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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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as for the well how about that story on the rest of the days of business news to tell me business update in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour of a good day. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word courage from the kook. recoat is in germany to learn german why not come with him it's simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. i was huge when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hardest for. i haven't got white hair.
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but jim language head nodding off this keeps me and could help us maybe to entrap lives and say you want to do their story my goods her fighting and reliable information for margaret's. a strategic gateway to the new markets in the emerging world the chinese i trade opportunities in southern and west africa up to building a massive new culture middle in the media. china tries to wean itself off coal but it's doing a very good job of pushing the outdated and dirty technology on africa. and how syrians fleeing the civil war are benefiting from an appetite for their traditional dishes in the sudanese capital. i'm going fizzling let's do this. that's the media
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is well on its way to becoming an international trading hub the southern african nation has inaugurated and you put terminal in the hope of a surge in trade and tourism let's hope the world trade wars don't destroy that the terminal links to a whole host of landlocked neighbors to the sea. a slight pick up person maybe as president unveiled the new container terminal but it was smiles all round as the $200000000.00 facility file for space was finally opened. the terminal constructed by beijing state owned china harbor engineering company will more than double the ports handling capacity bring it up to $750000.00 containers a year. i mean it is. fluid. so we're. going.
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to do that but. i didn't. know. who the. zambia angola the democratic republic of congo botswana and zimbabwe are among the main landlocked countries which the ports constructors say will benefit and chinese exporters are lining up to exploit the new markets the new port has a dedicated cruise line of birth which should help to boost namibia's tourist industry africa is the fastest growing tourist destination for the chinese numbers increasing 70 percent each year. global warming is intensifying the effects of heat and drought on africa according to scientists rapid and universal change is vital in changing and limiting warming to one and a half degrees above pre-industrial levels one important strategy is to stop
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burning coal to generate power germany recently closed its last mine but still the example lignite which is even us president of trump is a big supporter of the coal industry and that's also the trended many parts of sub-saharan africa forget reviewable energy's new coal fired power plants being built for a nearly complete and in the next few years at least the more a plant or beijing is putting up the money to fund these projects lending heavily to regional governments that are not in the positions of fund the projects themselves my colleague. is following this story for us to ponder why is china getting out of coal but at the same time pushing that technology and all of its know how on africa exactly does seem hypocritical for china to be getting out of coal energy while pushing it in other countries but of course it's out of self interest china has a lot of capacity and it's you know coal industry which is left over and it has to
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find markets for that capacity so we're talking about expertise the people who have the skills they need to have jobs somewhere and also equipment and technology so that has to be you know you know dropped on the new market and that new market in part is africa so there's at least around 11 countries in africa where china has backed you know energy projects which are linked to coal we've done story after story on greener alternatives and they're catching on in parts of africa but in these parts of africa they don't seem to be even though many of these alternatives have become so much more affordable yes of course the greener alternatives might be more of. audible on the long term but they don't come with a cheap money that is linked to the projects that china is pushing so beijing has you know deep pockets when you compare it to at least african governments and is supporting a lot of these projects and full of governments in africa the this money is attractive because in
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a sense it doesn't come with the same accountability and transparency that is linked to money funded by say or anything funded by the world bank so that's attractive because they could also maybe keep a slice of that money for themselves of course in which case that has been because obviously there's a lot of obesity linked to these projects what's it all mean for the environment i mean what's the feasibility of projects like the coal mine in kenya for example which is environmentalist's up in not exactly i mean there's been a small win for environmentalist in kenya who were able to get that project suspended of course that doesn't mean it's the end of that project the government is pushing for it the project itself is you know at best questionable because the mine is located miles away from the island where the energy plant would be the coal would have to be transported to that plant and of course at the beginning of the launch of the project they were expecting to actually import the coal from south africa because the mine wouldn't have the capacity needed to supply that energy
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plan and so there's a lot of issues with that project other countries like like zimbabwe have slightly more feasible projects because that's an extension of an ongoing coal energy facility but of course the kenya one is just maybe just a questionable to be a little bit more diplomatic the words used by other people but. they do very much for coming in. for you're in a bind if you rely on south africa for electricity zimbabwe increasingly does its own problems a bigger daily power cuts about 2 hours and a long drought making it harder to produce power water levels at its largest hydro plant a full one drastically now it's promised weekly payments to south africa to grap electricity imports appearing a backlog in payments. aging appears to be using its currency as a weapon in its tariff war with washington aging is allowed that you want to significantly fall against the u.s.
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dollar the central bank blames trade protectionism referring to americans haresh sput it's also playing down the weakening of its currency saying fluctuations are normal could china's yuan be the next weapon in the increasingly hostile us china trade war the chinese currency unexpectedly broke through the closely watched 7 per dollar mark for the 1st time since the global financial crisis a major psychological blow is that seen as a line in the sand the un slumped to 11 year lows weaker yuan could allow china's exports to remain competitive despite the tariffs. some see it as retaliation after u.s. president donald trump announced an additional 10 percent tariffs on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports last week leaders from. china's central bank in beijing blamed unilateralism and trade protectionism and called for improved financial stability plan to show you to the complicated international
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situation and uncertainties we must pay great attention to handle the relationship between further reform and opening up and risk prevention the hostages with e.u. between them kind of on. the news turned asia's benchmark stock indices into a picture of misery. hong kong's hang seng index closed nearly 3 percent lower a 7 month trough in tokyo the nikkei 2 to 501.75 percent lower the mainland's big board the shanghai composite closed down 1.25 percent. looking ahead the current weakness of the yuan is going to make things difficult in trade talks the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods to narrow the trade deficit. a disease has killed millions of all of trees in italy and threatens millions more scientists believe the deadly pathogen was imported from central america 5 years ago now the
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race is on to save italy's all of. an all of cruel and up to the heart of italian farm country by no these magnificent century old priest should have produced a harvest of ripened fruit but instead death and decay hangs in the air here the bacteria. laid waste to most of the trees the leaves turn yellow and then they dry up. giovanni melt carney has already lost 90 percent of his trees production is at a standstill instead of pricing oil he spends his time trying to find an all of $3.00 resistant to the bacteria. we will not infect the young plants with the disease we will release the insects that transmit the disease here and then we have the scientific proof that this
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local strain is immune to the bacteria and will not be affected. since about the. scientists who have been enlisted for help. and their equal or not he shows a group of egyptian agricultural scientists that between the disease trees some specimen still brim with life seen a far more also the latino and for most of the riaa ts are a start we hope and we are feverish looking for other varieties that have resistance. researchers are using this up to locate trees and share their findings the problem they face is huge some 20000000 trees have already been affected and the disease is spreading 2 kilometers every month today it's it's early to morrow it may be other major all of producing nations in the mediterranean . millions of syrians have fled their country many to sudan where they have visa
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free entry some are being successful small businesses and in a cartoon neighborhood there iterates growing crowds it can be tough to find a table here in this fashionable district of the sudanese capital the tantalizing odors of popular syrian dishes filled the air customers here like the restaurants because they vibrant brightly lit and clean they have a reputation for taste and good quality and they offer something different. than before in sudan there was no very well known they had been sent tamiya like falafel and other things but we came in and brought him crispy mexican recipes chicken roasting machine and pizza among other things and the shawarma out and we thank god for the quality we had out of. i would go down there without. this fierce competition between restaurants each has its own specialty and for the sudanese clientele syrian cuisine has an element of glamour.
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for the reason was that it was sort of what makes syrian food different is their welcome it gives a special taste for food this is what interests me in a syrian restaurant and they're very serious about cooking and of the end i feel like it's the taste that you see in films like yeah yeah this is cool. but customers now have to pay more for that glamour syrian restauranteurs say the country's political and financial crisis has led to soaring prices for ingredients nice doing business with. the for.
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the food. the to.
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thank you. this. coming up on the program. in one of the world's poorest countries our correspondents met some of those who have. faced on the way. they are.


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