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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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$3000.00 special report. starts on this monday it's on digital. this is 2 w. news live from berlin the united states reels from 2 mass shootings within just mere hours of each other at least 9 people are reported dead in dayton ohio after a man opened fire in a popular nightlife area some $27.00 more are injured the suspected gunman has also been killed and his sister is reported to be among the victims. and 20 people
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are killed and dozens wounded and then another mass shooting in el paso texas a gunman opened fire inside a busy wal-mart store it's being treated as a mystic terrorism a 21 year old has been arrested police say a priest istana festo published online may reveal his motive. and in hong kong pro-democracy protesters are out on the streets for a 9th straight weekend some demonstrators are turning on police after their heavy handed response pelting government buildings to stones and tanks crowds continue to march despite the threat of a military crackdown we'll hear more from our reporter on the scene. welcome to the program. 2 separate mass shootings in the united states have left
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almost 30 people dead the more recent attack took place in the city of dayton ohio police say 9 people were killed when a gunman opened fire in a bar in the center of the city his sister is reported to be among the dead $27.00 others were taken to local hospitals with injuries police killed the suspected shooter at this scene the incident took place just after 1 am local time and this is the 200 and 58th mass shooting that has taken place in the u.s. this year dane's mayor praised the emergency services for their swift response to the attack and less than one minute. first responders neutralize the shooter but this is a terribly sad day for city i am amazed by the quick response of police literally hundreds of lives. just hours before the ohio attack another mass shooting in the u.s. state of texas left 20 people dead and 2 dozen injured
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a 21 year old white man with opened fire with an assault rifle at a crowded wal-mart store in the town of el paso which is close to the u.s. border with mexico he was arrested at the scene 3 mexican nationals are said to be among the dead the case is now being treated as domestic terrorism and authorities are investigating whether a white nationalist manifesto posted on line was written by the suspect. you're skipping from an active shooter threat. police clear a shopping center in el paso texas to bring people to safety after a gunman wreaks carnage at a nearby wal-mart store. that's going up some reports of the shooting came in at $1039.00 local time the walmart was filled with thousands of people many with kids shopping for the beginning of the school year witnesses described the immediate moments as extremely chaotic. but it's another guy that said he saw somebody shot
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another shot at it and it was like oh wait we board just trying to get out of there trying to go to the closest store that makes my child a place people on the way are trying to get up to go with bad officials put out desperate calls for blood donations to help dozens of wounded as patients were distributed across local hospitals. we took 7 patients to the operating room today . underwent a number of procedures by a number of different specialists. and it's expected that over the course of the next several days we will need to do ongoing procedures on many of these patients. police arrested a 21 year old suspect and have found a manifesto online that may be linked to the shooting. that has a nexus point in time sure hate coring the f.b.i. will be looking into that with all their federal authorities right now we're looking out for to ensure with capital murder charges for this individual to mass
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shooting is already being called the 8th deadliest in u.s. history and it's just one of over $32000.00 incidents related to gun violence in the united states this year alone. joining me now for more is to have your reporter erin tilton so erin authorities were 1st training as a hate crime and now they say the texas bashing at the very least is going to be treated as domestic terrorism what's the line when does a hate crime become domestic terrorism well the line really. is there when you discuss the motivation of these suspected attackers basically the message terrorism that attempt to spread terror and fear among a captive group of people specifically on the home front this is why this is often referred to or referred to as homegrown terrorism the united states as well and i think this decision to approach this as a domestic terrorism is a little bit about the optimal optics of the situation and kind of goes to the point that investigators are changing how they approach this wave of violence we've
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seen all throughout the united states in recent years i mean we have seen increasing amount of events of white nationalist in need of as violence been directed against migrant populations and also african-americans as well when we see churches burned and beyond just these shootings we've been seen and i think for a long time the investigators have been rather hesitant to label these domestic terrorism instance as domestic terrorism their stamping them off as hate crimes and what we're seeing here because of the way that this attack actually took place with that manifesto that was posted online with in the assumption that people were distributed out there it's really looking like this white nationalist violence is taking on a new category and i think this choice really reflects an understanding or changing of understanding among investigators in the united states and we also learned that the tests in texas suspect bought his firearm legally and we know that guns are fairly easily available in most places in the united states but how easy is it to
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purchase a military style weapon well that really depends on who you ask and it really depends on what you define as a military style weapon you have to realize gun control as an issue is one of the most polarizing issues in the united states and it's often difficult for both sides to actually find a common language. to discuss this issue you know when it comes to military style weapons if we're talking about fully automatic weapons things that would actually be used by a military the sales of those are quite restricted in united states and have been since 1906 it is possible to go. a permit to purchase one but very very difficult when it comes to said automatic weapons which is often the weapon of choice in many of these mass shootings that we've seen in recent years that's much easier to get and it's actually almost i have to admit every time i go home a lot of my friends actually have them since the assault weapons ban expired they are quite commonplace in the united states but when it comes to the issue of gun control there's a huge debate about what could actually be considered a military style weapon and which is part of the reason why i think that it's very
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difficult for united states to actually make any headway when it comes to tackling the issues surrounding gun violence and speaking of which despite these hundreds of shootings that we've seen the seeming increase in the frequency of them the u.s. failed to take his gun law so far what is standing in the way here what's the main obstacle well on the one side i mean it is one of the most polarized and polarizing issues in the united states on the other when it comes to these mass shootings i'm not really sure that just point of gun control is the pen and see if there were really think it is at the end of the day you have to realize there are 88 guns in the united states for every 100 people even if you were to release draconian gun control laws it would be very take you a long time to actually get them off the streets the problem i really think is that the united states is failing time and time again to really address the underlying issues behind these dissipate of crimes you can seen i mean since the ninety's it's every couple months we see another one of these mass shootings some people say it's a mental health issue some people say it's an issue of growing crime rates some people say it's too many guns in the streets somebody will say it's too little guns
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in the streets at the end of the day the united states isn't really talking to each other and figuring out what the underlying issues are and that's why we're seeing these events happen at a time over again and again and again of an ongoing problem unfortunately air until some think you so much. and we'll bring you some of the other stories making news around the world sudan's military chiefs have signed a power sharing agreement with protest leaders that paves the way for civilian rule the deal establishes a joint council that will govern until elections take place in 3 years time the breakthrough and months of violent protests in which over 100 people were killed. rescuers in the central philippines have recovered more bodies from where 3 ferries capsized on saturday due to fears winds and rough seas the death toll has now risen to 31 more than 60 passengers and crew or rescued forecasters have warned of more
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heavy monsoon rains and thunderstorms to calm. thousands of emergency workers and military personnel are battling massive wildfires in russia's far east and siberia heavy smoke from the blaze is affecting around $800.00 communities the wildfires are burning in an area around the size of the country of belgium. iran says it has seized another 4 inflect oil tanker in the gulf 7 crew members have also been arrested iran's revolutionary guard said the tanker was smuggling around 700000 liters of oil through the gulf to unnamed arab countries the incident actually took place on wednesday but has only now been announced it would be the 3rd ship iran has seized in recent weeks the country is still holding onto the stand imperio a british tanker another ship was released with a warning. protesters in hong kong have taken to the streets for a 9th straight weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations clashes have erupted at
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a rally in the city center with police firing tear gas at protesters some demonstrators threw stones and eggs at police and government buildings hong kong residents are outraged at the heavy police response to earlier demonstrations last night a march of several 1000 people descended into chaos with some protesters setting fire to a police station and france. and some pill is joining us now from hong kong she's been on the ground witnessing this the charlotte tell us what the situation is where you are right now schmeichel we're doing it you're joining me as well on the at the moment there seems to be a deliberate strategy and they're going to pay a price that they will stay afloat in their case for a very short amount of time you might see as the fire is being lifted you. heard that pretty full of crime and justice quickly as they come. and gone to the next think it is believed by god as. from you. and indeed if we are now on our way
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to the bank take a whack there we're hearing that there's another death taking place with young concord might be behind it and doing something to us we have this very deep by day to get the kick out with 5 days with the light. reading to war. by their eye watering can and burning for that oath that they fire and not a very very high here and how. interesting it sounds like the protesters are almost adapting to the police tactics now is this protest movement still growing as the civil disobedience campaign intensifies. same protests now most every night but even going broke all right we've got another big unprecedented
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general strike plans people planning don't to go into what we've got multiple mulches arranged around the city so this doesn't look like it's going to continue to another day without evening now we haven't seen some of the huge numbers who were on the streets previous week some estimates said up to 2000000 people turned up to one process we haven't seen anything like that is the last few days what we are seeing a is a patent by a peaceful protest during the day several 1000 people the night quest protesters are make that event with that faces covered using our brothers to protect their identities getting ready for a fight with police they are now externally experienced in these protests and that's when we start to see these clashes on both is there a possibility of at some point beijing is going to step in and just clamp down is that what we're expecting. there is certainly a big concern among protesters to that that could happen we've had warnings from
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beijing urging protestors to see her getting caught they both say the people's liberation army have also released to try to get video appearing to you to emulate stipulate some test on the streets of hong kong that's a lot a lot of people have processes we spoke to they say that bank that of the by the police on the streets of what they say is that for your reaction to the car just tell them tell on the ground in hong kong for us thank you so much. moving to sports now in formula one news lewis hamilton staged a late comeback to seal victory at the hungaroring crown free on sunday overtaking red bulls max 1st off it was just 3 laps remaining on route to victory the drivers enjoyed a tense battle but the briton managed to overhaul his rival late onto onto record and to record an 8th win of the season the victory hands hamilton a 62 point lead in the championship all but confirming a 6 world title. and
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you to mass shootings have taken place in the united states mere hours apart at least 9 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a bar in dayton ohio and at least 20 people were killed in a separate shooting at a wal-mart store in el paso texas. this is t w news coming up next a shift special an activist who uses social media to fight female genital mutilation in guinea i'm irish waiter thank you so much for watching and statement. in the. blue tourist card truman used. i love berlin to make a cultural metropolis. to play. with an instrument like the terms of meat.


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