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is the world really getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on teetotal you. know. this is day 8 of the news live from berlin jeffrey abstained the disgraced billionaire an accused sex trafficker has killed himself in jail and saying was arrested last month and accused of running a sex trafficking trafficking operation involving dozens of underage girls also coming up a russian opposition politician is arrested as protests flare up again in moscow thousands have been taking to the streets in the past month demanding that
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opposition candidates be allowed to run for city council. and devastation in china as time from the key member of the country's coastline placed 18 people have been killed and more than a 1000000 painful to flee their heart. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program disgraced us financier jeffrey abstain has been found dead in his new york jail cell abstains thought to have killed himself despite being on suicide watch he was a convicted sex offender who was rearrested last month abstain was facing sex trafficking charges and accusations he abused dozens of teenage girls he denied the charges and faced up to 45 years in prison if convicted. i'm joined now by correspondent foley is from washington public what are authorities
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saying about it. hi rebecca well the latest that we have here is that the story broke here in the united states just a few hours ago at by several media sources saying. jeffrey epstein was taken from the facility at the jail in manhattan to a hospital there where he was pronounced dead. what is being said now is that it was an apparent suicide and we don't have full confirmation of that yet and bush media sources are quoting authorities there in new york saying that that is the cause of death for now probably tell us a bit more about exactly who he was and what he was charged with. i will jeffrey epstein was very well known financier eaves a billionaire he had very high profile connections and for that reason he was so well known amongst them was actually president donald trump former president bill
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clinton and even prince andrew of the british royal family book back in the early 2000 those relationships seem to have been severed after charges were brought against him down in the state of florida. in fact he struck a plea deal back in 2007 after he was accused of sex trafficking but instead he agreed to a lesser charges for which he was convicted of a jail sentence but actually during the 13 month prison term that he was hunted down he was allowed out pretty much every day to work sometimes up to 12 hours per day and then of course we flash forward to him being rearrested just last month and what is his death mean for the investigation is this the end of the investigation. well that's the 1000000 dollar question here as you
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know a lot of talk aaron a lot of chatter on the media the moment over what exactly will be happening because just yesterday actually a pretty damning report was released and sealed documents for court documents were unsealed to which were which were quite damning against jeffrey epstein it's on shore was seen and read here is that potentially some civil charges might be still brought against him as in the damages could be brought against the jeffrey epstein estate but it's too early to tell and at the moment it's very unclear what exactly is going to happen rebecca hagelin fully in washington thanks for that update let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 60 people have died in tanzania after an overturned fuel truck exploded people in the east african nation was siphoning petrol from the vehicle at
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a busy intersection when the blast happened some reports suggest a lit cigarette was to blame. for. north korea's fired 2 unidentified projectiles from a site on it's based in khost they landed in the sea of japan according to south korea's military. rocket the recent rocket test warning to sell over its plans to continue military drills with the united states. russia's state nuclear agency russia tome says 5 members of staff were killed on thursday during the testing of a rocket engine local authorities near the military site in the country's northwest reported a brief spike in radiation levels during the accident but has been no official explanation for why an accident like this would cause radiation to spike. and staying in russia and its president vladimir putin monks 20 years in power tens of thousands of opposition supporters have been protesting in moscow calling for democratic local elections protesters gathered for the rally alongside a heavy contingent of riot police calling for opposition candidates to be allowed
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to run and september's moscow city hall elections after all of the opposition candidates ruled ineligible for the poll this is the largest opposition movement in russia since 2012 with police to taming thousands so far this summer. don't use correspondent emily schoen is in moscow and she joins me now emily the official part of the protests and now over tell us what you saw today during the demonstrations. the authorized part of the protest has just finished right here behind me on prospect. of avenue rather the areas still blocked off by police cars and police have been trying to clear protesters out of the area according to the police 20000 people came out today according to independent monitors it was closer to 50000 people were chanting for freedom they were chanting the slogan that has become kind of a rallying call of this movement which is all for one and one for all and they've
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been chanting for the independent candidates to be register as for these upcoming moscow city alexion it was a bit of a strange atmosphere during the protest because on the one hand there was a bit of a party atmosphere but on the other hand as you can see there is a huge police presence here in moscow and that doesn't seem to be changing in the coming hours protesters have said that they will. now walk around moscow that part of the project protests is not authorized and as you can see police are moving out we'll have to see how this develops going forward now emily's been talking to some guy mitra chian a russian opposition politician we do have a listen to what he had to say. but it's still grove and they need to drop all of the politically motivated cases against people. who hold early mero elections because the current one isn't doing his job properly. doesn't. mean that was
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russian opposition politician sergei richmond emily we know that the one of the main things that the opposition candidates are looking for is to be allowed to take part in local elections how likely is that going to gee do you think that will happen. i think it's extremely unlikely that that will happen at this point with the weekend who we just heard is one of the few candidates who was registered but actually all the independent candidate candidates were not registered the electoral commission this week said that that decision was final and in fact many of the opposition candidates who've been pushing to be registered are currently behind bars many of them were rearrested this week and for calling for either mass unrest or for calling for an authorized protests and this morning as well ahead of this rally one of the candidates who both so but it was arrested as well the author ortiz say that the signatures that they presented in order to be
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registered as independent candidates in the upcoming elections that those were not valid many of them they say that they contained so-called dead souls people who don't exist people who are dead the candidates themselves say that this is just an attempt from the author already is not to let them run and that's why this protest has become about much more than these elections it's become a fight as people here say for democracy emulation in moscow thank you. as to hong kong now whether they renewed clashes between police and pro-democracy protesters place fine tear gas at protesters who were holding on authorized demonstrations into the occasion it's the 10th consecutive weekend of protests that were triggered by opposition to a proposed law that would have allowed extradition from hong kong to mainland china activists held a number of other protests earlier in the day that remained peaceful including a sit in at hong kong airport. at the airport protesters assembled for
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a 2nd day to greet passengers arriving in the city drawing international attention to their cause saturday morning also saw a rather tranquil rally in support of the pro-democracy movement that brought together families demanding a stable and free future the wave of protests began 3 months ago in opposition to draft legislation to allow suspects in criminal cases to be tried in mainland china but the demands have widened. i'm worried if the extradition law to china is imposed or this movement of ours is a failure my kids might have no democracy or freedom and a lot of things will be taken over by the mainlanders. a group of elderly people also submitted petition letters to the police and the authorities to stop and investigate what they call violence against the protesters especially a clashes in july normal days the reputation of the hong kong police was so good for more than a decade but it was completely destroyed on july the 21st i don't know how many
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years it will take to restore the trust of the people i was on. at the same time there were smaller demonstrations in front of several police stations in support of the police people gather to express their thanks and called on others to say thank you whenever they meet officers on friday various business groups also called on the people of hong kong to support the police and to reflect on the chaos and the economic impact of the protests. it's. the average income of taxi drivers has decreased nearly 40 percent over the past 2 months. i appealed you to stop and think if the situation continues our hong kong really is heading towards a judge and this is probably the kind of thing the communist leadership in beijing wants to hear and once people around the world to hear as it seeks to boost resistance to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong. data values sheedy kong is
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live for us in hong kong phoebe we've been reporting all day about a number of peaceful protests but now it appears we're seeing a return to the confrontations between police and protesters what more can you tell us. more protests this day start of the actions peacefully as well where hundreds of posts has to stay together the main police station right here right next to me in downtown hong kong where police used tear gas to disperse them just like less than an hour ago and the pull out of the protest down on things still here in any one of their protest area they move pretty quickly whenever the police with the riot police arrive at the scene and they try to use force of this press them to evacuate really quickly and move to either this thread of hong kong by taking public transportation so tonight they're taking. lexmark protests all like. the real attack takes 2 to fight against the
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police officers and now they're moving to another structure continue their movement and this is this must be a long night and the post has so far there's no sign for them too with rates and the actions so far tonight. phebe hong kong thank you for that update. china's issued a red alert its highest warning to thai family came and made. fall south of shanghai the storms battered coastal areas bringing with it heavy rain it's now heading north woods with the country's most populous city in its path 18 people have been confirmed dead more than a dozen of still missing and more than a 1000000 have been ordered to evacuate their homes as the typhoon is. it's one of the most powerful storms to hit china in decades type from the kima battered the country southeast coastline early saturday packing winds of nearly 200 kilometers an hour the typhoon also brought to rental rain. the result floodwaters have
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submerged parts of the province emergency crews have scrambled to rescue residents trapped by the rising water. but the flooding also triggered deadly landslides rescuers are searching for people reported missing and feared trapped under the debris sun shoot when floodwaters come down the mountains on converge arians at the edge of town a seriously affected the idea. ahead of the typhoons arrival authorities evacuated more than a 1000000 people. thousands of flights were canceled at airports across eastern china and train services were also suspended. the country's economic hub shanghai has so far got off lighter than areas further south reporting high winds but no major damage. still authorities ordered the shutdown of some tourist attractions. before i came here i had no idea that
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a typhoon was headed this way we had to change our plans because of the storm. that came as expected to weaken as it moves further north but forecasters warn the storm could cause more flash flooding and landslides. you're watching dative a news flash from up next a documentary about daniel hug one of the most sought after violinists of our time on the back to 20 headlines at the top of the hour thanks for watching. stan for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w. .


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