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this is. from berlin tonight the 1st fallout from india's move to strip kashmir of its special status back pakistan is promising to fight that decision and urging world leaders to intervene tensions are rising and fears are growing that this could lead to a military conflict between pakistan and india also coming up tonight beijing warns hong kong protesters punishment is coming police make mass arrests as ongoing clashes with pro-democracy demonstrators plunge the city into crisis plus
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a case of fraud off the pitch former top german football officials charged with corruption did they find germany's right to host the 2006 world cup. also coming up the world has lost a beloved author the nobel laureate writer toni morrison whose novels exploring african-american identity gave voice to millions has died at the age of $88.00. it's good to have you with us tonight there are new worries of a political and maybe military firestorm over kashmir yesterday india's hindu nationalists led government revoked kashmir's special status by repealing article $370.00 of the constitution. pakistan's prime minister imran khan says he will
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consider approaching the un security council over the move earlier today pakistan's army said that it would go to any extent necessary to support the contested territory india's move has sparked tensions between the nuclear armed neighbors. residents in pakistani controlled kashmir have been making their anger clear that was easy and says it's revoking article $370.00 of its constitution which gives the region more freedom to make its own laws compared with other indian states in neighboring pakistan politicians have been meeting to discuss their response and action then i. will take action against us and we will respond because it cannot be possible that they attack us and we don't retaliate you know happen next things will be even more aggravated when both of us keep reacting it could lead to
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a conventional war. conventional waters of. people living in kashmir fear that india's decision to remove the region special autonomy status could still tensions even further activists they are say they will do whatever it takes to oppose the changes. and this is a question of political existence this is a question of. identity also i don't think that we can think it is who and we are going to fight it out but the indian government shows no signs of backing dying. jammu and kashmir is a part of india and integrity ponts. there is no legal or constitutional disputes about the rug match and left wing activists in india have been protesting against their government's actions but right wing hindu nationalists have been celebrating . the region has long been a source of tension kashmir shares a border with india and pakistan both. claim it is their territory but only control
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parts of it so china also claims a section and it's criticised india for stripping the region of its autonomy daley has warned to be saying that kashmir is an internal matter both have said they are committed to maintaining peace in the border areas and for more on what's happening over kashmir i'm joined now here at the big table by south asian political analyst boris will come mr brooke it's good to have you on the show. what's what's going on here i mean this special status had been in place for 7 decades right doesn't it and now india has decided to revoke it why now. well i think it's a 2nd i mean this prime minister modi's and then simply put he has just won his 2nd term in office and he he wants to implement the b j p agenda of the party is his party's agenda he promised in his campaign to do just that it's a long standing demand of b j p that the article 370 should be scrapped and
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so he's just fulfilling the agenda and the promises. and putting the country on a conflict course with pakistan you know not only of the country i think it's a regional issue we have seen today also a statement by china because china sees itself also involved as a party to this conflict so it's not a yeah it's not a 2 party conflict in a way it was a 3 party conflict and what happens if pakistan as we heard in the report pakistan may take this to the un security council what will that bring about anything. maybe because it should be debated i mean it's obviously it's a matter it's a concern for international peace i mean there is no doubt about it but i think much more important is what will do great polish to the united states but also russia china i mean they have all their own interests in this conflict china have
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some sway opposite as you say but the rest of the powers russia the united states europe how much influence do they really have done on india at this point. well they have influence on pakistan and the united states in particular when it comes to i mean the whole regional situation united states needs boxes done right now and order to solve the crisis in afghanistan to get out of afghanistan this list of problems. and so india is in a difficult position regionally right now it was always pakistan that was isolated over the last years or decades and maybe now it's the other way around and most of these countries pakistan and india that are nuclear powers if turkey is that insurance policy that they will not go to war over this it is not we have seen. numerous crises over the years
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mostly because insurgents or terrorists supported by pakistan. were active in indian administered kashmir do you think do you think they will go to war that we've got about 15 seconds do you think this will in the in the military conflict. no i don't think so i think there are so many countries involved because in both they will be able to contain it let's hope so exactly for still that we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. which one has issued a stark warning to pro-democracy activists in hong kong a day after violent clashes and a general strike paralyzed the territory a government spokesman in beijing today said that punishment is coming and that activists should not quote underestimate the strength of the central government he described the activists as violent criminals and valid that they would be held
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accountable hong kong's government also warned that the ongoing demonstrations could threaten the territory's prosperity but some protesters are vowing to press on with their fight for democratic reforms earlier we spoke with joshua long the head of one activist group he outlined his plans for the weeks ahead. protests will continue eason clash happen. honest i call us tomorrow consul and lawyer their web site is ready on friday we will get her at hong kong international and we will continue our protests and the some of this content will continue on through the 1st of october chinese national day. and there was one hong kong activist just speaking earlier there well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.n. refugee agency says a new italian law penalizing migrant rescue ships could stop lives being saved on
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monday italy raised the fine on unauthorized ships in a ring its waters to 1000000 europe's ship captains bringing rescued migrants to italy also face arrest the u.n. said the activities of rescue ships should not be criminalised a german citizen with turkish roots has reportedly been arrested in the city of antalya german media say that the man was visiting family but was detained on arrival at the airport he's been accused of spreading terrorist propaganda on face book germany's foreign ministry says it has been informed of the cakes the united states says that it will use every appropriate tool to oust the venezuelan president nicolas maduro the comments from the white house came as the u.s. ramped up its same sions on the euro and his government the new sanctions are aimed at cutting off foreign money completely to the venezuelan government. sports news now and there's news that swiss authorities have charged for people in
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relation to germany's bid to host the 2006 football world cup to talk about that i'm joined here by all of removing from secretary horst are schmidt the 3 stand accused of falsely claiming a payment of $6700000.00 euros from the german f.a. defeat was depression the financial world cup gala an event that never took place in 2002 then world cup organizing committee boss france beckenbauer received 6700000 euros from entrepreneur robert louis dreyfus back in balad then transferred this money to former qatari official mohamed bin hammam who has since been suspended for life due to corruption the central question of why bin hammam received the money is still unclear to investigators in 2005 the d.f.t. then transferred 6700000 euros defeat supposedly for the 2006 world cup kickoff gala but then transferred the money directly to louis dreyfus swiss authorities are
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investigating france beckenbauer in a separate case on account of his current state of health if back and bauer were charged along with the others and then failed to appear it could in danger the entire case. and the clock is ticking. it. to commuters are under time pressure there are only 8 months left under the statute of limitations it's high time charges are filed. now swiss justice has to hurry to reach a verdict or the fraud charges will have to be dropped. over let's look at this we've got. a reportedly paid 6700000 euros to qatari football executive mohamed bin. is there any speculation over what that money or that payment was supposed to be for there's always speculation football and this is no different i mean there are. there is about what that money was used for and i should stress that this is speculation this is not anything that's been pretty cool
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but the one theory is that this money was used to buy votes to germany to host the 2006 world cup mohamed bin hammam let's not forget was an executive committee member at the time the executive committee was the body that decided who would host the world cup and of course jenny did end up hosting the 2006 there's all this drama and i mean. i think any number 1st would be asking why was that can borrow or even paying that kind of money to someone you could start to begin with like you said the speculation how big of it is she was this going to become for german soccer well i think it's huge not just for german soccer as well but germany as a whole because you've got to remember that the 2006 world cup was not just a sports event that germany happened to host it was a real cultural moment that everybody that said sorry much about where modern germany was in the world and where it still is today you know about multiculturalism here diversity about national pride about the way that gender is to seen internationally as well and any kind of tarnish event memory and he kind of
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any anything that brings down the reputation of that is going to affect the way that people remember and that is a very sad thing it's a horrible thought to think that you were almost a living a lie if you will to prove that it was ball or an owner think you are in the united states there have been more commemorations after a weekend of mass shootings with the death toll now standing at 31 u.s. president donald trump has called for bipartisan solutions to end the bloodshed but he's facing sharp criticism from democrats who say he lacks the moral authority to rally the country against violence in recent trumpeters do texas tomorrow. alexander phenomenon is there and she sent us this report. a vigil to honor the road ragers a high school student killed today in washington you know past only 15 years old bright light and quick on his feet that's how his friends remember me we were
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always there for me. he was a really our. he was a. positive person. never negative. always happy. always trying to make it earlier. and i just said oh you don't go in to search. for us. we have a really strong community and everybody here loves each other we're really big family. students parents teachers they came together at horizon high school just outside parcel trying to come to terms with what they see as a terrorist attack against hispanics all over the past so residents are reeling after 30 days horrific events and they are hoping that the mass murder a crime committed by an alleged white supremacist from outside the town does not give pass a bad name after all they say this is
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a diverse and tolerant place which has consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the u.s. for many years. a border city with an 80 percent latino population el paso has suffered under presidents trams and immigrant rhetoric and his administration's 0 tolerance policy at the border residents say christina garcia works for a local organization that helps immigrants and asylum seekers she says some of her clients are now terrified they feel like every client i've had interaction with they've had to apologize for what happened this weekend and i've had to reassure them that we that we are going to be safe but for now they mourn the dead. every day people gather at the wal-mart store where the mass shooting took place president trump is expected to visit i'll pass on wednesday we respect him because he's the president but to be on is while i'm in the u.s.
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but for many it's become a miserable wait knelt hinged with fear. many of the emergency shelters on the mexican side of the border are full but people continue to arrive the u.s. is sending migrants back here across the border until there are silent applications are processed. this is the detention center in el paso asylum seekers describe what they've experienced there you know they said during us they searched everything and touched us everywhere a woman next to me told the border guard to stop touching her but they just continued booking you can see here. they even removed posts on a tree pads to see if she was hiding something that they knew even though men were present to. us think you know vietnamese. emily is 18 years old she would only talk to us after she was certain that no one was watching she seen
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a lot she fled guatemala on foot then continued by train in may she arrived in the us and was separated from my family because she's already considered an adult you know me a bit of those my mother said no that's my daughter you can't take her away they answered by saying it's a different process for her yeah you got my mother to tears and simply took me away anyway i didn't know what to do. you know even after being sent back to mexico and really you know mother can't stay in the same facility emily now lives in the border city of ciudad juarez along with thousands of other asylum seekers they're waiting for their appointment with us immigration chicken pox is going around the center and despair is everywhere many give up only voluntarily. anyone wanting to enter the u.s. legally has to put their name on a waiting list in ciudad juarez alone around 5000 people have registered few of the
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new was decided and seek is even get an appointment with u.s. authorities. i mean but as a percentage you mean i think the entire system is unfair the migrants have to wait for their appointment here in mexico and they're ultimately rejected that's what happens in 9 out of 10 cases anyway. the sound of solving echoes through the emergency center no v.m. out of sela is 33 years old she left us with the children and now finds herself completely alone. give me all your help it's unbearable having to stay here my whole body hurts my back my arms and they just give me pain killers nothing else. but know of you is not alone. many people here say that the conditions i tear about the realities of migration on both sides of the border are brutal. where human rights
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activists have helped prevent a chinese national from the muslim minority community from being deported back to china from qatar that after a video of the man pleading for help went viral on social media the news reporter all the soccer is here to bring is this story so tell us how did this all come about was of the video was what saved this person right yes can you say if he is a weak muslim minority from china originally and he's been living in pakistan for the last 20 years he was trying to get to bus nia he got as far as the airport there and you know sources then decided to deport him but not back to pakistan back to china because this was his travel documents he got as far back to airports he basically you know he didn't want to go to beijing he feared for his life he said prisons or to be put in an internment camp so he decided to record this video
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of himself and. let's have a quick look at the video. as . well so this video ended up going viral and because of the international attention it got his deportation from qatar on woods to beijing was postponed he was stranded there basically for a few days while his future was decided on this this week or maybe he fears for his life if he has to go back to china yet so there we go muslim minority community they have been the target of a crackdown by just beijing for quite a while now the u.n. estimates that as many as a 1000000 people have been put in these so-called re-education centers. beijing says this is basically
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a voluntary vocational training camp. but investigation showed that people are not there voluntarily they're being arbitrarily detained and this comes on at prisons you cannot just come and go so your life. they've been they've even been labeled concentration camps now this video use of video was initially picked up by a wave of rights activist by the name of iceland had a yacht we talked to him earlier today. and he told us by use of wanted to leave pakistan in the 1st place according to him we have been rounded up by pakistani authorities to be sent back to china price paid. so he decided to make the boldly and make his way to europe. now we can verify these claims but it is worth noting the pakistan is part of a group of muslim minority country muslim majority countries rather and that have come out in support of beijing when it comes to their treatment of muslims and
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basically. dismissing claims that that we can muslims are being held against their will so is there a happy ending the war there is. just a few hours ago. as one day out he tweeted that the use of is now on his way out of qatar. towards freedom. details once in so we don't know where it is going well we do so there's a picture of it on the plane and just after this tweet there was another threat saying that he is on his way to washington d.c. so for now at least he will be staying in america going to the u.s. while interesting all right thank you very much fascinating story thank you for it and we are going to the u.s. now and talking about the loss of a literary pioneer author toni morrison has died at the age of $88.00 after a short illness she was the 1st african-american to win the nobel prize for
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literature her novels present an unflinching portrayal of the african-american experience in the u.s. with a strong focus on the lives of black with greg maddux a technical in toni morrison's career the 1st african american nobel literature laureate receiving the presidential award of freedom from america's 1st african-american president barack obama in 2012. her path to success was studded with obstacles that she overcame with defiant inspired by her grandfather as she remembered in a documentary the pieces i am released earlier this year. my grandfather. said it was illegal in his life to. out of. that word. before becoming a writer morse and made her way up the male dominated world of new york publishing
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always fearless she soon realized that she and not the old white males around her was the smartest person in the room i was more interesting then. she turned the status quo of white perception on its head when talk show host dick cavett asked her a provocative question. i prefer. well i'm tired of people asking the question. later oprah winfrey's book club helped toni morrison become a household name her novels such as the bluest eye song of solomon and beloved went beyond bestseller status they contributed to a shift in african-american storytelling a style that embraced ruthless honesty. toni morrison empowered countless readers and will be remembered as a force of nature in the world of literature and beyond. she was a great writer i'll be back at the top of the all work with more bold news followed
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by the day i hope to see the.
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