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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2019 9:02am-9:31am CEST

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welcome to in good shape coming up. how dangerous is basal cell carcinoma. does sunscreen really protect against the sun's harmful rains. and how much sun is actually good for us. hello and welcome to in good shape do you know those people who protect themselves from the sun regardless of the weather because sun is bad it harms your body but on the other hand. the sun is good for you it grew through immune system it makes you happy as a family doctor i would like to prescribe you. but what are the dangers what is the right dosage and what are the side effects. when the weather's nice thomas folks
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prefer cycling to work he doesn't use u.v. protection happy to expose himself to the sun a specific times of the day he's a professor of dermatology and convinced that the sun's protective benefits also extent skin. when he's on a complex might and if you avoid the sun completely and also use sun blockers and don't take vitamin supplements you're risking a serious vitamin d. deficiency the immediate impact is on your bones with a higher risk of osteoporosis but it also affects our health in general where the risk of cancer increases as of both internal organs the skin are gone and. under howard. professor fog has spent years examining the impact of the sun's rays on a well being the positive effects of vitamin d. for the most common forms of cancer a universally acknowledged and just recently thomas spoke to his team. and
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university made an astonishing discovery. virtually everybody to shoe is covered in vitamin d. receptors that can suppress tumors and that includes skin tissue which needs the betterment to protect itself from cancer. so if we want to keep our skin healthy vitamin d. deficiency should be avoided but in places like germany it's widespread professor forked and his fellow researchers are alarmed at figures showing this only 40 percent of the population have it in sufficient concentrations in these parts of the world the sun only rises high enough in the summer to stimulate for to mindy production. only high fat salt water fish can supply significant quantities of the vital substance and even then not enough to cover our daily requirements as the doctors themselves know supplements are one way out of the dialogue but simply popping pills is not enough this again has to play its own
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part which is why regular moderate sunshine is the best option. there are a growing number of indications that naturally forming vitamin d. is superior in certain areas to supplement for. longer in the blood for example and there's another advantage perhaps for you can't have an overdose. which is why thomas folks recommends reasonable exposure to the sun but what is reasonable. fear as monday holds its best to go out in the sun several times a week. and expose the skin on your face for arms and neck for just a few minutes within what's called your self protection time and preferably by the side of midday when the sun is at its most intense so i know what i should be taxed . just a moderate dose of sunlight can activate it to mindy production at the same time the skin builds up its own natural protection callus areas have a more resistant pigmentation. but be careful because your skin can be unforgiving
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. professor folks recommends checking the u.v. index on weather web sites the ultraviolet rays when the sun is highest around midday pose a particularly high risk to the skin. was essential if you find the right level depending on your skin type so that you can get enough sun to ensure an adequate supply of victim indeed if you're not sure you can have your skin type a search. zone and beyond for more definitely avoid getting sunburn on routine will benefit your health and actually help to protect you from cancer. this is true for many things we enjoy sunlight should certainly be relished but in moderation your body will thank you for it. man he's a dermatologist as a dermatologist to all your patients against why do you do that i like this one. i
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like it too and i like to be i'll try and give the advice to all patients to go i type tight but to use some protection not to get a sunburn as a democrat just many of your patients come to you because they think there are some spots on the skin and they might be dangerous so many of those spots are dangerous every night and most of the spots as you said not dangerous but the few that dangerous. both you have to watch so the fear for cancer is rectified. bianco luck wouldn't dream of going out without 1st applying sunscreen to every part of her body that's not covered up but she wasn't always so careful as a child she often played outside and back then no one bothered much with sunscreen when it's all the gong on and we go off to the beach on our part and when we came home in the evening we do usually have a bit of a sunburn on my me on my release days i'm much more careful and my father has skin
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cancer on. top. bianco like skin shows visible signs of sun damage now $49.00 she's had several cancerous growth removed including one on her temple. she 1st noticed a suspicious red saw 3 years ago. at 1st i thought it was a pimple i picked is a bit not quite some point but it got bigger. then a stop formed and started tumbling. down thing is that's when the alarm bells started ringing. alarms igniting lighting hold basal cell carcinomas are very common people tend to wait too long before they see a doctor and then they need relatively serious surgery course for the person. what younger lot thought was a pimple was in fact a basal cell carcinoma all that's left of it today is a small scar. b.c.c.
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is can develop anywhere on the body but that most common on parts of the body that get most exposure to the sun the head is hands and arms. basal cell cancer is the most common type of skin cancer. it grows slowly and is unlikely to metastasize. but a graceful cell carcinoma can become quite big usually doubling in size within a year. the bigger it is the more skin surrounding it will have to be removed to remove a one centimeter tumor the doctor will also have to remove at least half a centimeter of skin around it so a bit of scarring is inevitable. if
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the cancer is already advanced the tumour can grow into cartilage sometimes into muscles nerves or even bones then we have to remove part of the nose or the ear or the wall which is extremely unfortunate for the patient and. does it for 2. younger like makes an appointment straight away for her next regular checkup she sees a dermatologist here at least every 6 months behaved you know if percent of patients with a basal cell carcinoma will get another one within 3 years in that respect it's like a chronic condition patients have to keep coming back. everybody has what might be termed a personal sun exposure account over the course of a lifetime that's a maximum safe amount of ultraviolet exposure how much depends on what kind of skin one has every minute in the sun every sunburn tops up the account at some point the
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skin cells can take it anymore and skin cancer can result. once you can get water also it can take 20 to 30 years for skin to turn cancerous and a large number of hits that is exposure to sun. distance pass yet or down from the indies and then the entire surface has been subjected to ultraviolet rays. and the patient can't undo it it's what the incoming. tonnage has a cell skin cancer it's more dangerous than basal cell carcinoma because it can metastasize. she too has to go to her dermatologist for regular checkups. to mention now many people run around for years with changes to their skin that are precursors to non-melanoma skin cancer or may even themselves be cancerous by some hold clips. a cell carcinoma develops in the square must i be feelin layer of the
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skin. first they're often pre-cancerous changes which can then become malignant. suspicious looking patches of skin should be checked by a dermatologist as soon as possible. treated square masel carcinoma can grow inward into the body and if it does metastasize it tends to affect the lymph nodes . tonnage has had more than 20 carcinomas and suspicious patches of skin removed she's having another one removed today this time on her back. after the operation the tissue removed will be sent to a lab to establish if the cells are cancerous or not. regular skin checks don't take long but they can be life saving. skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. skin cancer if we have more
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and more over the last 10 years in germany up to 30 percent. and who's particularly at risk well a little bit it depends on the color of your skin when you have task in red or long like in your skin you have more at risk than you have when you have stock of skin what are the 1st warning signs you should go to see a doctor that you have only a little spots and they don't have a different color and sometimes think oh it's just a needle him that does not heal and so whenever you're not sure if it's ok or not after 234 weeks piece showed this to someone who can tell you that in such short time they don't have time to have 3 weeks you know when you know then you know if you this little spot should have healed and it did not then you show it to someone who can tell you it's ok or it's not ok and what is the difference between this
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cancer and melanoma. well 1st of the color of the melanoma is usually dark brown sometimes even black and the normal that you must get cancer has different colors very often wide like the color of the neck you have and when you're in the growing of this moment on the mud skin cancer usually the most of them don't grow that hostile and they are not that aggressive at the mill and nobody's very aggressive yet it's very dangerous when you see on the regular day like today in germany more people died because of melanoma than compared to injuries or death people on the streets but why is that what makes the 1000000 moments so dangerous. because this tells they can go anywhere in your body they can go wherever they want to like in your brain in you're going to have came to me you know miles
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and that is worked in the end kills you not that spot on this. and what kind of therapy is to you offer in both kinds of cancer well for both kinds we have the golden rule that you find that in the early and you treat them the better. bought over the last years you can treat them even when you're kind of named but still the best way for both types of skin cancer is that you have to protect them too to. find them and treat them so you said it's very dangerous if the detection of the 1000000 is very late so what is late skipping just 3 weeks before seeing a doctor or is it more like half a year well we cannot tell you that exactly it depends how deep in your skin that melanoma goes and the deep it goes the more risk is that the test is is in your
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body body somewhere and this metastasized that that is that what possibly can kill you so it's a very good idea to see your doctor intimately just on a regular basis to get yourself checked. and to make that to not only the democrat or just have to have an eye on this any kind of talk to that cease your skin should be careful and you yourself as a patient with decaf or when you see something you're not sure piece shoulder is to someone who knows what it is so hoffman should you go see a doctor and regular basis well usually in germany we can see the patients every 2nd here about patients with high risk like fastin and in a lot of spots you see them on a yearly basis and even if you need the praxis now i would tell you please come again as soon as necessary when you see new spots and something is not clear
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you can show up in 3 months ago many people think that the. protect their skin using sunscreen but when it comes to sunscreen it's not that easy. on the right what sunscreen looks like on the skin a see through a u.v. camera. a black layer of paste. but is it really is non permeable as it looks. we've come to stuttgart swimming pool to count up to some screen test how much protection does it give us a. dermatologist yogen bower joins us here. live guinea pigs party and julian. our expert has some sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 ready for them it's supposed to be water resistant. s.p.f.
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50 means that it takes 50 times longer to burn the skin when the sunscreen has been applied than it would without it but julian's made his 1st mistake. you can see that he hasn't applied the sunscreen very well around the lips the nose the ears eyes and forehead. and those are the places where we damage tala jests tend to find skin cancer most often out of. our expert also explains that in an julian haven't used enough sunscreen they use a tablespoon each in fact the recommended amount is 3 tablespoons. but are they at least protected as long as they're supposed to be. even after splashing around in the water for 20 minutes. sun screen is sold as water resistant what exactly does that mean. over the expert. sun and
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sunscreen is allowed to be sold as water resistant if it retains at least half of its sun protection. action factor after you've been in water although of course it depends how much you've been in the water if you showered afterwards and how vigorously you dried yourself with a towel so you shouldn't assume your sunscreen is waterproof you should always reapply it. so in order to ensure sun protection factor 50 all day long you need to apply a glassful of sunscreen over the course of the day. no one does that if you apply that much sunscreen and one day you'd look like a breaded schnitzel. sunscreen is can only provide a degree of protection against skin cancer that's due to the different wavelengths of the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight which is divided into uva and u.v.b. . they also know if you use sunscreen you'll have less
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sun burn because sunscreen protects pretty well against ultraviolet b. but relatively poorly against ultraviolet a and it's uva that increases the risk of malignant melanoma just the sequel for spots and how peeps. sunscreen alone doesn't offer 100 percent protection against skin damage and skin cancer it's best not to spend too long in the sun whether you're wearing sunscreen or not. our topic today has attracted a lot of viewer questions and i will now have the most important ones and the most popular ones and you can get some protection in the form of cream or spray or lotion on their account. so which one do you recommend. in the end it's not that important which one you truth it's important that you use one and youth one that you like one that has enough sun protection and that you cover
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all the places of your skin that you bring in the sack. how important is some protection for children even more important than for the grown ups and we know this from databases from australia we have to protect the children and we do it now around the world and sunburns that you have in your childhood that make skin cancer later on and when you grow up with that piece keep with it and even if you. cease protect your skin that some men that nor was tom the non-melanoma skin cancer don't have a great chance to appear on your skin there's a german saying that says just skin never forgets so what's that about well we said this to our patients in the past and the more sunlight you get over your lifetime
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the higher is your risk but this of opportunities because you have to think even when you let's say all of us 70 over 80 even over 90 please protect your skin when you go out in the sun when you go out in the garden it's better to have some protection because of the early forms of this non-melanoma skin cancer can even go back so peace use protection next question some protection does not only consist of creeds so what else is important. for example we sit here in the sun all day long this is not a good idea so we if you sit here longer go in the shade and use the fleece use the head and. don't be in the direct sun and on myth of the day diagram a new piece go inside if possible another very interesting christian lycopene like in tomatoes sowing carrots and they supposed to protect your skin from the inside
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so is this a very reliable method to predict. to be clear with that we don't have a very good database for this so we cannot tell to the people please use one kill off tomatoes and 2 carrots and then you are protected we don't have that and we can not give this as a good advice thanks so much. yes this is how it works here at in good shape the presenter sits in the sun and is relaxing and you have told me you have to do all the work and sent us all your questions. on an upcoming show we'll be looking at personality disorders ranging from borderline to narcissistic how are they diagnosed what are the symptoms and how can they be treated since your question still in good shape it did help you dot com the key word just personality disorders we look forward to hearing from you. you can protect your body using
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sunscreen except in one place your eyes but there's something that could help. shades and you should really use them because they can protect your eyes from serious diseases caused by ultraviolet rays from noma from cataracts and even macular degeneration but how to find the right time glasses this is what i'm going to find out now. and i'm with lit up he has a bachelor of science in tama tree and he works at a 1000000000 in berlin thanks for having me so what about this year's fashion trends of sunglasses and i the top of the list i think univ of mall next year. but you have to know everything that's nice what you like but it's not all about fashion it's more about function and sort so what we have to look out for the some of us you have to look for the right protection against also sun rays and also very
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important against your ultraviolet rays so you can look. and see on some of the frames a little decoder you can read you'll be 400 also you can check it so you can check this piece of course yeah you do it so he can take it here. and you can see this little you'll be here and when we make a board like this you can see yes you got a nice altro violet. yes so it's good yes so what else to have to look out for. i think the size of the lenses is an important thing because you need the. lenses to help protect against the sun and alter the colors are very important here there are different kind of colors like like yellow brownish or black so which is the best there are 3 colors gray brow and and green the. best because you will see everything was the most clear and i think color some like yellow
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a little bit different but orders so you've got different models. which is the best . next to mine in the heart i think this could be a very nice one if you ask me it's a little better but it depends on what this is about twice this one good one because it's a little bit larger also you have more lands in front of your eyes and also those hind sight on the temples a little bit sick and so you have more protests so the side of hubris you mean yeah this is bigger so just tell us i'm getting directly into your eye and this is also one of the newest frames here feel so this is absolutely up to date ok and the other one so it's a nice one it's what most people called and classic i'm john ok it's a classic model yes it's us was think 40 years ok and it's good so it's timeless yeah perfect and then what about the glare of the lenses is it important that you try to get rid of the plant from the sun. yes it's you have to
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do but. you have to dock lenses and you need also. to flex and hold on the back side right why on the back side i mean the big that is the one i'm looking through it yes so this is only you need to call it on this one because you look through the lenses and then you've got a light and you're back on a song and you do not have to use other fiction coating you will have reflects on the back side of the lenses and you'll only see the friction also the you really race will be reflected and got can go inside your eyes and there's a good under flex and cold it wouldn't happen so it would be much nicer for us thanks so much for this talk. he says it not only for the talk but also for the show so see you next time and until then let's all be in good shape.
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