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to the booty in the food supply we have at the moment. and. this is deja vu news live from berlin italy's government is teetering on the brink of collapse as the leader of the far right league party matteo salvini says a coalition with a populist 5 star movement has collapsed over policy differences he's calling for a vote of no confidence and snap elections also coming up. not just another fridays
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for future demo movement and a week long forum at the swiss city of luzon with the adoption of a climate declaration that calls for climate policy to be based on the best scientific research. until fairly well come to the show italy has been plunged into political crisis after the far right leak party said it would go ahead with a no confidence motion against its own government that's after the party leader deputy prime minister my tail salvini announced that his coalition with a populist 5 star movement had collapsed over policy differences the country's prime minister accuses salvini of fabricating a potentially destabilizing crisis this is not an election running. but it looks like material salvini is already gearing up for
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a vote. i do my job with my heart with honor with pride if i can do it freely and until the end i mean if i realize that someone is trying to stop me then the decision must go back to the italian people with no ifs and buts it will be you who decide you and no one else is not a paper. boy. any is leader of the far right league party currently in coalition with the end he established in 5 star movement but after the 2 parties failed to agree on the financing of a multi-billion euro trainline something he called for fresh elections although he has no power to do so. italian prime minister's reset picante is not a member of either party but he did criticize salvini. evident that it's not up to matters salvini to convene parliament it's not up to him to set the timeframe for
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a political crisis where now other institutional figures will have to step in. to the authorities on the country it will be after him as a senator a leader of the league. explained to the nation and the justify a front of the voters who had believed in the promise of change. the reasons why he has decided to disrupt the work of government ahead of time until the main scumming let syria go. but conti has agreed to convene poem and for a vote of confidence in the government with as herself in its coalition partners fellow deputy prime minister luigi denial from the 5 star movement says they want to do the job of government then go to the electorate. make them all or not at all are we going to end our time in government with some good work which can be done by senators and deputies voting to cut their numbers and saving italians 500000000
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euros then everyone can go to the polls. the coalition has only been in existence for 14 months in that time south ynys lake county has doubled in popularity close watches of italian politics will be wondering if that has more to do with the timing of his demands than any internal bickering. let's pass this question on to my. he's a researcher at the university of oxford mr goble the i thank you so much for coming and tales of me has triggered a no confidence vote against. is this anything but a power grab in short yes it is a power grab the reason behind our numbers when you tell us when to vote in march 20000 the 1st party the party got the most votes and the up to be the 5 star movement that caught you 2 percent of the vote did leak but they're still being called 17 percent of the vote and together to form the government now if you look
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at you can you you'll see the foster movement is struggling to get 1617 percent of the mood of the vote while but those of you lead could get anything between 30 seats and 38 percent of the vote of course wants to go to vote he wants to be experimental so how come he's so popular among italian because he's been extremely successful developing narratives he made a big deal of bringing down immigration into the country no this is not matched by the numbers there's no evidence for that actually arrival of migrants and refugees on the polling coast. the numbers drop before. he came into your minister and came into coma and yet he made it look like. he was the won that brought down the numbers so he played very much the migrant refugee card as well as the lower in order security guard there despite the fact again the
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numbers showed that the crime rates and he had been decreasing consistently for a number of years so what's the likely outcome of this no confidence vote well 1st of all we shouldn't we shouldn't assume immediately that we'll have a general election and indeed there are some reasons why do you the personal detail a republican. who is the only one that has actually feel torn to to to call for new elections. the fact that he decided to. nurture the creation of a caretaker government for. 6 months of 2 generally february 2020 why because in the coming months in the fall of 02019 the telling government has to pass the budget law for 2020 and everything in the election that would have to take place that could take place at the very earliest you know if not all of a member would make it impossible to pass the budget well this would be a catastrophe because it would immediately come under fire on the financial markets
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and also because effectively did would be no way to satisfy all the requirements that italy has to fulfill within europe in context when he was obviously has been campaigning even though and officially. for quite some time to become the next prime minister how likely is he to get there eventually maybe not in october maybe not in january but eventually you know i don't want to speculate generally fabray don't know the long period of time in politics especially when the impulse but. let's say that if there were to be an election he wants that action to take place as soon as possible because the numbers are extremely good for him we could get 3 types of results he could try to alone just a leak he would do extremely well probably get something around 3839 percent of the vote he would have a relative majority but not an absolute majority a 2nd option he could profit from an alliance other before author do elections with
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a political party that has called for the lethal you know broader is obviously they are around 7 percent that's what they would get that to get i would allow them to get more than 40 percent of the vote and if you cross the threshold 40 percent of the vote you're automatically given extra m.p.'s extra seats in parliament in that case they would have an absolute much or 2 3rd and final option. he could try to form an alliance with these brothers really as well as well as with the tallest super it was corny as a party in that case they would get probably more than 50 percent of the vote but crucially to turds of the m.p.'s in both chambers of parliament that would allow them to modify the constitution you would have been decades an alliance of most of the me simply because corny and affect your brothers really which is the new fascist party being able to alter the constitution. of the university of oxford thank you so much for your enough thank you now to some of the other stories making
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news around the world and yemen renewed fighting between government forces and separatists has continued into a 3rd day killing more than 20 people including several civilians the war between the around back to peace and the yemeni government has claimed tens of thousands of lives since 2015. hong kong's chief executive kerri lamb has said the protests over a controversial extradition bill are hurting the territory's economy more than the sars outbreak did this comes as pro-democracy activists kicked off another weekend of protest by staging a sit in at the airport they planned to demonstrate in the terminal for 3 days. malaysia has filed criminal charges against 17 executives linked with goldman sachs a wall street titan is under scrutiny over an embezzlement scheme run through the malaysian development fund prosecutors allege over $2700000000.00 were spent on luxury yacht surveillance and art and one of the biggest banking frauds and history
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. after a 5 day student summit in switzerland around 450 activists from the friday's for future movement have unanimously adopted what they are calling the lows than climate declaration the announcement came as hundreds of thousands of students skipped class to join the fridays for future protests taking place and more than $120.00 countries around the world for the declaration demands that climate policy be based on the best scientific research available. joining me now from los done in switzerland as sophia lehmann she's one of the organizers of this friday's for future protest sophia thank you so much for joining d.w. you and 450 other activists spend 5 days debating international climate policy what's the result of your meeting. i think the most important thing that came out of our meeting the declaration is that basically we've decided that despite all of
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our different backgrounds and all over different countries the most important thing right now is that we all are standing in for climate justice and that is a problem that climate change the problem that affects us all equally and i think that that's a really important message also to send to the world is that it's not just a problem in germany or in switzerland or in sweden it's a problem for the entire globe and i think that's something that we really felt coming out of this declaration. young people all over the world are protesting for a change in climate policy but the 2 biggest polluters china and the u.s. seem unmoved how can the movement have an impact with beijing and washington refusing to listen. i think that it's a really important question we deal with this question a lot you know when the politics are not really reflecting what we're standing for that's the whole reason we're on the street and i think one of the most important things about friday's future and the the protest form that we choose is that it really reaches the population on a level that politics can always get to i think that something really special about
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our motive protest so even if washington and beijing are not practicing the politics that we would like to see the students the school children the young people in these nations they're thinking about these things and we as young people are showing society and the communities in general that these things are important to us that we are fighting issues and that when we have the chance to vote most of us can't vote yet we're under age where we have the chance to make politics ourselves that this will be a priority for us and i think that's really important i don't think that i really think that that is worth something on its own is to say yes we're showing this we're making this a societal issue we're raising these questions and even if that's not reflected in the capital that's reflected in the minds of all of the you across the globe who are participating in our strikes i think that's something we should really be proud of slow and steady wins the race so feeling and lows on twitter i thank you very much thank you. antenna's rafa nadal has momentum continued to
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build ahead of the u.s. open as he cruised to victory at the rogers cup in montreal the spaniard is an action for the 1st time since losing to roger federer and last month's wimbledon final and he easily dispatched of argentina 6364 to advance to the quarterfinals has won this tournament 4 times already and now faces italy's fabio fognini. and football now in germany all eyes are on 2nd tier hamburg the club's forward to remains under investigation after a media reports suggested he had come to germany under false pretenses are standing by their player and are now being partially backed up by authorities who have said the passports presented upon registering with a club was valid. hamburg's training the man whose identity has been called into question by a german tabloid they claim he's buckaroo defaced 23 years old rather than 21 and
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a former player at several african clubs after fleeing the cumbia refugee after arrived in germany in 2015 he said he was 17 and was received as an unaccompanied minor and granted a residency permit a new claims are now being investigated by local authorities. this does it for the law in this type of case favors discretion is what liability is there because there really fraudulent intent then the question is will the residency permit retrospectively withdraw and then it goes to another authority and then we have to decide how to deal with this was done and she can then begin with. the club signed yet to enter any 16 and had his age medically checked at the time they standing behind their player sporting director eunice ball wrote in a statement i personally find it unbelievable and shocking that i would. it's being forced to run a public gauntlet as
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a result of this discussion has come from to us once again the correctness of his passport details. they could already be sporting consequences. was on the pitch as hamburg won on monday night opponent nuremberg has appealed the result. you're watching d.w. live from berlin next up as business asia with ben physical and don't forget you can get all the latest headlines and updates on our website at stake w dot com for me to call for like i'm the entire team here and berlin thanks for tuning in. such a good. school in africa. your link to exceptional stories and discussion. of these events and why i would say debbie to come so much for joining us on facebook. for the. first
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