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the but. this is life from buy land bridge in one's hong kong protest as punishment is coming police make mass arrests after clashes with toward democracy protest says de dabblers reports from the frontlines of the street battles plunge the city into crisis. also coming up baucus songs from the same non-con considers his response
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off to india revokes kashmir special status aka songs powerful miter says it's ready don't shoot off on the rise after delhi is radical it moves to tighten its control over the muslim majority of region. and what to do about concerns of the racism in german footboard one lower division team has find its captain an attempt at trying to pull the state got team could take action today against its chairman. cullen welcome i meant that she good to have you with us. china has issued a stark warning to protest says a government spokesman in beijing is want protests is that punishment is coming and they should not underestimate the strength of the central government hong kong police also announce of did arrested more than 148 people the largest single day
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tally since demonstrations began 2 months ago here's some of what beijing spokesman had to say today. we want to warn the handful of violent criminals and the madlang hands behind. that there is a play with fire will perish by. while the punishment will only be a matter of time. now let's go straight to journalist even lines in hong kong stephen strong who was there from the chinese spokes person so what could this punishment mean do you think is china planning some movement is it likely to intervene militarily. the shadow you know you know time crackdown on protesters in beijing javelins. china has
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a very large military garrison. writes we saw today inch and sandwiches town on the border next call the police all staged a very very large anti riot exercise which was clearly aimed to remind people in hong kong that it will be difficult for those to be mobilized the only other one china is we have confidence in the hong kong based and of this what that means and we are just seen in europe while there are more people being arrested they're being charged with quite serious crimes and i think the moment china thinks maybe that would be the way of deterrent people from going on the streets so you're saying at the moment if will not intervene directly would draw on the use authorities in hong kong. to do the need. this is the simple fact of the matter is that if the people's liberation army is mobilized the comments are all called this is
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such an enormous and serious blow to the international character of hong kong to the very stability of the city would be a decision that would have to be taken very very carefully because once the people's liberation army had stars is exercises given hong kong much of what we know about hong kong would be over and i think even the authorities are very angry about what's happening in hong kong at the moment recognize the gravity of going to those extents. and stephen a what impact do you think this morning from beijing and its intended as a warning what impact will it have on the protests in hong kong well you now have an enormous enormous i really can't stress that sue too much level of general support for the protests i mean we saw this unprecedented situation in which $2000000.00 people that's
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a quarter of the population were out on the streets in protest but there's this hardcore mainly very young people who i think of the moment a developing a sort of marxism complex i mean they say when you speak to them we're prepared to die for this we're going to stay here as long as it states they're there quite a small minority but they're very determined that they're all the time they're on demonstrations practically every day of the week so i don't think they're going to be deterred from that but whether the big mass of public support for the protests will somehow fade away at the moment that's a possibility i don't think it's a large hospital. stephen winds in hong kong thank you very much for that update from there. well as we heard from steve in the protest who's on determined and they also defined there was another night of andhra demonstrations our correspondent seana chosen bill was in the midst of protests and sent us this
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report. was the scene as we arrived the chaos begins. the film. so how come the world that have done nothing. but follow. her lead on how 7 the tough sell that one party. is the take as clear as protesters slowly return. among them dozens of local residents. many joining child's demanding police retreat. curious bystanders watching almost stunned at the scene unfolding in this normally quiet neighborhood the police call for more backup as the mood once again tense dog was the showdown begins. was noisy and although i
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was told the local me are coming back now further god almighty god god god god god god all that found all over the hour was the each side waiting for the other to make the 1st move but it was threatening to tip this standoff over the edge. close to midnight the police made this. sending people scattering. with the blockades cleats theorists began. with that way this is a residential area one woman screams people here weren't even wearing. face last night john 7 i. was. looking at the mall protesters a sweatshop as the police round on the struggle is what it was like no one
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here wanted it to end this way it was. those arrested face up to 10 years in prison if they're charged with rioting was it a heavy price to pay for a night on the streets was her world. turning up the political fires to win the kashmir kicking up as india revokes the region's special constitution status india's hindu nationalists led government is here the abrogation of on to a $370.00 as a historic moment that pakistan's prime minister imran khan said he considered approaching the you and security council over the issue. said if you go to any extent to support the contestant but the move has spiked tense and between the near neighbor. if the finger on the streets of pakistan here nationalists supporters furious at events in kashmir call for revenge against india and its leader prime minister narendra modi was over. this is all pression human rights
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violations have been carried out all peace loving people of the world must stand by us we demand that the pakistan government and army take bold steps in response on board to step in and it is a. jubilation for hindu nationalists in delhi they say scrapping article $370.00 which gave kashmir its special status correct historic wrong. for the opposition and critics it sets a dangerous precedent we believe that the dissension ordo on article $370.00 of by them of the government is basically a constitutional this is an attack on the constitution and this is this amounts to bunning the bridges which political means to the rest of india. the disputed territory is now on lockdown. authorities have ordered thousands of indian and foreign tourists to get out major roads are sealed off and
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a curfew is in place all communications severed. the kashmir region has long been a bone of contention between india and pakistan they have fought 2 wars over it. both claim the region in full but each control only part of it china also claims a section. the revoking of its special status gives delhi increased power and influence in the territory but it's feared this could fuel the insurgency there which has already claimed thousands of lives over 3 decades. pakistan's government has condemned india's move calling it illegal and vowing counter measures the united nations is urging calm we are following with concern the tense situation in the region we're also where of reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir and we urge all parties to exercise
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restraint. but it's feared prime minister modi has just reignited uncertainty in the world's most follicle nuclear flashpoint. that we now join giuliani from his asia desk shows it baucus on a strongly condemned india's move and especially joint session has fallen it has been courting islam on what was said that. when the session started there were loud protests by opposition politicians the session then had to be adjourned there's no statement as yet the opposition politicians for protesting against the fact that the government resolution did not even mention the scrapping of article 370 so they wanted it to be changed the session is likely to continue tomorrow and that's been expect a clear statement. that the indian part of kashmir is in complete lockdown right now and there's very little information coming from that and the pakistani foreign
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ministry says it's an exercise all possible options to block india's move to revoke article 370 what are its options. there primarily talking about diplomatic options so one could be that they seek. the un security council to get involved in those it doesn't look likely the pakistani foreign minister is currently in jeddah saudi arabia where he's meeting organization of islamic countries trying to shore up support if we go by boss trend we're not expecting a very strong stance there. just on we'll try to play this up but the prime minister has already called leaders of turkey and malaysia will probably call on others as well but we know for some time now that the world isn't really interested in kashmir they only care about kashmir when the 2 countries are on the brink of a nuclear war but our device is not on the horizon for most
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leaders and we also know that before doing this the indian government took into confidence major capitals of the world so the national security adviser of india got in touch with washington with other countries so they know that india is doing this and why pakistan may be stunned by this. kind of watching it. they might make some rhetorical commons but we're not really expecting the world to get really involved in this thing to also accuse us pakistan of supporting wanted course terrorism in kashmir what is the pakistani government's response to these allegations it's one of those classic situations where one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and the pakistani army incidentally just been meeting this morning they have just come out with a statement and they are saying that we formally stand by the kashmiris and what they call is there just
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a struggle and that we will go to any extent to fulfill obligations so pakistan is accused of arming to push me to struggle for many years it denies the charges believe that it is it is a local because this midis want to get their rights and their freedom struggle is justified so there are 2 opposing views and a lot of people believe the only way to solve it is through dialogue given what has happened in india i think that we have probably gone further away from that kind of desire. from deep down news desk thank you very much for that assessment that we're now being up to date with some of the stories making news around the wild south korea says north korea has no want to miss size its 4th test in less than 2 weeks the short range missiles fell into the sea off the penances east coast in an online statement north korea protested against a joint military exercise being has by the u.s. and south korea. japan is marking 74 years since the u.s.
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dropped an atomic bomb on hiroshima during the 2nd world war that left an estimated 140000 people dead prime minister shinzo avia tended the ceremonies here. to me matsui the new japan school is for abolishing nuclear weapons. turning out of the us mexico border where people grieving after a mass shooter killed 22 people in el paso texas 77 mexicans are among the victims authorities have said they're investigating the rampage as an anti immigrant hate crime and paso has long been linked with its sister city across the border mexico's what is it's a magnet for migrants seeking asylum to the u.s. but for many now it's become a miserable wait teenaged with anxiety. many of the emergency shelters on the
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mexican side of the border are full but people continue to arrive the u.s. is sending migrants back here across the border until there are silent applications are processed this is the detention center in el paso asylum seekers describe what they've experienced there not always an thawing of thought they searched everything and touched us everywhere a woman next to me told the border guard to stop touching her but they just continue to make booking because here. they even removed her sanitary pads to see if she was hiding something i mean even though men were present. think vietnam base . emily is 18 years old she would only talk to us after she was certain that no one was watching she seen a lot she played quite a mile on foot then continued by train in may she arrived in the us and was separated from my family because.
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many give up and leave voluntarily. anyone wanting to enter the u.s. legally has to put their name on a waiting list in ciudad juarez alone around 5000 people have registered few of the new was to silence is even get an appointment with u.s. authorities. i mean but it's amazing when i think the entire system is unfair the migrants have to wait for their appointment here in mexico and they're ultimately
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rejected that's what happens in 9 out of 10 cases anyway just have. the sound of sopping echoes through the emergency center over your mother's cellar is 33 years old she left honduras with the children and now finds herself completely alone. give me your only hope it's unbearable having to stay here my whole body hurts my back my arms and they just give me pain killers nothing else. but know if you're not alone. many people here say that the conditions are terrible the realities of migration on both sides of the border are brutal. news from the world of sport on federal prosecutors in switzerland have filed charges against some of the organizers for 2006 world cup in germany the success of
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the global event has been tarnished by alleged corruption former german football association president above and it's fun to go now face indictments as horst schmidt the former association treasurer. of a part of the once couple when as in committee that lobbied for to bring the event to germany charges against the head of that committee france. are being handled separately because of his health condition. now the buddhist league club shark as expected to decide today whether to take action against its chairman clemens turned in after you made comments that were widely condemned as racist the billionaire has led the club's board since 2001 he's apologized for the comments but many consider the apology self-serving regev and football are facing increasing scrutiny on the question of race tourney as could be forced out. with less than 2 weeks to go until
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the start of the bundesliga season shaka have a crisis to deal with after discussion. about climate change policy last week club chairman clements tony suggested tax money should be spent on building power plants in africa adding quote then the africans would stop chopping down trees and stop producing kids when it gets dark those comments have received much public criticism including from the shall care fan initiative a supporters' group that has worked with the club to fight against racism in football for over 25 years and then score set out in order to the large number of people who have contacted to share our views namely that the comments are massively racist zuzana frank says attorneys must be removed from his position at the club. i consider its claim and turn intolerable for clemens tourney's to continue in his role at the club which is
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a high profile and important role. fans in guessing cation are divided on the issue you have 10 years future at the club the consequence and so it shouldn't be any consequences they should just move on it was a slip of the tongue it wasn't meant in a bad way disk of mind in this. one is of sense out of the question and intolerable in my view 10 years has to be removed and if shaka doesn't do that then i would probably quit as a member because that's not ok they also garnish the decision now rests with shark is on a very board. now max name for me devon sports is here and has more on the story welcome max tell us more about this shall commuting which is today that's going to take up this issue isn't it yes there's huge pressure on the honorary board her meeting today in shock but. it's been
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a tricky one really because a lot of people have listened to the apology and said we should accept the policy for people like sporting director you said he should be given another chance many many others feeling differently as we saw in the report as well the fans are somewhat split but many former salcombe players with african roots of come out against turn years and said it's just not ok this is not a normal club or that meeting today the honorary board is somewhat like an ethics commission that's made up of 2 judges. and 2 university professors all of whom have been longstanding members of the club one of whom is actually represented turn years in court so could complicate things a little bit and they have sanctions available to them anything from a verbal warning to a suspension to dismissal from office i suspect they will either suspend him or perhaps ask him to resign ok so we have to wait and see but another story xenophobia and racism in football came to speak and it was in the eastern german city of kenneth's what happened there yes it's
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a 3rd division club and they have parted ways with their captain don you have fallen over his links to neo nazi groups and on saturday he was injured so he watched the game from the stands which is quite typical for a captain to do however he was sat together with leaders of the far right who you can see and he's a repeat offender he's done a few of these things in the past we can take a look at him celebrating and go back in march where he collects t. shirts. printed with support your local who's. produced by the group the group hooligans nazis racists he apologized back then he's had a few of these incidents come up in him and always said oh it's a misunderstanding i've probably just the club have now come out and said these apologies are fos we were. to trust him and of course kemet embroiled again and again with ties not just the club the city to last august's if you saw 2 days of far right violence and the clubs clubs fan groups were seen as instrumental in coordinating those so the question then is that i mean this incident symptomatic of
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a larger problem in german football i would say not necessarily because i think it's a localized issue a lot of it tends to happen predominantly in the former east of germany and also the lower leagues seem to have more of a prevalent connection and the fan culture is with right wing activism in the op at least for instance the bundesliga there's a very positive fan culture and oddly enough some of it is more typically associated with the left of the political spectrum so i think it's definitely prevalent in the lower leagues german football clubs like candidates who have sent mixed signals out in the past have to send very clear messages this is a step in the right direction that we have to wait and see where that goes back to thank you very much. now to some us for have done his research on rule of law it's called skate cross it's built on the winter sports off ice cross which has become a hit here and europe skates cross has found a home in moscow and this was the 1st race organizers apoc built just for disc on
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that event athletes on inline skates fly down the bumpy twisting course and they try to outmaneuver on this before crashing into a padded wall after a finish not quite a sport for those vida bad getting a few bombs and a few bruises. 1 assault there was most elaborate body art was in display in berlin over the weekend it was the 29th edition of the berlin tattoo convention europe's oldest annual gathering of inc enthusiastic there was plenty of decorated skin to see from the colorful to the blue chromatic and some well known artists were there to share of dead media. many of the most famous names founder following on social media and on the source for me apart from instagram where they post their latest loss to pieces the convention was a chance for their fans to meet them in person and get
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a permanent moment to like this one. here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you china has issued a warning to protesters in hong kong that punishment is coming. police also announce of they did arrested $148.00 protesters on monday the largest single day tally. the city's been gripped by 2 months of georgia moccasin demonstrations. and pakistan's prime the cimarron khana said consider upgrading to the un security council over india's move to change the legal status of kashmir the disputed region is on a security lock john up to india to vote its special status on monday. coming up next on news and news asia we have more on kashmir and the tensions over it as tensions rise over in this cropping off christmas special status how would pakistan react we have a view from islamabad. and would really goes on inside china as detention
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camps for rigo muslims a firsthand account of one woman's ordeal. now 2 more coming up on duty every views asia look for me on this that she was in the news team that's it for now we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour in half a not too forward to seeing a day of. some.
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the women's world cup the america the gold cup and the africa cup of nations has a season high picks up the ranks as a hands down the next exciting adventure right around the corner the german bundesliga is heating up and as always we are there to keep you updated with the
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latest on the kickoff of. the misleader sun showing all the 6 teams keep up. with him how to be done to go soccer's well i inspire you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents in that danger to the bottom of the game with the to give a flavor of. love on sunday because that one little bit to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but it wasn't going to. you want to know their story for migrants terrified and promotable information for margaret's. to know that 77 percent blockage are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. don't know what
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time of voices. the 77 percent talk about the issue. from politics to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . this is deja of the news asia coming up on the program protests against a change in kashmir people take to the streets in pakistan against thing the government's move to remove special status of the disputed region india i mean what continues with the security of all telling is it that if it is this the calm before the storm also coming off up to a 1000000 weak goods at all.


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