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the at. the at. the deepening crisis of a more than $500.00 to india scraps the region special status security lockdown and communications blackout and did controlled kashmir enters its 4th day pakistan expands the indian ambassador and trade ties as tensions spike between the 2 neighbors over the disputed region. let's meet the warning from the united nations on climate change scientists fear millions could go hungry without drastic
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changes to the way we humans use the planet. and saving lives in the mediterranean . rescue mission searching for refugees in danger off the coast of libya we hear how the volunteers are also taking on the toilet to want to keep. out. a security locked on an indian controlled kashmir has entered a 4th city after the government in delhi revoked the region semi autonomous status telephone and internet services have been suspended in the muslim majority region and many residents have lost all contact with outside the region tens of thousands of troops have kept a lid on protests and restricted travel as stores closed and supplies of fresh food
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run thin hundreds of push me politicians and the aides have been arrested since india's hindu nationalist government announced a change to the region's status. joining me now is our correspondent on the mission in delhi and michelle what are you hearing about the address in indian controlled kashmir and what are the people there want. well i'm with i want to be showing about the arrests so far that it is that it has mainly been political activists political will close and other people who have been walking about what's going on now of course right from when the status was changed we heard about the you arrest all the local political leaders and these are not just what india would call separate of these i mean stream political leaders who have actually cooperated in khwaja natured with the indian government in the past the other problem of course with telling you what pissed me off feeling in the bush meetings one is that the region continues to be in
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a communication lockdown the flow of information is basically a trickle there's rain that you're coming out and people of course have not been able to reach their families back home so all of this media is outside the region are very very watered because not only do they not know if their families are safe they're also not able to communicate to their families what they are doing and if they are doing fine or not just yesterday of the event down to a podcast in delhi you have many people came out the protest the $370.00 so when it comes to what bush meeting is one for some of the demands are if you walk this new order about the special status and release the people arrested and also lift the communications blackout but this is what we heard from fish midis on the ground. nasir is on his way home. he does not know if people be back because he does not know if he even so my. full name is fish means a police under lockdown ever since india has kept the specialist on the most status
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the state has enjoyed for 17 years. on his way to the end nasir stops by this protest held in solidarity because. the last he could she days ago was that his mother over speeling and while he does not know if she made it to the hospital last words she said to me i'm not feeling better tomorrow is my appointment good deal so what i'm going to go in the studio and they're the model we pissed. the deployment of thousands of atom and reported on our doors so she could north texas she could not reach out with a doctor i don't know whether my family's alive or. not said on the protesters have demands but. it was the government's decision lift the communications blackout. i'm sure lisa rested local leaders. many young fresh midis in delhi to walk arm study have joined and they have had no word from home because we will never accept
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that bush meat is not come that reports are violent that up warning in except that we have no movies to confirm whether it's true or not this makes us all the more anxious and worried for our families and some of these state will have to answer this or someone like me was living dependently for 8 years now i haven't known the feeling of homesickness for you and it's for the 1st time an e.t.s. that i'm feeling homesick but i want to go home because my parents don't know why i didn't turn up at the airport i don't know if they even to the airport to fetch me despite feels for their own safety if they protest openly they don't know what else to do it. as voices for and against the government decision to vote but it across the country mean itself is silent a complete clampdown on journalists and a communications blackout has meant that anger feel and frightening rumors about the safety of loved ones back home run rampant was ok it was over
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yet some scoff at this one claiming that any protests against the government's decisions are anti-national and baseless. this school pressure enough to shout down the protests against the government stop quote those who are you to stop the government's progressive auto what is your intent is the isis funding you are anti india foreign forces funding you what who are you. oh boy so we're on both sides bush needs are trying to decide whether it is better to mobilize protests hero. or trying to reach their families. for nasa despite the risks he knows he has to head home he has to at least try. it's an initial as we saw in the report emotions are running very high about the situation in kashmir what can we expect now we hear that a prime the summit in the movie is due to address the nation today
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i guess on with the emotions are running high across the sub continent pakistan has spoken about this action being illegal in its perspective it wants the beacon to the international community it has suspended trade diaries and a lot of diplomatic ties with india but in india and this is what the my everything the key can expect from prime minister more of these speech india has called this stand alarmist according to india this is not an aggression it's simply a more integrated need better into india and to provide more opportunities and development to the region so this is the injust on sun it also claims that this proves the special status will stem put it to you which is why it has been drilled walked so this is what we can broadly expect from prime minister more the speech of course on the other hand we do not yet nor hawkish media is the feeling the government has also claimed that the shmeat is celebrating but again because of the blackout we cannot say this for sure more of course but we will know of an open for
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show once prime minister more than makes the speech here tonight. in delhi thank you very much for your reporting. now with both india and pakistan you can me dispute has been described as not the world's most dangerous and exclusive interview spoke to pakistan's science minister filed choudhry he said it was vital to avoid any escalation but i don't want to get into war mongering but believe me if there is of water in india and pakistan this is not going to be a war or the water will be limited to one country the. extent of this war will be in capitals from berlin to washington and from the riyadh this is not going to be an ordinary war for the will of the world must be concerned about her and president promises likely concerned so i think whatever he advised india is saying that whites and india must be about that sound science
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mystify choudhry speaking there to do it and you can see a full interview indeed news asia that's right after this program let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the bangladesh's health care system is on the street in the 2000 patients being admitted to hospitals in dengue fever every day to speak alone nearly 10 people have caught the mosquito borne disease in bangladesh since the beginning of the. security forces in israel have created a palestinian village hunting for the killer of a 19 year israeli soldier the young man's body was found with stab wounds in the west bank teller tree a car. it's a suspected extremist attack. lesion authorities in russia have reported a short time spike in radiation levels after an explosion at a military facility in the port city of sept. 2 people were killed in what the
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defense ministry calls an accident involving a jet engine nuclear submarines based in the area. millions more could go hungry if you don't change the way of the farm and lower consumption of meat that's the message from scientists on the intergovernmental panel on climate change in a new report today the researchers say that since the 19th century average global temperatures have risen by point it's 7 degrees celsius this is how to create deserts degraded land and endangered food security off the once land area that's not covered by ice roughly 70 percent is already being used for the production of food textiles fuel and housing and that's likely to increase if the wants population continues to grow so the i.p.c.c. his latest report is also court action it says we now have to change how we use our planet this is what the report's authors in geneva had to say on this limiting
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global warming to 1.5 or even 2 degrees will involve removing carbon dioxide from the artmosphere and land has a critical role to play in carbon dioxide removal this german field is bone dry drought has again gripped parts of the country these crops will yield much less wheat than usual. and a new report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change warns that dry periods like this will become more frequent and more intense. the mediterranean region and southern africa will be especially hard hit climate change is already here one result the quality of soil is deteriorating in many places deserts are advancing elsewhere rich topsoil is being eroded but more and more food has to be produced to feed the world's growing population this is a vicious cycle on the one hand farming produces the food that people desperately
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need but on the other hand it's a huge factor in climate change overall farming generates more than 20 percent of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide cattle and rice production make up half of me thing emissions a climate pollutant worse than c o 2 and human made fertilizers create 3 quarters of nitric oxide emissions it's a particularly potent greenhouse gas scientists are worried about how quickly the farming sector is growing an area 2 thirds the size of australia has been turned into agricultural land in the last few decades the i.p.c.c. says it's time to change otherwise deserts will continue to advance and hundreds of millions more could go hungry and i'm joined now by another of the cool who is at the new i.p.c.c. report on climate change dr hahn from the institute of climate change welcome dr bernard so do you fink that lowering our consumption of meat is one of the best
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ways of dealing with some of the problems raised in the report just. one of the responses offs and that we mentioned in our report is to change or die to have it's that means to. plants plant as diets because what they find is. as resources used to produce steam and olds for. mit's it's pronounced pins which is harmful for our climate so you have to 1st convince people to have a less need how does this and our people to the idea of eating more plant based have a more plant based diet than a meat based on one thing when we talk about dietary sins is we all think that people had choices but when you look at local environment that might not be the case because our dietary habits are defined by our food environment so people have very less choices and their choices are constrained by their local
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stories so here this might be one of the ms reason why people are resistant to instant saying that we also see increasing number of visitors in people also in the western wall and there is since but. the resistant is like there is a limitation and individuals can do to change their attitudes because they have limited choice so using the mystically it's not a matter of choice in the coming years and decades that less need is a question that we have to do it because of our limited resources but how do you explain to a person living in china or in brazil who has now a countries which have become richer and people are eating more meat there where is the and this still eating much less meat and the west and what how do you tell them no no we think it's not good for the planet that you eat meat so stop eating meat to eating less meat so one thing is like i've business report doesn't make any prescription is more like a description and we don't be joint and countries so i would not particularly go on
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that but what is see in a global trend is like with increasing income animals force food are high you can jump in many countries that's that's a global thing and regarding can jus mean less and mills was food particularly need these is mainly coming from health benefits are supposed to be healthy it's better to eat less meat but but here it's not one eating less meat it's more about balanced by the same balanced diet in some countries there might need to increase the need to consume some more and must force food consumption in other countries we need to decrease them and we need to we all need to convert towards a balanced diet and most of the countries by reducing the condoms and and in some media interest ok dr a project of hunter on the pastrana institute of climate change thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. you're watching the news still to come.
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join you tuesday of country life in the city now they're facing growing pressure from city planners who want to resume their green palletized development. but 1st the president of the central asian republic of kyrgyzstan has told his government to take measures after a botched raid to arrest his pretty says a violent kyrgyzstan has a history of political turmoil it's seen 2 revolutions in less than 2 decades last night's confrontation took place to the south of the capital bishkek one special forces operative died in the raid on the former president back at him by over appears relaxed as he greets his supporters one moment he's shaking hands. the next he's of aiding arrest gunshots ring out. as special forces out and they were at the x. president's home to try and take him into custody the confrontation left dozens
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injured an atom by of a still a free man in an embarrassing failure for kurdistan's government. this marks an escalation in a power struggle between 2 leaders who were once allies atom by a step down in 2017 he was succeeded by so early on by a back of his one time protege the 2 men fell out early this year j in back of her since to accuse his predecessor of corruption and removed his immunity from prosecution. by ever has repeatedly ignored requests from police that he come in for questioning he says the allegations against him are politically motivated and is calling for his supporters to rally in the capital and force a change of government. for pakistan this means yet more strife in central asia is most tumultuous republic. not a journey that's fraught with danger but one that thousands of refugees are willing to make crossing the mediterranean from north africa illegally heading for an
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uncertain future in the european union most refugees and migrants end up in spain or greece not be as numbers from the u.n. sure rivals so far this year but italy hits the headlines most often because of its hardline approach to unofficial rescue missions room claims that these are colluding with people traffickers italy's migrant backlash grew last year with the election of the populace government and as far as interior minister material salvini the new legislation passed this week threatens captains of rescue vessels with fines of up to 1000000 euros if they enter italian ports without permission the government also wants other countries to take in more of the refugees and migrants landing in italy did obviously mark zonda joint a c. watch rescue mission off the libyan coast and sent us this report. takeoff from an undisclosed location. for the german n.g.o.s c. watch is taking us on
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a reconnaissance flight over the mediterranean. muttiah and pilots have one main objective saving lives here 30 miles up the libyan coast this is this sexual predator raid your brother africa. this search right is looking for a biker dangerous crossing. over boat there leipsic recruits. finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack and conditions are anything but ideal. this you watch aircraft moon bird maidenly operates in the search and rescue zone off the coast of western libya an area that spans more than 350 kilometers of coastline this is where migrant bowed set off on their perilous journey to italy and malta footage from an earlier mission shows how that looks dozens of people on an overcrowded rubber dinghy passengers often spend days out at sea exposed to the sun and with limited supplies
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and right at the back of people of being on the water for days easily dehydrated desperate and in a serious medical condition those really are emergencies that have to be evacuated as soon as possible. after hours up in the air we spot a suspicious object in the water by a half. that's a sunken rabbiting. for now we don't know what happened to the people on board these cheap inflatable boats are not made to last and sometimes sink after days out at sea even if kai and his crew managed to spot a boat in distress it doesn't mean the passengers will be brought to safety due to a crackdown on n.g.o.s there are very few rescue boats left on the water and merchant vessels try to avoid the affected. area all together often the libyan coast guard is the last resort for kay and his colleagues this is a frustrating experience but. i want the people to reach
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a safe haven i want these people to get to europe. and i want them to cross the ocean safely and not be pulled back illegally. this is wrong as ships are being feast rescue capacities are being cut somewhere the only ones keeping an eye on the water we have to deal with situations like this. we're back on the ground where exactly we cannot say. here are aware that there are organizations activities are being closely monitored since the government such as italy have started to crack down on rescue n.g.o.s seawards faces public criticism and accusations that they are aiding people smugglers. a claim that most vigorously rejects. but. we would never communicate with people smugglers in our capacity that's simply criminals who have made a business with people who suffer and make money out of the 2nd stance that they're
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so desperate and see no other way than reaching out to them. listen i send it to. cases these claims are used to paint them as criminals and distract from the real issue mentioned it would cut it out for human lives have to be saved for me that's not up for debate and there's too much discussion going on about it about who should be saved and us as a few do. despite the mounting pressure. say they will continue to go in missions for as long as they are allowed to or until their work becomes no longer necessary . no millions a city drill is iran the us could only dream of enjoying their own space for many a balcony or a roof terrace is the best solution they can find here in berlin is a long tradition of green always is right in the thick of the urban jungle and the popular gardens are often passed on through generations within the same family but
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as i increasingly keen to get their hands on the land for development. look can you see we're getting some color. lovely these allotment gardeners ahead but when they're tomato plants they're fruit it's paradise to the clue it's who has been tending watering and harvesting for 32 years. and. we're actually here every day almost without fail. when we're done with everything else the house well all the doctors' visits you can find those here who. don't want to hear from you for the clue it's the plot a half leased from the city is their 2nd home they pay $300.00 euros a year for it and many other hobby gardeners do the same there are 70000 such a lot mens' in building alone more than any other european city.
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if you want one of these garden lots you will have to be very patient waiting lists are long and it can take several years to get a lot the garden colonies have become increasingly popular among germans and it's easy to see why when you look behind me most colonies are right in the middle of the city with a kluge plot as part of an allotment colony event surrounded by apartment buildings you know the land is sought. after the city wants to build a school here and the garden is designated to be torn up to make room so will their black berry hatch be dug up by a bulldozer the glutes a very upset. no limbs what would be losing here is the quality of life. i don't know what will do them a moment wisely can only hold on mark on. you for other allotment colonies are also slated for destruction land is limited in the growing german capital which is why
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the city sees no other option than to sacrifice some of the green spaces. if i get the mission because we don't want to make life difficult for allotment gardeners but will need to repurpose some of them in the coming years because berlin is a growing city that needs space for schools daycare centers and sports grounds kind of a few allotment gardens about one percent did have to make way for those plans in the years ahead for. the kluges intend to fight for their garden they have joined forces with their neighbors in the colony. they agree that schools are important but feel they should not necessarily be built here. the allotment garden colony has already been squeezed to make way for apartment buildings once before now it could completely disappear at the end of a 102 year old green oasis. that support.
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now to our feline friends who may not have noticed but today is one to catch to the occasion was created nearly 20 years ago by the international fund for animal welfare fans around the world like shared a shelter in hollywood california a purring with joy at the holiday a recent estimate with the number of cats worldwide at some 600000000 that includes dozens of dreams cats were domesticated thousands of years ago ever since they've been humans aloof mysterious and awfully companions. here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you is to lock down after both its special status as the crisis deepens funk. tamas expense india's ambassador and suspended 3 times. coming up next on the job news is giving them my cheek a little dragon
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a much needed break in the news and authorities are now banning humans from visiting the one of the largest lizards in its natural habitat. not at all coming up on do you have the news this year from me i'm attaching my bike and i'll get to have that up to.
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the world is getting more some. more concise tributes a money problem thanks. to global 3000 talks with a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was a hot. is the world really getting better and cool. a global $3000.00 special report.
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starts august 19th on the deeds of. the big i'm not going to the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and wince at that and thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes the question is interesting to see from the countries that i know a long time. yet needed to repeat his grandma day out to me it's all that they know i might show join me to meet the jetman sunday w. post. early in the global tourist guide when germany's capital i love berlin the full scope of the multicultural metropolis you know you're a mac series dependent on the banning smoking like terms of anything i love to even want to show what's dangerous in the lives of the toughest race like me just like this the 15 nations of the 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very
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best to joseph. smith the man currently on g.w. . this is you've got to do is a shout coming up on the program pakistan takes. over the scrapping of course should be a special status as india tightens its lockdown on the 3rd of 3. forms by dawn breaking diplomatic stars with your very good speak for many starting with the wrong government about where the biggest american crisis is fading also coming off . a little indonesia thinks it's wild.


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