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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2019 4:02am-4:15am CEST

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hello and welcome to news from the world about some culture and music bias to this edition starting with what has to be the longest instrument in the world at a music festival in switzerland also. a spectacular light installation that visualizes what the into night internet might look like. and we take a look at georgian composer cocoa nicolaus and his mesmerizing music making machine . if you live in a mountainous region like the alps and you need to speak to a friend living on the next peak nowadays you just pick up the phone back in the day though you had to travel right down into the valley and then up the next mountain or you could blow your horn the alp hold out a kind of morse code of sound sequences which conveyed your message across the
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valley today it's soothing tones and just used musically and we've been to the biggest outpolled festival in the world in of course switzerland. switzerland has amazing mountain panoramas. breathtaking nature. and a musical national symbol. out alone. and . thousands of album own fans gathered in the swiss town of name down to celebrate these 3 in a meeting along the instrument. from belgium for all the flemish part i am from holland for manchester in the u.k. getting the most i'm from germany and we like hearing the upland that's why we come here i punch when this happened you know. there are some full 1000 active album players in switzerland the country's largest alpine festival here in asia has
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gathered some 150 players from around the world most of them are over 50 years old but there are younger musicians with a love for the unusual instrument. for. one seems to be a developing trends as at various young our players are trying to move away from the 4 drawer element and are playing in more for just a reaction or an chromatic pitch us to the extent that's possible. so say this middle his. horn has a range that's known as the harmonic series $12.00 to $16.00 tons can be played per instrument that's enough for contemporary music which these 3 called the alpine systems can do especially well. it's not possible to play everything of course but
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the style. too is also that it's like if you imagine a trumpet without. light limits it was a. for a while it was like really as i said before it was going to relay but now it's like making really a comeback. and they get that the no it's cool again it's really trendy. lots of our own players means lots of our plans there are some 40 people in switzerland 2 can make the instruments one of them is francois morris song it takes him 2 weeks to make one album and he can produce around 20 year but 1st the wood from the swiss spruce and trust each for 5 to. take our to trees that's growing and poor soil which means that it grows very slowly that there is little soil but lots of stones which means as a tree doesn't grow very tall and. that's what we don't for we call that tone what
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it's the same what we use to make violins guitars and similar musical instruments. the minute and the surrounding region also keep other local traditions alive such as whip cracking and ringing enormous cowbells. but the highlight is when 150. played together. that will surely also be the case next year when the festival is held in the sudden swiss count on a phallus and the sound of the drifts out. stuff deep web refers to the part of the world wide web that can't be found when looking with normal search engines it's also the name of a multimedia audiovisual like installation by the bird in light of his christopher . which is currently to be seen here about in an old power station it needed
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a big space to show his vision with light and music of what he thinks the internet looks like. is this what the internet would look like if we were to visualize it like this stunning light installation titled deep way comprised of laser beams pointing to several nodes it's the work of artists christopher bauder and composer robert and kept. does it leave us with our idea was to bridge realize this vast data stream but without getting all scientific we were free associating the times. as what sets one us fire. the 10 meter tall installation covers an impressive 600 square meters in berlin's craft the venue the artist deliberately picked this former $960.00 s.
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power station to showcase their work. this cough they are not the power station is like an industrial cathedral making it something completely different to a simple black exhibition space in which case everyone's attention would be focused only on the installation but here the light reflects off the walls we go and invent . just about it is inanimate. and has created many fascinating digital spaces and dreamscapes in taiwan paris mexico and the chinese capital beijing. my. his 2014 installation east screens are eliminated borda made major headlines on the 25th anniversary of the phone with the berlin wall together with his brother mark christopher placed $800.00 glowing balloons along the route of the former from tia . christopher about it even founded
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a design studio where he and 30 colleagues brainstorm and develop ideas for new light installations content in the go no doubt everyone knows light bulbs. strip lights and rays of light they can be combined to create complex 3 dimensional sculptures or be set in motion i'm fascinated by shaping something that is intangible really. installation which was unveiled 3 years ago christopher about the device and system of 175 motor powered connected to 12 high powered laces player attached to the exhibition the ceiling. of blade runner or something kind of post apocalyptic. sound. is this amazing. creamy and smiter tater relaxing i want to leave. these in lock
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decide to skip to stay on as long as they wish because the installation is on a continuous 30 minute. recently on arts and culture we talked about the future of music and here is a composer and inventor looking to the future during a ph d. at the norwegian academy of music and georgian musician. built his own instrument and called it beat machine number one it went viral on social media and since then he says himself that he's become a bit obsessed and spends too much time too much of his time developing his beat machines that's great for us because now he gives concerts with them.
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there is a time to get here that mimics a snare drum. there is d.c. motor that makes the bass drum. there is a time in the step of all to hear that spins against a small spring. and that basically mimics had. made his 1st beat machine in 2016 and it used a crank handle. since then he has further developed his invention. the machines produced a rhythm and he composed his melodies on the computer. his beat machine number 3 made from old soda bottles and table tennis balls has
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been displayed at the museum for pop music in oslo since 2017 i'm super excited about making small sounds really really big when you can take a tiny little spring and put it on top of a contact microphone and they can play that spring and they can amplify it so that it becomes try getting to. the stadium starts to jump. somehow feels great. a lot so it was born in georgia but today he lives in norway's capital are slow he originally trained as a violinist and a conductor but now makes a living composing for ensembles in orchestras but 1st the beat machines were just a distraction and started making them i had a very difficult period in my life. with this kind of therapy where i skate and. and it saved me
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at that moment. so then i thought i think. he spends weeks making a beat machine working in a shared studio called a maker space for inventors can share their technological know how with each other . he also has access to materials here. to try to not like. as as possible for building the machine. when i find it. so i just. make a space you know. find stuff in there enough to. use. now requests from collectors are becoming increasingly frequent. he currently has 3 commissions for beat machines.
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i really want this to be my job today right i want to i want to build and strange instruments and play them that's the best job in the world. he's also planning to release upbeat machines album and has already performed on the big stage. at his peak machines will play at the beethoven festival in poland in september. they do look cool and that concert is on the 27th of september. i wonder what would have made of those machines we will never know that's it for this edition of. always more of course on the website at. slash. from for now though for me and all the crew here then thanks for watching and do join as against aka.
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the tempo of technology. with. the markets. the momentum of the board. made in germany your business magazine t w. nico is in germany to learn german. polish beneath you why not learn with him online on the immobile and free stuff he w z learning course nikos vic.


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