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biggest project around the world. to use the term let's use to create images of missions and resources should. create interactive content teaching the next generation but it took the traction. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something new for the next generation globally the environment series of global 3000. special digital warriors women using social media to help change the world. today i saw to come our wants to end female genital mutilation in guinea. we use social media to tell our story to end as chance. over a new 3000000. why is it then we are being
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silent. about the lives of these girls. did not a body there's. no next. everyone watching and looking. for truth. this is the house where they happened. remember that day that he was yes it is. this house is where i went from being just a. i'm all young girl to be
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a survivor of f.g. on. a little girl the only. female genital mutilation name is rampant we are the country with the 2nd highest rate of girls and women who are caught between 96 percent and 98 percent of all women and girls in guinea have cut the reason why fighting f.e.m. in the country is so difficult is that it crosses social barriers educated people according their children not educated people are cutting their children poor people are cutting rich people are cutting christians are cutting muslims are cutting people who don't believe in any religion and are actually practicing engine religions also cutting. girls are cut from one they're born to about anywhere between $10.11 sometimes if it's
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later it's 121314 so it's from one dad born usually from a week old to that in adonis since the cut. there is no limit foundation was started in 2008 with my sister mariama when they're american leavitt's and myself we started with $1000.00. so with it in dallas and the dream we knew that we wanted people to have dignity and to be able to help themselves so all of our programs are based in communities we work with locals and lead to michael loans we give women and girls opportunity to have economic mobility to own their own businesses to take care of
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themselves. their project of s.g.m. only starting to insist no no no no to us it is not just about dropping the rate of g.m. it's about creating a new culture all about creating a new tradition and a new norm in our society how about the local level at a low level oh oh our humanity our job. what our social media our work and that is. i actually use social media to connect with other sister activists around the world and i fighting against after you know sisters from sudan from india from you know somalia all working in the all corner anough g.m.
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and we use social media to recruit to saddle johns to support one another. sometimes in activist my get death for. and tell us what do i do and we help them to spawn to it so we social media is critical it's critical to everything that we do. this is the room that i was living in when i was cut. so i heard the conversations and some good. so i wanted to run away. but they come on walk outside
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mcchord york. and then we line up with my cousin and others. and i would take that long walk. i can't see what they're doing but there's this moment where in that movie where i just feel like the shot put. in a. what is. it i describe it like. imagine when you're opening up a super that slowness of opening as a perk. and. by the way i could feel
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my coons. off. and then. i go to. my must go to watch of liquor so i know it was ok don't worry i'm. not eating my do me. and my. poor quality know it took to if he only thinks easy because dutch are you said. to have a family more than she has son te amo sufism is your 2nd lot you know support the
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practice may kill so poor quest to live. less. and less those of us like suzy. girls who are out. there who were part of a. bigger song and. the who posse group was at the today reducing d.v.m. pool who is all songs on the long. bus through the good ol funky advice is in there for a good listen. so i was mad at myself i was mad at myself for not hiding what it off i was mad at myself for not buying it there i was a call of the scenarios he was always me i did something wrong.
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so for the rituals the way the. girls are being lined up one day actually being cut those rituals comes from the past and it is still something that people are continually. was . this is all about the secret of f.g. yeah it's almost like a secret sisterhood. was . cranky
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. was. was was. was. was. was was was. was. was was. what we are doing is to remove the secrecy around the cutting so we want people to
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be able to understand it so that they understand that one you know the cutting is not necessary so we are doing alter it to vote right of passage yes yes. but what the community showed us was how do you use to celebrate the girls but then you will and with the cutting and what we are trying to do with that is to teach them that you can still celebrate girls you can still celebrate your tradition but you don't need to do the fighting . man. yet when we're doing a dance we use social media to tell people where we're going to be good. on the young people don't force it also so media tag us to web and talk about how we are talking about g.m. and the fact that they have to now saying that. you. can.
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just cut hundreds of girls for her recollection says on the actual count and i'm glad that she promised to me she swore to god that she will not a child again. my dream is that women would be valued. all over the world. that he would be ok to be a woman that we don't have to explain. the space that we have to.
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the fun. things. on a delicate mission in the holy land. wolfgang schmitz. he's the provost the highest representative of germany's protestant church in jerusalem. what can you achieve in a region torn by conflicts now does he cope with the pressures of his job.
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provost in jerusalem. next on g w. kick off like. surprising numbers 2. in a different review of last season in which you know there's no story honestly guy. who has the most attention. which goals which be expected. which came as a surprise. 30 minutes on g.w. . oh boy or. girl if the global tourist guide function is booming. capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series to finance at medinah
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satellites are significant i must be going was sure it was a certain look like if tufts west like me despite the 50 nations 50 stories and 53 personal tips on berlin's very best insurance phone. book announcement for lent every week on t.w. . more. good.


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