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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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you know what it's time the voices of 100. 77 percent to talk about the issue. for all parties to slash from hours a week. this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend g.w. . your move washington china counter a strong character with a cheaper you want leading the white house to cry currency manipulation hours later staging announces it will no longer buy for produce from the us. also on the show a canadian company that wants to socks the o 2 out of the air and turn it into fuel
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. and how syrians fleeing the civil war are benefiting from an appetite for their traditional dishes in the sudanese capital. this is d.w. business i'm joined now on in berlin welcome to those wondering how china would respond to washington's latest round of tariffs well they may have the round sir china has allowed the you want to significantly fall against the us dollar making chinese exports cheaper and potentially offsetting the effects of its trade war with the west and beijing has announced it is to stop purchasing u.s. foreign products prompting fears that the trade war is set to get even nastier. could china be weaponize ing its currency in the increasingly hostile trade war between washington and beijing the chinese who won unexpectedly crossed the psychologically important 7 print dollar mark for the 1st time since the global
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financial crisis you one slump to an 11 year low could be good for chinese exports they could remain competitive despite the terrace that's why some see it as retaliation to the additional 10 percent tariffs on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports u.s. president donald trump announced last week for china's central bank blame the yuan slump on unilateralism and trade protectionism. due to the complicated international situation and uncertainties we must pay great attention to handle the relationship between further reform and opening up and risk prevention your city which we don't care. china has denied it is devaluing its currency in retaliation its official response to the latest u.s. terror threat came from the calmest ministry which they china would stop buying u.s. agriculture products leave. a fellow if the joins us now from wall street louise
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analysts are describing these developments as perhaps the most aggressive phase yet in the trade war between the u.s. and china what's the sentiment among investors are there on wall street. investors are nervous you know the sense that these episode has a lot of similarities with the one that we leave in august 2015 by dan after a good 1st half of the european allies not picking up late cycle signs with central bank said to too easy to boost growth and more importantly chinese a slowdown led to an abrupt devaluation of the chinese a currency that sent us all across our global markets and especially emerging ones that said something best to point out that the chinese authorities now have a much better handle on capital outflows back in 2015 and have been holding back mainly to to avoid the railing those trade negotiations by those trump announced last week they've always seemed to be a short term a target if not as a symbol for
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a long time though since it makes a chinese imports more expensive take a toll on the country's consumers and investors and also increases the risk of those a capital outflow materializing at some point. so the chinese took their foot off the gas pedal so to say but the 2020 elections seem to be an incentive for trying to escalate this trade war with china are we going to see a war of attrition of sorts. it seems to be the case of timing the store say trump incentives to escalate tensions both to quickly and for the white house knows that the federal reserve now including trade policy in its monetary decisions so we are also wondering if i could deliver any anybody official points ahead of those presidential elections next year one of them could be a more aggressive federal stimulus response that could help the u.s.
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economy heading into dia election also a more significant it's collation forcing china at some point to give a major concerns here about these the strategy. because of the next round of tariffs will have an impact in the u.s. consumer thank you louise the hearo there on wall street for us. and speaking again of chinese money namibia has inaugurated a new port terminal financed by china the southern african nation is hoping to see a surge in trade and tourism. a slight maybe as president unveiled a new containment terminal but it was smiles all round as the $200000000.00 facility. was finally over. the terminal constructed by beijing state owned china engineering company will more than double the ports handling capacity bring it up to $750000.00 containers a year. i'm going to. go
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we're. going to. do that by. now you know you know. zambia angola the democratic republic of congo botswana and zimbabwe are among the main landlocked countries which the ports constructors say will benefit and chinese exporters are lining up to exploit the new markets the new port has a dedicated cruise line of birth which should help to boost no maybe as tourist industry africa is the fastest growing tourist destination for the chinese numbers increasing 70 percent each year now here's one approach to the planet's pollution
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problems capturing carbon dioxide from our school is a company in canada is pioneering a method to filter c o 2 from the air and turn it into fuel. everything seems to be fine on jonathan studies organic farm in western canada. but jordan knows better than most good things aren't as they appear he's the member for west vancouver in the british columbia provincial parliament where he holds the environment and energy portfolio. globally it's accepted that it's not going to be enough to simply stop emitting we are going to have to pull carbon out of the atmosphere for to achieve the $1.00 degree targets or the 2 degree target that. that has been set now internationally british columbia now gets 98 percent of its electricity from sustainable sources but fuel still comes from gas and oil along with all the associated air pollution so jordan sturdy campaign for the canadian government to
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invest in a carbon dioxide research project now north of vancouver in squamish a test plant runs filtering c o 2 out of the air project manager steve oldman explains the rather simple principle essentially it's a big fat so big found that holds the air in and then it pulls it through a filter that filter has a chemical drop in through it like this and by doing so we capture 80 percent 80 percent of the c o 2 from the yeah so we make calcium carbonate as part of our process you would know calcium carbonate as seashells the c o 2 was burnt sometime in the 18th century or maybe on your flight over from your up and we captured it and we converted it into these pallets da mr turn air into fuel a synthetic fuel for all combustion engines. 10 years ago jeffrey holmes co-founded the project a kind of recycling plant for c o 2. what we do differently as opposed to taking
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fuels refined from crude oil and burning them which puts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we take the carbon from the atmosphere we take hydrogen from water and we recombine them into fuel that way when the fuels burned the carbon is released back to the atmosphere where it came from and we have a close cycle jordan sturdy would only be too happy to use c o 2 neutral fuel for his quad and his tractors it would mean the massive investment has paid off and another piece in the global puzzle of solving the climate crisis would be firmly in place. millions of syrians have fled their country many to sudan where they have visa free entry some are opening successful small businesses and in khartoum the eateries are drawing crowds it can be tough to find a table here in this fashionable district of the sudanese capital the tantalizing odors of popular syrian dishes filled the air customers here like the restaurants
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because they are vibrant brightly lit and clean they have a reputation for taste and good quality and they offer something different. down on the floor in sudan there was no very well known food they had beans and tamiya like falafel and other things but we came in and brought in crispy mexican recipes chicken roasting machine and pizza among other things and the shawarma and we thank god for the quality we had that would. go with. this fierce competition between restaurants each has its own specialty and for the sudanese clientele syrian cuisine has an element of glamour. would be reason would be enough that it sort of would make syrian food different is their welcome it gives a special taste for food this is. what interests me in a syrian restaurant and they very serious about cooking to the end i feel like it's
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the taste that you see in film of us. young men this is the fuck customers now have to pay more for that glamour syrian restauranteurs say the country's political and financial crisis has led to soaring prices for ingredients. the company that built the titanic harland and wolff is going under its winding up operations after its the region parent struggled to find a buyer apart from building the titanic which famously psych in $1000.00. 150 warships during world war 2 was considered a giant of northern ireland's industry our london will 30000 strong workforce in the early 20th century windell to the present days 130 employees thank you for watching.
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the world is doing forcing. more sports asteroids a lot of problems. the global 3000 talks with team of british researchers who take an optimist. view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was. is the world really getting
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better. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th sundays of. where the real power resides. i come from there are lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you but the largest democracy maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and the vision the book is right here in the name popped in the form of the funny one i remember thinking at the time because the blood in bold can fill with anything can happen if people come together and unite for a pool. but i do the news that often confronted difficult situations for conflict between does themselves i see despite my job to confront tonight's leaders on
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policies and development to focus spotlight an issues that matter most condom to security oppression martian isolation. or not has been achieved but so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on the top she and i work and he doesn't. believe. me. hello and welcome to our culture why are more popular than ever before we've been to a 2 convention to find out also coming up i'll get to design those folks a clock well in long but now one of the if areas of the british capital.
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in our series 100 german must read. by the way out of pity as a hero who is getting things rollers offering it is not a case of real simple tatoos have never been so popular they've been around for thousands of years but 1st became fashionable in the 960 s. with the hippie movement and the biking culture back then it was a sign of individuality and since then to do so to to have never looked back today it's a thriving industry and we were europe's biggest to 2 convention here in berlin over the weekend and the superstars of to touring with their to show off their skills. the annual convention sees hundreds of. tattoo enthusiastic and the curious converging on the german capital. some of the best in the world modern day jet set his whose reputation precedes them thanks in part to instagram. much following
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means worldwide recognition sponsorships gigs. tattoo artists.


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