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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin lawmakers in the u.s. demand answers after disgraced billionaire geoffrey epstein dies in jail in an apparent suicide he was facing sex trafficking charges that could have implicated the rich and powerful also coming up. police used tear gas after protests turned violent this comes after activists defy a bat on demonstrations and threw rocks at officers it's the 10th weekend of anti-government demonstrations in the territory. and guatemala is holding runoff
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elections for a new president as the country tries to cope with this role as a transit nation for migrants heading north to the u.s. border. thanks for joining us i'm marrying evan steen lawmakers in the u.s. are demanding answers following the death in prison of disgraced financier geoffrey epstein there's been widespread skepticism as to how he could have taken his own life in a high security federal prison just weeks after an apparent previous suicide attempt the f.b.i. is now investigating his death. the fallout is intense the reaction beyond painful and afraid to come forward so are. all the girls i feel really guilty.
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to the death by an apparent suicide of disgraced billionaire financier geoffrey epstein has prompted 3 separate legal bodies to open investigations into his death the alleged victims have also expressed outrage at not being able to confront him in court. i can tell you that on behalf of the victims i represented there's a certain amount of shock and disbelief that the federal authorities could allow something like this to occur under their watch we find it very hard to believe that he would be allowed to commit suicide especially when he was on suicide watch from just a few days ago the 66 year old was found dead in a new york city jail cell on saturday the high powered investor was accused of having sexually abused and polished women and girls as young as 14 on suggests of his palm beach villa the case has been fueled by epstein's connection to not only public figures including former u.s.
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presidents bill clinton as well as current president donald trump but also british royal prince andrew challenges we've already brought against him in 2008 a controversial plea deal spares him time in prison and the media frenzy surrounding the case shows no sign of calming down there are several unanswered questions at this time mr epstein had previously been on suicide watch following another incident a couple of weeks ago in which he sustained injuries to his neck the authorities were already investigating how he came to receive those injuries at that point in time he had been placed on suicide watch but the associated press reporting today. that mr epstein had been removed from suicide watch before he was found in response to his death came amid further explosive allegations involving prominence world leaders and american businessman. pablo fully ileus joins us now
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from washington for more on this so pablo lots of questions surrounding abstains death and we're hearing that even president donald trump has weighed in what's his take on it. donald president. actually read tweeted a well known comedian and also a comedian who is known to. indulge in conspiracy theories in fact in the retreat. from free tweeted it says williams says. geoffrey epstein died of suicide than he was on 24 hour a suicide watch yeah right. and he also went on to say that jeffrey epstein had information on bill clinton and now he's dead now it's not just president trump who is retreating at information or conspiracy theories like that but we've also heard
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from you know members of the world of politics here in the united states who have their own theories the former new york mayor rudy giuliani who is now an attorney for donald trump said who was watching what does the camera show follow the motives he tweeted i actually here on sunday the new york times. reported that guards were supposed to check epstein every half hour but the procedure wasn't followed the night before he was found and the jail had also transferred his cell mate leaving him alone so between the tweets and this article now from the new york times and several other media outlets we can say that there's a little bit of a frenzy here in the united states over what exactly happened to jeffrey epstein and most importantly how could he actually apparently commit suicide in his jail cell considering that just weeks ago he was found with marks on his neck in his
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cell so many questions remain unanswered. also now many of the former associates are likely to find themselves under the spotlight what are the big means. no you're absolutely right and i mean i've already mentioned. former president bill clinton there in that read tweets. from donald trump but you know it's many names in the world of politics you know business entertainment who are now under the spotlight and also it's very important to note that just a day before jeffrey epstein was found dead previously sealed documents are more than 2000 of them were a released and many of those big names were mentioned and the issue now is that basically are they going to push ahead investigators the f.b.i. the inspector general with you know their investigation and will they find big
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names who could per ton be implicated in the conspiracy charges and what role did they play in those pretty serious charges that were being taken against jeffrey epstein. reporting from washington d.c. we thank you. let's get a quick check now of some of the other stories making news around the world russia has told you tube to delete all videos of anti-government protests in moscow it said failure to remove them what amounts to interference in its internal affairs thousands of russians have been taking to the streets in the past month demanding free and fair city elections in moscow police responded with a crackdown on protesters and mass arrests. ukraine has protested against russian president vladimir putin's visit to the annex crimea region who had attended a pro kremlin biker festival there and went on a ride with
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a nationalist group the night wolves ukraine's foreign ministry called putin's trip a crude violation of the country's sovereignty. to hong kong now where police have again used tear gas and clashes with demonstrators it's the 10th weekend of increasingly violent protests in the territory the protests began an opposition to a law that would have allowed extradition to china but it's since expanded into calls for more democracy and greater autonomy from the mainland and now it's not just the protesters and police who are on the front line workers from hong kong's social services are also mobilizing. to work preparing for a demonstration. they work is volunteers at the weekend protests are met someone who was just 11 years old putting on years in her front lines oh i
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think actually it's not only the for 4 years thing as an adult we wish to do something which will come out and protect the social workers help demonstrators and affected passers by alike with anything from the ministering i washed to a scorching elderly people out of the actions and they wear gas masks as protection against the tear gas used by police up to $600.00 canisters fired per day. organizers have developed a strategy of holding numerous small rallies at ever changing locations but hong kong's international airport is a favorite here protesters tell global travel is about their goals no extradition of hong kong suspects to mainland china protecting democracy in hong kong after britain handed the territory back to china in 1997 residents were guaranteed freedoms not granted on the mainland including freedom of speech and an independent judiciary beijing says agitate is
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a stoking violence encouraged by foreign powers including britain. in yemen the leader of the southern separatists says his group is committed to a ceasefire in the southern port city of aden and is willing to attend talks brokered by saudi arabia separatists who want to split from the north and are backed by the united arab emirates seized aden on saturday. fighters seeking independence from yemen south take control of the presidential palace the separatists backed by the united arab emirates claim they seized the compound without a fight. since 2014 they have been part of the saudi led military coalition fighting the who the rebels now the allies have turned on each other adding a further fault line to the conflict tearing yemen apart but a lot of them got it all today we achieved a big victory in the south capital they didn't win this time pro governor pataki
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and defeated. 7 of the other. it follows several days of intense clashes in aden with residents caught in the crossfire. the war began 5 years ago when escalated in 2015 when a saudi led military coalition intervened in support of the country's embattled government after the who these took the capital sanaa. tens of thousands of people have been killed in the conflict the vast majority of them civilians the u.n. calls it the world's worst humanitarian crisis an estimated 80 percent of yemen's population require some form of protection or humanitarian assistance and millions of children are suffering from severe malnutrition. after the outbreak of fighting in aden the aid agency doctors without borders describe the city as a battlefield as civilians continue to bear the brunt of this ongoing conflict.
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what amal and are going to the polls today to vote in the presidential runoff election whoever wins the race will succeed corruption tainted jimmy morale is mahler's new president will face a major challenge the country has agreed with washington to act as a buffer against illegal immigration to the united states. in a country plagued by poverty crime. in unemployment the presidential election pits the conservative candidate giamatti against former 1st lady sandra taurus she has a narrow lead over his left wing opponent a former head of the prison system he favors reinstating the death penalty and has been campaigning on a tough law and order message you all. have a message to all those brutal extortionists. president you are finished. buying you and throw you in jail. tauruses weighed down by allegations of
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corruption the entrepreneur has promised voters to tackle poverty almost 60 percent of guatemalans live below the poverty line. and look at kerry's i want the country to develop so that people here don't have to migrate to the u.s. . in the migration is the key theme of the selection much like the electorate the candidates are united in their rejection of the deal struck with the us that will require migrants transiting through guatemala to claim asylum in the central american country. in this deal with further increase in unemployment and create a boomerang effect for drama this would mean more migration. the next president is faced with the challenge of turning guatemala into a country that its people will not want to leave. and before we go let's get you are a minder of the top stories we're following for you lawmakers in the u.s.
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are demanding answers after disgraced billionaire jeffrey epstein dies in jail in an apparent suicide he was facing sex trafficking charges that could have implicated the rich and powerful. hong kong police have used tear gas as anti-government demonstrations turned violent it's the 10th weekend of protest calling for more democracy and greater autonomy from mainland. i know. and guatemala is holding runoff elections for a new president as the country tries to cope with its role as a transit nation for migrants heading north to the u.s. border. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our out from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. out to send us your photos and things. are up to date now
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on the deadly news at this hour american evan stayed from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching. the book. sometimes books more exciting than real lives. in terms. of. what if there's no ski. list. during st. i'm not going to think out of the jam. just sometimes out but i said nothing which was a result of one thing.


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