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coming up on the show. now. annoying the ugandan president. is what's ridiculous and he's determined to challenge is in court also coming up on the show . in zimbabwe the u.n. says 5000000 people that's a 3rd of the country. calling for $300000000.00 to supply. the date. on the. program best the people who use it daily and they see. it's great to have you on the show this. is in panic mode
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those are the words of leading opposition figure bobby wine after he was shot during. a with intended to annoy or ridicule the press that. out already been charged with several offenses including treason aged $37.00. to preston the 7074 is one of africa's longest 7 leaders. now. members of his womans get. the death of one of his supporters it was utah he was allegedly found missing and i. guess before he battled his injuries police were simply involved in a motorcycle accident. strongly believe
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that based agency now today as you notice many more serious charges being brought up against us one thing that. that this does not mean in any way it is making us stronger and making our resolve. to talk more about this correspondence julio's joins us from uganda welcome to the show now charged with intending to annoy or radical depressed and how those will be challenge this. hoping why no charges have been brought to monastery they sent him. trumped up charges and this is not enough if you didn't convict them in any court know that they are now well to do. so what is very. high up here you are now told is fine it is not going to ship
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and i'm not going anywhere with it because. now all these charges come a day after the death of ziggy wine he was a musician and a close friend of bobby and also a constant critic of president 70 bobby and the police have 2 very different accounts what fresh information do we know about is death. they permission with mirrors to show it from the from a position of quality is that the musician died more for a city and he was shoveling on a motorbike crash and that's how he ended up dying because they're rushing to those people to try to trap achieve a child who died from it it has refused to accept both the white himself and refuse to accept it because there are conflicting reports that she was actually abducted went missing for a couple of the and they believe he was tortured. but the government is now of the police has made it clear that it was an accident but the family was acquitted. we
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hope to get more updates on the tsunami warning says he wants to challenge president bush 70 and 2021 elections is not even possible with all these charges against him. i think for now we are just charges i mean it's his response ability to defend himself against charges. as well as it's the responsibility of the prosecution to bring the evidence to prove but indeed for the wine of course to be convicted we are still a couple of years from 2021 and what will happen between now and then perhaps a different body will also need to understand the previous argyll permits or prison terms of enough also been to court to see indetectable recently been charged with treason with richard if such were carried them against the president so it's possible the other support the rank and file of the same direction and started to. algeria is very briefly convicted of treason charges but he's also be not you still
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he and testify about this could face life imprisonment how if the mistake is see again these charges. he actually sounds strong regardless of the treason charges isn't much a month sentence to a. life in prison but all the more and other can even back up to 50 years very clearly victories on many times been tweeting and posting facebook on facebook that he's only getting stronger is not worried because it sounds like he's sure to get off it ok. correspondent in kampala uganda many thanks for your time. the un has stepped up its emergency appeal for zimbabwe warning that more than 5000000 people it's said of the population are in desperate need of food aid at least half of them are on the brink of starvation. nothing to sell and even
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if there were a few people here i mean if money to buy food daily life has become a struggle for survival in zimbabwe people spent hours just trying to get by all too often in vain. they will be going we have reduced our daily food portions that previously we could cook without rationing but now we have to do small quantities just to make sure that everyone in the family gets something to eat what do we go to see the. need. to watch and we're struggling to get drinking water and food the cost of living is high one cannot even afford to buy basics at. the climate crisis hyperinflation bad management corruption there are many reasons for the desperate situation zimbabweans are in. but international donors acknowledge the will to get out of the vicious circle.
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was once the bread basket of the region the international community hopes that the crisis can yet be overcome. and our correspondent in harare privilege mashallah sent us this update on how people there are dealing with a shortage of. poor harvests like here in appearing and in the eastern part of how daddy has affected a lot of them were used to farm small plots of land but drought their harvest is lost some did not even get anything this situation has been west stand by me which is performing badly a lot of people have disposable incomes for them to be able to buy food and feed
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their families. now something's in short supply but other things over abundance cow dung is one of those things that you can easily have a lot of that's been tended to kenya's advantage over the last 10 years the east african nation has been investing in well let's call it. this might not be the most pleasant activity to do on a farm but it's highly profitable anyone wanting their own small digests and needs at least 2 coats they deliver enough food to produce a rich granite fertilizer in this simple fermentation tank microorganisms transform the culprits not just into compost but also generate bio guess i don't buy gas any
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more i use it for cooking i want something to be very because it's a lot it's very convenient for me i've been using firewood that go i don't use anymore and ever true canyon household consumes 10 kilos off i would put day walked that's costly not just in money terry terms cutting down trees costs us deforestation. pretty much you're learning about. issues to do with climate change and one of the things that is coming out of what it clearly is that the population in kenya on the farmers in kenya. needs to adopt and use smarter ways or be climate change. but bio slurry doesn't only have combat climate change it also boosts found us crop yields since justified maturing younger has used to organic fertiliser his tuffy for ducks and has doubled the farm and saw the bio dad just as 3 years ago and it's still amazed how the poor was.
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rated. in the can. you see is does. so i'll be with you live aboard to make you tory that we. have growth so i'll be very amusing. kenya has been promoting by a decade now more than $1000.00 households have already installed culp digesting plants but considering the amount of raw material available there must be more to come. and finally not everyone can see they were copied by michael jackson bought our food. the finest made new the bangle can he says jackal stole
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a lie from his 1972 hit soul. and the 2 later settled the matter out of court now the bongo has been talking about his musical influences born in what was then a french atom is that part of cameroon the bangle says he he had a wide variety of joiners from young age. my paternal uncle played the harmonium during the time of the germans. my mother was the quiet director i'm a child raised among the hallelujahs. that doesn't mean i'm not african cameroonian and all that but i have the harmony of bach and handel in my ear with cameroonian lyrics. lip. that's a legend right back and that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website on face book page just in case you're wondering what bach and handel would come over here lyrics sound like
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then take a listen to the movie bungle so next time it's by. believe . it. will.
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