it's you know there are some people call alexandra and that's not something one can be proud of i mean why are we being compared to. every week jennifer and your peers take to the streets of alexandria and speak to people affected by crime in the community these interviews are the same to of the one hour saturday program supported by children's radio foundation and africa. was only killing our society by keeping quiet about certain issues and i was talking about them we are influencing other young people that your voice matters you know i hate saying that we had seen those speaking for the voiceless they're not voiceless they just need a platform and that's what we're doing we're giving them a platform in order to avoid the issues since 2014 over 50 young journalists have
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been involved in the program called bigger than life as they continue to mobilize for gun free zones in their communities the skills they learned today could see them becoming the next big names in radio or advocacy in the future. and there is a point out africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page it's been great having you along till next time i buy. the manuals do some things a bit differently and other things very differently. the younger generation on the labor market. their focus confident and optimistic. they want nothing less. the choose to blow. the check the pools of generation
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was. made in germany next to w. . small secluded spot to be changed to suit the people making it possible to go africa. fantastic right trying. as they set out to save the environment. to learn from one another let's. work together for a better future. for yourself. in. germany with. any time any place.
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