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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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to begin. to. discover who. subscribed to the documentary. a tweet i don't have strong abs fuel to the u.s. try not trade war stock markets plunge from asia to europe u.s. announces another round of terrorists against china. also coming up with less than 100 days until the u.k. is due to leave the european union britain's new prime minister faces growing opposition to this brics it commands. welcome to do that your business i want to
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get johns in berlin good to have you with us u.s. president has a drastically upped the stakes in the u.s. china trade war trump took to twitter to impose a fresh 10 percent tariff on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods this week's trade talks made no progress the decision came as a surprise and costs turbulence on the financial markets the u.s. has already imposed tariffs on $250000000000.00 in chinese imports this means practically every single product imported from china will be charged with a duty now china's foreign minister wang me criticized us rules saying you terrorists are not constructive residents in beijing are taking the latest development in stride. this continent where you china will be affected but the impact won't be great up most of the affected businesses are in the export sector i don't have much to do
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with that are. the property there so i think this action from trump is an irresponsible acts towards his own country and to china because you know what we need is to pursue a path of a more cooperative globalization this kind of action of his serves only to rip up u.s. china relations at the same time it causes further trade friction between both sides the result is the economies of both sides suffer with social you've got all the answers from all the officials. which i think when it comes to negotiations you do indeed need to talk it's not a case of when you finish the talks you go and use other means to get what you want it through and ignores normal procedures than what's the point of talking about. outsourcing. very good question there let's bring in our asia correspondent sohan sue in taipei so the 2 sides have just finished trade talks in shanghai and they
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both said those talks were constructive but donald trump apparently thinks otherwise. yes indeed or in fact the daemons from the 2 countries after the trade talk were already very different the us talked about how they have fully discussed the structural problems with china while china only mentioned that they would buy more u.s. farm products if only the us create good conditions what is even by good conditions a very big part of it is to live the way by doing so means that the us my lose their technology advantage in the future so more discussions are needed while donald trump has started a presidential election compare he couldn't wait any longer in this time consuming talk of war he needs a clear answer right now. and you told us earlier sue that china is actually stalling for time and can't afford to wait in this conflict can't it still do so
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now with this new round of terrorists coming their way. or definitely he has a remember how we thought that china would run out of its ways to revenge of and parrot leave we have lost to. ok that is unfortunate soon hon suz there lost in taipei so i think we say goodbye and thank you for the time we had there and go to some other news that are making the headlines. american manufacturing activity has slowed for the 4th straight month hitting its lowest level in nearly 3 years according to the july survey from the institute for supply management the news is
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a blow for president on a trump who has promised to revive manufacturing. amazon boss jeff bezos has sold $1800000000.00 worth of his shares in the companies the sale took place over street transactions at the end of july media reports say bezos sold the shares to fund his space. well this week britain's new prime minister boris johnson embarked on a whistle stop tour of the united kingdom but his practice of plans found little resonance among u.k. leaders even in the region of wales which in 2016 voted leaf in the bricks and referendum. wherever boris johnson rolls up he can be sure demonstrators will be waiting for him like here in northern ireland the hardest stage of his u.k. tour the protesters reject checkpoints on the border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and e.u. member the republic of ireland they fear border controls could lead to
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a resurgence of sectarian violence johnson held talks with all parties but not all of them are happy and many fear britain will crash out of the e.u. without a deal. we set out very clearly that this would be catastrophic for the irish economy and for irish i've only heard for our society for our politics and for our peace accords. scotland is also unhappy with the events of the beginning of the week johnson got a very cool reception when he arrived in edinburgh the majority in scotland voted to remain in the european union. i think that is extremely dangerous for scotland indeed for the whole of the uki we know from the work we've done the impact that would have on jobs on the economy on our universities on almost every aspect of society in scotland it's a hard sell for the u.k. prime minister even in leave voting wales where everybody urgently wants to know
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which direction the country is taking what we will do is get ready for a. deal offerings and partners have the opportunity to do to do a deal it's up to them. but we will also of course get ready for the alternative and the great thing about coming out of october 31st is it in all the drift in the did and the uncertainty of the business and that's the key thing for us to minister boris johnson and his government are preparing for a worst case scenario breaks it and they're spending a lot of money on it breaks that budget was doubled on thursday to over 4000000000 pounds that will be used to stockpile essentials like medicines in case of major hold ups in ports on the railing through the channel tunnel and hinting at the hardships to come the bank of england lowered its u.k. growth forecast for this year from one and a half percent to 1.3 percent. of course we know that leafleting wales has just
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embraced the liberal democrats in the byelection the liberal democrats standing for remain so sunny a turbulent week for britain and its new prime minister boris johnson i'm joined now by a whole this needing chief economist at the baron big bank good to have you with us this morning so we just heard the bank of england cut its a growth forecast for britain on the assumption that there will be a deal by 31st of october how likely is it that there won't be a deal by that. well it was not very likely that there will be a deal whether we still have a chance for it but it seems actually more like taking together that we either get the hot press it or that we get interesting political developments in the u.k. which would although they wouldn't take the chance of perhaps no bricks it or a soft breck said they would also of course prolong the uncertainty and there are still some downside risks to these forecasts from the point between right and those uncertainties costly financial markets don't like uncertainty business counted deal with uncertainty all of that is already eating into g.d.p.
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the government of british government has just announced this week that they will up that no deal breaks that fund by another $2000000000.00 pounds so in whole in total it's about $4000000000.00 pounds is that enough in order to cushion the fallout of the no deal bricks it it would probably help to cushion the immediate blow a little bit if there are more people at the ports to process its exports and imports if there is more place to spock it is part of the laureus it would help a little but it doesn't really offset the huge negative economic consequences that heartbreaks it would entail how would it not paying the so-called to divorce bill those infamous 39000000000 pounds that the u.s. pledged or the london has pledged to pay the e.u. as as a member would that help to solve the financial problem the economic problem not at all i'm afraid of course u.k. has legal obligations to the e.u.
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there is no way the u.k. can we dodge that we will remain close neighbors whatever happens and in any future negotiation when the u.k. wants something from the e.u. the e.u. would say oh you didn't pay your bill so before we start talking you start to pay your bill hence one way or the other the u.k. would simply have to meet and on its financial obligations to europe and of course the banking sector had to make big decisions a lot of them. the big players have moved staff to the e.u. in order to be prepared do you know already where you will be on october the 31st oprah will be in milan the office and watch events. are at the end of august meeting they're relaxed about whatever happens on the 31st of october a chief economist at their bank thank you so much for your time ok. now was it in tensions between the u.s. and china aren't the only trade headache in asia the traits that between japan and south korea has escalated to tokyo it posterboard new trade restrictions against
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its neighbor japan for move south korea from its list of favored export partners so has protested the move which comes amid a dispute over japan's use of wartime forced labor this could slow the imports of japanese media put the south korea's technology industry. to argentina and the country's annual agricultural show this year follows on the food industry were considering just how much the recently agreed to you in the course of a free trade deal will benefit them and where the pitfalls are. the winners are is rural exhibition draws in over a 1000000 visitors every year. this year's event comes shortly after the e.u. mercosur free trade deal was agreed and the president of argentina's agricultural society juan jose configurable know all there is thrilled at the prospects the deal opens up he sees it as a chance for all the agricultural and livestock products
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a country like argentina can offer not only meats and cereals but also products that face strong you can petition like olives and cheese. workable like every agreement it's about ensuring a win win situation where all sides benefit the negotiations went well on all food products maybe we didn't reach all of our goals but in negotiations it's also important to let go in order to win because of. so the e.u. won't be opening up its meat production sector as french farmers had feared but it has granted america samoa a generous cut of its market at a very low tariff. and as your business update on the year thanks for watching.
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i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i was there laughing with the. many thanks deep into the german culture. to take this grandma day out. if allowed. no time rachel join me to meet the gem of a course the world is getting more soon. forms catastrophe
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a lot of problems. the global 3000 talks with senior british researchers who take i'm optimistic view. doesn't always a good point but it's much much fairer than it was. just really getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th sunday to. hello i'm welcomes arts and culture news. and german and ramstein have been courting controversy in moscow more in a minute also coming out. facial recognition is everywhere but how is it impacting on out a new documentary investigates. and 2 islands close to venice famous
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for their colorful houses and their glass blowing tradition. they are the musters of self publicity and provocation but this time the headlines are positive guitarist's. crisper of german band ramstein kissed on stage in moscow in what is being seen as a protest against russian anti l.g.b. situ the band later posted a photo of the case on instagram with the caption russia. it has to be said it's not the 1st time the 2 guitarists have kissed on stage but of course it's of special significance in russia now the band have a huge following now so much so that a russian cover band called radio tap or translate their songs into russian on a very successful themselves getting radio plays and their copycat videos getting millions of clicks on social media.


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