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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2019 10:45am-11:01am CEST

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6 and 2 islands close to venice famous for their colorful houses and their glass blowing tradition. they are all the musters of self publicity and provocation but this time the headlines are positive guitarist's. crisper of german band ramstein kissed on stage in moscow in what is being seen as a protest against russian anti l g b t c 2 the band later posted a photo of the case on instagram with the caption russia. it has to be said it's not the 1st on the 2 guitarists of kissed on stage but of course it's of special significance in russia now the band have a huge following there so much sorrow that a russian cover band called radio tap or translate their songs into russian on a very successful themselves getting radio plays and their copycat videos getting
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millions of clicks on social media. bristle of all of that when they were led to their album i just had to do it i started immediately called the guys and we recorded the video in just 4 days ramstein had been silent for 10 years and everyone was just waiting for something new guy. still available. to sing offers in says offices for the coveted deal of ramstein. radio toppled more than $4000000.00 views on you tube it became one of the most successful music videos front man or let out almost is a huge ramstein found like many of his fellow countrymen. given what is
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a car i think it is all because of the language together with the guitar riffs they use it creates this effect of brutality the combination of language and music that you feel if it was in any other language it wouldn't be the same that the sea of german suits this music so well. yes about the building to go music at the moment but yeah but let me ask you as a child. mama stands to hosty is also a huge hit in russia it was not an easy task for leg to translate this one is in his native language. on its own in the name i thought but i'm such i want to play also that no one in russia understood what the song was about when i told my compatriots what it was about me most of us they all got a bit confused. they said was related with the list so we thought it was about cutting something down and pouring gasoline on it but no not just.
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to the surprise of many russian fans ramstein was singing about a wedding doing only i'd schooldays ramstein was the sole motivation for the ending jam and he got pretty good at it he's now also pretty good at imitating ramstein funk man lindemann relative to the deal with the part like to turn myself into to lindemann he's so crazy that hitting his knee thing he does is so cool and the dark characters he creates in his songs are amazing to recreate the record. oh it's. radio tapioca have to admit russia and neighboring countries in that orange van horn and also translates the songs of other major english speaking world bands linkin park system of a down and going last have all found their russian voice fangs to him he produces most of the seats here in his apartment just outside moscow 3 years ago some songs he translated went viral now he has over
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a 1000000 you cheap subscribers who want him to translate that face which hits. about my aim was for someone to be able to sit down in their car turn a song up and listen to it as if it were a native speaker and they could effortlessly understand the lyrics. because very few people in russia speak foreign languages your thought on like on europe is like . such shit at every illegal jam and that's in from radio tap all round stein in russian and it's certainly found a new audience. now the use of facial recognition is becoming ever more widespread anyone is been through an airport lately might have had their queuing time cut considerably thanks to the technology but unlike all fingerprints all passwords facial recognition can be used
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quickly on mass whether we like it all knocks a new documentary asked what the human face has become all become in this world of surveillance and how this is all playing out when it comes to alt. 6 6 the eyes of the state in cities across china being in a public space means being under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras here each individual's identity is captured with facial recognition software totally controlled for many it's a dystopian nightmare. but could also happen to us last year a test run for facial recognition software was carried out of the train station in the south of the federal police wanted to know this software could recognize $300.00 volunteers who moved about within view with the cameras the hit rate was 70 percent that pilot project was the inspiration for good conrad's documentary film
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face it to begin with because it is a digitalization of the face is an incredible encroachments on us as people and this is going to continue because the face is the part of the body that's in the open and unprotected you can just access it. to go out. now facing mentioned and turned into digital card who does a belong to and who should have access to that data those demonstrating against the pilot project at the train station believe no one should have access to it they say that those who are controlled by the stage will not be able to move as freely as they would like to but the protesters are in the minority hardly any of the passers by at the train station seemed bothered by the surveillance on the contrary there is a protest in the film we filmed the road test and most of those who came in were given a leaflet said they think it's ok. because of it was a girl. and none of this is new the german state has had access to its citizens'
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facial data for some time in the form of biometric passport photographs the film makes clear that the digital flow of data with the to corporations or government agencies is stoppable. but face it doesn't limit itself to the pros and cons of facial recognition it also looks at how. years ago jim an artist you bismarck mounted a book called public face the giant smiley changed its expression based on estimates of the season. that's my dad the big smiley has moving eyes and mouth because it's kind of built to mimic the way algorithms read faces and that's what we want the 1000 does that people become aware that their own the face is no longer a private. face it's just the viewer to stay vigilant and ask what the future of facial recognition holds what exactly is happening without data and
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whether it can ever be deleted. we're all island hopping all this week and today we're actually going to visit 2 in the venetian lagoon the lagoon is an enclosed play off the northeast coast of a state in the adriatic sea and venice is of course its most famous destination but there are other beautiful islands that are definitely worth a visit as you're about to see what are all known renowned for its glass blowing but 1st stop the rather colorful island of border ah no. gliding along the grand canal towards the venetian lagoon within minutes the scenery changes entirely the lagoon is home to more than 30 small islands most of them uninhabited after half an hour we reach burano famous for its brightly colored fisherman's houses. no cars the bus down no they don't see
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advised us to come early to avoid the tourists. he's the operator of a travel port au pair and he tells us why the houses here came to be painted in such an eye popping shades. that it goes everywhere on all the houses on the lawn or so colorful because the fishermen used to be out at sea for long periods and this was the way they could see their homes from a far. could make the most homesick. i mean almost being really honest. these days the brightly painted houses are such a big carter brown nose image that owners must get permission to change their color . another i catch in sight is the leaning down tower of garage which has a tilt of about 1.8 metres is that. the ground is very swampy and the
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church tower was simply poorly planted by the architect but today we're quite proud of it because it's become a landmark no one can imagine iran without the tower. that. these days just a few of the island's 2 and a half 1000 residents live from fishing they sell their catch in venice and to grand isle is numerous must grant their menus feature a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood so what's the locals favorite fish dish. the locals love marinated sardines in the morning with a glass of wine that's typical. after lunch we set off for the neighboring island of miranda a 20 minute boat ride away through our no is world famous for its glass since the 14th century the island's glassblowers have been recognized as the best of their kind even catering to boil families. today
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murano is still home to glass blowers who are masters of their trade it takes years of experience to know how to fields pieces of glass together so they won't crack and to create certain colors. whether it's an elaborate chandelier for thousands of euros for a more affordable figurine most visitors take home a souvenir made from morano glass. if you ever spend the night on bravo morano.
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who gets credit for taking scenery venice is just too close and too tempting. yes but is an insider tip sterile moron or whether a few tourists in venice is just 20 minutes away on a boat much more about european islands to visit on all websites of all sorts of all cultural topics d.w. dot com slash culture and on facebook culture. that's it for now though cheers bob barker.
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it happens every day every way in the world as soon as you come home he'd start beating me even when i was pregnant he threw me onto the bed and he beat me as hard as he could violence against women because men think it's. a violation of human rights. full all the world to see in 15 minutes d.w. . small circle in superior big changes. people making it possible to go africa. fantastic right trying that as they set out to safe environments. to learn from one another. and work
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together for a better future. 90 minutes on d w. nico is in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south africa the w z learning course nikos fic. never has it been the stock. is facing mass extinction. you could say that. because companies are uniting to create. the possibility to. not
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only animals to pieces. to. line. for the conservation of hope. this is just coming to you live from the u.s. formally abandon sikkim cold war arms control treaty the ending of the medium range missile agreement with russia raises concerns about a new global arms race also says the treaty is dead in calls on washington not to deploy any more rockets also coming up you have.


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