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to protect the current green energy solutions global warming to those people in the series of global 3000 on d w and online. play. oh. this is the news coming to you live from bernie and if you please god went into crisis farai to depreciate prime minister much the same his body's coalition with the populist far stop movement has collapsed over policy differences he's calling for fresh elections. coming up india's prime minister proclaims a new era me it's more the same as the region has been stripped of its autonomy
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defeat from terrorism and separatism we'll have more from delhi. and the search for alternatives to single use plastics me reports on a company in uganda that's rediscovering the traditional and completely natural substitute for plastic drinking straws. in the footsteps of the fab 4 reports from abbey road 50 years after the beatles created one of the most recognised album combos in music history. and welcome good to have your company i'm. if he has feelings into a political crisis it's fragile coalition government is hanging by a thread off the far right interior minister mattio salvini pulled his support and
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court for fresh elections he says is elite parties coalition with the populist 5 star movement has collapsed over policy differences italy's prime minister expected to seek a confidence vote but he's accusing me of fabricating a crisis. this is not an election rally but it looks like material salvini is already gearing up for a vote. i do my job with my heart with with pride if i can do it freely and until the end if i realize that someone is trying to stop me then the decision must go back to the italian people with no ifs and buts. decide you and no one else. salvini is leader of the far right league party currently in coalition with the anti establishment 5 star movement but after the 2 parties failed to agree on the
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financing of a multi-billion euro train line something called for fresh elections although he has no power to do so. the italian prime minister's reset picante is not a member of either party but he did criticize salvini. evident that it's not up to my tears salvini to convene condiment. it's not up to him to set the timeframe for a political crisis where now other institutional figures will have to step in. on the country it will be after him as a senator a leader of the league. explained to the nation and the justified in front of the voters who believed in the promise of change. the reasons why he has decided to disrupt the work of government ahead of time. but the main thing.
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but conti has agreed to convene poem and for a vote of confidence in the government as for solving its coalition partners the new deputy prime minister luigi maya from the 5 star movement says they want to do the job of government then go to the electorate make them or not at all are we going to end our time in government with some good work which can be done by senators and deputies voting to cut their numbers and saving italians 500000000 euros then everyone can go to the polls. the coalition has only been in existence for 14 months in that time cell finis league party has doubled in popularity close watch as italian politics will be wondering if that has more to do with the timing of his demands than any internal bickering. from all this or let me join journalist julia daily in rome and you look critics are saying much to yourself in his manufactured this political crisis at the same time is very high in opinion both currently why is he so popular in the country. well indeed he is doing very well in
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the polls and they are pretty saying that he could achieve up to 37 percent of votes if you go to elections that is a 20 percent increase from parent to the might elections of last year and the tables have turned those that was in over the 5 star movement as well they have dropped down to their place so definitely he has portrayed himself as an anti establishment figure that has been very successful with the italian public but on the other hand he has carried out a very aggressive communications strategy very strong on social media here is that we're going to self as a strong leader will do whatever is necessary for the italian people but he has also showed that he is like everybody else he's a normal person who enjoys going to the beach enjoying his salute and that was a very very successful strategy in italy so how serious is the crisis in the italian government is the country heading for elections that crosses the finitely
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is looking serious tensions between the 2 government coalition parties have been boiling for months and so he seems to have chosen this boat this train infrastructure to escalate the crisis now. the situation is not going to move to parliament and the east praise a has already called for a no confidence vote in the senate it remains to be seen what is going to happen with this vote and then the decision will be in the hands of the italian president of the republic to call for election if it is an order but in that case it would be likely that the elections would happen between mid and the love for me november but it is unlikely that they will find a solution with their resettle in the government or anything like that. in rome thank you very much for that update from there. now let's get a perspective from broth of the my joined by a car with one bent but how could these developments and it could have been
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assessed by the european union. a stumbling italy is of cause no good news for european union because italy is one of the big 5 in the you it's a net contributor to the e.u. budget and italy is an economic crisis in this already for a long time and the debt the public debt and italy's way too high and that's why the e.u. commission here in brussels is threatening a form of a siege against italy italy has to table and you budget in october this likely to be postponed so it's all in all no good news but although europe was expecting this because this crisis has been in the making for a long time now and if the last fact of the far right much to your side view me as a possible prime minister being viewed with some alarm that. many european politicians sullivan is perceived as a dangerous man because he's really right they are right being nationalist
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complaining like his like donald trump for example steve benen is a close ally odds of much he was obviously been a was a close ally of trump who orchestrated his campaigns so savini is playing the same ticket he's campaigning and the very national note that he has has also some friends in europe you have to say prime is the founder of the prime minister of poland and also the german driving a 50 the allies of material vini and he was also successful to form a new right wing fraction in the european parliament so interesting times ahead for europe indeed benjy got in russia thank you very much. let me i'll bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world to democracy activists in hong kong a fishing an airport city and as they move to guyana international support for their cause the group plans to demonstrate in the terminal for 3 days began months
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ago in response to a bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland china. u.s. the for sensitivities of 300 workers swept up in a massive immigration greed 700 meat packaging workers were rounded up in the state of mississippi on wednesday on suspicion of working illegally in the country the raids have drawn criticism from democrats after children were left without their parents. china has issued a red alert on super typhoon as it approaches its eastern coast it's expected to make landfall on saturday travel has been disrupted in the region at least one death was reported as the storm passed through taiwan and japan. more than $2000000.00 muslims have gathered in mecca in saudi arabia for the fusty of the annual hunch pilgrimage the 1st ritual of the requires worshippers to walk 7 times
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around the black cube at the center of mecca's grand mosque. india's prime minister has proclaimed what he calls a new era for indian controlled kashmir this as an area in the more he defended his move to revoke the region's semi autonomous status and its break up into 2 union territories in an address to the nation that in the modi said his government's action would free the region from terrorism and separatism some of what he said. as a family. and the whole nation have taken and historic decision. and arrangement in which our brothers and sisters from jammu kashmir and le duc had been deprived of their rights which have been a great old stickle in the development. is being removed as
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a result of how it should walk. and each of these new show just one is following the story from delhi newsham or the says he wants to integrate closely with the rest of the nation but can leave is still in lockdown is any indication how long this will last. but yes i'm without quoting to prime minister naji and more of the i'm the beach if the government this move will basically have the shmita integrated better and also develop fausto and gain national and international investment but of course there is no clear indication of when the security lockdown in the state where you come to a close he did mention briefly as to be that he understands that the people all specially have been affected by the increased security but he came that they also understand why this is happening and are supportive off the move but of course it's been difficult to actually get that if occasion all of this from but then quickly
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in itself that has been easing all for restrictions that's what's been reported because also friday a press tradition of friday prayers within islam and of course events coming up on monday and his speech as well from the sunni and more they did mention that every effort for be made to make sure either cools off smoothly and safely you know hundreds if you look at politicians in kashmir have been arrested what do we know about their fate. well again number thought i would bring you back to prime senator and remove these species yesterday he did say that he wants elections to go off smoothly in fish meat he assured the fish midis that be able to get the chill was dead on representatives but on the counterpoint critics have pointed out that if bush means are free to choose that are presented to us why are politicians who have represented in the past still london locked down there's no reports yet about if those politicians would be released or not but we're also hearing reports
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that politicians from other parts of the country who perhaps a flew in from delhi parliamentarians who want to go see the situation on the ground have been detained so clearly it looks like so far but a foot of water positions are not going to be treated eased anytime soon but again we're waiting for statements who are waiting for more information all of which is difficult to get during this communications blackout and pakistan is very angry with india's move in kashmir but it has ruled out military action how tense are relations between the 2 nuclear neighbors. well definitely on the thought pakistan has already suspended trade and diplomatic ties with india and as an cottaging and to not to do so pakistan also suspended an important train service that runs between pakistan and india this decision was taken yesterday but another key aspect of what pakistan tries to do with the christian leadership is to internationalize it this has been the case for others on
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of the issue for the for decades in the past while pakistan and india have gone through conflicts over the region and once again pakistan has appealed to the united nations and to the international community to weigh in we have heard from the un and from america as well but both have india and pakistan to exercise restraint to promote dialogue and not to case to military action it's also important to note that in depth and so the 1st focused on stance alarmist and does not see that avocation of the special status as any kind of an aggression it simply says this was a temporary vision and it's time for it to end and we should just well indeed thank you very much. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead recruiting one of them was recognized combos in music history we do portrait abbey road 50 years after the bee to spruce top traffic that . the 1st to win is over the hugely damaging environmental
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impact of single use caustics is growing things like straws and still increasingly being banned around the was and for those who don't want to go without them does a renewable turn a tip from uganda. going back to their roots these young ugandans of found a way of making money from a free natural resource and protecting the environment. started his business 4 months ago with just 50 euros he only had to remember the wisdom of his grandparents. this is long ago artist as used for drinking. in uganda and it is true as we used to they used to get them. and other places so we saw that it opportunity for us to buy
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single use plastic straws we plant best when. the production process is simple after cutting the said grass is trimmed to the right length. after that it's washed and sterilized in boiling water. the natural straws are then dried outside in the sun. the process makes them ready to use and reuse underuse. today the small company employs 13 people. already has 8 regular clients buying his 100 percent organic product being clued up and coming restaurants in the capital kampala. we've been seeing a lot of plastic waste pile up actually in our restaurant among others and really in plastic containers with straws and this is one of the forefront items which we
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see in a glass in front of a client every day and really it's because this is a really great way to start. plastic straws need 200 years to decompose so customers here are welcoming the natural alternative. this is the best team to get the point is that if this was an s.t.d. that the u.s. fed odets a little used it would if they feel like you could clean them that's. an enemy in its nature which. has its sights set high for his business he wants to see plastic straw usage in uganda drop by almost half in the next 5 years. it was 20 years ago today that russian president vladimir putin came to power at the time he was a relatively unknown figure he was singled out by post soviet leader boris yeltsin
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no one knew back then that he would have an iron grip on the country for the next 2 decades and putin one public supported by his military successes including cracking down on separatists in chechnya and during his 1st presidency the economy grew for straight 8 years now playing on his hard man image he won a series of election victories his current runs for another 5 yes in 2014 he was widely condemned internationally for russia's annexation of the crimea since then factions and falling oil prices have squeezed the russian economy now relations with the united states and dollar trump are also tense both sides recently walked away from a key nuclear missile treaty raising fears of a new arms race despite a solid support at home opposition to putin is growing always authoritarian repression of political opponents better to look at a bloody reputed i'm joined by do w.'s emily sheldon from our moscow bureau welcome
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emily now so i think putin became president at a time of great political turbulence in both of it russia did people back then think he would still be here today 20 years later. well when he was appointed prime minister he was basically an unknown on the political scene in russia in fact so much so that when he became president just a few later a few months later excuse me one american journalist famously asked who is mr putin but he always represented a contrast to the former president boris yeltsin who was kind of known as a bit of a drunk putin was young report represented a new face always emphasize that he didn't drink and he has come to represent stability here you have to remember that he came to power just after the ninety's which was a time of huge social and economic upheaval and even chaos here in russia after the
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fall of the soviet union and for many russians it really represents a kind of trauma that they have been struggling to get over for the last for the last 20 years while he has been in power he came to power to rising oil prices so that brought an economic upturn and many russians see him as really having as they say raised russia from its knees and he's come to represent the restoration of a kind of dignity and a sense of national pride here in russia and that seems to be one of his key goals as president to distill the glory of russia in the soviet eva how has this good shift to foreign policy do you think emily. i think it's been very fundamental to shaping his foreign policy kind of presenting russia after having having that loss of dignity of the fall of the soviet union kind of restoring russia's great power status has been his main goal when it comes to international policy when he 1st
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came to power in the early 2000 he really tried to kind of build good relations with the west he was the 1st leader for example who expressed his condolences to george w. bush after 911 in 2001 but there is a perception here among observers that he kind of was knocking on the closed doors when it comes to the west and that in a way that has also defined the way russia's foreign policy has often been defiant towards the west including for example with the annexation of the crimean peninsula in 2014 which was condemned broadly in the international community even though it has been very popular here in russia and i think you're putin has in many ways successfully managed to get a seat at the table for russia when it comes to the international stage when we look at the crisis in syria when we look at kind of its attempt to
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putin's attempt to be a mediator in the middle east and the denuclearization of the the korean peninsula as well i think his main goal is to present russia as an important world power and he's been pushing for that for the last 20 years and he might you know restored russia's national pride but he's a little just politicians who's more popular tool than he's overseas explain his of p.d. to the people of russia. well yes he has been hugely popular throughout his career even though newest polls show that trust and writing are put in is actually at an all time low at the moment of just just over 30 percent we spoke to some russians here in moscow to find out what they think of him 20 years after he came on to the political scene let's take a look. there's never been
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a tradition in russia the power voluntarily for several hundreds of years ours ruled until this year so the traditions are. we have jobs. on the rise. i quite like i think the stability is a good thing as of today i don't see if it replacement for. well putin's image really here in russia and putin's popularity has been based on this idea of stability of restoring order of restoring national pride but we've seen that recent economic stagnation does seem to be de king a bite out of his popularity there have been protests across the country in recent months and kind of in the past year after the unpopular pensions reform as well and
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also against a plan to garbage dumps for example in the north of the country and there have been these recent protests for the last month or so in moscow for the registration of independent candidates to the moscow duma elections there does seem to be a growing sense of dissatisfaction here in russia especially with the economic situation and putin in the last few months and even since the beginning of his last term has kind of been trying to shift his focus away from the international stage to really get to grips with those domestic issues and we shouldn't thank you very much for that assessment on and judging you putin is 20 years. now 50 years ago 4 men crossed as road in london and a photographer took a picture that vento him to become one of the best known images in music history the picture at the zebra crossing was the cover shot for the beatles abbey road
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album and fans have been recreating it ever since. the zebra crossing itself hasn't one else and it seems neither has the novelty of walking across it hundreds of people came together outside the film a e.m.i. recording studios to celebrate the crowd wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of the abbey road album with something special whether that meant proposing to your girlfriend or simply just by being there. i really wanted to come here on this day still my sight feels like they were 50 years ago in the same place in the way i just can't wait. to mark the anniversary record companies are releasing a special abbey road package that will contain new mixes of the album 17 tracks and
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$23.00 session recordings and demos. the album was the last to be recorders by all 4 members of the group together and less than a year after the release the band split up. 5 decades on the iconic album cover still draws tourists to london from all around the world. i came to cross over here on the 50th anniversary of the abbey road album. history is number one beta span and it was important to him. and i want to thank you we came to celebrate this special occasion. but despite this special occasion this spot is set to keep crowds into time and for years to. got it. you're watching t.v. news has a recap of the top story that we're following feel it in these government is teetering on the brink of collapse farai deputy prime minister dale salvini says
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the splits within the governing coalition are too great to bridge he's calling for snap elections. up next boardroom guy takes a look at the standoff between the u.s. and john and to read it i'll be back with you in half an hour with more news and information so do join me then if you can i look forward to seeing you 5 back. cut.
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above. me good international. journalists. discos the time we're going to meet him down the streets when he ran in the u.s. in the persian gulf continues with each side accusing be called a lot of aggression so you are at play a role in deep escalating the crisis or is it stuck helplessly on the sideline to
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find out on quadriga shortly. quadriga next on d w. n alexander from mumbai our series on tomorrow today. we want to see what he saw on to experience what drove him nuts journeys through latin america following the footsteps of the great scientist. our 1st stop ecuador climbing the great shimada still volcano on it's a formal tradition in 60 minutes. the world is getting more suitable. laws its asteroids among travelers. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to take
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a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good point but it's much much better than i was. just the world really getting better. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th on digital. clock. alone a very warm welcome indeed to quandary. coming soon from the heart of berlin and this week the focus is on the dangerous standoff between iran and the u.s. in the persian gulf where each side is accusing the other of aggression tension rose in july when iran seems the british tanker the u.s. and the u.k.
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are both stepping up their military presence in the region but europe or at least continental europe is refusing to get.


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