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sponsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being. funny as for golf and i work you know. this is news africa coming up on the program un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo demonstrators in benny march in protest the accusation us the station mission feeling that and see the fia being led by militias. in uganda an eco friendly business has found the natural alternative to plastic drinking strolls made from the traditional local plant used in the country. itself is that the length and the. limit all.
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you can reinvent it. in anything. you're welcome so the show we start off in the east of benny where police fired tear gas to protect the u.n. mission in the democratic republic of congo locals marched on the new school head cortez demanding that the force protect them from the few militia afflicting the out of the country they see that if that mission cannot protect them properly then it should get out of congo. and right the protest being left to fend for themselves.
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who in the last 2 days alone militias have killed 7 people and smart disappear at just the latest incident since massacres began in the region 5 years ago. people in the remote east congolese province have given up hope that the army is ever going to protect them and they're demanding that the u.n. mission will most schools step in. the world of what will we see in other provinces that there's been a reintegration of the local people after the war but in our region there's no end to the war the killing goes on why are we being killing 2 of the. thought that a muslim militia group operating from nearby uganda is responsible for the string of attacks the group cause itself like democratic forces and it's been accused of killing many hundreds of civilians. in an attempt to calm the protesters were
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no schools had ventured out and met the demonstration. because we are very aware that much more needs to be done to protect civilians. to rally all efforts with our national partners to protect and save lives thank you . 7 militia groups have been battling for years over natural resources in the mineral rich region. and i am joined now by my colleague wendy bashi from new africa. welcome to the show wendy hits nice to see you now the people supposed to be protected by all clearly angry with the organization putting things into perspective the people's justified. yes of course dippy people can be justified you know in this specific part of the congo the east and bad
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especially in beni this is i mean most of 5 years 5 year many people died in this part of como they have been supported every day if today and yesterday if people are going in this tree to bring the administration is dead because they want to tell the rest of the world and especially the people in kinshasa that they want something to happen and they want something to taking charge of the situation and that these massacres now. what exactly has been their response to. this is not the 1st time let me remind you in 2014 people was against again in the street demonstrating there was asking when you school to do something because new school is supposed to be the peace peacekeeping force of the un in the congo but according to people in the me if you ask them question they will tell you that they have they feel like muesli is not doing
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anything but if you ask monusco that will tell you that dad giving support to denationalize. that helping them to walk a very you know if you shouldn't way to stop this message especially my cycle we have been made by the a.t.f. so that trying to well very odd but according to people this is not enough. they are trying. it's needed now tell us more about the militias why they killing people . we have to go back in easterly if we go back in history you have to know that according to many reports made by the un or maybe at the people this militia is coming straight from uganda they have been in congo since and 19 in their ninety's they called the a.d.f. they're coming from there was indeed opposition but we've. been and then they decided to move back into congo to prepare their return in uganda made since then
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that day there has been staying in congo they've been using their manner oil resources and we don't know exactly what the motivation of the a.d.f. of killing people you can be in a country and used all their mind their own resources but not killing people and this is the question who is coming all the time we don't know exactly why they're acting this way to slaughter people and to kill them and to kidnap them. now before you go forward with all of this i mean this has been going on for a while now how does this end. we don't know exactly you know if you let me remind you when finished president of the cold war was doing his campaign last year he made many promises he said that he wants to put the edge quote of dinesh in that i am me and benny to stop this killing so since he has been elected he didn't do anything could he have sent gen off in disgrace to convince people to stop
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but nothing is ever and this is why we have all these people doing the most gracious they want the power in kinshasa to remain to be reminded all the promises they made to dispatch so we are waiting maybe one day to give you make a statement and maybe change we've come back for the moment people are still in the street asking for peace definitely looking forward to that change when the bus you from did of you africa thank you very much for a time thank you. now refugees in south africa are crying foul about what they see inefficiencies and corruption within the system thousands of people mostly africans are fled to south africa in the past decade seeking asylum but one refugee from the d r c is doing his best to ensure that refugees are protected from victimization reports from johannesburg.
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like i did somebody has decided to stand up for if you like him in south africa. he knows how inefficient and frustrating this system can be since 2008 and didn't know i'm still. in. if you just it does so i apply for a payment resistance which is section to do for a $600.00 to $7.00 which doesn't come. by has teamed up with other organisations. to put on it then cross the country. but if you g.'s counseling and link allied nice. some of them it comes to. their local language or english because they're coming from they have a french a big grand opening to disfigure a big round and they don't the monster is well below all all bleak ations that day
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in tactile too so i've decided it must have got been massive today somebody had a c. is one of them the old 30 t's shot had his refugee pay me. one me and don't credit that the best protection that house we don't know it from our country because of the west that is our country and we can be in south africa we see the west most don't even know where we come from which kind of life is this one why not to die it was done to leave us but that would die down to leave because we've got no fly just this one audit everything is difficult for us so the gas department for my fans it's food our way out of the problem into the system and changes are being made freeze i'm backing this message i'm sending full even for the minister for all my face they try your best we are african you should have brought the africans
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somebody is now trying to find the funds to stop the community psychology and these 2 hands make an investigation. he hopes that. will allow him to open and advice and counsel said that for refugees and put his campaign to help them on a more solid footing. finally single use plastics small sins of the modern world things like straws and stereo i everywhere but they are disappearing in the face of consumer hostility even so the functions they provide something many people can't do without but fortunately there is an alternative that is natural renewable made by hand in uganda. going back to their roots these young ugandans have found a way of making money from a free natural resource and protecting the environment akram smom both started his
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business 4 months ago with just 50 euros he only had to remember the wisdom of his grandparents this is. used for drinking. in uganda and it is true as we used to they used to get from. and other places so we saw that. opportunity to buy single use plastic straws. and. the production process is simple after cutting the said grass is trimmed to the right length. after that it's washed and sterilized in boiling water. the natural straws are then dried outside in the sun. the process makes them ready
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to use and reuse entry use. today the small company employs 13 people. already has 8 regular clients buying his 100 percent organic product being clued up and coming restaurants in the capital kampala. we've been seeing a lot of plastic waste pile up actually in our restaurant among others and really in plastic containers with straws and this is one of the forefront items which we see in a glass in front of a client every day and really it's because this is a really great way to start plastic strolls need 200 years to decompose so customers here and welcoming the natural alternative. this is the best table still get the point is that people this is and that must be that theory but if you have said oh that's a little used a little that they feel like you could clean them that's. an enemy to snatch.
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has his sights set high for his business he wants to see plastic straw usage in uganda drop by almost half in the next 5 years. that's it for now from v.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our web site for these debates so the next show it's goodbye. for the song our food we live in a world that's filled with plastic. and plastic garbage. the consequences for nature and the environment are catastrophic what can politicians and businesses what can we do to fix this problem the world is drowning in plastic garbage. made in germany next. week
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the international teacher or journalists discuss the topic of the week. don't know who is really wrong in the u.s. in the persian gulf continues each side accusing the other of aggression so chan europe play a role in deep escalating the crisis or is it stuck helplessly on the sidelines to find out on puerto rico shortly. quadriga 60 minutes on. the world is getting more some. more concise diffuse a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good point but is much much fairer than it was how. is the world really getting
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better. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th sundays of. this is one of the mountains of waste left by all of us back in the 1950 s. when mass production of plastic took off.


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