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lol. plain. this is d.w. news live from berlin the disgraced u.s. billionaire an accused sex offender geoffrey abstain is found dead in his prison cell apparently having killed himself epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges and had been accused of abusing dozens of young girls the f.b.i. is now investigating the circumstances of his death also coming up a russian opposition politician is arrested and many others are detained by police
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as protests flare up again in moscow thousands have been taking to the streets in the past month demanding that opposition candidate steal lauterbrunnen election for the city council. and police in hong kong fired tear gas at pro-democracy protesters as they defied warnings to cancel a march fresh demonstrations come after the city's leader found not to grab the protesters any concessions. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us. the disgraced u.s. financier jeffrey epstein has been found dead in his new york prison cell officials say his death was an apparent suicide of steam was jailed last month on sex trafficking charges and was being held without bail the f.b.i.
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is now investigating the circumstances of epstein's death in federal custody. he had already been found injured in a cell a few weeks ago then the multi-millionaire was found dead in the new york jail where he was awaiting trial an apparent suicide. the convicted pedophile was facing up to 45 years behind bars on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. epstein a high powered investor was accused of having sexually abused girls as young as 14 at parties in his palm beach villa where he reportedly passed the girls on to his guests what made the case explosive was the few connections to public figures including british royal prince andrew former u.s. president bill clinton as well as the sitting president donald trump charges were already brought against him in 2008 a controversial plea deal spared him time in prison. if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner then maybe he one of the other girls i feel really guilty to list.
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a conviction for epstein could have meant the rest of his life in prison now many questions remain will the authorities further investigate the sex trafficking allegations and will possible accomplices be held to account. well earlier we spoke to you correspondent pablo foley ileus in washington we asked him about the reaction to jeffrey epstein's death among us political leaders and law enforcement officials. their reaction to the death of geoffrey epstein has been one of shock and anger here in the united states in fact the attorney general william barr said that he was a poll to learn that you after you have seen i had been found dead in an apparent suicide he said that in addition to the f.b.i. investigation he had consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation to also senators such as the republican senator abend sasse said that
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he had written a letter to the attorney general in which he said the justice department had failed and epstein's coconspirators last thing. that they have gotten one last sweet deal at the mayor of new york city bill de blasio and also one of the cons of a presidency is that democrats said that some of the wealthiest people in the world committed a horrible crime and if they think for a 2nd that they've gotten away with it because jeffrey epstein is dead he said there are many questions are also being raised over how this could have happened considering that just weeks ago jeffrey epstein being found unresponsive in his prison cell 3 in what was being investigated as a attempted suicides but of course the shift now focus is to jeffrey epstein. victims those who had accused him of of some very serious crimes indeed what happens now representatives for them have said that they are going to push ahead
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perhaps with civil action lawsuits but of course it's early days there's also a lot of spotlight now on many of the names that have been mentioned in relation to the investigation into jeffrey epstein many many well known names from the world of politics of business of entertainment so what exactly was their relationship with jeffrey epstein so in the days and weeks now are that are ahead of us i'm sure that we're going to be hearing more and more over where this this case against jeffrey epstein is going to be but it's definitely far from over at the spite his death from an apparent suicide in new york city. let's get a quick check now of some of the other stories making news around the world. southern separatists and gehman have taken effective control of ogden the seat of the internationally recognized government official says separatists seize control
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of government military camps and the presidential palace the separatists had previously been part of the saudi backed pro-government coalition that's been fighting with the rebels in northern yemen. at least 60 people have died in tanzania after an overturned fuel truck exploded in the east african nation were siphoning gasoline from the vehicle at a busy intersection when the blast happened some reports suggest that a cigarette may have triggered the explosion. in china at least 22 people were killed and several are missing following a landslide triggered by typhoon licking the country's southeastern coast the heavy rain large waves and strong winds prompted the evacuation of a 1000000 people. in russia tens of thousands of opposition supporters have been staging protests in moscow and st petersburg the biggest show of opposition in russia for nearly a decade police detained up to $200.00 people including
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a prominent opposition figure protesters are demanding democratic local election. riot police were out in force even though the latest demonstration in moscow had been officially all through ised police arrested nearly $200.00 protesters and blocked access to the president's had quotes is among those detained was the opposition activists snoop of suborn who's been on a hunger strike. all opposition candidates have been barred from running in next month's moscow city hall elections. but it could it's still growing. they need to drop all of the politically motivated cases against people who hold early mero elections because the current one isn't doing his job properly or it's right now dozens. of thousands have been detained over the summer as the noticed opposition movement seen in russia since 2012 gathers pace. the only thing i've come here to
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be counted on to show that i have the right to choose who to vote for let's stay at u.s.d.a. me about we did i wish to go it's impossible to stay at home. we have to show the authorities they can't just ignore what the people think though which it would when you. are it is shouldn't be able to arrest normal people for no reason. listeners out and for. we are seeing it across the whole country months is that on yeah i guess there's go syria all candidates whatever their views and political positions should be allowed to run in any elections which indicate simply but russia summer of discontent is far from over more mass protests are expected in the run up to the vote in moscow in early september. to hong kong now where there have been renewed clashes between police and pro-democracy protesters police fired
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tear gas at protesters who were holding an authorized demonstrations in 2 locations is the 10th straight weekend of protests which were originally triggered by opposition to a proposed law that would have allowed extradition from hong kong to mainland china . activists held a number of other protests earlier in the day that remained peaceful including a sit in at hong kong airport. at the airport protesters assembled for a 2nd day to greet passengers arriving in the city drawing international attention to their cause saturday morning also saw a rather tranquil rally in support of the pro-democracy movement it brought together families demanding a stable and free future the wave of protests began 3 months ago in opposition to draft legislation to allow suspects in criminal cases to be tried in mainland china but the demands have widened. i'm worried if the extradition law to
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china is imposed or this movement of ours is a failure my kids might have no democracy or freedom and a lot of things will be taken over by the mainlanders. a group of elderly people also submitted petition letters to the police and the authorities to stop and investigate what they call violence against the protesters especially of clashes in july. the reputation of the hong kong police was so good for more than a decade but it was completely destroyed on july the 21st i don't know how many years it will take to restore the trust of the people. at the same time there were smaller demonstrations in front of several police stations in support of the police people gather to express their thanks and called on others to say thank you whenever they meet officers on friday various business groups also called on the people of hong kong to support the police and to reflect on the chaos and the economic impact of the protests in. the average income of taxi drivers has
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decreased nearly 40 percent over the past 2 months. i appealed you to stop and think if the situation continues our hong kong really is heading towards a dead end this is probably the kind of thing the communist leadership in beijing wants to hear and wants people around the world to hear as it seeks to boost resistance to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong. more than 2000000 muslims have gathered near mecca in saudi arabia for one of islam's holiest rituals the hodge braving to rental rain the faithful asked for forgiveness for their sins at the sacred mount arafat's muslim believers are expected to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lives stewards marshal the crowd to prevent the death they stampedes seen in previous years. to stay now where the tradition of bullfighting is for benny and in tehran part of the
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nation's culture the battles between man and beast are even protected by the constitution but opposition to the tradition has been growing and it was banned on the spanish island of majorca a few years ago well now it's been reinstated and that's led to clashes between those who support the blood sport and those who say that it has no place in a modern european nation oh these people are celebrating tonight finally bullfighting is back in your. office then the animal activists shout murder. 240 culture or torture. this fight between those for and against plays out before the bulls arrives it has been 2 years since the last fight in my yorker a cooling 20 minutes per animal lunging toward the red cloth the matador dances
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with a bleeding animal posing and posturing towards the goal. i the islands regional authorities had banned the infighting that was before the spanish constitutional courts decided the practice was a part of the national cultural heritage that the region could not ban in the capital palm of the lip the central government is trying new ways to put a stop to a show by sending building health an animal will feel thirty's to the arena but none could find regulatory grounds to stop the of it. a new star is ready to appear on to the stage by the name of l hughley he killed his 1st bull at the age of 14. tickets are selling by the thousands in parma. we have grown up with this we've been watching both fighting from an early age and that must be respected this is
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a spanish tradition in their british right now. but it's like with animals that we hunt for food which we also kill it's the same so a little bit of suffering but that's the way it is and that's why we hunt them i.e. dakota said oh on the other hand says that on a modern island like my yorker bullfighting should not be tolerated. is this who thumb was this how do we really need this violence and blood to be entertained this hurts me as someone who lives on this island and it hurts me as a person. and yet the spectacle continues the matador is again carried triumphant from the arena the excited fans carried to once more into the my new york. to motor sports now and status writer mark marquez has broken the record for pole positions in moto g.p. markets claimed the 59th pole of his career in austria that saw him overtake the
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previous record set by australian make do with a legend of the sport marquez is dominating the moto g.p. championship this season he's going for a 6 world title. you're up to date now on the you news don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to dot com america and steen thanks for watching. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on work. repairing. don't expect happy ending. the church. i'm not going to think. well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and with that
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