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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is a new. tensions rise in the kashmir. trade with. diplomatic relations kashmir is in lockdown and political leaders are. also on the program. scores injured. despite a promise. to protect. the citizens of dayton ohio
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president's trump we don't want to hear the president's that's often his condolences following. in which 9 people were killed. i'm phil gail welcome to the program. pakistan is downgrading his diplomatic relations with india as a result of the indian government's move to revoke the autonomy of the part of kashmir it controls pakistan's also suspending trade and expanding india's envoy to islam about. remains in lockdown for a 3rd day with security forces on high alert us many shops are closed and residents say they're running out of fresh food. and internet connections have also been cut the indian security forces imposed a curfew over the weekend the communication channels blocked kashmiris outside the state no news vest families inside you know. this report.
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nasr is on has a real home. he does not know if he will be back because he does not know if he will survive. it's a police under lockdown ever since india has kept the special autonomy status the state has enjoyed for 70 years. on his way to nasr stopped by this protest held in solidarity but the she. the last he could see days ago was that his mother overspeed one well he does not know if she made it to the hospital last words she said to me i'm not feeling well tomorrow is my appointment but they are so what i made it. and that the model we passed their deployment. so she could not. she could not reach out but the doctor. told her that my family's . loss and the protesters have to leave demands. it
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was the government's decision to lift the communications blackout. and relieve a vested local leader. many young in delhi to work and study have joined in. they have had no word from home because we will never accept that bush meat is not come that out of course of violence that applauding him except that we have no movie is to confirm whether it's true or not which makes us all the more anxious and voted for our families and the more the state will have to answer this someone like me was living dependently for 8 years now i haven't known the feeling of sickness for you and it's for the 1st time in edu is that i'm feeling homesick but i want to go home because my parents don't know why i didn't turn up at the airport i don't know if they even to the airport to fetch me despite feels for their own safety if they cross just open the they don't know what else to do. as voices for and against the government decision to vote great across the country mean itself is
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silent a complete clampdown on journalists and a communications blackout has meant that angle feel and frightening rumors about the safety of loved ones back home run rampant was ok give us government yet some scoff at these one claiming that any protests against the government's decisions are anti national and based less. this school pressure not to shout down the protests against the government. those who are you to stop the government's progressive auto what is your intent is the isis funding you are anti india foreign forces funding you what who are you. as anger boys who were on board bush needs are trying to decide whether it is better to mobilize protests here. or try to reach their families. for nasa despite the risks he knows he has to head home he has to at least try.
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to get more on pakistan certain reaction from jelani from. pakistan has previously denounced this move as illegal and it's just that it's downgrading diplomatic relations with so what effect this base likely to have. well the pakistani foreign minister has announced a little while ago that it is expelling india's high commissioner it is also calling its high commissioner from delhi that's what they mean by downgrading diplomatic ties they haven't said they're breaking all ties they are downgrading them for now buckstone has also said that it's going to review bilateral arrangements with india and it is going to stop trade with india pakistan and india already do not have much direct trade going on so that's not going to have a huge effect i mean essentially if you if you followed india and pakistan as long
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as i have this is predictable behavior and much of it is him that domestic consumption for pakistan so should we expect anything more to come from pakistan well pakistani parliament also passed a unanimous resolution today condemning india for it what it sees as an effective annexation of a disputed territory which it sees as illegal and unilateral box don is going to go to the united nations security council the foreign minister said he may be traveling to china pretty soon so it is trying to reach out to its friends countries which have influence over india to bring to bring a 3rd party intervention now india has always been clear it does not want any any mediation it does not what are the countries to be involved and they haven't really shown in the last 2 or 3 days that they're worried or are deeply unsettled by what india has done so do you see this that as just the latest stage of this constant
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attempts by tapping between pakistan and india because i'm thinking of this in the context of the yemen who was recently captured and then released that is if they're an escalation or is this just more of the side. well this is this is unprecedented water india has done in kashmir and the problem for pakistan is that over the years it has created a very strong domestic lobby which seems very strongly about kashmir and the government is under pressure to do something the government doesn't know really what options it has it has very limited options because the country's inner economic mess it is under pressure to stop so-called debtor outfit their funding so it can go back to fueling conflict in kashmir that was an option maybe 20 or 30 years ago which box on exercised. options are limited and the government wants to
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be seen to be doing something about it taking taking it very seriously. but at the end of the day of the movie government care not really it's not going to have much impact on their behavior good talking to you thank you for joining us johnny from d.w. asia desk i do some of the other stories making news around the world of course is in denmark reinvestigating an explosion that rocked the headquarters of the national x. agency on tuesday night police say they're treating the blast as an attack 2 people who were inside the building when it happened no one was injured. the european union and the united states have pledged more than $55000000.00 in additional aid to zimbabwe they said in response to a united nations appeal funds to help that drought hit african country u.n. said 5000000 people are in need of aid that. guns also are saying that north korean cyber experts have circumvented sanctions to raise $2000000000.00 for the country's weapons program other reports alleges that north korean hikers stole
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funds from crypto currency exchanges like bitcoin and have found ways to make it as it bank transfers online. israel's national library has unveiled a trough of unpublished works by the author front in followers and then the legal battle over his literary states the archiving kluge draft text drawings and hundreds of kaffirs personal letters that was famous for his novels in which isolated protagonists find themselves up against income from pencil bureaucratic powers. going to afghanistan where 14 people have been killed and 145 wounded by a suicide bomber in the capital kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack it raises questions about the group's commitment to peace as the gosia missions with the united states and to end its war in afghanistan seem to be reaching a conclusion. it was one of the worst attacks in kabul this
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year. the car bomb detonated at a checkpoint in front of a police station during the morning rush hour. officials say the majority of the victims were civilians including women and children the blast could be felt over much of the city just a day after the taliban and u.s. representatives reported progress in their talks on ending nearly 18 years of war in afghanistan despite an expected cobbles government remains pessimistic. continue taliban attacks indicate that they have no commitment to peace unfortunately any taliban attack will impede the peace process. more needed. the u.s. envoy in negotiating with the taliban condemned the blast saying the focus needs to be on immediately reducing violence. and u.s. president donald trump is on his way to el paso texas to meet with survivors and
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the bereaved following saturday's mass shooting in which 22 people were killed is flying from dayton ohio after a similar visit there with victims of another rampage in which 9. protesters chanted demands for stronger gun control and for its opposition to the president's divisive rhetoric about immigrants and people of color as to trump made no public appearances in thanks and as he left washington at the start of the trip the president was asked for his response to critics who say that he is emboldening white supremacists and in high inciting hatred. i don't like you the very. premise. any. left 4 day our. correspondent alex hunter former.
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president joins us from el paso welcome alexandra what does the president hope to achieve today. i think it's important for him to be here to be in dayton to this is dayton but also to visit. because he thinks that it's his duty as president of the united states to come for the people to show the communities that the government is doing anything it can to help them so it is a very important visit for him but of course as we could see yesterday and we as we can see today there are many people who say that he is not well come here that they don't want him to visit because they need more time to grieve and because they think they're still language he has been using is racist and this is a language. with him talking about immigrants about mexicans about
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other minorities that this is a kind of language that is encouraging extremists and white supremacists so is he likely to see those sorts of protests when he when he gets to el paso. i would say it is likely that he is going to see more protests here in el paso we know that many. said that there are not going to me team that instead they are going to take mark to take part in the community gathering. on or off the victims of the ring that can very quickly turn into a protestant gets the president so if they don't want the president what do people want from him. they want him to change his rhetoric they want to change he's an immigrant stance they want him to
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if he is saying their way it works at this moment to follow through with his actions and they are fearing that in the next days he is going to take to twitter again to dehumanize mexican immigrants to talk about building a border wall here so they're fearing that nothing is really going to change despite this horrific event here in el paso. texas. spare a thought for some shocks new research has found that human activity is not the biggest factor affecting shot populations are thought by there's a logical society of london that shocks have been pushed away from coastal towns and cities and further to sea researchers also found that shocks body sizes significantly smaller communities that live near human populations and discovered
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remote locations with a marine predecessor congregates said these habitats are often not in protected areas and. this is that v.w. news out of next business africa with benefit more world headlines at the top of the hour. vivek. linked to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion. is easy it's our website deputed comes to join us on facebook. for cause.


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